I Love Home BOM, Month 1

Hey everyone, it’s finally here!  Welcome to the first month of the I Love Home Block of the Month hosted by Jacquelynne Steves!  You can still sign up for this FREE BOM here.  I’ll be participating each month along with some other very talented bloggers (see the list towards the end of this post).  I hope you’ll be joining us, too!

I Love Home BOM from Jacquelynne Steves

I Love Home BOM, month 1

Each month there will be a giveaway on every participating blog starting today with a giveaway from Aurifil Threads!  Read all the way to the end for more details.  This giveaway is now closed.

If you’re new to The Crafty Quilter, welcome!   I hope you enjoy your visit.  This is my third year as a participating blogger for Jacquelynne’s free BOM, and it’s always fun to see how everyone interprets the design with their own fabric choices and design options.  I will offer tips on how I make each block that may be helpful to you.

This year, I’m making each block into a mini quilt for each season of the year.  Four blocks work out perfectly for the four seasons.  This first block is my Spring edition and I love the cottage feel of this one.  Choosing a similar color palette as Jacquelynne’s quilt made my version an easy (fast) quilt to start with.

Jacquelynne Steves' "I Love Home" FREE BOM, Month 1, made by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter

Jacquelynne Steves' "I Love Home" FREE BOM, Month 1, made by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter


TIP:  For the piecing of this month’s block, I cut the three outer border strips 1/2″ longer and stitched them together.  Then I trimmed them down to the exact length required.  This just gives me a little wiggle room when sewing the strips together, and I don’t need to be SO precise with matching the beginning and ending of each seam.

Jacquelynne Steves' "I Love Home" FREE BOM, Month 1, made by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter


I used a raw edge machine appliqué technique; you can find my full tutorial for that technique here.  It’s full of tips and basic information for those that haven’t tried machine appliqué before.  One thing I find helpful is to use a stabilizer underneath the applique when stitching the raw edges down.  I love Ricky Tim’s Stable Stuff Poly  because I only need to tear it away from the outside of the applique shapes, and I leave it behind the applique to add stability and a tiny bit of lift.  This stabilizer will soften with wear and washing.

Jacquelynne Steves' "I Love Home" FREE BOM, Month 1, made by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter


I used Aurifil 50 wt. cotton thread in coordinating colors for the applique stitching.  I like the way the cotton thread blends into the fabric and allows the applique shapes to get full attention.

Jacquelynne Steves' "I Love Home" FREE BOM, Month 1, made by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter


This little house quilt is so sweet and charming.  It’s the perfect way to welcome Spring with its flowers and hearts.

Jacquelynne Steves' "I Love Home" FREE BOM, Month 1, made by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter


Small projects like this are so fun to quilt!  I made “pearls” in the white frame, ribbons in the light peach border and a feathered flower in each corner HST.  The applique background was done with a tight half-moon shape to make the applique pop up.  I’m considering the addition of more quilting inside the house shape.  I don’t like the bubble that appeared after my quilting.  That is often due to an uneven amount of quilting throughout the quilt.  Again, I used Aurifil thread, 50 wt. for the quilting.

Jacquelynne Steves' "I Love Home" FREE BOM, Month 1, made by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter

Jacquelynne Steves' "I Love Home" FREE BOM, Month 1, made by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter

Giveaway information: (updated – giveaway is now closed)

This month’s giveaway is a collection of beautiful thread from Aurifil.  As you can tell, I’m a huge fan of Aurifil thread.  I always use the 50 wt. cotton thread in taupe for piecing – it blends with everything.  I also love their 80wt. cotton thread for hand appliqué and their large color selection of 50 wt. cotton thread is great for machine appliqué.


To enter the giveaway, leave a comment telling me your favorite appliqué technique.  Hand appliqué or machine?  Maybe you’ve never tried it and that’s o.k. too!

Here are the giveaway rules:

  • To enter, leave a comment telling me your favorite appliqué technique.
  • You must comment by 11:59 pm PST on August 14, 2017. (CLOSED)
  • Your email MUST be included in your profile information or in your comment. If I choose your name and I cannot contact you, I will choose another name.
  • Giveaway is open to all.
  • Winner will be chosen at random.

Make sure to be inspired by visiting all of the other featured bloggers and enter their giveaways too.

Please visit our host, Jacquelynne Steves’ blog, for the latest details on the I Love Home BOM.  You can also check out the I Love Home BOM Pinterest board here.  Make sure to use the hashtag #ILoveHomeQuilt for social media.

Jacquelynne Steves' "I Love Home" FREE BOM, Month 1, made by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter


Thanks for stopping by and happy quilting!



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683 thoughts on “I Love Home BOM, Month 1

  1. Not good at hand stitching because of arthritis and hand surgeries, but have done a fair amount of machine applique. Looking forward to trying more of the raw edge, straight stitch it down type of applique for this project.

  2. I usually like the freezer paper method of applique and turning the seam allowances under. Just my old fashioned likes surfacing I guess!! But I really am tempted to try the method that Lara Bucella teaches in her book, Crafted Applique. I even bought the fabric glue she says to get! So I’d better try it I guess! 🙂 Love your block and the colors you used, and your quilting is so pretty!! Hugs, H from Healdsburg

  3. I have started using wool in place of many applique pieces & then stitching them down by hand. I’m loving wool lately!

  4. I like my messy imperfect attempts at needle-turn applique the best. Never looks perfect, but always makes me happy.

  5. I haven’t tried applique yet but will probably try machine applique first, I like quick results . Thank you for the chance to win.

  6. Thank you for this opportunity to win. I use Aurifil thread too. I use machine applique, but I have yet to stitch around the shapes, so maybe that’s called raw edge applique?

  7. I think hand applique is beautiful, but l usually applique with my machine using a blanket stitch. Thanks for the chance to win your give a way.

  8. I have not done appliqué in many years, so I decided to reaquaint myself with needle turn on this project. I would love to win the Aurifil thread. Thank you for including me for the chance to win.

  9. I prefer machine appliqué but I always add in some hand embroidery such as outlining and and detailing to make it unique.

  10. My favourite to do is needle turn hand applique but time does not always allow that choice. I use small blanket stitch on my machine when I cannot applique by hand.
    perry94022 at hotmail dot com

  11. I am very new to quilting, but I think I will be trying machine applique on this quilt. I love your idea of making 4 mini quilts, 1 for each season. I’m hoping to be able to quilt it similar to the way you have. I am really motivated to begin.

  12. I love hand applique, but have some arthritis and am not always able to sew by hand. Trying different types of machine applique

  13. My favorite applique method is by machine. I use either a blanket stitch or zig-zag stitch. I know hand applique should be relaxing but it makes me nervous!

