Save the Bees BOM, month 1 and giveaway

Welcome to month one of the Save The Bees Block of the Month hosted by Jacquelynne Steves I am so happy to be one of the participating bloggers again this year!  If you haven’t already, you can still sign up for this free BOM here.  Thank you Jacquelynne for your generosity in putting together this awesome block of the month!

Each month (through December) there will be giveaways hosted on EACH participating blog, ending with a grand prize giveaway in January, 2019.  This month’s giveaway is sponsored by Martingale, and all the details can be found at the end of this blog post (giveaway is now closed).

Save the Bees FREE block of the month from Jacquelynne Steves

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I’m absolutely smitten with this first Save The Bees block!  My color palette for the quilt will be black, gray and white with a little yellow mixed in.  Isn’t it adorable?

Save The Bees block of the month designed by Jacquelynne Steves. Month 1 block made by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter


The construction of this block is very straight forward.  If you don’t like applique, then you can substitute a favorite large-scale print or you can embroider it.  I’m using raw edge machine applique with black thread and a “scribble” stitch.  It’s modern and rustic at the same time!

Save The Bees block of the month designed by Jacquelynne Steves. Month 1 block featuring sketch applique made by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter


This is by far the fastest way to do applique.  No need to pivot around each curve or worry about your stitches being perfect.  You are free motion stitching around each shape.  To do this, you need to drop your feed dogs, attach a free motion foot, and practice!   Another option would be to do the stitching after the quilt is basted.  Then you’ll be appliqueing and quilting at the same time.

Save The Bees block of the month designed by Jacquelynne Steves. Month 1 block featuring sketch applique made by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter


I used a stabilizer (Quilter’s Select Cutaway) on the back of my block that’s very lightweight and can stay in the block.  In other words, I don’t need to tear this stabilizer away (or dissolve it) after stitching.  It gives me more control and stability and helps to keep my stitch tension more even.

Save The Bees block of the month designed by Jacquelynne Steves. Month 1 block featuring sketch applique made by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter


I like to stitch around each shape two times to give it more substance, and it’s more “scribbly” in appearance.  One thing that it doesn’t do is prevent your fabric from fraying (see the bee below).  This is part of the charm of this technique and it’s perfectly fine.  If I were planning on a quilt that would get lots of use and need frequent laundering, I would opt for a different stitch such as a zig zag or blanket stitch.

Save The Bees block of the month designed by Jacquelynne Steves. Month 1 block featuring sketch applique made by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter


I am fairly new to this type of applique, but I can tell already that I’ll be using it more in the future.  If you are interested in more fusible applique techniques, check out my applique series.  You can see in the comparison below, the difference the stitching makes.

Save The Bees block of the month designed by Jacquelynne Steves. Month 1 block featuring sketch applique made by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter


I promised that I would share a new, not-so-secret tool for this project.  It’s the Pentel Gel Roller for Fabric.  This is my new best friend for writing on fabric!  The ink is permanent, acid free and waterproof.  It does NOT bleed into the fibers like some permanent markers do.  It produces a bold line, it glides on freely and it’s really easy to use.

Save The Bees block of the month designed by Jacquelynne Steves. Month 1 block featuring sketch applique made by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter


For this project, I’m using the pen in place of the embroidery stitches.  Again, another time saver!  This pen would be perfect to use for your quilt labels and for a signature quilt.

I used this AGPtek 17-Inch Tracing Light Box to transfer the embroidery lines.  This is another tool that I use frequently and the price is right!

Save The Bees block of the month designed by Jacquelynne Steves. Month 1 block featuring sketch applique made by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter

Save The Bees block of the month designed by Jacquelynne Steves. Month 1 block featuring sketch applique made by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter


My completed block makes me so happy!  That bee is just too cute!

Save The Bees block of the month designed by Jacquelynne Steves. Month 1 block featuring sketch applique made by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter

Save The Bees block of the month designed by Jacquelynne Steves. Month 1 block featuring sketch applique made by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter

August Giveaway (closed)

This month’s giveaway prize is sponsored by Martingale and one lucky winner on EACH participating blog will win a copy of The Splendid Sampler!  I love this book and I have made about 50 quilt blocks from it.  Thank you Martingale for your generosity and for providing the quilting and crafting community with so many outstanding books!

For my blog, all you have to do to enter the giveaway is leave a comment on THIS blog post (not from my home page) telling me your favorite size quilt to make.  Make sure to scroll down to the bottom and look for the rectangle that says “Enter your comment here”.  On August 13, I’ll randomly pick one winner!  This giveaway is now closed.

