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I just discovered a new quilting magazine, Fresh Quilts, and I love every page of it!  I picked up this magazine at JoAnn’s Craft store last week.  I don’t know about you guys, but I LOVE magazines!  For such a small price, I get so much joy.  And it comes just about once a month to my mailbox (multiplied by an invisible number)!  We won’t discuss just how many times a month I receive such joy in this way.

magazine title copyThis is the premier issue (spring/summer) and it’s packed with all kinds of projects!  From kitchen accessories:

magazine sweet confections copy

to color and fabric inspiration:

magazine fabric copy

and, of course, plenty of quilts:

magazine twist on tradition copy

Fresh Quilts definitely has a modern feel with a hint of traditional thrown in.  I like the variety of projects and the bright colors.  It definitely lives up to it’s name:  Fresh!

magazine fresh quilts copy

How many magazines do you subscribe to?  Any favorites?  I have always loved American Patchwork & Quilting and McCall’s Quilting.  But, I think the modern movement is beginning to speak to me.  Maybe I have room for one more magazine in my mailbox!



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  1. You know I am a magazine junkie! I am so going to get this. I love AP&Q and McCalls. I also get Quilty and my newest is Love Patchwork and Quilting. Do you listen to AP&Q radio show? Love that too.

  2. I’m totally with you on magazines and I can’t throw them away. I have one Rubbermaid tote that I can’t pull and it takes two people to lift. I have gone through them many times and think that I will toss some – They go right back in the tote. Now I have four leather cubes in the living room. Same thing – magazines. Then, you want to talk quilting books? I have no sewing time because of the reading time and then there is the computer and blogs.

  3. I, too, am a magazine junkie! I love all the fresh ideas I get from them! I get a bunch each month, and pick up issues at the store, too!

  4. I too love magazines, and have way to many delivered to my home. Will have to go to Joannes and get this new magazine. I just want to tell you how wonderful your blog posts are! Joined a BOM Quilt Doodle Designes from your post. Keep up the wonderful writing and researching.

  5. I used to subscribe to six and pick up others on newsstands or in quilt shops, but now I get just three magazines, due to budget constraints: American Patchwork & Quilting (my fav), The Quilt Life (which I also enjoy), and Quilters Newsletter Magazine (essential). These provide a really nice balance of news, projects and inspiration. I agree with you that magazines are a wonderful source of pleasure. I read mine again and again!

  6. My favorite is Quiltmaker and McCalls and Jenny Doan is now publishing her own magazine called Block which I’m looking forward to receiving. I’m cutting back on a lot of magazines but these are my favorites.

  7. I don’t subscribe but enjoy looking at magazines and/or buying the used ones people have donated to the quilt guild. Its a fundraiser for the guild and the price is only 25 cents so it’s a win win win situation.

  8. Hi Julie, Fresh Quilts looks very interesting. Love to explore anything to do with quilting. Blessings to you & yours, Julie A.B.

  9. I buy way too many magazines. I love to flip through with a cup of coffee. Have you seen Where women Create? Pure eye candy ; )
    This new mag looks great

  10. Hi Julie ~ I subscribe to about 3 quilting magazines right now. My favorites are Quiltmaker and The Quilt Life. In the past I’ve subscribed to at least 6….and now I have magazine boxes filled w/ quilt magazines. I keep saying I’m going to go back through them, and sometimes I get through a few of them. I have made quite a few quilts from their patterns, so they are definitely worthwhile. My question to you is – what do you do with all your old issues? I have thought about ripping out the quilt patterns I like and getting rid of the rest of the magazine, but my tastes keep changing and although I may have marked pages when I first received the magazines, I later find myself thinking “what was I thinking?” haha So, I haven’t started ripping apart the magazines. I just keep adding to my collection… I sure love your posts.

    1. I love the magazines with Jenny at Missouri
      star guilt and was looking forward too seeing her again in Quilting Quilting Quickley who does the precuts and makes the traditional block easy. It comes from Fons and Porter and this time her daughter was in it and she has her own Quilty. Jenny is soon going to have a new one published at Missouri with blocks. Her tutorials are great. I also take 2 McCalls, American patchwork and I love Quilts and more. I share my magazines with other older quilters on low income. They love them.

    2. That’s a great question, Terri! I have a closet full of old quilt magazines and I’m finally going through them – about two a day (while I’m on the exercise bike!). I tear out anything that interests me. Sometimes it’s just pure inspiration or sometimes it’s how something was quilted. I now have a box full of quilting articles that I really need to organize. When I don’t find anything worth ripping out of a magazine, I “recycle” them by giving them to my new quilting students. They appreciate it and I get the pleasure of knowing that my magazine is getting a second life!

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