  14. I consider myself a modern quilter/crafter in general, but, I LOVE hand work! Hand applique it is for me 🙂

  15. I like to do the raw edge machine applique. Love how your block turned out. I printed the pattern, now to get started. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway.

  16. I use raw edge fusible by machine for my applique, with Aurifil 50 wt thread of course! I have tried many other threads and Aurifil works best for me. Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. My favorite method of applique is by machine {unless I am doing wool applique}. I love the fabrics you chose for your borders-light and airy,

  18. I’ve never done applique in any form but think I would prefer machine. I want to learn! I have a lovely Bernina to work with and can’t wait! Guess I’ll have to since I’m in an arm splint for the next 5 weeks.

  19. I’ve done more hand applique and I can control it better than I can with machine so I like it better. I like the idea of machine applique, but I’ve never been very pleased with my results.

  20. I like stitching light weight interfacing right (wrong?) sides together with fabric, clipping in middle then turning and fusing in place. I can then do any decorative stitch around the edge with no raw edges showing. With light weight interfacing this can be used on a bed quilt and still be very supple, not stiff. Happy Sewing! Now for the weeds!

  21. Hello! I started sewing 6 months ago and have machine appliqued 3 items. I’m enjoying my new hobby and learning various techniques through blogs like yours. Thank you!

  22. My favorite method of Applique is machine Applique. I like the look of needle turn, but I’ve never learned how to do it. Thank you and Aurifil for sponsoring this blog hop giveaway.

  23. I like machine applique when I’m in a hurry. I like needle turn applique when I want to take my time and make an extra special quilt. Thanks for the hosting the giveaway. These quilts are always fun.

  24. I love the look of hand applique best. All applique looks good as long as the style matches the quilt subject. I think of machine finished as a little more modern…lol!

  25. I have tried many applique methods but my go to method is raw edge machine applique. I enjoy hand applique but it certainly takes more time. I am trying to finish up my Rabbits Prefer chocolate quilt with hand applique but I lose interest since it takes a lot longer. Julie, I think you are making this quilt also. I have been working on this off and on for years. Since my 50 yr old Singer machine has no blanket stitch I use a straight stitch to sew the edge and I like to use different types of threads to accent my applique. Thank you for a chance to win. Love your blog.

  26. I’m pretty new to quilting and am not sure what the technique I have used is called, but I think it is raw edge machine applique using a blanket stitch. Thanks for the chance to win!

  27. I like to use machine applique it is fast and I can get done quickly and move on to something else. I tend to move from one project to another and go back later and finish so there are some ufo’s and I have to work fast.

  28. I know how to use fusible web and machine appliqué the pieces down. I love to see other techniques and hope to continue to learn more.

  29. I use raw edge applique, mainly because of the quickness. However, I have used the iron on interfacing method that where you stitch around, slit the interfacing, and turn inside out, making the applique look more needle-turned. I love the idea of your miniquilts on this project!

  30. Hello from Rockwall, Texas. I am a new quilter and I am new at applique. I like to do machine applique. I love looking at your website for new ideas and techniques. Thank you for the chance to win Aurifill thread.

  31. My favorite applique is needle turn. However, raw edge machine applique (when rushed) sometimes gets my project done faster.
    Love your idea of individual quilt blocks for this sew along. Thanks for a chance to win some awesome thread!

  32. I am new to quilting, so the BOM will be a learning experience for me. I have never done machine applique. I am more experienced and confident with hand stitching, but that is not to say I won’t try it. Thank you for the tips, I can use all I can get.

  33. I’d like to follow your tips for applique; haven’t done much before. Sure like your helpful pointers; makes me think I might be able to do this project. Thanks.

  34. I have always enjoyed machine appliqué! It is so much fun working with so many little pieces of fabric and coming up with your very own one of a kind design. The thread that you use plays a big part as well.

  35. I am a piecer and swore I’d never do applique-too fiddly! Then I happened to pick up a wool applique project and just like that, I am hooked!! I’m a wooly girl so far, but am looking forward to trying some needle turned applique and working with Becky Goldsmith patterns.
    And I’m also so happy to find a current blog, not one that was stopped 2 years ago. The contact list with this contest gives me more links along with this…happy day.

  36. Such a wonderful give away and your blog is very lovely. My favorite applique technique is needle turn. However, I have recently tried some other methods and do admit there is a time and a place for each. Thank you.

  37. My favorite appliqué is not on quilts but on little girl dresses. Since that little girl is now 21 it’s time to try some on quilts!

  38. I have just begun machine appliqué using a light weight fusible and a narrow zigzag stitch with coordinating Aurifil thread. It has become addicting!

  39. My favorite appliqué technique.is by machine both raw edge and turned. Thank for the chance to win some GREAT tread.

  40. I have done both hand and machine applique, though my machine applique needs practice. I like both ways, though does depend on time constraints. Love your project!

  41. I prefer machine applique, but I do occasionally do hand applique as well. It all depends on how much time I have allotted to finish the quilt!

  42. My grandmother taught me to needle turn applique. She also did a fantastic hybrid between hand applique and machine applique.

  43. I enjoy needle turn applique, however, I have chosen to do machine applique for this project. I want to try something new. Thank you for the chance to win! I will love Aurifil thread!

  44. I love appliqué and have done both machine and needle turned…. i can’t say which is my favourite because it all depends on which one I need to use for a specific piece.

  45. I’m a traditional quilter so I do needle turn applique. I love your idea for making small quilts for each season!!

  46. I have recently discovered the Appliquick tools. Love them for needle turn, but for items that will be washed a lot, I prefer machine appliqué.

  47. Hi I enjoy hand applique and needle turn using Aurifil 50 wt but have recently purchased the 80 wt and love it as well.

  48. I’ve always used Guiteman threads but would love the chance of trying these vibrant threads. I use a lot I’d needle turn appliqué on my quilts. I quilt by hand as I’m not brave enough to ruin a quilt doing it by machine. I love all the examples you show and find the site very useful. Thank youo

  49. I haven’t done much but for me it depends on the application. If it is wool then I use hand, for not likely to be washed; the same thing, but if it will be washed I like the machine quilting.

  50. The last applique design I made was with felted wools and by hand using blanket stitch, I think this time I will use fusible web and fancy machine stitches. Applique is so versatile. I love it. Thank-you

  51. Good morning,
    My favorite applique method is fusing and machine stitching. I’m not patient enough to do needle turn for each project. 🙂

  52. I do machine applique because my hands and fingers don’t operate well using a hand needle. I have several spools of Aurifil thread that I dearly love, and would love to have some in more colors! Thanks for this opportunity.