Here are the giveaway rules:

  • To enter, leave a comment telling me your favorite size quilt to make.
  • You must comment by 11:59 pm PST on Sunday, August 12, 2018. (closed)
  • Your email MUST be included in your profile information or in your comment. If I choose your name and I cannot contact you, I will choose another name.
  • Giveaway is open to everyone.  If you’re located outside of the US, you’ll win a digital copy.
  • Winner will be chosen at random.

You can visit the other participating bloggers and enter their giveaway for another chance to win AND to see what they have done with their block .  Plus you get to meet new bloggers; they are a bunch of talented quilters.  Here’s a list of the participating bloggers:

Make sure to visit Jacquelynne Steves to get all of the information for this month’s block.  Jacquelynne also has a Facebook group that you can post your own photos to.  Show us your Save The Bees photos on social media using the hashtags #SaveTheBeesQuilt and #SaveTheBeesBOM.

Save The Bees block of the month designed by Jacquelynne Steves. Month 1 block featuring sketch applique made by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter

Thanks for visiting today and come back again!

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  1. Hi! My favorite size quilt now is wall/small throws. I find that I can get them finished and change out the decor in my house easily. They are also a good size for gifts for same reason as above!

  2. In the past I’ve made all sizes from mini quilts to large double bed quilts. These days they are more or less a single bed size, big enough for a teenager to wrap themselves in.

  3. I love the colors that you used for your block!! I don’t know that I have a favorite size quilt as I make all sizes and each one is special.

  4. Love your blog! My favorite size to quilt is the throw size. New to quilting, so that size is manageable for me.

  5. Love the block! My favorite size quilt is a queen size, but right now I’m busy doing baby quilts…….so many new grandkids and great grandkids that all need first quilts! The next projects will be queen size for the adult grandkids! So many projects to look forward to.

  6. Hello, I’m looking forward to starting Save the Bees quilt. My favorite size quilt is throw size. I’m a beginner quilter and find it difficult to quilt large quilts.

  7. My favorite size quilt is a crib quilt, at least for the near future. My 2 nieces are having babies in February. One niece is having twins! Each of the babies in my big extended family gets a quilt.

  8. My favourite size quilt is a lap quilt … anything bigger I never seem to get finished. It’s useful but still manageable.

  9. I mostly make lap size quilts for cancer patients with a matching pillow to have during their recovery. These provide comfort and lets them know someone cares. I also make queen size quilts for personal use.

  10. I am just buzzing about this series!! Love the colors! It takes the sting out of having to pick. Honey, I am ready to go. On a wing and a prayer, I’m excited to start. I’m getting hives just thinking about it!!

  11. My favourite quilt is usually the one I am going to do next lol but it seems right now I am loving miniatures. Great block great give away!

  12. I like making smaller projects for the gratification of a quick finish. I love using bed quilts so I make the big ones too.

  13. I love making a throw size quilt. Your grey palet is great looking forward to seeing the next block. Being new to quilting, applique, and embroidery this will be a great learning experience for me doing the BOM with everyone.

  14. I have made ALL sizes; currently my favorite size is crib/lap size which I have been using up my stash to make charity quilts for foster children.

  15. I make a lot of minis for seasonal decorating . . . but my favorite sized quilt is lap-sized! I go back and forth on that. I do love instant gratification projects, though … I’m going to stick with minis! 🙂

  16. I told myself that if I did’t learn how to quilt my own tops I was not going to make any more big quilts. So now I just make wall hanging except once in a while I will make a big one and then I whine and my sister or neice will do it for me! I love the colors that you have choicen for your quilt. It is beautiful!

  17. Your block is beautifully inspiring! I’ve made a wall hanging & a baby quilt. I’m working on a full size quilt. Wall hangings maybe my favorite due to size & quicker sewing.

  18. I, now, usually make wall hangings or lap quilts. After making so many bed size quilts I have run out of room and beds to put them in or on! Even the kids say, “Mom, a lap quilt will do”. So until I get more grandkids and great grandkids I will keep on quilting smaller things.

  19. I like to make baby quilts that are at least 54″ by 65″ so they have a nice throw size when they are older. I like to make other quilts at least full sized so they can at least be a coverlet if someone has a larger bed. I found your blog to be very informative.

  20. I really enjoy your blog. My favorite size of quilt is one big enough for a full size bed. I make them for my nieces and nephews when they go into their first big kid bed. My oldest nephew just had his first child, and he likes to keep his quilt on the couch for nap time with her.

  21. My favourite size to work on is wall hangings
    They are quick to finish and start the next fun project love your colour your way for this block!!

