Wednesday WIP’s

I have so many Wednesday WIP’s (works in progress) that it’s a little embarrassing.  I’m trying to prioritize, but it seems like they’re all tugging at me and saying “pick me!”.

Let me start with my Summer Fun quilt which is under my sewing machine right now.  I have a partial plan for the quilting.  I used my iPad and Procreate (which is a digital illustration App) to draw a quilting plan.  If you have an iPad Pro, you should consider this app.  It costs $10 and it’s worth every penny.  The expensive part is the Apple Pencil which costs about $100.  You need it to draw on your iPad.  Below is a photo of my quilt that I imported into Procreate.  I added stitching lines (in black for visual purposes) and auditioned a few ideas there.

Summer Fun Quilt made by Julie Cefalu. Stitching lines "drawn" in Procreate for Apple iPad Pro.

The first thing I stitch for most of my quilts is all of the ditch stitching.   This means I’m stitching right in the seam, and it further stabilizes the quilt and is part of the foundation of my quilting.  Then I can add the other quilting, whether it’s free motion or with a walking foot.  Because of the stitching in the ditch, I can work in any section I want to, rather than having to work from the center of the quilt and then out to the sides.

I stitched in the main row seams and the block seams as well as the stems of the flowers.

Wednesday WIP (work in progress) @ The Crafty Quilter

Wednesday WIP (work in progress) @ The Crafty Quilter


Right now, I’m working on the checkerboard row.  I’m stitching lines on the white squares to compress them which allows the red squares to pop up.

Wednesday WIP (work in progress) @ The Crafty Quilter


My Summer Fun quilt is tied in priority ranking with the busy book I’m making for my granddaughter, Amelia.  She’s turning 3 at the end of this month, and I wanted to have this done for her birthday (you  know that’s not going to happen).  The structure of this busy book is such that I can add or remove pages as she grows into or out of them.  My first page is the mitten.  The inside is lined with minky fabric and it’s so soft!

Wednesday WIP (work in progress) @ The Crafty Quilter. Busy book page.


Many of my ideas for this project came from my original busy book that I made for my youngest daughter over twenty years ago.  Below is the original mitten page.  It’s definitely seen better days.  I used lots of puffy paints back then!
Wednesday WIP (work in progress) @ The Crafty Quilter


I have more pages in the works and planned out on paper.  I’ve been procrastinating for too long on this project.  I’ll show you more pics and give details of my process later. Is this something anyone else has made and are you interested in more details?

I’m a little behind in the Patchsmith’s Sampler Sew Along.  I love making them each week and I really enjoyed block #16, Jigsaw, and block #17, London Roads.

Wednesday WIP (work in progress) @ The Crafty Quilter. Jigsaw block from The Patchsmith, made by Julie Cefalu

Wednesday WIP (work in progress) @ The Crafty Quilter. London Roads block designed by the Patchsmith; made by Julie Cefalu


Last year, I picked up a Sashiko kit and I finally finished the stitching.  Now I’m working on making it into a pillow.  I love this so much!  The stitching is almost meditative and it can be done anywhere – it’s a great take-along project!  If you’re in the Bay Area (California), The Granary Quilt Shop carries some of the Sashiko supplies as well as pre-printed panels.

Wednesday WIP (work in progress) Sashiko @ The Crafty Quilter

Wednesday WIP (work in progress) Sashiko @ The Crafty Quilter


I’ve had another embroidery project finished for a while.  I’m not sure what will become of it, but I love that’s it’s there waiting for the perfect project.  This pattern is from Jenny of Elefantz Designs.  Isn’t it adorable?  I love the combination of applique and embroidery (I still need to add buttons to the “m” in “home”).  All of Jenny’s patterns have this sweetness about them.

Wednesday WIP (work in progress) @ The Crafty Quilter. Pattern by Jenny of Elefantz Designs.
Pattern designed by Jenny @ Elefantz Designs. Made by Julie Cefalu


The last Wednesday WIP that I’m working on is my sewing room.  I’ve been cleaning out drawers and fabric and books.  It wasn’t even safe to walk in there for a while.  I already feel better about it and I’ll take some pictures when it’s all done.  It’s a big job among many of the other summer activities keeping me busy.

I hope you’re all enjoying each moment and “creating” just for the joy of it!

