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Red Wine Stain Removal on Quilts

I use table runners on my kitchen table all the time.  I recently discovered some red wine stains on one of them, and you know the feeling of “Uhh Ohh!”

Table Runner after red wine stains are removed
Table Runner After Red Wine Stains are Removed @ The Crafty Quilter

I had just been reading about the wonders of OxiClean Laundry Stain Remover, so I thought I would give it a try.

How to remove red wine stains from a quilt @ The Crafty Quilter
How to Remove Red Wine Stains from a Quilt @ The Crafty Quilter

I sprayed the OxiClean directly on the stains and then ran the table runner through my washing machine using regular laundry detergent and a normal wash cycle.

And voila, the stains are gone!

How to get red wine stains out of a quilt @ The Crafty Quilter
How to Remove Red Wine Stains from a Quilt @ The Crafty Quilter

I am not affiliated with OxiClean in any way.  I’m just passing along the good news that it worked for me.  Needless to say, I’ll be keeping a bottle of OxiClean in my laundry room as long as I’m keeping a bottle of red wine in my kitchen!


By the way, use caution whenever you launder a quilt.  I typically don’t wash my quilts on a normal wash cycle with any old detergent.  I like to use a delicate cycle and a gentle detergent, such as Quilt Care, that has no phosphates.  I then put the quilt in my dryer just long enough to remove the excess moisture.  I finish drying it flat on top of a bed.

If you have other remedies to any quilt-stain catastrophes, please leave a comment and share!

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  1. vineyards just use straight Hydrogen Peroxide out of the 99 cent cheap drugstore bottle. this is also why I like having white carpet/furniture around kids. I just pour peroxide right on whatever they spill. I’ve worked the Oregon Bite for Girardet Vineyards a time or two, and you end up wearing wine one way or another.

  2. Hi Julie!

    I love your blog! I, too get wine stains on runners, tablecloths and table toppers. I always panic when I see them. I have Oxi Clean and will use it in the future. I just have one question please-what temperature was the water set on? That would be helpful because I wash whites in hot and delicates in warm/cold. We are sort of blog “cousins” because I am “A Crafter for all Seasons”!

  3. I’ve used that OxyClean, too. Works great getting my white socks really clean. But they get holy faster than I’d like! So I’d go easy with it on quilts just to be on the safe side. And those enzymes that Judy R speaks of really works, too. You can get it at pet stores, takes out ANY bodily fluid stain. Just daub it on and leave it to dry. Great post, BTW.

  4. I loved seeing your before and after , a real life situation.
    I use that Oxyclean to clean stains out of carpet, too!

  5. I loved seeing the quilted table cover you posted in your blog on cleaning stains out with oxy clean. Is there an old pattern available for it?

    1. Hi Jean, This is a pattern that I made up myself and I haven’t “published” it yet. It’s on my To Do list! I hope to get to it sooner rather than later. Thanks for asking!

  6. If you get the wine or grape juice stain damp. Or when it first happens, use salt! Good old table salt has saved a lot of white tablecloths for me. Now polyester and poly blends seem to think wine is dye! You really have to cover the stain fast with salt immediately!

    Blood stains made while sewing will come out with the sewer’s spit. Don’t ask me why, but it has something to do with enzymes. If you find it later, try peroxide. Nurses swear by it removing blood stains.

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