  22. First, your block turned out beautifully!! I love your work and will be signing up for your blog….thanks for the inspiration. I’m new fairly new to quilting but not sewing so my projects are limited. So far I like throw size quilts because they are manageable since I’m doing the quilting. I am working on a queen size quilt which was a little bit more cumbersome but I’m managing. It’s exciting to get done and start new things. Thanks for sharing your wonderful work.

  23. When I became a grandmother of two precious grandsons, I began to make baby quilts. So that is my passion making baby quilts. I also make them for my Goddaughters or nieces. The Joy’s of God’s baby feet all sizes. I LOVE THEM ALL!.

  24. I love your applique style, I think I will give it a try! My favorite size quilt to make is approximately 15 x 15, although that size can vary. I have a rack at the back door we hang our keys on as we come and go. On the bottom there is a removable bar where I hang the mini quilts. I have a large variety of small quilts including a happy birthday cake panel and lots of seasonal ones.

  25. beautiful block! I love your color choices and I love following your blog on a regular basis. My favorite size recently has been elongated twin for my grandsons who will all grow up to be tall! About the time I get them all finished, it’ll be time to start on the doubles/queens for when they get married.

  26. I make all sizes of quilts, but now I am going for more of the lap size quilts that I can practice my ruler quilting on. Each one is a new adventure.

  27. I love bees and when I seen this quilt, I had to make it. I love seeing how everyone is using different colors and making unique. Love these colors of gray in your block and can’t wait to see more!

  28. Quilting is fun in any size. I suppose, though, wallhangings are a favourite since they’re ready more quickly and keep our walls looking ‘warm’ and welcoming through seasons and holidays.

  29. My favorite size of quilt to make is miniature! ! first became hooked on making miniatures years ago because of Miniature Quilt magazine. Miniature quilts sometimes take just as long as a full-sized quilt to put together because of the many pieces that must fit precisely together. They are so cute and fun to make!

  30. I generally like to make quilts for what I call “Sofa Size”. You know the size that you can curl up in on a sofa or cover up with for a nice nap on the bed.

  31. My preference is for lap size. Although I do like table runners and small wallhangings !!
    I do not like adding borders ! so my quilts tend to be smaller.

  32. I like to make twin/full size quilts. I love seeing people snuggled up on the couch relaxing with them.

  33. I enjoy making lap size quilts and wall hangings. I think a large quilt can be overwhelming for me and I get bored if it takes me too long to finish a project! Although I have plenty of unfinished projects!

  34. I like making smaller quilts and projects. I don’t seem to have time to make anything larger. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  35. I really like to make miniatures and wall hanging sized quilts! They are so much fun! Thank you! 🙂

  36. I’ve always made lap-size prayer quilts for my church ministry. Now I’m learning (by trial and error) to make mini quilts. I love anything mini-size!

  37. I like making smaller art quilts and lap quilts although I’ve done a few twin size but would love to do a queen or king !! I’d have to do it over a span of time interspersed with smaller quilts — I need immediate gratification in finishing !! ❤️✅

  38. Your block turned out so great! I love seeing it made with fabric other than the original as I want to use something from my stash to make this.

  39. Julie, I most always make queen or king size quilts! More bang for the buck, I guess! I love your choice of bee block fabric! Thank you for sharing with us!

  40. I too love the colors in your block. When I make mine I definitely will be taking your colors into consideration. It’s very soothing. As for my favorite size quilt to make, hard to answer. I’ve given this thought and it’s fun making a smaller size such as a wall hanging if it’s very intricate but a large bed size is also fun when the design and colors are exciting. It’s just fun to play around with variety.

  41. I like making throw size quilts though I have made a queen size. I love your fabrics for this block-it is just so sweet!! Thanks for all you share!

  42. My favorite size quilt to make are lap quilts! Nothing better than snuggling up in a quilt on a cool autumn night. I can’t wait to start my first block from my scrap stash!

  43. For about 14 yrs I was heavily involved in making donation quilts for kids so we shot for about 40 x 60. Lately my own personal quilt projects have been more in the 50 x 70’ish range–toss on the back of the couch, etc.

    Love your color choices for this project. Appreciate your suggestions on a stabilizer and marking pen as well. Will have to track these down!

  44. I love all the ideas, interesting. I love making quilts and the harder the better for me. I love a challenge.

  45. I love to make throws. Around 60×60. Just the right size to get completed. My husbands hates that I don’t make big quilts. He says they aren’t big enough to cover yourself from head to toe. Silly man, if you can’t have tour hands free you can’t work on additional projects while lounging.

