A weekend of quilting and new quilting discoveries

I recently had a wonderful weekend of quilting to share with you plus some new quilting discoveries to tell you about!

Quilting weekend and quilt shops

Last weekend I had the pleasure of teaching a machine quilting class at Sew Katie Jean in Lincoln, California. This was the first in-person class (with masks) I’ve taught in over a year and it made me realize how much I miss it! Sew Katie Jean is a cute little shop located in old-town Lincoln which is north of Sacramento. The best part is that one of the owners is my sister-in-law, and I’m so proud of how successful her shop has become! It keeps growing in inventory and space; they now have a large classroom area in the back as well as longarm services. Plus, their selection of fabric is fabulous!

Sew Katie Jean Quilt Shop in Sacramento, CA.
Sew Katie Jean Quilt Shop in Sacramento, CA
Blossoms and Bees quilt blocks displayed @ Sew Katie Jean

My parents also live in Lincoln, so I was able to stay with them and visit for the weekend. They are both 88 years old and I don’t get to spend enough time with them, so this was a real bonus.

To start off my wonderful weekend, I spent half a day with my sister visiting other local quilt shops in Sacramento. My sister also happens to work at one of them – Fabric Garden, and it is a real treasure. Seriously you guys, it’s one of the nicest quilt shops I’ve been to (aside from my SIL’s shop) and worth a visit. It’s a large shop and they have a little bit of everything. Their fabric selection is a nice mix of traditional, novelty, batiks, modern and blenders. I’ve been Moda-deprived, so I was in heaven with their Moda collections. They also carry a large selection of embroidery kits, notions, and patterns along with wool. My wallet was much lighter after my visit!

New fabric for my shelf

New quilting discoveries

There are so many types of rulers available and many of you (including me) have started “collecting” Quilter’s Select Rulers. These rulers are the best for their non-slip cability. The downside is when you have to position them, you can’t just nudge them into place. You have to lift up the ruler and place it back down which makes nudging difficult. Not any more with the Select Ruler Handle. It’s like magic. You just use the handle to move the ruler and it nudges! It also keeps the ruler stable while you’re cutting. We just got a bunch of these in at The Granary Quilt Shop (where I work and play) for those that are local to the Bay Area.

New quilting discoveries include the Select Ruler Handle for Quilter's Select Rulers.

I picked up a No Math Quilt Charts & Formulas booklet and I highly recommend it! It has everything from mattress/quilt sizes, backing yardage, HST formulas, side/corner setting triangle sizes and so much more. This will come in handy when designing quilt patterns or figuring yardage, etc. I found two cute patterns in the Moda Candy booklet and since I have a so many mini-charm packs, I couldn’t resist!

I just saw that Amber at Gigi’s Thimble and Jessica Dayon are hosting another Quilters’ Spring Cleaning 30-day Challenge. It starts this Thursday, April 1 and goes until the end of April. I had to share this with you because it’s something that I had been wanting to do (on my own). But now there will be motivation and inspiration to help me through the mess that is my sewing room! I hope you’ll join the challenge, too.

Quilter's Spring Cleaning 30-day Challenge @ Gigi's Thimble and Jessica Dayon

That’s all for now! I just wanted to share these in a timely manner (especially the challenge). I hope you’re having a great week. I’ll be back for Sew Thankful Sunday this weekend!

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  1. I love collecting rulers… I just got my first Block Lock ruler at my LQS. I will be glad when we can go to shows again so I can try the QS brand myself… currently I am loving using Creative Grids… but I confess I have some old ones I bought when just starting to quilt that are slick and I have added nonstick strips to them that are translucent… but I can read the CG best atm.
    I love the fabric you picked up and look forward to seeing what that flowery layer cake will be!
    I hope you are having a lovely entry to April.. cool and breezy here but the sun is out so all is well 😀

  2. What a wonderful trip you must have had and even more meaningful since the year we have all gone through. I have family in the Sacramento area and I will definitely have to check these shops out!

  3. oh darn i missed your quilt class at Katie Jean. I wish that I had known, as I would have been there. Oh well, next time. The Fabric Garden is one my favorite shops. I din’t know your sister worked there. Thanks, as always for sharing your talents with us.

  4. Where can I purchase the fabric you used for flowers for Emma they are the perfect choice thank you

  5. Hi Julie. I live in Yuba City – just a short way north of Lincoln. Nice to know you were in the area/ I hope to get to Sew Katie Jean soon.

  6. Thanks for the quilt shop tour. Since I live in Stockton, not far from them, I hope to make them a destination soon! I always appreciate your input into the quilt world!

  7. LOVE the display! It looks like a stained glass window!!
    Think I need to get a Select Ruler Handle – I’m forever trying to shift my rulers. So thanks for the suggestion.

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