  53. Hi. I like the speed of fusing and machine stitching, but my favorite project was a needle turned vintage dress block. Because of the many details I still have a few blocks to go before I am finished.

  54. I enjoy various types of hand applique. I have tried machine applique in the past but not enough to be comfortable using it on a project. Maybe with enough practice I could be comfortable enough to use it on a project.

  55. I am not fond of fusible, so I needle turn, or machine stitch a light interfacing, turn and then slip stitch into place.

  56. I like needle turn BUT I do machine applique most of the time. Thank you for this opportunity !! Fun, Fun !!

  57. I don’t think this worked so I am trying again. My favorite appliqué technique is hand appliqué. I use freezer paper templates on top of the fabric. I also love to do detailed appliqué in the method of Jane Townsend. (Took a class with her in Lake Geneva, WI) I love to do the Hawaiian appliqué with one piece of fabric. All are fun, except I don’t care for Machine appliqué.

  58. I love to do hand appliqué. I use freezer paper templates on top of the fabric and needle turn. Doing Hawaiian style quilting is another favorite. Thanks for sharing your blocks.

  59. I have taken a class with Cherry Guidry using the starch and freezer paper method. It is a very neat way to applique. The results are beautiful. The easiest for me is to use an iron-on backing and machine applique with a blanket stitch. This is my fast and fun way to applique.

  60. My favorite way to appliqué is by machine. I will do appliqué by hand for some projects but it takes me so long!

  61. Your idea of separate quilted blocks is great! I like machine and hand applique. I usually let the use of the project help me decide. If I hand appliqué I too use the Ricky Tims Stable Stuff … it’s a great way to appliqué! Thank you!

  62. I’m an applique newbie as I’ve only completed one applique block…so far! Armed only with freezer paper (no starch and no fusible webbing) I managed to needle turn a heart onto one of my sampler blocks. It was a challenge but I love the finished edge 🙂

  63. I love quick and easy so it is usually machine appliqué for me, but I also like to digitise so sometimes I will do my designs this way. Love the machine embroidery look on some blocks.

  64. I machine appliqué but do plan to learn hand appliqué in the near future. I recently discovered Aurifil and am digging it!

  65. I haven’t tried hand appliqué. Hand work just doesn’t appeal to me. I have attempted a couple of different machine appliqué techniques with fairly decent results. I just haven’t done appliqué on a regular basis. So every time I attempt it I still feel like a beginner.

  66. Hi. I love to do machine appliqué. It is easy and I can use several different types of stitches to sew on the appliqué. My favorite to use is blanket stitch but I also like to use zig zag.

  67. Hi Julie, I love your little block quilts! I have machine appliqued a few times and have watched videos on needle turn but I liked things finished right and I can’t seem to bring myself to try needle turn and my machine applique wasn’t to nice. Maybe someday!

  68. I like doing hand applique. I have more control of the sewing that way. It sure would be great to win those threads. They are beautiful!

  69. I have been in the mood for hand stitching lately, so my favorite applique technique is to use StableMajic and a glue stick to turn under my edges (I love prefect edges, must be the perfectionist coming out) and then hand stitch to my hearts content.

  70. I have tried hand applique and I really need lots more practice. So I guess you would say I prefer machine applique. So relaxing to do that process. Thanks for the giveaway.

  71. Love your block, it’s so sweet!! Those fabrics are gorgeous too!! I really enjoy needle turned appliqué, it takes a long time but worth it!! Aurifil is my favourite thread too!!

  72. Hi Julie, I’m still a fairly new quilter(only 8 yrs) and have not done a lot of applique yet. I made a mug rug for a swap on a quilt cruise a couple months ago and used a blanket stitch on my machine. I’m thinking of trying needle turn on this 1st block because I like to have handwork to do while watching TV at night. I love your idea of the 4 seasons!

  73. I enjoy needle turn but most of the time I do machine appliqué due to the fact that it is so much faster and I don’t get a lot of time to do it.

  74. I do fusible machine applique. I got started when I mad a quilt designed by Kimber Bell. Sometimes I will use a light interfacing for the fusible. Place the fabric face down on the bubble side of the interfacing. Trace and cut out the design. Then do a very narrow seam around the fabric to stitch it to the inter facing. Cut a small slit in the back of the interfacing and turn right side out. Can be ironed into position.

  75. I like doing both hand and machine applique` although machine applique` gets done faster. I enjoyed your Blog and thanks for a chance to win.

  76. I enjoy machine appliqué because it is quicker but I’m thinking of doing this BOM using hand quilting so I can take it to work and do during quiet times.

  77. Oh wow! This looks great and you’ve used one of my favourite applique methods, zig-zagging the raw edge but I think my favourite is just a simple straightline stitch close to teh raw edge … or a blanket stitch if I’m sewing by hand!

  78. Hi. My name is Amy. I have only done applique on one quilt and it was machine applique. I am willing to learn other methods.

  79. Hi, I have done both machine and hand applique and love doing both. I machine appliques on my childrens clothing and ‘things’. I really love hand needle turn applique but it should be on something special since it is so time consuming. It is my favorite applique.

  80. I am definitely a novice applique quilter but signed up for this BOM to get some practice and have a project while riding in the car! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  81. My favorite technique has always been needle turn hand appliqué but I am just beginning to try raw edge machine. It’s more fun than I thought.

  82. I prefer machine appliqué as it goes quickly. Hand appliqué for dainty items such as a baby’s first quilt. Thank you for sharing your talents!

  83. I’ve been doing a lot of fusible machine applique. I love how you quilted this, and I use Aurifil for everything!

  84. My favorite technique is needle turn, but I enjoy machine appliqué, too. I love your idea of mini quilts and will be doing that as well.

  85. I like needle turn appliqué, although I’ve done a lot of raw edge the past few months. But my favourite is machine satin stitch.

  86. I love the new I Love Home BOM Pattern this month… She always has the GREATEST Designs.. I really like to do the Hand Applique, lately I have been doing some machine but mainly as it is like a Mug Rug or have to get the item finished and in the mail as a gift. But still LOVE the Hand Applique Look!!!

  87. I started a hand applique project years ago and still haven’t finished it. Especially not after I found out about machine applique! I can get so creative with machine applique, so that is definitely the way to go for me.

  88. Hi Julie, I do love needle turn applique the most and always have something to stitch where i go! I cannot wait to begin with Jacquelynne’s “I Love Home” BOM. Your block is amazing! Thank you for all your tutorial

  89. Just bought my very first spool of Aurifil thread because it was recommended by my sewing machine repair guy to insure that I wouldn’t have more problems with my sewing machine – we’ll see!