  46. I love mini quilts, I work full time so I don’t have a lot of time and mini quilts can be fun and quick to make.

  47. Your block came out really pretty and the pen looks easy and cleaner then most pens. It will be hard for me to get used to the frayed edges of this technique but I am sure to get past that. My favorite size quilt is anything between a throw and twin size.

  48. This is going to be a happy fun quilt to make I can’t wait to get started on it. My favorite size quilt to make is about a twin size, because then it doesn’t matter how big or little you are you will fit under it, or it’s large enough to spread out on the ground for a picnic or soccer game

  49. My favorite size is pieced flannel 28″x36″ NICU baby blankets! Bees are too close to home to do right now, as literally had to have them removed from my wall last week.

  50. Your block is adorable! My favorite size quilt so far is a massive king. I’ve made 4 and am working on my 5th. That will cover my bed and all my children. I’m thinking it might be fun to switch to a smaller, faster size soon 🙂

  51. New to quilting have only done a few but love to do twin and queen size quilts love the save the bees block can’t wait to get it done

  52. Nice fabric choice and a fun block! I do all sizes but definitely prefer to do lap size or smaller. I can quilt them myself that way


  54. Love the fabrics you chose for your block. I just started quilting and like to do wall sized quilts so I can see a finished product. Save the bees will be the biggest I’ve done and my first BOM. 🙂

  55. I prefer a king size quilt because by the time I’m done adding stuff they always end up being king size quilts. Lol

  56. Love,Love your save the Bees! I love to make any size quilt but I mostly make oversized throws or oversized queen.

  57. I tend to make large (queen/king) scrap quilts . . . and then, when I go to quilt them on my DSM, I wonder why I was so incredibly foolish!

  58. I am a beginning quilter and currently make mostly tablerunners, placemats, and pillowcases. My intention is to concentrate on queen size quilts

  59. My favorite size is oversized lap. Perfect for curling up on the couch. Fun blocks! Fun colors!

  60. My favorite size quilt to make is a throw/lap size, but I also love wallhangings. Your block is beautiful and the color combination is an inspiration to me, thanks!

  61. Your choice of colors are perfect for this block. I’m going to get some of those gel pens, my go to size quilt is a queen. I really enjoy your blog.

  62. Lately my favorite size quilt to make is lap or throw size.I like your version of the block and thanks or some great tips!

  63. Love your color choices, my favorite is the lap quilt followed by queen then wall hanging, just love to sew

  64. I make queen size quilts mostly, although I have a few relatives who might be getting this BOM Save the Bees quilt if I finish it on time. I love your gray/white colorway. I really struggle with stepping outside of the box, as I don’t have an eye for colors. Yours are GREAT! Thanks bunches!!

  65. Beautiful block. Thanks for sharing. I love to make large quilts – usually queen or king size.

  66. To ask my favorite is hard because I love them all. The twin might be the easiest but queen is the most useful. I love the color choice of your block. How fun is this!

  67. My favorite size is the mini quilt. They’re like artwork, each an expression of my mood at the moment and fun to display.

  68. I’m a beginner, to start it’s lap size quilts. Thank you for your block tutorial, really like your color choice.
    I don’t have a website.

  69. I think my favorite quilt to make is a lap quilt although I think a Queen is the most useful for me. My most hated size was a California King Quilt I made for my son. NIGHTMARE!

  70. Love your site.. So much to look and learn about.. Thanks. I love sewing… Anything!!! Haha so no favourite size.. Depends on what takes my fancy. X

  71. i like making lap quilts the best, i can quilt them on my sewing machine the best. i love your colors

  72. I love your fabric choices – they are stunning. I like all size quilts and I have recently finished my first large quilt which was a queen size. Quilting a baby quilt was much easier and they are so quick to complete.

  73. I am new to quilting, so before I tackle this cute bee project, I plan to make an easy strip quilt – probably baby size. Thanks for tips and technique information!!!

  74. For the present I think my favorite quilt is child size. I’m about to finish my first quilt top but once I get a little more experience under my belt my favorite quilt size might change. Since I love sunflowers and bees this should be a fun block to make.

  75. I love to make “couch” quilts. Often called throw. You know the kind, wrap up on the couch when your feel down or rainy day and watch your favorite show or movie.

  76. I like crib size quilts, wall hangings & table runners. This block is so cute. Thank you for the opportunity.

  77. I usually make lap or throw size quilt. Also, like to make baby quilts. Thank you for the chance to win!

  78. I’m new to quilting and have only made small wall hanging pieces and some baby quilts. I love your color palette! I wish I had done the same-it would match my bedroom!

