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W.i.P. – A few small things

Hey everybody!  I haven’t done a “work in progress” post in a while and I have a few small things to show you.

First, I want to welcome all of the newcomers to my blog and a big thanks to everyone for following my quilting journey!  I’ve been immersed in Christmas this past month, but I do have some other projects that I’ve been working on.

While visiting Sew Katie Jean, a quilt shop in Lincoln, CA, I purchased a kit to make a Caddy Pad.  The big surprise is that I actually made it and used it!

Caddy Pad, Made by Julie Cefalu
Caddy Pad: Iron Tote & Pad

This holds a regular-size iron or a travel-size iron.  When you open it up, it’s a portable ironing surface too.  How clever!

Caddy Pad, Inside, made by Julie Cefalu

So, I had to make one as a sample for The Granary (the quilt shop that I work at).  Pretty soon we will have kits, too, like this one:

Caddy Pad, Iron Tote & Pad, made by Julie Cefalu
Caddy Pad: Iron Tote & Pad

I finished the second block of the month for the current Fat Quarter Shop’s Designer Mystery BOM.  I love these basket blocks!  In case you’re wondering, the 2013 BOM is already sold out for this year.

July Block of 2013 Designer Mystery BOM at Fat Quarter Shop, made by Julie Cefalu
July Block of 2013 Designer Mystery BOM at Fat Quarter Shop, made by Julie Cefalu

I don’t have any tricks for this particular block except measure twice, cut once!  There are so many little pieces, and I cut at least 3 of them too big (which was an easy fix).

I just brought home some new fabrics which I will be turning into class samples for my next beginning quilt class series at The Granary.  I’m using the book, Start Quilting with Alex Anderson and the quilt we will make is the nine-patch variation.  Here’s the fabric for version 1:

Visual Effects from Marcus Fabrics
Fabric Collection: Visual Effects from MARCUS Fabrics

And this will be version 2:

double nine patch fabric 2
Fabric Collection includes Kona Cotton Solids and Sugar Rush from RJR Fabrics

I love starting new projects!  It’s the finishing that I get hung up on.  You know I’m not the only one!

I started a few hand applique blocks while I was at a quilting retreat a few weeks ago.  I’ll be telling you more about that in a few days, but here’s a peek at what I was working on:

umbrella appliquesAren’t those umbrellas adorable?  And how about this butterfly:

butterfly appliqueIt’s no secret that I love applique!  These were done using the freezer paper and starch method of turning under the raw edges.  I still need to hand stitch all of the edges down.  I love having some hand work to take with me on errands and trips.

I hope you’re all having a great week and hopefully making some progress on your own projects!

Julie Siggy-1

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  1. Hi Julie,

    I can’t begin to tell you how much I love your sewing projects. The all are so beautiful, I only wish I had your talent for sewing. I’m in the process of trying to get back into sewing, and trying to get started into quilting. I adore your choice of fabric in all your projects. I noticed that you usually name the fabric and the designer, but I did not see the name of the fabric or the designer for your Iron Caddies. Can you please let me know who makes that fabric? I love both designs. I want to get some, but I don’t begin to know where to look. I have scoped out several sites and looked through a ton of fabric, and I haven’t come across it yet. Thank you so much for your tutorials, they are a blessing for someone like me, not a lot of experience yet. But I can only hope that someday I will be as good as your are. Keep up the wonderful work you do, you have inspired me to get moving on my so many want to do projects. God bless you, you are a sewing angel in disguise. If you have to time to let me know about the fabrics for the Iron Caddies, I would very much appreciate it.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours,


  2. HI Julie,
    Love those little umbrellas and the fabrics for your new projects! What kind of iron was that in the caddy? It fit inside perfectly!

  3. Oh wow I love those blocks. They’re sew cute. The bow on the basket is a great touch.
    Thanks for sharing the blocks and nifty caddy’s

  4. Love your applique projects, look forward to seeing more of them. I am also one of those who love to start new projects but not so good at finishing them. (The iron tote is pretty neat also)

  5. Lots of great stuff here, but my favorite thing is that umbrella block. I swear you are wiretapping my brain, because I’ve been working with some Lario prints, too. 😉

  6. The umbrellas are adorable. Might actually convince me to try applique. The caddy is a cool idea too. Thanks for sharing

  7. 2013 Mystery block…..I measured numerous times and cut numerous times, I just dont know what I was doing wrong, but I felt like I made that basket over and over and over again. Actually 2.5 times, Im glad there was enough extra fabric. But I did get it done, its my best work, but its done. Enjoy seeing the BOM!

  8. More fun and beautiful stuff Julie. Thanks for sharing it with us. We are so lucky to have you share your “stuff” with us. :-))

  9. What is the fabric with the cherries? I really like it. I t reminds me of a fabric I used about 21 years ago on a smocked dress for my daughter and a matching one for her doll. I only wish I had a piece of it to use in a quilt!

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