Check out my April favorites

I have been collecting ideas for my April favorites and it’s about time I posted them.  These may seem a bit random, but definitely worth sharing!  You’ll see a definite eco-friendly tone to some of my picks which is perfect for Earth Day coming up this weekend.

April Favorites

My life has changed since discovering Reusable Organic Un Paper Eco FriendlyTowels from NaturalLinens.  I don’t buy paper napkins any more and I rarely use paper towels.  This brings me one step closer to a more simple and sustainable lifestyle.  I’m also using the dishcloths and face towels from NaturalLinens and love them too.


A Bowl Full of Lemons recently teamed up with Tide purclean to help spread the world about an awesome global initiative that will have a huge impact on the environment.   You can take the Sustainable Laundry Pledge (which costs you nothing) and for each pledge received between now and Earth Day, Tide purclean will donate $5 to support World Wildlife Funds’s global conservation efforts, up to $250,000.  You can also take part in their #CleanPledge by doing the following:

  • Wash with cold water.
  • Use an energy-saving HE washer & quick cycle.
  • Take care of clothes to make them last longer.

My favorite Pinterest discovery this month is The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe from Eden at Sugar & Charm.  I HAD to make sure she was telling the truth, and yes, after devouring two batches of cookies, she’s not lying.

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe @ Sugar & Charm
The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe @ Sugar & Charm


I just received my first ever Bloom Box from Bloomerie Fabrics and it was filled with unique and beautiful fabric and notions.  I don’t typically purchase subscription boxes because I feel like I would get things that I already have (working at a quilt shop means I “collect” a lot).  What I liked about the Bloom Box is that you know exactly what you’re getting and the fabric included is customizable.  I also ordered some solid fabrics and they included a nice note along with some buttons and fabric swatches.  Their turn-around time is quick, too.  (This is not a sponsored post – I’m just sayin’).

Bloom Box contents from Bloomerie Fabrics
Bloom Box contents from Bloomerie Fabrics



I’ve been reading How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind by Dana K. White.  If you have “issues” with house cleaning, clutter and routines, this book will give you hope and have you laughing while you read about how to get your home under control.  I’m starting with step 1, do the dishes (as in daily).


My son has been telling me that I have to watch the new Planet Earth II  series.  I finally purchased it on Amazon video last Sunday.  He’s right, it’s magnificent and a great way to celebrate Earth Day.


I hope you enjoyed my April favorites and made some new discoveries.  For me, this is like getting together with friends and sharing my latest treasures.  Have an awesome day!




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  1. Hi Julie. After almost a year, I finally made the recipe for chocolate chip cookies this weekend. I have a similar one which I have labeled as Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chip Cookies where you add a Hershey chocolate candy bar to the oatmeal mixture, but the rest of the recipe is very similar. I did refrigerate overnight but had to call my husband in for some support in scooping out the cookies as the batter was extremely hard. May leave it sit out for a bit next time before baking. But they were delicious and I will definitely make this recipe again! Time to do some quilting now. . . followed by cookies and milk! Haha.

  2. Just ordered the NaturalLinens dishcloths. Can’t wait to keep and try them. Am also interested in reading the “How to Manage Your Home” book. I really need that one. Thanks for sharing all these favorites.

  3. Great post as usual, Julie! Your posts always have such great information. Thanks for telling us about NaturalLinens. I will definitely check them out. I love making chocolate chips cookies. When my children were home, I always made them. Now that they are on their own, I still make them because we like them. Thanks for the link to a recipe, I’ll be sure to make them soon. Thank you very much.

  4. Julie, in Canada we have Norwex products that are so good for the environment, and I use the laundry products (no smell, you use 1 tsp. powder per load. Also use dryer balls made of wool, rather than dryer sheets with so much smell.) The cloths for cleaning are wonderful. Look up Norwex–you will love their products.
    I have used cloth napkins forever,as well as dish cloths, and can’t remember the last time I bought paper towels. Hate throwing out paper.
    I enjoy your blog.

  5. Awesome post as usual Julie! WAnted to tell you I purchased 5 yards of birdseye fabric (really cloth diapers! :)) to make my own “un paper towels”! Pretty reasonably priced. I’ll just run them through my serger and BAM…done! 🙂

  6. Hi, Julie. Thanks for this informative post! I’ve forwarded it to my daughter (not a quilter but a VERY “green” person). I’m especially interested in the Natural Linens and appreciate finding out about them!!

  7. Hi Julie. Another great post! Just ran off the cookie recipe and will add it to my “stash” for cooking. I guess we can have fabric stashes and recipes stashes! My husband and I have also watched the Planet Earth series that are/were carried on BBC America. The first one was just as beautiful and inspiring as the second. I cannot believe the camera shots they are able to achieve. Thanks again for your blogs!

  8. Getting your column is always such a colorful day brightener! So many refreshing ideas.
    I’m going to order the suggested book. Good for Spring.
    I saw a peek of your new counter top. I know that you did a kitchen redo. I would love to see pictures of your new kitchen (unless I missed them?). Maybe in May?

  9. Love your bloom box but don’t pariticpate in things like this as i feel coud be pricey. It’s nice getting things like this in the mail and to plan for projects. …good ideas on the eco on the natural friends linens-i do have an HE washer (and use Tide) and not mentioned-i still hang clothes on the line (like my mother haha). thsi reduces use of my dryer and does help clothes last longer-not to mention april fresh. Once in a while i do get bird poo on something. HAHA 🙂 I’m going to try the choc chip cookies with chunks-and will add homestyle oatmeal. I just had some housemades come through my home a few weeks ago for the first time in my life. It felt so good. I normally take vacation leave for extensive cleaning but this time i can take vacation for family time and what I want to do like sewing. thanks for all the info today now i need to get to workl 🙂

  10. I love reading your posts. When we moved to our retirement home, we moved the paper towel holder to the door of the under sink cabinet. It’s very liberating to stop, or almost stop, using paper towels! It’s so easy to throw hand, dish and white cotton towels in the washer rather than paper in the trash. We’ve also used cloth napkins for years. Don’t miss the paper at all!

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