  79. I love wall quilts. (about 36×48?) Just enough space for nice variety…but small enough to FINISH! 😉 Love your fabrics…especially the honeycomb (chicken wire?) background!

  80. Hi…thanks for a chance at this great giveaway. I prefer making wall hangings, baby quilts and table/bed runners….but I love HAVING bed-size quilts. I love your color choices for your block. I had decided on a red, turquoise, gold and black palette but after seeing yours and realizing that I had the perfect “bee” fabrics in a gray, yellow and white palette I think I’m going with that. I hope you believe, as I do, that imitation really IS the sincerest form of flattery. Have a blessed rest of the week.

  81. I love your block and I love the raw edge appliqué! I usually make lap size quilts, I enjoy all quilting . It keeps me very busy!

  82. Love your choice of colors for the first block. Awesome! My favorite size is large twin, like almost queen but not quite. You see, my sons are tall so I make large twin size quilt. lol. Thanks for the chance to win. ;^)

  83. Love your block!! I enjoy making quilts that will be used on beds, usually queen. I have made other sizes….nice to curl up in during the winter months.

  84. Great colors.. 90% of my quilts are given to charity so I make anything from preemie size to teens. I’ve never made a traditional bed quilt… Can’t wait to do this quilt along.

  85. I love the grays and yellows! The size quilt I like to make is a little bigger than lap- more “couch sized”.

  86. Cute block! Right now my favorite size quilt is baby as I need to make a few of them for presents…..

  87. My first and only quilt so far is a lap quilt. Finishing up a table runner then on to this quilt. Love your color choice!

  88. My favorite quilt size is lap or baby so I can start to practice free motion quilting. If I’m really honest any size will do…just enjoy quilting! I have played with the gel pen before, thy’re great!

  89. I have made crib quilts, lap quilts and twin size quilts and I really don’t know which would be my favourite.

  90. This is such a cute block with rich colors! My preference in quilts to make is queen or baby since these two sizes can be readily given as gifts.

  91. Hi my favorite size of quilt is a queen, I like that size as I can give them away and they fit nicely in any home. Ican put them on our bed and who doesn’t love to cuddle under a BIG warm quilt. I would love that new book too. Love the bees quilt!!

  92. Gorgeous fabric choices!! My favorite size quilt to make are smaller ones for wall hangings. I’m excited to get started on this one, as I have a friend who raises bees and I want to gift it to him.

  93. My favorite size to make is lap or throw, but bed top is also one that I do. The Linus Project likes all smaller quilts.

  94. Love your Save the Bees block! I love quilting and most frequently make baby quilts that I donate to Bundles of Love, a local group that helps moms in need. When not making those, I love making lap quilts and minis.

  95. Julie, your applique looks awesome! This is one technique I haven’t tried. I love the colors you are using, too. Looking forward to next month’s block.

  96. Saw your ‘sneak peek’ on Sew Thankful Sunday and thought, “gee, why didn’t I think of those colors, that combo is terrific!”. Well, probably because I am fairly new to quilting and this will be my first real sew-along. Newbie also means throw size is my only size so far, although I have made a couple minis.

  97. Love the colors of your block! Im new to quilting and have learned alot last 3 quilts!! Love the queen size quilts!!!

  98. As much as i love large quilts, making minis for seasonal display or gifts is one of my favorite. They are quick and basically easy and i can try my hand at quilting with stencils and using the designs on my machines. Love your block I know this is going to be a cute quilt but am participating with a few other QAL’s again this go round. Thanks for the opportunity for all your readers…

  99. Not sure it’s my favorite, but I make a lot of queen size quilts. Seems like that’s what everyone has.

  100. Your block is adorable, I appreciate the info on the special pen! I love making wall quilts and lap quilts.

  101. My favorite size of quilt to make is lap or throw size. Anything bigger I get tired of before I’m done! Lap or throw size I know I will finish.

  102. I love your fabric colours. Amazing. I like making lap sized quilts although I have made many large – up to King sized (on my domestic). I’m making this project for my friends daughter who is doing her PHD in bees. 🙂

  103. I make quilt tops for 2 chapters of Prayers and Squares so they are mostly lap sized. I like your color choices for this project. Thanks for the helpful tips!

  104. I love making mini quilts & wall hangings…Love the Bee blocks..I have not done a lot of appliqué so looking forward to this! Thank You !

  105. My favourite size so far is Baby quilt size. I just seem to get bored and want to jump start a new quilt when I get to this size.

  106. I love to make throws. They make a nice gift and the time commitment isn’t as daunting as larger projects!

  107. Oops, I was so engrossed with leaving my other comment that I forgot to enter the size I like the best is a lap quilt.