  90. Hi Julie,
    I love your house block and the way you quilted it. I do like machine applique the best but do other ways also. I like to use Aurifil thread on most of my projects. Thanks for sharing with us.

  91. I have tried fusible applique and machine applique, but my favorite and most relaxing technique is needle turned applique.

  92. I am new to applique and have only used the hand stitched method. I just got a new sewing machine with so many stitches and will try machine applique soon. Love your idea of just doing the small single quilts.

  93. I favorite applique technique is using freezer paper and starch to turn the edges. Then I usually machine applique down pieces; however, pieces are also ready for hand applique.
    Thanks for sharing the fun.

  94. I love raw edge machine appliqué. Using different decorative stitches on it is fun, too, when I’m tired of satin stitch and blanket stitch.

  95. I prefer hand applique, but do use fusible when I want to get done fast. I am a sucker for little houses. I like the idea of the mini seasonal quilts.

  96. My favorite appliqué method is needle turn hand appliqué. For me it’s so much easier and the prep is much less than other methods.

  97. My new favorite way to Applique is using Terial Magic spray. It stiffens the fabric and with a bit of pinning I can stitch around to achor it down. I love the Houses, such character in each one. Gotta get my fabrics selected. I will need good Aurifil Thread for this porject. Thanks! pmcrowther (at) yahoo (dot) com

  98. I’ve never tried hand appliqué but considering it so I can sit with family and friends and work on it. Love to use appliqué in my quilting though!

  99. Favorite appliqué method is machine blanket stitch. Hope to try the hand method. Love your color choice. Thanks for chance to win,

  100. Machine applique is “the name of the game for me.” I taught myself to machine applique when I was a teen. I made bibs and outfits for older siblings kids and younger siblings Barbie dolls. All had appliques. When I went back to work in 1994, I never touched my machine again until 2015. After retirement, I returned to sewing and started to machine applique designs on table runners, quilts, hot pads, bibs, and all types of clothing. Can;’t seem to get my fill of this fun activity.

  101. Very pretty block. I like raw edge applique and sewing fusible interfacing in the back and turning it right side out with all the edges nice and tucked in. Either way – fun! Thanks for the chance.

  102. It depends……If I am wanting to speed it up, I use fusible and machine blanket stitch. If I’m using wool I blanket stitch by hand. If I want something to do while watching TV, I will applique by hand.

  103. Hi Julie, my first time to your blog and I love your 4 seasons idea. So pretty. I love hand applique but don’t do as much now as hard on my hands, so I do machine more now. thanks for chance to win the beautiful thread. thanks again. #ilovehomequilt “mimishortycubbins@centurylink.net”

  104. I am pretty new to applique, currently working on a project by hand but am venturing into machine work. I am going to join in with the block of the month as soon as I have finished making an applique picture of my German shepherd dog, Daisy

  105. I love the way applique looks, but I’ve never attempted it! I’m new to quilting, so I’m doing the easier piecing first as it’s most familiar to the way I’ve sewed for most of my life. I think these “I Love Home” blocks might be just the ticket to push me over the edge to try applique!

  106. I love both needle turn and raw edge machine applique, it depends on the look I want for the finished item. Thanks for a chance to win!!

  107. My applique technique depends on the project. However, I always have a hand applique project in process to take with me. Hate to sit and wait for someone or something. Hand work calms me.

  108. It depends on the effect I’m trying to achieve. My go-to method in the past has been iron on applique with satin stitch edge. Lately, I’ve learned to needle-turn applique and really like that one as well. It’s all beautiful to me! Thanks for the chance to win.

  109. I’m new to appliqué. I’ve just completed a hand appliqué and a machine. Need lots of practice on machine.

  110. I love applique of every kind, needleturn, raw edge, blanket stitch, satin stitch, I have done them all and enjoy each kind. Thanks for the chance to win!

  111. Hi!! My favorite technique is raw edge machine applique!! Love your quilt block….thanks for the opportunity to enter the contest and hopefully win!! 😉

  112. I prefer machine appilque with either a zig zag stitch or a blanket stitch. Thanks for the chance to win! sarah123quilt {AT} gmail [dot] c o m

  113. I’ve only appliquéd one piece before and it was by machine. I avoid any type of hand sewing. Thanks for the link for your tips on appliqué as I’m planning to do another piece soon.

  114. Definitely machine applique using fusible. But sure wish I had patience for hand applique because it is so much easier to carry around than lugging my machine – lol.

  115. Love your BOM version I follow your blog always my favourite appliqué method is machine which I learned doing your JOY Christmas framed quilt.
    Would love to win the thread!!

  116. Hi Cindy, First, I love your block and the idea of making a mini wall quilt for each season. Secondly, I prefer machine applique but if the project has a lot of twists and turns, I do hand applique.

  117. Hello from central Texas! My name is Sherry. I’ve been quilting for years – about 42 to be exact, but I haven’t done much applique on my quilts. When I did do applique, it was mostly just a loose satin stitch. I’m looking forward to learning more, meeting new friends and learning some techniques along the way. Oh – and winning the prize for this month would be fabulous…!

  118. I usually hand applique while we are watching TV in the evening (that is my husband flipping through the channels!). I was going to use my stash to make scrappy block, so I like your idea to make each one seasonal.

  119. I’ve never done appliqué but y’alls blocks are so cute, you might have got me started. Now if only I had some new beautiful Aurifil threads to use, lol!

  120. I really haven’t done much applique at all, and only by hand. I am thinking about trying a mix of applique and embroidery.

  121. Trying to make sure I have made my comments everywhere! I adore hand applique; find it so relaxing, and inspiring. Adding this to other projects, old and new.

  122. I like hand applique because it is relaxing. However, I did Cozy Afternoon in machine applique (buttonhole stitches) and loved the effect.

  123. Thank you for the free pattern and for sponsoring this contest. I especially love how this quilt is versatile enough to be done both in applique and as an inserted embroidery project, for entirely different outcomes. Yay!!! — I love all quilting and applique and have been quilting for about 56 years now. My grandmother got me hooked when I was only 3 years old, and I’ve never stopped. Lol! I’ve done applique both by hand and machine, depending upon the size, scope, and audience I am trying to reach. I guess my true favorite is working in miniature, using either a permanent stabilizer and appliquéing the edges with a blanket stitch or other decorative stitches; or I also enjoy stitching a thin temporary non-fusible stabilizer to individual applique pieces, turning them right side out, stitching them, again by hand or machine to my quilt base, then cutting away the bulky back interior of the appliqued areas for a smoother, more supple finish. The only type of applique that I really don’t enjoy is needle turn. (I think I’m too much of a perfectionist. I want every edge line perfectly smooth, and I tend to get irritated with myself if the edges fray as I work. So I avoid that technique whenever possible, since it doesn’t bring me joy to do it.) I love taking small appliqué pieces on the road, when someone else is driving, of course. Then I can happily blanket stitch appliqué, shadow stitch embroider, or quilt as I visit and enjoy the scenery passing by. Sewing is both therapy and heaven for me. I sew almost every day, mostly making gifts that I can give away with a joyful heart, knowing that the gift was handmade and filled with many prayers and good wishes for each recipient.

