Baby Quilt Progress

Baby Quilt Top

This week Today, I finished the baby quilt top that I have been working on and now tonight I’ll be preparing the backing for it.  The pattern is a freebie from Clothworks, called Ruby.  You can download it here.

Thanks to Susie, of Susie’s Sunroom, I was able to find the white and green swirl fabric that I needed.  Yeah and thank you!

And because I did not plan this project well in advance, I ran out of the brown print, but found something that matches close enough.  You can see the two browns right next to each other in the picture below.  I can live with that.

baby quilt top corner

This quilt will be handed over to my favorite “longarm specialist”, Jody Gosnell, and meanwhile I can work on the matching basket.  I’m using the Divided Basket Pattern from Anna of Noodlehead.

Divided Basket Pattern
Divided Basket Pattern by Noodlehead

It seems like I have been spending so much time in my sewing room, and not a lot to show for it.  Maybe I’m confusing my sewing machine with my computer.  Maybe I’m just confused in general! LOL!  Sounds about right!

baby quilt top angles

Have a great week everyone!

Julie Siggy-1


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16 thoughts on “Baby Quilt Progress

  1. Absolutely adore the colors in the quilt! And thank you so much for sharing the link to Noodlehead’s divided basket! What a great pattern for something that can be used by sewers, quilters, knitters – absolutely love it!!

  2. Now is this a baby quilt for someone in particular? Or just in hopes there’s a new baby coming into your life soon. 😉

    1. Ha Ha! I’m always hoping for that! This is for a friend’s daughter who is having a baby. But, you call me first when you have good news like that to share. Then I’ll start working on yours (my first grandbaby!)

  3. I was so happy someone sent you a link for the fabric you needed. It just shows that we really do use some restraint in our purchases. 🙂

  4. Oh Julie! I love your baby quilt. The fabrics you chose are just perfect. That will be beautiful with the matching bag.

  5. Julie,
    Thanks so much for the great pattern idea. I need to do a baby quilt myself and was looking for a new idea. This pattern will work perfectly with the fabric I have in mind.

  6. An other UFO allmost finished, isn’t it? It is so beautiful in green and brown, and white…
    A longarm specialist? This is something that don’t exist in Romania.

  7. Love the baby quilt. Read direction on how to make blocks but get lost. I would love to make it for a baby shower I got coming up. Could you show me how to make the blocks. Thanks lorie

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