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  1. Julie,

    I love reading your posts and have used many of your ideas. I would love to see more details about your Busy Book. I don’t have grandchildren (yet) but hope to soon. Perhaps if I start on a book now, I’d have it completed by the time grandkids arrive! 😉

  2. You always make me feel so much better about all the WIPs I’ve got going on! 🙂 I really love the mitten in the busy book. With a 2 yr old granddaughter and a grandson due in October, I’d love to see more. With the new addition of my Q20 mid-arm and needing space and better organization, I’m in the process of purging old fabric. I found a non-profit Mennonite group who make charity quilts they send around the world. But what to do with my quilt books? Our library is no longer taking them for their annual fundraising sale since they lost their storage space. Any advice would be appreciated.

  3. Oh, dear,dear Julie!!!! I LOVE, LOVE all your ideas!!!! You are such a creative person!! Please finish Amelia’s Busy Book first!!!! My Amelia will be 15 in October, and I have already lost her to the world, no more sewing with Granna!
    (BTW, I sent you an e-mail earlier today re: satin blanket binding! Hope it got to you! Tis good news!!!)

  4. I can’t wait to work on my SUMMER quilt. I got my mono thread from superior this week to experiment on the sunflowers. i’ have so much i want to crunch in this weekend because we leave for the beach next Friday (and i’m taking 5 quilts i need to finishing adding the binding to work on in the car!) i have several block of the months/week or whatever i want to knock out this weekend. Having off tomorrow i hope to hit the ground running- TONIGHT. grrr your embroidery/applique is so cute and your busy book i know would be a hit with my grandson but i have a John Deere Panel i need to start on for a wall hanging and still need to order the JD Fabric from the FQS for Byrons curtains. . No more stresses right now-your busy book could be NEXT summers quilt-a-along! 🙂

    PS do you actually free motion quilt or following the lines? What stitch length do you use when you are doing stencils? THANKS! 🙂

  5. Hi Julie,
    Love, love, love the mitten in the busy book! What a fabulous idea. Thank you for posting all your cute projects and helpful hints. I am still working on Summer Fun Quilt Along, and I am really enjoying it. I learned so much from this quilt a long. You sure are a busy person. All the quilt blocks you are working on are so cute! Thank you again for sharing.

  6. Hello Julie; What wonderful tips and ideas you have shared with us for quilting on our own Summer projects. I have a couple others ahead of that to finish first, so I have saved this post! Although, I do not have any Grandchildren, I love to create baby quilts and would love to learn more about your Busy Book! Jenny does have some beautiful and fun patterns available to embroidery and applique. I am working on her current BOM and am way…..behind. Yet, I am loving every stitch I take. Thank you so much for sharing all that you do! I always appreciate and enjoy your posts. Have a great day!

  7. Thank you for sharing the information on the quilting of the Summer Fun quilt. I am starting to quilt more of the smaller quilts that I am making. So I appreciate any tips.

  8. You’re so creative and talented! Thanks for sharing your process and ideas!! Love the mitten!!

  9. Your mitten buzybook page is darling. I’ve been thinking of making one (or two, because we have twin boy/girl grandchildren). Since they are just one, I’ve got a little time. Would love to see more of your books!

  10. Hi Julie, I so enjoy your posts. Thanks for taking time to do them in your very busy schedule. I made a busy book for my granddaughter and it took much longer to make than I anticipated. But it was worth it; she loves it. I will be making another for my new grandson and I would love to see your ideas and instructions.

  11. Thank you for all the wonderful inspirational projects you provide. I too would be interested in your busy book.

  12. There are so many wonderful things to make it is hard to choose. You can tell by your work that you are having fun. Delightful – everything you make and design is delightful.

  13. Hi Julie. You are one busy lady, thanks for another interesting post I love all that you do. I would be very interested in creating a busy book for my granddaughter. Also, what length stitch do you use when quilting in the ditch please? I can see that you have used a long stitch around the outside edge of your quilt, but not sure about the quilting in the ditch. Thank you.

  14. Julie, love all that you posted. Seems there is just not enough time for everything. Will be stopping by the Granary soon to see about the Sashiko. Beautiful.

  15. Judy, I always love reading your posts and seeing the pictures. You are very busy- but having fun like all quilters! Thanks for sharing. Patty B.

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