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Appreciating my health and a few WIP’s

The flu has been taking its toll on my little household.  First my youngest daughter (home for Spring break), then my husband, then me, and now my middle daughter (who came by to “nurse” me) have fallen ill.

I can’t remember being so sick and feeling so bad in a long time.  Today, I feel much better and I’m appreciating my health.  Every breath without pain or nausea is a blessing!  This morning I woke up to this:

Feel Better SoonA sweet note from Mr. Crafty Quilter along with a cup of lemon water, a cup of tea ready for hot water, and fresh orange blossoms (my favorite scent).

So, let’s get up to date with what I’ve been working on.  I sent a little package to my oldest daughter in Texas to inspire and nourish her creative soul:

Care Package for KellyIt started with that little pincushion on the right, and then I started looking through my stash and found all kinds of things to send to her.  An oldie, but goodie magazine, some fabric that I probably won’t get around to using anytime soon and that I know she’ll like, a few pages from a magazine that I know she’ll appreciate and a free printable of “Green & Thrifty Cleaning Products” that I found at Living Well Spending Less (not pictured above, but shown below).


And I made a little card to go with the care packiage using washi tape and a few stamps:

Washi Tape, I Care Card @ The Crafty QuilterI am caught up with my BOM’s.  Here’s the latest block from the Fat Quarter Shop’s 2013 Designer Mystery BOM:

Month 10 Block from FQS 2013 BOM by Julie CefaluIt looks like it’s going to be a row of flowers!  Love it!

And here are the letters “H” and “I” for The Quilts Show’s BOM, A-Z for Ewe and Me using the original “kit” fabrics:

H and I blocks from TQS BOM 2014And here’s my stash version:

H Block from 2014 TQS BOM by Julie Cefalu"I" Block from TQS 2014 BOM, made by Julie CefaluHere are the first three month’s all together:

Letters A thru I of TQS 2014 BOM, made by Julie CEfaluI think I might use a “quilt as you go” technique for this version.  I’ve never tried it before, so I’ll be looking for some tutorials and sharing my progress.  If anyone has any good tips, please share!

I have been using the thread, Magnifico, from Superior Threads to do the applique and I am really enjoying it!  It shows up nicely and stitches beautifully.  It is a 40 wt. 4-ply polyester thread. You can see it in detail below:

Blanket stitch detail @ The Crafty QuilterThat’s a double blanket stitch (#46) on my Bernina 440 QE.  I used to be afraid of that stitch, but now we’re friends!

Have I mentioned this new magazine from the Missouri Star Quilt Company, called Block?  I just received the first copy a few weeks ago.  It’s full of great quilts and patterns, and there’s no advertising inside!

Block Magazine Front CoverIt’s very reasonably priced and it will be published bi-monthly.  It’s based on the YouTube videos that they produce and it gives alternate color ways, tips and ideas for decorating.

magazine  pinwheel page copy

magazine garden party page copy


magazine label page copyYep, it’s a good one!

Now, I have lots of catching up to do and some more nursing to do!  See you Sunday next time (I lost track of the days/month)!



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  1. Avoided the bad flu this year Thank goodness. Sorry to hear to it caught you. I did catch a cold recently then again it may have been allergies. This Texas weather has kept everyone’s body trying to figure outs happening.
    Hope you’re feeling better at this time. Love you WIP’s.
    Take care

  2. Those flus seem to be getting worse and worse don’t they?? Glad you’re all recovering but not happy you had to suffer through them! Loving your BOM blocks…that alphabet one really is sweet! I printed off that same green cleaning page only yesterday…..lots of good printables on that site….love it! Must look for Missouri Star’s new mag…..wonder if it comes to Australia??? Will keep an eye on their blog! xox sugary sweet lemony hugs :o)
    Ps…..your hubby’s a keeper isn’t he???!!! xox

  3. Well done for being up to date for the TQS quilt and everything else despite being unwell. I love your mystery quilt blocks in colour, I hope they sell the pattern only at the end of it all.

  4. I hope you’ll be soon better! What a ugly flu. But luky you with such a darling Mr.Crafty Quilter! Thanks for all the news and progress.

  5. Thanks for the tip on the new magazine….and pleez share any quilt as you go success stories for us newbies…..feel better soon!

  6. Dear Julie,
    You seem to have gotten a lot more than that I did during the week and I am feeling fine! I so look forward to your posts. They get me going. Feel better soon

  7. Hear’s to good health! Glad you are feeling better. Had the flu a few years back and thought I was on my death bed!! Your projects are beautiful. I’m especially smitten with the Quilt Show’s BOM A-Z!! It’s going to be beautiful when it’s all together.

  8. I just am in love with your Quilt Show’s BoM alphabet embroidery blocks!
    That double blanket stitch is really sharp. I am putting some of the Magnifico thread on my wishlist!
    Hope your family feels well soon! I am sure your daughter loved her special inspiration package from you! I have that magazine and just love the ideas and patterns in it!!

  9. Oh Julie, I am so sorry to hear you and yours have been suffering with the flu lately. That takes so much out of us, literally. 🙁 I’ve got something quite similar too the last few days and it just makes me feel awful, especially after having surgery just 2.5 weeks ago. Sending you good thoughts and prayers that you will all soon feel right as rain again so you can enjoy all that Spring has to offer. Take care and keep blogging when you can. I enjoy your entries and all the information you share with us! I always look forward to your BOM pics and love to see them all. I have the A-Z kit, and am following along with your wonderful lessons, but have yet to start as I’ve been trying to finish up other projects. You make it look SEW easy. Please do share what you decide and learn about the quilt as you go approach for this pattern as I have been considering the same thing but don’t know where to start. Feel better very soon!


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