  124. My favorite by far is machine appliqué, often using a decorative anchor stitching to secure. Appliqué adds an additional element to any quilting project. I love it. Have never tried raw edge but, someday…..???? Unlike many of your comments I have never used Auerfil thread despite sewing for over 60 years. I will definitely get some, and maybe win some (-:

  125. Your block is beautiful. The colors you’ve chosen are making me swoon.
    Not sure I have a favorite applique technique – probably one where the block is done. I’ve tried both raw edge on a machine and needle turn – neither were perfect.
    Email is chelelew @ gmail (dot) com

  126. That’s such a sweet block, looking forward starting on sewing it!
    My favorite applique technique is using the sewing machine. I use freezer paper to prepare the shapes and then a fabric glue pen to fix them on the background fabric, and next I use a zig-zag stitch. I think I will have to look for new scissors, to obtain more precise cut 🙂

  127. I have only tried hand applique but I wish to try machine applique. This small project will be just the ticket for me to experiment with the different techniques, Thanks for the giveaway. I sure would love to win.
    dquilterguy48329 (at) prodigy (dot) net,

  128. My favorite appliqué technique is yet to be decided as I haven’t tried to do any Hand appliqué yet & when it comes to doing machine appliqué I haven’t had the best of luck with what little practice I’ve done.

  129. I haven’t tried any form of applique, yet. one of these days I will though. I like the four seasons theme. thanks

  130. I’ve only done applique once before. I used fusible and then hand stitched around it. I did get a new machine so that I could machine applique, but it doesn’t have the blanket stitch which I was really hoping for, but it was a gift, so I am just thankful for the stitch choices I now have.

  131. I like the look of hand applique but it takes me more time to complete. I tend to machine applique because it’s faster. Your little quilt is sweet.

  132. I like the look of needle turn applique but I usually resort to raw edge machine applique because it’s quicker.

  133. HI, I’m Ginger, my favorite appliqué technique is the raw edge machine appliqué. I do have an embroidery machine but have yet to learn it…..Thanks for the chance at winning. Thank you for doing this.

  134. I enjoy hand applique, but if I want to get something done I do machine applique. I usually have a hand project for when I travel.

  135. I usually do raw edge machine applique on bigger quilts, but I love hand work on smaller quilts. Your little mini is so sweet. I had decided to make four mini quilts also and I love your seasonal idea. Thanks for sharing.

  136. I did a lot of applique on the TQS BOM 2014 with the recommended technique of raw edge machine applique. Loved it! With a blanket stitch it looks always really professional!

  137. Your block is so cute! 🙂 This free BOM from Jacquelynne is so much fun. Thank you for participating and giving us a chance to win. This blog hop is fun too. I am happy I found you crafty quilter.
    I am an applique freak. I love all kinds of applique. Don’t have a fave. I have been doing reverse applique lately, and a ‘scribble applique’ that started as an accident that I actually liked. It creates a 3D effect that’s fun. But I love working by hand too. Needle turned edges are challenging and fun.

  138. I have only done machine applique in the past. I want to try the Sulky stabilizers to turn the pieces, then iron and finally sewing around them. Then I would need as large of a stitch, at last I hope so. Hand applique may be cool, but I’ve been cross stitching for 30 years so I wanted to do something different. Thanks for the giveaway!

  139. I enjoy machine applique….it moves the project along. (Sorry, if I do ANYTHING by hand I can always hear a spiderweb calling my name to deal with.)

  140. My favorite is hand appliqué and I love embroidery too. One can never have too much threads, buttons or other embellishments.

  141. I have always done machine applique using wonder under and then a zig-zag stitch. Thank you for your tips.

  142. Freezer paper/glue stick is my favorite applique technique. It works well for intricate shapes. I do not like to have to cut fabric to remove the freezer paper, so I am going to try other methods(especially for simple shapes).

  143. I have done some hand applique..but am verrrry slow at it. Think raw edge applique is cool..have done some this way too. LOOOVE your Block! Thank you for chance to win the Give-a-way too 🙂

  144. I love hand applique, but I made a quilt that had to be finished quickly. I don’t like raw applique and someone told me about using fabric Modpodge on the edges and stitch down. I loved how it looked and how quick the quilt went together. Not sure how well the quilt will hold up over washings, but I haven’t heard any complaints as yet. ndfromsdATgmailDOTcom

  145. Hi there! I piece, quilt, and applique by hand. I’ve never tried the Aurafil threads but plan to soon. I love all the colors!

  146. I do only machine applique. I actually started to hand applique once. So that particular block has one branch sewn by hand the rest was finished on the machine.

  147. I love machine applique because I’m having a love affair with my machine! lol Never did much applique before I found out I could use my machine…BINGO…now I applique!

  148. Love your mini quilt idea – cute block! I prefer machine applique as it is quicker. However, do enjoy hand applique when the mood strikes. Many thanks for the tips.

  149. Thanks for tip on sewing the borders. I machine applique for now, usually with a small zigzag on raw edge. I want to do some needle turn for a better look though.

  150. I love your version of Block #1 and making it into an individual wall hanging, very cute. I LOVE applique! Combined with piecing it’s my favorite kind of quilt. I’ve pretty much done all the techniques for applique at some time. My favorite is fusible, raw edge, machine applique. It’s quick and you can use decorative or straight stitches around the edges. <3

  151. I’ve been using the Appliquik tool and then hand applique lately and I find that I really enjoy this method. It’s very relaxing to sit in the evening and hand appliqué.

  152. I love both techniques, depending on what your project is and if you know ahead of time if you will be on the go for that project. I love your idea for the banners , what an excellent choice!
    Thanks for considering me for the give away!!!

  153. Machine applique all the way! I’ve done both and did hand applique for many years, but now I’m strictly machine using the blind hem stitch with finished edges.

  154. I like machine appliqué. I’m enjoying seeing all the different options and look forward to trying new methods. Also, thanks for your tip. I will use it for sure.

