A New Year, A Fresh Start

There’s something about the beginning of a new year that makes it the perfect time to set some goals and perhaps make some positive changes in your life.  I would love to lose 15 pounds, but I’ve had no desire to do anything about it until now.  Today, I’m starting an online class called Move More, Eat Well Jumpstart.  Sounds good, right?

mmewjump_headerThis class is being offered at Big Picture Classes and I have taken about six workshops with them.  I love their classes and the format that they’re in.  I am NOT receiving any marketing fees or promotional points for this recommendation.  I’m just passing along a tried and true website that I have found value in.

To be honest, I do have an ulterior motive for mentioning this.  I’m holding myself accountable by putting this out there for all to see.  And who knows?  Maybe I’ll be an inspiration or a motivator for someone else with similar health/weight concerns.

I needed to be inspired myself, and I think this class is the ticket.  It’s one month of daily emails and activities.  If you’re reading my blog, you probably are the creative sort.  This class is full of creativity!  It’s scrapbooking and journaling and motivation all rolled into one.  Here’s an example of some of the journaling prompts that I’m filling in:

JumpstartThis isn’t a strict diet or exercise program, but a creative guidance system to help you make your own healthy choices become a reality.  The hardest part for me is taking my measurements, getting on the scale and taking a picture of myself.  No, I won’t be sharing those numbers or that picture with you.  I’m just not ready for that and I’m sure neither are you!  But I will fill you in on my progress over the next month.

Speaking of fresh starts, I’m always tweaking with my blog, and if you read my posts in a RSS feed or by email you might want to go to The Crafty Quilter and check out my latest look.  It seems like I’m getting ready for spring!

Blog Header modernI’ll also be starting a new series called, “Let’s Talk”.  This will be an open forum style format about anything worth talking about, and of course it will be quilt-related!  I’m going to start with a discussion about pressing seams in the near future.  I’d be happy to take ideas, too!

And if you’re a member of The Quilt Show, you’ll be able to see me in my very own classroom as your 2014 BOM Specialist!  The first month’s video is already up and I’m so nervous excited!  This year’s quilt is an alphabet sampler designed by Janet Stone.  It’s got all of my favorite components: piecing and applique.

2014 TQS BOM, A to Z for Ewe and Me, designed by Janet Stone
2014 TQS BOM, A to Z for Ewe and Me, designed by Janet Stone

I’m really looking forward to 2014!  Thanks for your continued support and positive feedback.  I am so lucky to be a small part of your creative life!


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11 thoughts on “A New Year, A Fresh Start

  1. Hi Julie, I know exactly how you feel about getting healthy. I went back to Weight Watchers today. Yes, that’s a reality check. Lol. This time I am sticking to it. Good luck in your getting healthy journey. You will do fine.
    That quilt is stunning.

  2. Nice to see you talking! Good luck! I’d like to follow your instructions, but I’m just a log in member 🙁 but it’s good to know some tips directly from an expert!

  3. Can’t wait for “Let’s Talk”! Great idea! I frequently run into a little snag and would love to run it by others. Good luck on eating healthier!

  4. Thanks for putting out a get fit post! When I look at the quilters in the guild they are a “big” group of “big” women and I have said to myself, I need to be careful! You’ve given me a bit of motivation and since I know you’ll be working on this, maybe I will too, since I need to. Also, I noticed your new spring blog update when I visited last! Thanks so much for everything!

  5. I’m excited! Fabrics in the mail. Just ordered my Bloc-locs. Will buy the thread this weekend. Watched the videos. Down loaded the first pattern directions. Sew ready…I feel like the lady in the old Mervyn’s commercial who arrives for the big event and the doors are still locked as she repeats, “Open, open, open.”

  6. Saw your presentation and you did a very good job explaining each step of the block. I especially appreciated you pointing out how to square up the flying geese block. If all of the instructions are as good as the first one I know this will be a stress free BOM. Thanks.

  7. Happy New Year, Julie! You are doing well. I have a FitBit that I will wear to track my steps and keep me motivated. We are on the road to a smart start for the new year.

  8. I have downloaded the instructions for the 2014 BOM, and you have done a really nice job, thank you! I will be working on this in a day or two, can hardly wait!

  9. Hi Julie and happy New Year to you. I love your blog and really appreciate all the links you include to other wonderful things too. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity and I wish you every success with your online class. Hugs from Maree in Australia.

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