Old Becomes New

I am happy to welcome my first guest blogger, Cassie Brewer, with ideas of how to transform old gifts to new, useful items.  Cassie is a freelance writer who is just getting into crafting.  She has some great, creative insights to share with you:

Fun New Year’s Crafts
You accumulate so many gifts over the festive season that you might not know what to do with them! From gifts you receive that you don’t really like to those that you get when attending various parties and functions, you might end up with a pile of items that crowd your living space. But fear not: you can put them to good use!

Upcycling, or the act of taking unwanted items and making something new and creative out of them is certainly the way to the make the most of those seemingly useless items. It’s not only beneficial to the environment because you’re not just adding to your waste basket, but it also helps you make the most of what you have providing a sense of accomplishment!

oldandnewImage Courtesy of Shutterstock.com

Wine Bottles Become Décor
Everyone ends up with a stash of empty wine bottles after festive parties, but don’t throw them out once the celebrations are over. You can use bottles in a variety of crafts, such as by making a chandelier out of them that you can enjoy all year.

Chandelier from old wine bottles via DIY Network

You could also turn wine bottles into vases, simply by covering them up with pretty paper. Or, think ahead to your next party and fill them up with beautiful string lights. Place them around your living space to light up your world.

Clothing You Don’t Like Becomes Something Beautiful
When you receive clothing as gifts but they don’t fit your style, you can put your sewing knowledge to good use by turning them into something you’d actually like to wear. An example is cutting up t-shirts and sewing them together to create a skirt or dress. You could also use the clothing, or other fabric, to make creative quilts that decorate your home.

Beauty Gifts Become Pampering Skincare
You can make great skincare products from beauty gifts you receive. Simple body lotions and creams can be mixed with other ingredients if you want to tweak them. That way, they don’t have to be thrown into the bin. For instance, add some nourishing essential oils to your moisturizer or body lotion for an extra luxurious treat. You could even throw a spa party for your friends where you all mix ’n match your skin care products! This is also a great way to create a fun occasion from unwanted gifts, without saying they’re unwanted.

oldandnew2Image Courtesy of Shutterstock.com

Fun Hair Accessories!
You’ll be surprised how many things can be upcycled into accessories that take your hair from messy to chic on days when you don’t have much time to style it in front of the mirror. Hair accessories can be made from a variety of fabrics, such as lace and satin, plus you can add embellishments to them, in the form of costume jewellery you receive as gifts, to give them even extra flair.

Don’t Forget the Gift Wrapping!
Gift wrapping doesn’t have to be thrown away once you’ve unpacked your gifts. You can use it in a variety of ways, provided it’s in good condition. Use it to line the bottom of drawers to give them a nice bolt of color or cover up boxes that you use for storage around the house. You could even cover cardboard circles with wrapping paper so that you create fun coasters.

Never look at your unwanted gifts in the same way again. With a bit of creativity you can turn them into beautiful items. Then, as for the few that you can’t think any great use out of, pass them on to loved ones who will appreciate them.

Thank you, Cassie, for sharing these great ideas with us.  I love the idea of “upcycling” and I’m always looking for new ways to make old stuff become new again.  I think I’ve got some empty wine bottles that could use a transformation!


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