My most popular tutorial updated!

Hey everyone!  I have updated my most popular tutorial and it’s better than ever.  Please visit the Quarter Square Triangle Tutorial for new photos, more tips, and a downloadable cutting chart for making over-sized QST’s.

Quarter Square Triangle Tutorial @ The Crafty Quilter.


Pinterest has been my friend when it comes to the number of clicks I’ve gotten for this tutorial.  Make sure you pin from the original blog post, so that people will get directed to the right page.

As before, I’ve included instructions to make this adorable Ohio Star Block.  You’ll find my favorite tricks to match those diagonal seams and a new product that I just love!

Quarter Square Triangle Tutorial @ The Crafty Quilter.  Includes instructions to make this adorable Ohio Star block!


I hope you find time to do a little sewing this weekend.  I always have several projects that I’m in the middle of.  Who needs sleep anyways?  Happy quilting!

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Hello! I'm Julie and I love to quilt, craft, read, garden, hike and spend time with my family.

9 thoughts on “My most popular tutorial updated!

  1. I’m obsessed with learning to quilt so I really don’t have a quilting story other than following these inspirational blogs.

  2. Love star blocks and this colour combo is too hard to resist. I think I’ll be using this tutorial to make a few items for our upcoming Holly Bazaar. Thanks so much!

  3. Julie, you are the BEST!!!! Even this old mountain, country girl can understand YOUR directions!
    Bless you my child!

  4. thank you so much for the tutorial on quarter square triangles. I have never attempted these before but this look like something I could manage, and yes I did. and Im so very excited and now I think I will do it again. I did take a photo to send to you but ddont know how to send it. Thanks again. so enjoy all your news letters and get so much from them. Always a learning curve out there.
    Hugs and have a great weekend.
    Gayle z

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