  155. I love hand appliqué but I don’t have time to hand sew all the adorable things , so I sometimes halve to machine appliqué too

  156. Hi! I prefer doing it by hand applique because I can do it in all the places I go. In the car, in the train, in my free time… and I feel more satisfied with myself.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  157. Hi Julie–I love Jacquelynne’s BOMs! I donated last year’s to a fundraiser for one of the kids at the school where I work–I plan to do the same with this years! I stick with machine applique—haven’t ventured into needle turn yet, but this might be a nice project to give it a try.

  158. I enjoy machine raw edge appliqué. I’ve only used a zigzag stitch, but think I might try a blanket stitch this time.

  159. Hello Sue. I have only tried machine applique and use a blanket stitch. I really like the way your block turned out and may be ready to try a new technique. Thanks for sharing and the chance to win. Your blog is one of my favorites as a go-to for inspiration and instruction.

  160. I have done some machine appliqué and like the way it looks. I’ve never tried needle turn appliqué, but plan to try it soon. Thanks for the giveaway!

  161. Hi – My favorite applique technique is by machine. I’m still working on needle turn but prefer the instant gratification that machine applique gives me.

  162. Hi Julie
    I really like your pattern. The fabrics are so pretty and the pattern is bright-it makes me feel happy to look at it. As I live in Australia where it is winter this block reminds me of spring.
    I enjoy hand applique and embroidery as I find hand work so relaxing.

    Kerrie (kezzie.k@hotmail,com)

  163. I have only done a little bit of raw edge applique on wall hangings using minimal stitching. I would like to learn the needle turn hand applique some day.

  164. I like to applique by putting Misty Fuse on back of applique & the machine stitching around the shape after it is ironed onto the main fabric.

  165. I mainly machine applique as it seems the fastest and simpler. I would to do embroidery, but can only do it for a short period of time because of arthritis. Enjoy reading the blogs, and I am really looking forward to working and completing the I Love Home BOM.

  166. Hi! I’ve done every kind of appliqué out there! It depends on my time really as to which I like more than the other. I enjoy hand appliqué but I just made an Orange Peel quilt for my son and that was by machine; which I enjoyed immensely too.

  167. Love your block, and what a great idea to make 4 season mini quilts!! I love hand applique, which I prep first with starch and freezer paper. It make the handwork easy and relaxing!!

  168. I enjoy hand applique and have done a Baltimore style 20 block quilt, among others. Only in the last year have I done machine applique. And stabilizers are my friend! It really eliminates any puckering, with quick results.

  169. I use a fusible, then a machine blanket stitch around the edge. I really want to be able to do needle turn appliqué, but I need to invest the time to learn. Thanks for the giveaway. Tarnia.hodges at gmail dot com

  170. I have done both machine and needle turn applique. My favorite method is turning the fabric edge over on a template using spray starch and the iron and then hand stitching on the background fabric!
    Thanks much for the drawing.

  171. I am currently enjoying using pellon to help turn the edges under and then I am blanket stitching around the shapes after glue basting them. I like the turned edge for dimension and I love the hand sewing! Very cute block and I love your quilting. Thanks! lkw2x6-apq@yahoo.com

  172. Hi! I like to either raw edge appliqué using free motion around edge and to add drawn details or Pearl P’s method of turned edge appliqué.

  173. I love machine piecing, paper piecing, hand quilting and hand applique. It has taken me a long time to get comfortable with hand applique, but I love it.

  174. My favorite method is machine applique with a blanket stitch. I am going to try needle turn for the first block and if it doesn’t work I will go back to fusing and my machine! Thanks for the chance to win. 🙂

  175. I love hand appliqué, but I also like to machine appliqué because it is so much faster….I always have way more projects that I want to do than time to do them!

  176. I have only made 2 quilts with raw edge applique. One was hand stitched and the other machine. I didn’t really care for either.

  177. I enjoy machine applique in the summertime, and turned applique in the winter when the nights are longer and I have time to relax and hand sew. Edyta Sitar introduced me to Aurifil thread through her projects and I’ve been hooked ever since. Love your blog.

  178. Machine applique is my preference and stitching it with Aurifil thread makes it even more special! Your block is adorable!

  179. I do most of my applique by raw edge, hand stitching the blanket stitch on them. My sewing machine only does straight stitches and is older than me.

  180. I love to machine applique mostly because it’s quicker! I love your idea of 4 small seasonal quilts and your spring quilt is adorable. Thanks for your tips and ideas! Also thanks for a chance to win. I love Aurifil threads also!

  181. Hi, I like to machine appliqué, I havent done very much. I am so looking forward to doing this quilt.
    Thanks for the chance to enter.

  182. Thanks so much for your tip on using stabilizer under machine applique. I can’t do hand applique anymore due to carpel tunnel syndrome so do raw edge machine applique but always have difficulty keeping it from puckering. I will try stabilizer next time. Thanks.

  183. Hi. I am Jackson Watkins. I have been quilting for approximately 5 years now, and love all aspects of the quilting process that I have tried thus far. My first class was a 25 Block Sampler, which included 4-5 blocks that required Needle Turn Applique. I truly dreaded thinking about all of the “hand work”, but once the instructor demonstrated the correct technique, I suddenly learned to love Needle Turn Applique. The entire process is very relaxing to me.

  184. I enjoy hand applique but fusible/machine applique is much faster. I’ve learned to do both since I inherited several needle-turn projects begun by my late maternal grandmother.

  185. I have done both hand and machine applique. I enjoy doing both. If I need the project done quickly, I will do machine applique. If I have a lot of time to kill (ha ha) I will do hand applique.

  186. Hi Julie, Love your things you show us. My favorite way to applique is machine and that is because it is faster, that way I can make more quilts, right. I just tried Aurifil thread for the first time a few months ago and have just fallen in love with it. I want to build up my colors of it now, since it will be my only thread choice in the future. Cannot believe how it makes my points and seams so perfect. I have not used it for my applique yet, but certainly will be using it on I love home quilt….Claudia

  187. Hi, I’m Kathleen and I’m new to appliqué. I’ve only done fused raw edge appliqué. I want to try other ways to appliqué before I say I have a favorite. I’m very excited about this BOM, getting to know other bloggers and the giveaways. Thank you for this opportunity

  188. Hi, I love to do all types of machine applique. Not a fan of any hand sewing or edge turning. Love aurifil thread. Thank you!

  189. Favorite applique technique is by machine for sure! I use a lot of thread quilting cuddle quilts for my guilds’ charities, so I would love to win the thread!

  190. I used to be a hand-appliqué snob but there’s just too many beautiful patterns and quilts to be made. I have come to love machine-stitched buttonhole appliqué.

  191. Hi Sue. My favorite technique is machine applique, but with no fusible. I use Kim Diehl’s technique which makes a nice soft applique.

