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The Dual Scarf Tutorial

I’ve had so much fun making scarves lately, and now I’m happy to share The Dual Scarf Tutorial with you!

The Dual Scarf

This scarf came about from a challenge issued by the Fat Quarter Shop to make something you have never made before. So, this was my foray into making a scarf and working with voile.  I think I nailed it!

scarf hanging close W copy

Curious about voile?  It is a lightweight cotton that is more fluid than quilting cotton and has a nice drape to it.  It is perfect for this project!  I often shop for voile online since it’s not available at my local quilt shops.  Cotton, rayon and flannel are also good options for this scarf.

So far I’ve made three scarves.  And I call them “dual scarves” because they are made out of two coordinating fabrics.  I love the extra punch and uniqueness it gives each one (without much effort).

Dual Scarf at The Crafty Quilter copy

Are you ready to give it a try?  It will take you less than an hour.  Let me show you how it’s done.

All seams are 1/2″ wide.

Fabric Requirements (enough to make 2 scarves):

2 yards of coordinating voile fabric (54″ wide)

If you only have 44″ wide fabric, then you can either make 1 scarf or 2 skinny scarves.  The instructions are based on 54″ wide fabric.

1. The first step is to cut your fabric.  From each yard of voile, you will cut it in half, parallel to the selvages.  This will result in two rectangles that measure 27″ x 36″.  You will have a total of 4 rectangles, two from each fabric.  (Remember, you’re making 2 scarves.)

Scarf Step 1 copy

2.  Trim the selvages from all pieces so that each rectangle measure 26″ x 36″.  If you need to square up the other edges, that’s fine.  Your rectangles can measure between 30″ – 36″ long.  As a matter of fact, I made a scarf at 33″ long and I like it better.

cut selvages

3.  Join two rectangles of coordinating fabrics by stitching along the short ends.

Scarf Stitch 1

Press seam open.

4. Fold the resulting long rectangle in half (right sides together and matching seams) and pin.

Pin long edges arrow

5.  Stitch using a 1/2″ wide seam allowance.

stitch long edge

 6.  Press seam open, and then turn right side out and press long edges along seam.


7.  Now you have a long tube.  We want this to form a circle, so we need to sew the short ends together.  Here’s how you do it:  We’re going to partially turn the tube wrong side out.


Once you’ve turned it half way out, the two short ends will meet like this:

turn 5

8.  Pin along this end, right sides together, matching seams.

pin circle

9.  Stitch along the circle, leaving a 3″-4″ opening.

stitch circle leave open

10.  Turn right side out through opening.

circle opening

Once it’s turned right side out, you’ll have a little opening to fix.

turned RSO

11.  You could hand sew the opening shut, but that takes more time than sewing the whole scarf together.  So, I used the sewing machine and stitched VERY close to the folded edges.

First, press the seam allowances inward so that you have a straight edge to work with:

opening prepped

Then pin it together and stitch with matching thread as close to the edge as possible:

stitch opening

It will look like this when you’re finished:

opening stitched 2

It’s hardly noticeable and once you have the scarf on, you’ll never see it!

opening stitched

And now you have a completed circle/tube!

loop finished 2

If you’re wondering if this is an infinity scarf, I would say “sure”.  I think what defines an infinity scarf, is a figure “8” formation.  That’s basically what you get when you wrap it around your neck a few times!

scarf on white close up copy

Now you can repeat all of that and make another one.  If you do it right away, it will go twice as fast because it’s so fresh in your memory.  Trust me, I waited one week and I couldn’t remember a thing about what I did the first time.  Of course, I didn’t have this great tutorial to refer to either.  Or perhaps it’s just a case of “mental” pause!

Happy scarf making!


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  1. What a beautiful scarf pattern! Thanks for your tutorial. I am happy to now be able to make gifts with the beautiful voile fabrics.

  2. Just found your blog and I love it. Your instructions and pictures makes everything so much easier to understand. I am just learning how to quilt and applique. Thank you for helping me!

  3. I found your website this week through The Inbox Jaunt.
    Love it!!!- I’m looking at my charm packs for The Color Of My Heart. I think I’ll make the mini(s) to start. I have some black and white 2 1/2″ strips in my stash that I thought I’d never use. Looks neat in the background for the hearts like you made.
    NEXT- I also have some silk charmeuse and matching silk chiffon that I bought in Hawaii a couple of years ago; wondered what I’d ever do with it- not enough for tops, but will be perfect for the dual infinity scarves.
    Other tutorials are great.

  4. You make it look so easy! I am going to flag this post and show it to my daughter when I get to TX for the winter. I think she might like a few for work! Thanks so much.

  5. I was out shopping today for a scarf but not able to find the right color. This looks so simple, I will try it this weekend. Thanks

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