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Inspired by the color green

One of my favorite colors is green. I love its versatility and how beautifully it shows up in nature. It also shows up in my fabric stash – alot! And here we are in March where green is everywhere (thank you St. Paddy) and Spring is just around the corner. It’s so easy to be inspired by the color green!

I am inspired by the color green right now!  I have lots of images and projects to share that will inspire you too!

Over the years, I have posted many projects using the color green. Usually there are other colors included – they all play so well together! And there’s always something in nature (and my backyard) that inspires the combination. Tip: If you’re viewing this in an email, you might want to click over to my blog and read it. The gallery below will show up so much nicer (I think)!

Green plays so well with all the other colors; but, I’ve been trying a new combo – one that’s not pictured above. Green and black. It doesn’t sound very Spring-like, but this is going to be my newest Spring pattern. It’s very modern farmhouse looking. I was inspired by the photo below from Hip and Humble Style. It’s been on my Spring Pinterest board for two years.

This photo from Hip & Humble Style inspired me to create a project with black, white and green.
Image source: Hip and Humble Style

I’m almost done with the sample and then I’ll share the whole thing with you. Hopefully by the beginning of April. Here’s a little sneak peek. I can tell you that it’s going to be a table runner! Don’t you love the black and white gingham?

Inspired by the color green and then I added some black and white gingham to make a cute little table runner.

That’s all for now. We’re enjoying some Spring rain here in Northern California. It’s a wonderful time to be inside quilting! If you’re looking for something quick to make for Easter, check out my Patchwork Peter Rabbit. It’s one of my favorite decorations for Spring!

Patchwork Peter Rabbit, quilting detail @ The Crafty Quilter
Patchwork Peter Rabbit

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  1. Just read your post on colour green. I have come back to liking green since I got back into quilting. As a child,I hated, green/brown and pink..LOL. my daughter and granddaughter didn’t like pink,or prissy clothes..My favourite quilting colours are orange ,etc-anything fallish. Looking forward to seeing your finished runner..

  2. Green is my favorite color and probably the most abundant color in my stash. I use it in a lot of my quilts and throughout my house. It’s the perfect ‘neutral’ for changing out decorations for the seasons.

  3. Good morning. I used to think I had a favorite color but I think I just love them all! I do like the way black pairs with colors. Your sneak peak table runner looks really cute. Enjoy that rain. I am hoping to get some of that down here in Southern California, but I think I’m just a little too far south.

  4. A limey green and black–my favorite combo. Actually my house is painted in those colors–limey green with black trim, Not a “neon” limey green though

  5. A few years ago I read an article that green is a neutral in quilting. It’s sooo true! Nature does that!

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