  192. I am becoming a fan of fusible applique. Though I like handwork, hand applique doesn’t appeal to me. I haven’t done much machine applique. I could use some good tips for how to do it.

  193. I am new to applique but love the look of raw edge machine applique….I love the idea for 4 small separate quilts…

  194. I definitely prefer machine applique! It’s so much faster! I love your idea of making each block a mini quilt & doing one for each season. So perfect!

  195. I haven’t ever really done applique… But I imagine machine would be more up my alley since I really don’t enjoy doing anything by hand! My fingers are too weak, I guess!!!

  196. My hands do not appreciate hand applique. I always fuse first and then machine stitch. I would love to win Aurifil thread.

  197. I would love hand appliqué, but my fingers won’t do it, so now I am working on perfecting fusible appliqué. Thank you for the opportunity

  198. I love your color choices. I’m a machine appliquer I think a good ironing might lay down that bubble.

  199. Hi . I’m new to applique so not sure which I like best. I use Aurifil thread all the time. I use 2000 for piecing it blends great. I’m looking forward to sewing along with you. You always have such beautiful fabrics.

  200. I have done hand applique but it isn’t easy. I much prefer machine applique. There are so many beautiful stitches you can use.

  201. Machine Applique is my favourite, probably mostly blanket stitch, but I also like to use some of the fancy stitches on my machine, most machines have some lovely fancy stitches and with a little bit of thought you can use some of them to enhance things like grass, the edge of flowers, and other little applique patches.
    Julie thanks again for a wonderful blog, I also enjoyed all the comments from others on their way of doing applique.
    Happy days
    Gayle Z

  202. My favorite applique technique is fusible raw edge machine applique. I really like the double button stitch and I do us Rick Tims Stable Stuff. P

  203. I do hand applique for the most part. Only recently learned how to do machine applique. Your block is adorable!

  204. I most often do machine appliqué because of its quickness and nice look. If I have a small bit of appliquing to do I like the look of hand appliqué better though.
    Love Aurifil threads for quilting.

  205. I like to machine applique because it is faster and I raw edge it using a blanket stitch. At some point I’d like to do a small quilt in hand applique to see how I go. Love your block.

  206. I’ve tried a few different appliqué methods and my favorite so far is back basted. I love your idea of making these blocks into mini quilts!

  207. I applique by hand and machine. I much prefer hand applique because it is relaxing and I feel quite an accomplishment when I’m finished.

  208. My favourite method of appliqué is raw edge machine appliqué using a blanket stitch. Sometimes I match thebthread colour and sometimes I use a contrast.

  209. I love to do appliqué and always fuse it first then use the blanket stitch on my machine to finish the edge. I would be super excited to win because I love aurifil thread and it is what I use!

  210. My preference has been for piecing but I tried some wool applique by hand and really enjoyed it. I am trying to do some needle turn applique but I have not gotten the hang of it yet. I would love to win the thread; I have been wanting to try it for awhile.

    1. I love how she did raw edge appliqué when I seen you post this block in the email I first thought I know what I’m doing, appliqué lol. Always appliqué but I will do my satin stitch.

  211. Love to do needle turn applique as well as fusible machine applique with a buttonhole stitch to finish the edges!

  212. My preferred method is raw edge machine applique. I love the look of needle turn, but my hands can’t do that anymore. It’s all beautiful.

  213. I do machine applique and I love using aurifil thread to sew with! Love your sweet block and I really like the idea of the mini quilt that will work up quick! Thanks for the chance to win!

  214. It seems I been doing more machine applique since my grandson was born. Kiddie quilts seem to be the chance to work with alot of applique. Buttonhole or zigzag are my go to sewing stitch. I do miss the settling of hand quilting .

  215. I actually love both; if I have the time, it’s a wonderful take-along project to have with you, but if you need it done now, the machine does that too!

  216. I enjoy machine applique. I usually use a satin stitch, but I love the look of blanket stitch. I am learning to free-motion quilt. Maybe someday I’ll be fairly decent at it. I love your idea of doing your blocks to represent each season.

  217. I love your designs!! My favorite applique technique is raw edge applique but I like to use a blanket stitch instead of the satin zig zag around the edge. I enjoy applique in quilting the best.

  218. I love applique. . . lots of results in a short time. I have hand appliqued wool but not cottons. I plan to do these blocks with fusible and machine applique. My daughter and I will be doing the BOM together. Should be fun!

  219. I am addicted to fusible applique finished with machine blanket stitch! Especially with using black to do the stitching as it really makes the appliques pop!

  220. Right now I am working on a block that uses raw edge applique but I am thinking of doing some hand applique on it as well. I have done machine applique in the past and I liked it. It is fast and easy.

  221. Machine applique – little houses are my favorite, with smoke twirling out of the chimney and light in the windows ! Started on shirt pockets, and progressed to purses and quilts ! Thanks for the chance to win some lovely colored thread !!!

  222. I am not crazy about applique, but love what it adds to so many quilts, so I do machine applique. Don’t have the patience/time/dexterity to do turned hand work. If a machine can do it, I am all for it!

  223. I’m basically a machine person… patchwork, appliqué, and free motion but I do like to do some things by hand since then it is easy to do when travelling… ie hexies…

  224. For now I like raw edge machine applique. I have done hand, but hands get angry with me if I do to much of that any more. I like the look of turn under applique, but I get in to big of hurry to get things done.

  225. I enjoy machine appliqué and even digitizing a shape to appliqué. I may try with the flowers. The spring square you made is pretty. Please post again to show how you might be correcting the bubble.

  226. Hi Julie. So far I’ve only tried raw edge machine applique. I’d love to do hand applique but my hand sewing is very uneven and looks terrible! I need lots of practice! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  227. I generally do machine applique and fuse but I have done several methods, it really depends on the project and how much time I want to put into it. Great job on your block and what a good idea to do minis 🙂 Aurafil thread is the best!

  228. I use machine Applique the most – both raw edge and a turned edge using a stabilizer to maintain the shape of the applique.

  229. I haven’t done applique but plan to try soon. Thanks for the tip on Ricky Tims product. Sound like it would be very helpful.

  230. I have only done a couple of applique projects and both were raw edge machine applique. Love your idea of the four seasons.

  231. I have only done one Machine appliqué project,but would like to do more… I really like the way you are making them 4 different wall hangings for the different seasons.

  232. I really like your idea of making these into mini quilts. I have been hooked on minis lately and this one looks lovely as a mini. I enjoy appliquéing with a machine blanket stitch and a matching thread color.