  108. Ooo nice fabrics! I generally make lap size quilts although the last one I made was queen size. I’m in the process of hand quilting it!

  109. Your block is just so adorable! I love your choice of colors, so happy looking. Thanks for sharing Julie.

  110. Love your choice of fabrics. i like to make lap quilts and small wall hangings the most. Can’t wait to get going on this. Thank you.

  111. I like to make queen size quilts.. I have been wanting to make a black/white/grey quilt. After seeing your blocks, maybe this will be the time to do that!

  112. LOVE your color choice and the scribble applique! I’m going to have to try it now and will probably sign up for the project even tho I have too many WIPs! What’s one more, right? 🙂
    I prefer lap size but am working on a queen and wallhangings too.

  113. My favorite size is 36 X 42 quilts that my ministry makes for NICU’s. But I always make larger bed size quilts for my family.

  114. I love sleeping under a quilt,so I usually make large queen size (almost King) quilts so there is plenty of cover for two people and a dog.

  115. Oh, my… absolutely love the fabric choice. It’s perfect for this project.

    I mostly make Queen size quilts but with two young boys, I’ve also made a ton of smaller sizes.

  116. I love making large quilts. I am attempting applique, but have not yet made a good looking block. Love your Bee Block and color choices. Hope I win the book.

  117. I like making lap size quilts. Right now I am working on a queen for my daughter, It is big, if like the pattern I will make it.

  118. Your bee block is darling! I am fairly new to quilting so lap quilts are my preferred size at the moment. They aren’t so overwhelming to make (and finish).

  119. I agree with Connie, your fabric choice is perfect for this block.

    I enjoy lap and throw size quilts but I have been busy with crib quilts lately…my kids (and their friends) are in the baby making stages of their lives. : )

  120. By far I enjoy making lap quilts. They are universally appreciated, and I don’t have to worry about whether a mattress is fully covered or not.
    Who doesn’t like to snuggle up on the couch with a lap quilt?

  121. I make all different size quilts, but I think my favorite is a wall hanging size. Love you choices of fabrics! Thank you!

  122. I like to make up the 45 X 60 inch size throw quilts because I have no problems with doing them from their beginning to their end/completion on my sewing machine..

  123. My favorite quilted items are table toppers, baby quilts, wall hangings and lap sized quilts. I love your interpretation of Jacqueline’s Save the Bees Block 1! Great fabric choices and you take on the applique was modern and unique!

  124. I love your colour choice, I like baby size quilts or lapmquilts they are the most useful size especially as I gift all my quilts.

  125. I love to make queen bed quilts but my favourite size is lap size because they look great draped on a couch which makes them always accessible and practical for just snuggling under.

  126. I really enjoy making all sizes of quilts, but right now lap quilts or wall quilts seem to be what I’m making the most.

  127. I love the color scheme you selected. I haven’t seen appliqué done with this method, but it looks appealing.
    My favorite size quilt to make is twin.

  128. LOVE your fabrics for this! My favorite size quilt is lap size. I enjoy making queen size, too, but I want to actually use my quilts, so lap sized is more practical.

  129. I like all sizes but since I quilt on a domestic machine I can manage up to a queen size. Your site is great & your block is adorable. So many great ideas for this adorable block. Thanks for adding your expertise!

  130. I think I prefer any quilt that is used. I’ve made quilts people put away for “special” use. But when I see, it is actually being used, like the king I made for my sister, I love it. Although, lapsize seem to get “loved” more,

  131. Hi. Your gray, black, white, and yellow combination is stunning! My favorite size quilt to make is a twin, but I usually end up making them larger.

  132. I love the quilting process so I like queen size the best. I make quilts for family members and everyone has a bed.

  133. I would have to say lap quilt is my favorite size since I’m a beginning quilter. Of course, that could change as I get more practice and move on to larger quilts.

  134. I love the colours you chose for the block! It looks great!!
    My favourite size quilt is “the bigger the better” lol

  135. I’m a beginner but live to make baby quilts. I love your block I’m so inspired your color combination is beautiful.

  136. Love your choice of fabric! Lately it seems I’m making lap size quilts. Easier for me to handle in my small space

  137. Love your color way for this quilt. I like to make map size quilts because I can easily quilt them in my standard sewing machine.

  138. i love Lap quilts which I give away…to strangers no less…I like to make patriotic ones and take to he VA…fun being a mystery lady (never give my name

  139. I’m fairly new at sewing. I like making twin size and lap quilts. I love all of the vintage look patterns. This block looks like fun.

