Remodeling and not enough sewing time

Hey guys!  How is 2017 looking so far?  I’m going to admit that it’s been a little rocky this first week.  We have been knee deep in household renovations as we just started the demolition phase of remodeling our kitchen and living areas.  It came on the heels of Christmas and family guests, so we literally had to pack up and move the entire contents of our kitchen, living room, dining room and office in 24 hours.  That’s with NO prep work ahead of time except that I had a storage pod ready to fill and the foresight to move our internet cables.  Still no TV, but I can live without it for a while.  I just cleaned up my sewing room enough to form a path way in.

Will life ever be the same?  This is our first major remodel so there is a lot to learn and lots of decisions to make.  In three months we should have a beautiful living/kitchen space.  That’s if I don’t have a heart attack or mental break down first!


You might not hear from me quite as often this month, but I’ll try to keep you up to date.  A few of you have asked if I will continue the UFO challenge in 2017.  The answer is “no”.  I’ve enjoyed seeing my UFO pile diminish and seeing your participation in the challenge.  Now, I’d like to focus on other things this year such as creating my own block of the month program, learning some new technology and writing my own patterns.  The good news is that I’ll still be sharing tutorials and tips with you as well as the monthly Sew Thankful Sunday posts.  (Which, by the way, is late this month but will be ready this Sunday.)

Speaking of the UFO challenge, there is one day left to add a photo of your finished project to the link up here. There have been so many beautiful projects added already.  You guys are ending it with a bang so far!

I do have one thing I can show you.  I made a mug rug as a Christmas gift for my daughter, Kelly, and she sent me a picture of it in use.  I made a half-Dresden plate and appliqued it onto a background rectangle of Quilter’s Linen by Robert Kaufman.  I added an echo of embroidery around it to add a little charm.  It’s such a quick and easy gift!



Last month I mentioned the lunch bags I made in lieu of stockings this year.  I made most of them a little larger than the original pattern and some of you requested the larger dimensions.  Here they are (you’ll need to refer to the original blog post at Pink Penguin for the rest of the instructions and dimensions):

  • Rim:  3 1/4″ x 13 1/2″ (cut 4)
  • Cover:  8 1/2″ x 13 1/2″ (cut 2)
  • Outer bag:  10″ x 13 1/2″ (cut 2)
  • Lining:  10″ x 13 1/2″ (cut 2)
  • Bag Interfacing:  13 1/2″ x 19 1/2″
  • Rim Interfacing:  3 1/4″ x 13 1/2″ (cut 2)
  • Handles:  same

Here’s how the size difference looks with the original size on the left and the larger on the right:

Lunch bag tutorial by Ayumi of Pink Penguin; made by Julie Cefalu with size increase cutting dimensions at The Crafty Quilter


If you haven’t heard, Jacquelynne Steves is opening enrollment to The Art of Home Club on January 10 through January 14.  There are so many great features to this club and lots of free bonuses each month.  I’ve been invited to create a few projects to share, too.  You should definitely check it out!

That’s it for now.  Have a wonderful weekend!


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20 thoughts on “Remodeling and not enough sewing time

  1. We did our first major remodel on our kitchen last summer. It was a long process, but I do love the result. We did it all by ourselves. Are you hiring it done or on your own? I want to see updates! Please post as you go along!

  2. Hi Julie — Since I don’t see you that often at The Granary I wanted to tell you that I made about 6 of your mug rugs from the pattern that you demo’d last year at Santa’s Workshop and gave them as presents this year. Everyone loved them! Plus, I’d been meaning to tell you that I Pinned that pattern on my Pintrest page and I lost track of how many people re-pinned it, but it was A LOT! Great pattern!

  3. Wow, what an adventure! We will be doing some remodeling soon, not quite like yours though. I hope you find a little time to sew.

  4. Good luck with the remodel. It will be so worth it in the end as my husband and I went thru the same thing last spring. So worth it.

  5. best of luck with the alterations it will seem a daunting process whilst happening but so worth it when all is done

  6. Hello and a happy New Year to you from France. That’s fun to see your remodel project. It’s planned also in our house but in Spring only. Hope I will be able to preserve my craftroom from all the mess !!
    I’m very interested in seeing the evolution of your home but more than that your sewing and quilting projects.
    Have a nice week end

  7. After 27 years in the same house that we had built on 2 acres, you can’t imagine the phases of remodeling! A lot of the work we did ourselves so our home was a “hard hat area” it seemed off and on for a long time with the changes. I know the outcome of your remodel will be beautiful but patience will wear thin. Thanks for all the wonderful projects, ideas, and everything else you share with us. I’ve enjoyed reading and participating the last couple of years(and stealing a few wonderful craft ideas!) Looking forward to what lies ahead. Happy New Year! 🙂

  8. We’re just about to start a kitchen remodel with new flooring in the entry way and family room as well. Glad we’ve waited till we’re empty nesters to do this. I’ll look forward to seeing your progress!

  9. It is a lot of stress but so worth it in the end. Way back when when I was so much younger we bought a house that was down to the sub floors and studs in some rooms…..I never said I was smart. We also had 6 dogs and 6 cats all inside pets so it was a challenge. If you take it one day at a time and try to keep on top of the mess every day this too shall pass. So here I am twenty years later, still standing, although not quite as straight, and in a different house (this one was move in ready!) but I would do it again. Told ya I wasn’t smart! Looking forward to seeing the finished photos.

      1. himeneely that is a challenge at our age. We are 70 and 74. Have never had a new house and we have moved a lot over the years because of job. How fun to get exactly what you want in a home. I am just starting to quilt and love seeing all that you guys do. Wish I was back in No. Cal. So. Cal just not the same.

  10. Julie my thoughts are with you in respect to renovations. We have done a bathroom, where we had to shower outside for a few days, in the dark of night of course, then a kitchen, both went well and the results are great. Once you get over the shock of all the prep work and things start to happen you will feel much better and the end result will be amazing.
    Take care of each other during this stressful time.
    Happy days to you and thanks again for all the lovely stuff you put out there in quilter land for us.
    Thinking of you

  11. Happy New Year. You got off to a great start and Good Luck with the redo. Your mug rug is adorable. Thank you for all that you do.

  12. Hi Julie. Would you mind sharing that rug mug pattern that you gave your daughter. I tried to make one and it did not come out right. Ha ha. I’ve cleaned a little today only because I had a computer crash. Ugh. Not much sewing going on here phtttt. What I did I need to rip and recut. Brain freeze. That’s what happens when you work from a picture.

  13. Good luck with remodel. I just finished my 3rd. Twice were on homes I was not living in…much easier. It will try your patience but you will love it when done.

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