  233. My favorite method of appliqué is by machine. I like the buttonhole stitch. I make it smaller and closer together than my machine defaults to. I like that look. I enjoy your blog.

  234. I do mainly machine applique but love the look of needle turn applique. I also like the look of hand embroidered applique ( that folksy look). Thank you for a chance to win. Love Aurafil thread.

  235. Hello, I’ve done a bit of appliqué and still I like the looks of all of them. Needle turn is how I learned, then went on to learn fusible (thought I was in heaven) then learned stitching the appliqué on too. Interesting tho is that I still use all three and I find it depends upon what the project dictates to me! I’m a good listener.

  236. I love that you are doing a mini seasonal version of her BOM. Thanks for the idea. I generally do machine applique myself as it’s so much quicker and I have tons of UFO’s to complete. Occasionally though on special quilts I will do hand applique.

  237. I am enamored of needle turn applique. I find it so relaxing to sit and stitch. Presently I am working on the borders for a Quilt of Valor. It has an applique eagle in the center, and “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave” on the borders. Just “and of the Free” to complete, and I will be ready to assemble. Thank you for this opportunity.

  238. This is so much fun!! This is my first time participating in an online block of the month. I am just starting to get back into quilting and sewing. I had forgotten how much I enjoy both. My favorite applique technique is raw edge machine applique. Thank you for the opportunity to win this great prize!

  239. Although I do a lot of hand stitching, applique is not a big part of it. I do more on my sewing machine. Love your color choices for Spring! Thank you! sewgood414athotmaildotcom

  240. i don’t particularly like appliqué but just finished a big project and used a fusible which I can then machine applique with decorative stitches.- it came out really nice

  241. I prefer raw edge fusible machine applique when applique is involved in my projects.

    Thanks for your interesting information!

  242. My favorite method has been raw machine applique, but I am just getting into hand applique and trying to hone my skills in that.

  243. My favorite method for applique is machine applique. I have made entire quilts with machine applique. I did recently purchase a wool applique pattern, so I can expand my skill to include hand applique.

  244. I like fusible raw edge applique because it is faster and less tedious. However I do appreciate the way needle turn applique looks…I just don’t like doing it!!!!

  245. Although I have accomplished some needle turn applique, my favorite method is to use a fusible which I can then machine applique with decorative stitches.

  246. My favorite is to use plastic heat proof templates and starch to press the edge over for the shape. Then hand applique it down. I use fine thread from bobbins in a bobbin ring for the stitching.

  247. Hi! I love your interpretation of the first block. I’m anxious to get started on this BOM myself. I also love your seasonal idea. How fun! I have two different favorite appliqué techniques. 🙂 The first is raw edge machine appliqué. Place fusible on fabric, cut shape, fuse onto background, and blanket stitch by machine around it. My other (which I’m having a blast with!) is in the hoop. Upload the design, cut the fabric pieces on my Janome Artistic Edge cutter (i place the fusible on my fabric pieces before putting them in the mat). Then I hoop up my background fabric, send the file to my Janome 15000 and it places a basting stitch guideline for where the shapes go. Place the cut shapes on the guidelines and then let it go! The machine drops all my appliqué stitches for me while I’m doing other things. Love it!

  248. I love machine applique , however hand applique has a wonderful place in my heart. Thank you for the chance to win as I am always in need of new threads. Still building my stash of thread.

  249. Hi. Being a bit of a traditionalist, I like needle turned applique. I have found the Applquick tootls very helpful with this method. Thank you for you wonderful Blocks of the Month.

  250. I am just learning and the only thing I have tried is raw edge applique. It was harder than I thought, but I am getting the hang of it. I am anxious to learn other techniques.

  251. I haven’t done much appliqué, just a simple table runner, but I have a new granddaughter and I’m thinking about some machine appliquéd onesies!

  252. Julie, I love applique’ and primarily do it on my machine. I do both blanket stitch and satin stich. I occasionally will use a decorative stitch to add more detail. I like using black for my stitching sometimes as it really pops!

  253. Fusible machine for me. My machine does a much neater job than I can. I try different stitches bur I do more zigzag or blanket stitch.

  254. Loving Jacquelynnes new BOM….I am going to use my fav, machine applique to complete this one. I really like how you quilted yours! Thanks for the chance to win – Aurifil is the bestest thread!

  255. For years I only did hand appliqué…..I was intimidated completely by the very idea of machine appliqué. Having a new grandson cured me of the fear of my machine. I’ve made him three appliqué quilts over the past several years and tacked a batman and superman quilt last year for his older stepbrothers. Boy, am I hooked! Thanks for the chance to enter this drawing.

  256. I haven’t done a lot because it’s not been a favorite, but I always love them when I see them, so I’m bound and determined to master!!!

  257. I love this new block of the month and this will be my first attempt at applique. I usually embroider and quilt. I have let the process of applique intimidate me but it is time to get past that. I love the look of it too much to keep putting it off.

  258. I usually opt for the speed of machine applique but I like to always have a hand applique or epp project in the car. I have never yet tried needle-turn applique. It seems a bit daunting to me.

  259. Hi, I love needleturn applique, I have also done machine applique. I have been admiring the 80 weight thread for a while . Would love to win, thanks for the offer.

  260. I like the idea of making a small seasonal quilt. I was not planning to do that but after seeing yours I am thinking that might work better for me. I love hand applique but have enjoyed machine applique lately with my limited time to work on projects.

  261. I haven’t tried applique yet, but I will soon. I’m new to quilting and I want to get some of the basic techniques down first.

  262. Hello and happy start day! I love machine applique but would love to get better at my turn applique might be a good time to start. I love your idea of doing mini quilts and think that might be the way to go for me too. Cheers!

  263. Hi, it’s Rosanne here and I love the machine button hole stitch. I do it so often, my thigh gets bruised from stopping and pivoting on curves! Just kidding. Keep on blogging. I love what you make and suggest.

  264. Hiya, I’m Diane and I have only done 1 applique so far and that was done by machine as I find hand sewing to be too painful on my fingers. I am really looking forward to giving this 1st block a try. All The Best xxx

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  267. I much prefer the look of hand sewn applique. It just has a classier look. The bit of machine applique I have done included some sort of machine embroidery around the edges to disguise the stitching used to attach the applique.

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  269. I like the look of hand applique best. If it is a small amount of applique, that is my first choice. But if there is a lot to do, or if I need to finish quickly I will do machine applique.

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    I’m a machine blanket stitch or zigzag raw-edge applique girl. Hoping mine comes out half as well as yours.

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  284. Hello, I’m Polly, my favorite applique technique is needle turn but using my embroidery function on my Bernina just have to push sew and let the machine do all the work 🙂

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