  140. Seeing your first Save The Bees block makes me want to run to my sewing room and make one too! I enjoy making smaller, more manageable sized quilts like baby and lap size. Table runners and mats are lots of fun too! duchick at gmail dot com

  141. I like to make full or queen size quilts. However, it’s great to make a baby quilt which finishes up so quickly!

  142. I am not an experienced quilted, I have made two quilt tops and have yet to finish them. So I guess that means I don’t really have a favorite size. I love making things, including quilts and really like choosing fabrics that may not be the’norm’ so your grey really knocked my socks off! I am inspired that my choices may just work! Thanks for the inspiration. Carol K.

  143. I am a newbee. I have been working on small projects getting my feet wet. I would love to do a full sized quilt for my bed.

  144. I love baby quilt lately as I can the “pattern” and finish it in time that suits me … I’m not working it forever!

  145. I used to always make queen sized quilt, but realized they weren’t being used on beds, so now I usually make large lap sized quilts!
    Beautiful block–I love the idea of using the marker rather than embroidering!

  146. I don’t seem to have a favorite size. I stop when I tire of the pattern or it’s done. I like your greys. When I think of bees grey wasn’t on my list of colors but this is nice. Can’t wait to see your other blocks.

  147. Love your color choices!! My favorite sizes are Queen and Lap. They’re either on the beds or on the couch…

  148. With being blessed nearly every year with a new grandchild the baby size quilt is my favorite!

  149. My favorite quilt size is a throw quilt. I finished my first queen sized quilt this year and that was a LOT of quilt.
    Love your block Julie!

  150. I like to make skinny quilts and wall hangings best. Thanks for your great blog. I love the colors you chose for this block too.

  151. Love your fabric choices! Makes me want to rethink mine! I enjoy lap size as I’m trying to have complete quilts done by me!

  152. Hi! I prefer making wall hanging quilts or smaller. I really like your idea of going around the applique 2x. It gives a really super accent. Your colors are great!!

  153. Lap quilts are easiest for me as I cannot handle a full size quilt at the moment and all my quilts have been for children or myself. So lap quilt size is best for me. Love, love,love your fabric colours for this Save the Bees block. May just have to go something similar. Thank you.

  154. I love the colors in your block and the scribble applique! Absolutely adorable!
    I’m fairly new to quilting. I’ve always wanted to quilt since my early twenties but I never thought I could do it. Here I am now loving it!! I like making smaller quilts for small children or lap/throw quilts. Eventually I will get my confidence up to make something big enough for my own bed.

  155. I like your color selection. It would go much better with my decor. Lately I’ve been doing mostly table runners and wall hangings. In the middle of chemo with not much energy. Looking forward to doing a king size quilt for my own bed!

  156. I’ve made all sizes of quilts – from mug rugs and coasters all the way up to a king size. Lately, it seems that most of my ‘current favorites’ are usually approximately 60″x60″… and seems to be the ‘perfect’ size – not too big and not too small.

    1. I love the black, gray and yellow! The size I make the most is lap size and baby size. They make great gifts.

  157. Great colors! This has me rethinking my fabric. I haven’t bought it yet. I like doing lap size quilts. They go together fast and are easier to quilt on a home machine.

  158. I love the colors you used in this block, its too cute. I like all sizes of quilts, but lap size is the perfect size, easy to handle. Great block and the tips are great too.

  159. Love the black, gray and yellow color theme! My favorite size quilt to make is
    a throw size. Not too big, not too small. 🙂

  160. My favorite quilt size is a throw size and smaller. The majority of quilts that I have made are baby quilts or wall hangings. At least with small quilt sizes, I can finish the projects. I seem to have a problem with finishing larger quilts.

  161. I love all sizes of quilts — I ususally quilt on my home machine – althought I just purchased a Babylock Jazz — so have more room for the quilt.

  162. My favorite size quilts are the wallhanging ones. I find smaller quilts quicker and easier to manage. I love your colors. I’m looking forward to seeing the completed quilt!

  163. I enjoy making all size quilts they are all unique in their own way. The largest quilt I made was for a queen size bed and that was fun as were all the quilts which I have given quite a few as gifts and to family as I’m sure everyone can relate to who quilt.

  164. I like to do lap and baby size quilts, they go a little faster. Tap doll size quilts are my next

  165. My go-to size for quilts is a lap quilt. I am also starting to make more small wall size quilts because I realized that I’ve made and given away a lot of quilts, but I don’t have anything decorating my home. I want to make some small seasonal wall quilts to display on the wall – it’s near the top of my growing project list.

