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One of my favorite things to do is share tips and techniques for all things quilting.  From rotary cutting to binding and everything in between – I’ve got you covered!

Quilting Tips & Techniques:





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25 thoughts on “Tips & Techniques

  1. Thank you so much for your face mask pattern and instructions. I have made a bunch for my family and they are very comfortable and fit all different size faces. I am very grateful for your generosity. With best wishes for your good health and safety.
    Judi Dichter

  2. Hi I am making a square of your Nordic Mini quilt along, Row 1 and I am having fits getting the middle 1 inch square. Do you sew the strips to the square first and if so at what allowance? and then the corners to the strips, or do you sew the 4 star corners to the strips and then put the square in? I have tried everything. Please help

  3. I played the video SEVERAL times on how to make and square up half rectangle triangle units by Jacquelynne Steves. After trying and trying and trying, I could NOT follow her directions. But, I found that if I made the rectangles much larger than I needed (5 x 6) for a 2 x 3 1/4 finished rectangle – I could cut 2 rectangles from each 5 x 6 rectangle. And they would be mirror rectangles. Hurray – no wasted fabric except for a little around the edges.
    They are not perfectly on grain, but for what I am doing, it’s great for me.

  4. Julie: last week you posted a site that had a free tutorial about a table runner with 3 popkins on. I had saved it but I cannot find the site anymore. could you be kind and send it to me? I wanted so much to make one.
    Thank you so much Antoinette

  5. Loved your tutorials and just finished the one on stencils. I love chalk marking and have found the chalk stays longer if I give a light spray of hairspray over the markings. And since I have cats also, I wash all my quilts before giving them to their new owners, going into the linen closet, or on the display.

  6. Achei esta ideia fantástica, trazer as leitoras até ao SV a primeira opção está linda Beijos portugueses []Camila Coelho Respondeu:November 12th, 2012 em 2:18 pm, Fico feliz que gostou, amore =) beijooo[]

  7. Janomes: we bought one for Dearest Daughter for her 21st. Her chcoie from a range of suggested possibles.Dearest Daughter turns 42 in October. The Janome has done a LOT of work. The Janome has also never seen the inside of a repair workshop not even for a check-up and grease and oil change’. Bad girl .! Same goes for the Janome overlocker that we all clubbed together to buy for her 25th.May your Janome be as reliable and loyal, and may you have a lot of fun with it.Gae, in Callala Bay

  8. I’m new to appliqué. I’m trying to make the “I love you to the moon” baby quilt. Much too difficult for me. It’s the one from Annie’s Quilt.
    Do I have to stop and cut the bobbin and top threads before going on to the next letter?
    Thank You,Granny

  9. I saw video of using thin glue stick to use when sewing binding to back of quilt. where can I get thin glue sticks? Thanks in advance.

    1. Most quilt shops carry them but they are expensive. I use regular school glue sticks which work just fine. Make sure you get the washable type.

  10. I have a Janome 3160 QDC and can’t seem to find help with some questions I have. There are a couple of stores in the area where I
    live that sell Janome. I didn’t buy from one because she wanted 150.00
    more for it. I called her with some questions and she asked where I
    purchased it and to go back to where I purchased it.
    The place where I purchased it doesn’t seem to know a lot either. They
    even had the machine threaded wrong and it was messing up on the stitches because of it. Was so looking forward to having a new machine
    but can not seem to find any classes or help. Have read the manual but doesn’t answer the questions have.

    One question I have is I want to be able to sew with knits. I have
    looked on line and they say to use a twin needle for hemming. Cannot
    find a twin needle for my machine so does that mean you can’t use a
    twin needle on the 3160QDC?

    Do you know of any help I can get?
    Thank you appreciate any suggestions.

    Would not buy another Janome when you don’t have support. Went to
    Janome’s web site and they say to check with the dealer.

    Do you have any suggestions on where to get help. Have gone on line
    trying to find a place even if I have to drive a distance to get help.
    But it looks like if you don’t buy the machine from them they will not
    help you.

    1. I have the same machine and love it. You can use any of the several sizes of twin needles in this machine. For using on a hem on a knit shirt, be sure you purchase the twin needles for knit fabric.

    2. Go to your local Janome dealer and ask for lessons or repair man. The extra 150.00 would have been a great investment. My dealer is a very giving person, who treats her buying customers royally. Also very helpful to others. I’ve had free lessons for two years and help over the phone. I love my Janomes, but realize my dealer is very special.

  11. I currently live in Olympia, WA. I am from Campbell CA. I have been to the Granary many times. I Love it. I haven’t been for a couple of years. I quilt in a guild with Susan Cunningham who was from SJ. She too knew of the Granary. I didn’t quilt until moving here. I enjoy reading your emails and sharing some of your tips too!

    1. I’ve make a second shape, putting right sides together, stitch and turn. You can trim out some of the facing material, if it is too bulky. Applique using favorite method. Check u tube or other sources for this technique.

  12. Thank you very much your information On appliqueswas very helpful for me. Again Thank You very much .

  13. Thanks for your perfect square technique as seen on the Quilt Show. I work in miniature and your technique worked beautifully on the small 2 1/2 square. I’ll finish my table runner very quickly.

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