Sew Thankful Sunday 04.14.2013

Sew Thankful Sunday at The Crafty QuilterI am so glad you’re joining me today!  I have sew much to be thankful for and I have to start out with the fact that I have reached over 500 followers!  Yippee!  I am sew thankful to all of you for giving me some space in your computer time.  I know how valuable it is!

Last week, one of the students in my Advanced Beginning Class, Shane, told me about this awesome quilt along taking place at Knit ‘n LitThe Modern Half Square Triangle Quilt Along has a great story behind it so keep reading (please).

Modern Half Square Triangle Quilt Along
Modern Half Square Triangle Quilt Along @ Knit ‘n Lit

A gentleman had a girlfriend who was a quilter.  He was intrigued by the process and design of quilting, and he wanted to impress his girlfriend so he created a Perl program to see how many unique blocks you could create using half-square triangle units.  The answer is 72!  And his girlfriend was indeed impressed.  So when they got married, she made him the quilt using all 72 blocks.  How sweet is that?  You can read Mark’s whole story here.

So Jenn of Knit ‘n Lit decided to use his project as the basis for a quilt along.  Each week (we’re now at week 31) she posts a tutorial using one of those blocks.  The blocks measure 8 1/2″ unfinished and by January of 2014 she will have them all finished!  Here’s the most recent block:

Modern Half square triange quilt a long Block 31
Modern Half Square Triangle Quilt Along, Block 31 @ Knit ‘n Lit

I am impressed with both the originator of the design, Mark and the blogger, Jenn who took it on as a quilt-a-long.  Sew thanks to both of you!

I have recently discovered a website called issuu.  It delivers and creates publications of all kinds.  I don’t remember how I got there, but I think it started with this issue of Smart Blonde & Crafty.  Yep, the title had me at Smart and Blonde and I was sold by the time I got to Crafty!

SMart blond & craftyYou can browse all types of publications through issuu.  Here is a screen shot from one of the pages of Smart Blonde & Crafty:

ISSUU smart blond & crafty cropped

Many of the publications offered are free and you can set up a free account that will allow you to mark certain publications as favorites and subscribe to authors that you like.  Here’s another magazine that caught my eye, Sweet Living.

Sweet Living Magazine
Sweet Living Magazine at issuu

You can also find catalogs, marketing brochures for quilt shows, and more.  Be careful, though.  You might find that hours have slipped through your fingers because of all the treasures you have found!

If you are a Pinterest “aholic” like me, I have to share an easy way to find entire boards (and not just pins) of quilting stuff.  You all might have known this already, but I just discovered it by accident!

When you have one of your boards up on the screen, there is a red “find pins” button next to “Edit Board” button.  You can see the red arrow pointing to it below on my screen:

Pinterest QI Find Pins 2

And here is the result of clicking on that button:

Pinterest QI Results

Look at all of those quilt inspiration boards!  There goes another hour of computer time!  Yesterday I was looking for baby shower cards to make and discovered so many boards specifically for that.  I was like a kid in a candy store!

Here is something I recently pinned from Red Pepper Quilts:

New York Beauty Circle of Flying Geese from Red Pepper Quilts
New York Beauty Circle of Flying Geese @ Red Pepper Quilts

Isn’t that a real beauty!  Thank you Rita of Red Pepper Quilts for the inspiration!

If you want to find out more about Pinterest, you can check out a previous post I wrote here.  And if you want to follow me on Pinterest, click the button below:

The Crafty Quilter

I will be back tomorrow with the April edition of Christmas Once a Month.  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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  1. What a nice story regarding the 72 Black and White blocks. Looks like this would would be a fun quilt. Congrats on your 500 Julie. I am thankful for your blog. I always look forward to it. Great ideas and very helpful information. Thank you Julie…

  2. Hi Julie,
    We are all Sew Thankful to have your blog! Congratulations on reaching 500 followers which is really impressive and must be so gratifying for all the research and time you spend on creating such an interesting and well designed page!
    This week it’s the half Square triangle roll along which caught my eye, but I’ll use the week to Explore some of the other links too 🙂

    1. I’m not sure why you don’t have it, but I do. Make sure you first click on one of your boards so that it opens up all of your pins and then check again. I’ll do some more investigating and hopefully get you hooked up!

  3. Lots of inspiring info today…..but I don’t have a red button either…..was anxious to try it.

  4. Oh, another great post, filled with more ideas, Julie! I wish I could just look over your shoulder for a couple of hours while you browse on the computer…and have a cup of tea and chat. 🙂

  5. Wow….a lot of info here on your post! Sadly I do not have the “find pins” button….but that is okay….I spend enough time checking out soooo many things on the internet! BUT it is so fun!

    1. I’m sorry it’s not showing up for you, Caryl. I’m going to look into it. Make sure you’re opening up one of your boards and you can see all of your pins. The “find pins” should be on the top.

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