Spring Flowers

It’s April and the spring flowers are blooming in my yard!  I thought I would share a few pictures that I took in between rain showers the other day.

The lilac bush is in full bloom:

lilac tree

And I love bringing the scent indoors:

lilac on plate

My little shrub rose looks pretty against our “rustic” fence.  This is also one of my favorite places to photograph quilt blocks.  I hang them or pin them just below the ivy.

rose bush

The nasturtiums are starting to take off:


One of my favorite scents in the world is orange blossoms.  So I picked a few:

orange in vase

I played with my spring blossoms inside and took a few more pictures for fun:

3 in depth

pink and white plate

flowers on plate side

And I had to fit a quilt in here somehow!

Table Runner set

I made this table runner MANY years ago (8?) and it always comes out in the springtime.  The pattern was from a McCall’s magazine (I think?).  I really should document my quilts better so I could get rid of all these question marks!

quilt long copy

quilt copy

I hope things are blooming in your part of the world!


Have a great day!


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  1. Love spring and all the colors. Our weather is so confused my Bradford Pear tree started blooming but the cold snap came back and the flowers fell off quickly and suddenly there were green leaves. Our roses haven’t started blooming yet. Another week or so and maybe we’ll see some color. But I can say the bluebonnets along the road sides are out. I don’t think there is as many wild flowers this year but there’s patches of lots of color.

  2. How wonderful colors of flowers! I just love to watch them!!!!! Of course using this colors making a quilt it seams to bring the Spring in my house!Thank you sharing with us!!!I wish to show you my garden in this time of the year!I am living North of Italy close to the Lake Como!

  3. Have you seen Jo Malone perfume at Nordstrom? They have a scent called orange blossom and it is lovely.

  4. So nice to see some spring happening somewhere in the world – we are still waiting for all the snow to leave. Needless to say, not much is blooming yet lol. Enjoy your spring filled weekend Julie 🙂

  5. Those are really some beautiful flowers! Orange blossom is one of my favorites as well. Out here in Colorado it’s looking like Spring one day and we get dumped on with snow the next. It started snowing yesterday evening and didn’t stop until about an hour ago. Thanks for sharing all the pretty flowers!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing those photos. Here in southern NH our trees are just thinking about budding. We had sleet 2 days ago. We’re beginning to think spring won’t bother to show up until around June!

  7. Oh, you make me homesick. My favorite scent is lilacs and they don’t grow down here in Texas. I remember picking a bouquet of them and having them in a vase in my bedroom. I loved going to sleep and waking up to their scent. Thanks for the memories!

  8. Thanks Julie for sharing your Spring. Here in Minnesota, we are expecting snow AGAIN!!!!! tonight and tomorrow. Hopefully it is the last.

  9. This post is full of spring flowers scent! Smells up here 🙂 The photos are so beautiful, but the 8 years old tablerunner amazed me, how vivid are the colors, so nice for this season!
    In Romania the lilac is not in flower yet, the cherry are in blossom and plum trees prepares. This are the facts here, where I live, near the mountains.

  10. Your so lucky to have a lilac bush! I had one but it didn’t survive a remodel and I want to get another one. My favorite photo is the one with the bright reddish flower (a camilla?) and other bright flowers and of course I love to see your cheerful table runner. I’m lucky to also have an orange tree and loving the orange blossom aromatherapy!

  11. Up here in Alberta, Canada, it snowed a bit yesterday – have had snow on the groung since October – lovelypictures, but am soooooo jealous!

  12. Julie- Thanks for the taste of spring! Here in NH the snow has just melted enough for me to see that my lilacs survived the winter : )

  13. Happy springtime, such pretty pictures~ Here in the state of WA.we are enjoying trilliums ~ tulips & the lilacs are ready to burst forth. What a beautiful time of year.

  14. What lovely pictures of spring and blooms! Our lilacs don’t even have a leaf on them yet!!
    Thanks for brightening up my day with your beautiful pictures!

  15. Julie, those beautiful flowers should be so dleightful growing in your yard. I can’t seem to have much luck with getting Lilac to grow. I’ve tried rooting a few heirloom lilac bushes but not much luck. The new hybrids don’t pass the smell test like the ones growing in your Grandmother’s yard. Does you lilac have an intense smell? I also love the sweet table runner. I have one a;most finished except for the binding.

  16. Your flowers look wonderful. My snow is just starting to melt. I won’t have Lilacs until May. I could almost smell yours. 🙂

  17. I am so jealous. We’ll have to wait for another month for the daffodils to bloom. I love lilacs and love to bury my nose into the blossoms to get their full smell.

  18. Lovely, here in Venezuela we don’t have lilac and it was one of my favourites as a child, I love to see it and all your photos are so pretty – what gorgeous colours. On bigger quilts I put the name and designer of the quilt on the label, a bit of a pain but as I give them away I think way down the line someone might want to know the origin! And, you get ! Not ?

  19. Beautiful pictures Thanks for sending
    We are no where near that stage yet
    You must live in warmer weather (G)

  20. Love the flowers, here in Michigan we won’t see any flowers for about a month, and if it stays as cold as it it we won’t see any for awhile. Love the table runner!

  21. Hi Julie, Thank you so much so your post, how cheerful your flowers are, just what I needed to. brighten my day. We are a few weeks away from our lilac blossom and some months before our nasturtiums bloom. Love the table runner!

  22. Julie,
    I love the table runner. It is just what I’ve been searching for. Can you tell us how to make one like it? Please?


  23. I love flowers of all kinds especially the spring flowers and watching the earth go thru renewal as well as quilting.

  24. I love your beautiful flowers. I grew up in Colorado now live in So Ca. and the thing I miss the most is the lilacs. My spring flowers have been gone for a while on to the summer ones here now… Thanks for sharing like your runner too the colors are so perfect for spring

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