How’s it growing with you?

Hey!  It’s been over a week since I last posted, so I thought I would share some things that are growing in my garden.

First of all, I have a beautiful vegetable garden jungle in my front yard.  The tomatoes and squash are going crazy!

veggie garden front view copyExcept for this one sad tomato plant.  Last week it started wilting, no matter how much water I gave it.  The poor thing can’t take in the water which is most likely the result of fusarium or verticillium wilt.  And of course, it was loaded with green tomatoes.

wilted tomato two

That’s how nature works sometimes.  I’ll have more than enough tomatoes from the other three plants.  How do you like my garden sign that I found at Summerwinds Nursery?  It’s rustic and charming at the same time.

garden sign copySpeaking of rustic and charming, Cooper decided to get in the picture just for pure canine eye candy.  He really is a handsome guy:

cooper in garden copy

Also in the front yard are lots of flowers.  I love all of the color.  That metal flower was made for me by my dad out of horseshoes.  How clever he is!

front flowers copyAnd if you happen to be walking by, you might find someone sleeping in that hammock.   But not today.

hammock copy

I love sunflowers and I bought some to fill up a vase indoors.  The purple iris really makes the colors pop!

sunflowers and iris copy

In the backyard, are more flowers:  daylillies, nasturtiums and a type of blue sage.

back flowers copy

Plus pink hydrangeas and red pomegranate blossoms:

hydrangea copy

And I spy a quilt block in the background!

new block sneak peak

You’ll have to wait until Saturday to hear more about that.  I hope you’re enjoying the beauty of the outdoors, too!


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  1. Love all the colors. I hope to try and grow squash next year. We’ve got 2 flower pots with tomatoes mingled with other pots on the patio.
    Is Cooper an Aussie? He’s a beauty.


  3. Love your garden of vegetables and flowers. My husband planted cherry tomatoes, creole tomatoes and a red bell pepper bush in 5-gallon buckets. The tomatoes are doing really well, but the bell pepper has one little on it and has dropped the other pepper and all of its leaves. I guess it has the same thing your tomato plant had. Love the garden sign – your dad is very talented. Have a great summer.

  4. ive just signed up + found your site through going to Husqvarna sewing machines to find out about settings for applique work who recomended your site .what i found was very helpful i havent gone into the instructions in great detail yet but i will .its been to nice to be inside + ive been out biking, + tidying up what i can in the garden. its pretty wet though. i found your site to be quite a bit of fun .im not a quilter but love making cards,+painting /drawing. thanks for a neat site

  5. Love the garden pics. I like quirky bits in the garden aswell. I adore that sign, wonder if I can get hubby to make one for me xx

  6. Love your garden posting. Glad to see someone else has vegetables in their front yard. I am giving away zucchini and cucumbers because they are so productive this year. Love the fresh-picked veggies. I, too, have had problems with tomato plants doing so well and then just calling it quits. Hate when that happens. Your dad is a Clever Crafter – cute idea with the horseshoes.

  7. Julie,
    You’ve been busy & the garden shows the results. We are missing our garden this year because of family illnesses. We’re praying for next year & good health. Vicki is right about the Green Tomato Jam it is delicious.

  8. I have a really good recipe for Green Tomato bread. If that sounds like something you would like, I’ll be glad to share! and can’t wait to see the quilt. Thanks for pictures of the cheerful flowers … and Cooper too!

  9. My garden is in and recently weeded – because I was mad and I took it out on the weeds and felt so much better. We are just now getting blossoms on things and it’s really turned off hot and humid. We have had a death in the family, a graduation, and nursing home care in the last month and it’s been a little much. Just glad I can sew!!!!
    Your Dad is a crafty guy. That is cute! I love metal things in gardens that just appear?

    Can’t wait to see more of the quilt! Pretty!

  10. If you haven’t gotten rid of the green tomatoes on the bad plant, you could use them for Green Tomato Jam. I had some my aunt made several years ago….it was great.

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