Sew Thankful Sunday will be delayed…

Sew Thankful Sunday at The Crafty QuilterI’m at a quilting retreat this weekend.  I’ll be a little late with my Sew Thankful Sunday post.  Look for it Monday or Tuesday – I have lots to share!

Hope you’re having a great weekend!

Julie Siggy-1

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  1. Have a lovely time and I will look forward to reading your post, as always.

    I have an unrelated question for you actually. Your Christmas table runner (which was really lovely and I think I will be making a couple as hostess gifts this year – thank you for solving that annual dilemma!). The metallic thread gave a beautiful and subtle finish to the quilting. I only use 50wt cotton thread in my machine (strongly recommended by the shop I bought it from) but would like to use metallic thread after seeing yours. I don’t suppose you know how it might compare? What do you use in the bobbin? Does it work okay or does it snag and break a lot? The only experience I have of metallics are in hand embroidery and I find them almost too difficult and frustrating to use. Any advice would be most appreciated and maybe there’s a tutorial post in there somewhere along the lines of your wonderul appliqué ones!

    Thank you! And no rush for a reply – I won’t be starting Christmas things until the second half of September due to other deadlines.


    1. Hi Jo! That’s a great question! Metallic thread can be a little tricky to work with. The most important thing is to use the correct needle in your machine. I use a Metallic Needle by Schmetz. It has a large eye and a Teflon coated groove to prevent shredding of the thread. Use a regular cotton thread in your bobbin. Stitch at a slow to medium speed and check your tension. You might have to lower it a bit, but every machine is different. You shouldn’t have any problems if you follow these steps. Good luck!

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