  166. Lap-size quilts are my favorite to make, since these seem to be the ones we use most in our house and I love to see our quilts grow old and raggedy with love and use. A close runner-up is mini or wall quilts, which allow me to express creative ideas somewhat quickly, and to display them.

  167. I haven’t made any really except through a couple together for my boys when young, but my goal is to make a queen size one at least

  168. I like to make lap size mainly. They are fun and go together more quickly, although I’ve made several queen size as well. Love your block. I’m thinking of trying the applique.

  169. I enjoy making baby quilts. I made them for my children and grandchildren as keepsakes. I also like to make doll quilts to practice different techniques and patterns. Table runners are great for technique practice too and the fast turn around is nice. I’m working on a queen size quilt and it has taken forever because it is so heavy and bulky.

  170. My favorite size is throw size, too, because the chance of them actually being finished (at some point) is higher.

  171. I like wall hanging size for different holidays but king-size is my favorite for full size quilts, since that is the size bed we have.

  172. Most of my quilts have been lap size quilts. I did finally finish a queen and placed it on one of my upstairs beds. I’m fairly new to quilting, but love it all.

  173. I love making mug rugs, table toppers, wall quilts and baby quilts since the finished product is so quick. However, I now have a king sized quilt, a queen and a full sized top all finished ready for quilting and I have another queen size with all the blocks done, just waiting to be sewn together. I do prefer the smaller quilts though. I have to take the larger quilts to the local quilting store to finish them, since all I have is a regular size machine and except for quilt as you go, it is too difficult to work with.

  174. My favorite quilt size to make is Queen Size a close second are crib quilts. Love the colorway for your block and the embroidered bee trail looks great.

  175. I like to make twin size quilts as they are the most used in my house, although throws are fun too 🙂

  176. I love making all size quilts from baby to king, but since recently moving into a retirement community, in an apartment that has a 16 x 40 inch niche outside our door, I’ve been having fun making little seasonal quilts to hang in the niche as a backdrop for flowers, wood carvings or sculptures.

  177. I love your color choices and all the helpful advice with pictures. I have a wall in the dining area of the kitchen I hang wall quilts. This is definitely going to be next summer’s with those colors!

  178. I do enjoy making throw size quilts and wall hangings size quilts. They get done much quicker. Love your fabric choices for the Save the Bees Quilt along.

  179. Make mostly small quilts to cuddle with on the couch or big chair. Was waiting to start the bee but guess I didn’t sign up for haven’t gotten the pattern, getting old thought I did.

  180. I have a Bea quilt on my list so excited to get started. I mostly make small quilts-Scrapbook covers for all new born and newly married, Table runners and place mats , I decided to NEVER make a king size after my last one, queen size aI am making for myself (a 1st).

  181. I love your block. Very interesting color choices. This is my first time to make a BOM from Jacquelynne. It should be fun! My favorite size is table topper size. About 3 foot by 4 foot. I’ve made bigger for gifts. But I like to get a project done and go on to something else!

  182. I tend to make a large lap size. Over the last few years have been making Mystery quilts which are coming out that size. So enjoyable. I so love making up Splendid Sampler Blocks as well.

  183. I am making small throws now I enjoy making smaller quilts. I really like this bom. thanks for the chance to win this book

  184. I must be the crazy one because the bigger the quilt is the more fun I have. I love to make king size quilts. I just cant stop at one border 🙂

  185. OOPS! I forgot to share what size quilt I like to make. I love to make wall hanging size quilts. Wall hanging size for me is about 36″ x 48″.

  186. Baby quilts were my favorite, since they were easy to quilt on my sewing machine. However, I just finished my first quilt on my new longarm yesterday, and see larger quilts in my future! I’m planning to make a queen for our bed.

    I use those fabric pens for my quilt labels and for my last two signature quilts. They work great!

  187. this my first BOM on line. I like the tribute to the bees. yes we need to save them as they are needed for pollination

  188. I like your choice of fabrics and thanks for the tip on the pentel pen. I like to make small wall quilts or baby/doll quilts.
    slrdowney at hotmail dot com

  189. I have been making twin size quilts for grandchildren but prefer baby or lap size as they go together much faster.

  190. I like making lap or twin size quilts best as that size is easiest for me to handle. I love your color choices for this cute BEE quilt.

  191. Love your new Bees quilt. looking forward to seeing all the blocks. I love to make 60 x 60 quilts approx.

  192. I enjoy making wallhangings. I just finished one for a Westie rescue and it brought in $425 for rescue care. Happy to be there

  193. I have to say I like a 60″ x 60″ quilt size to make. It seems the perfect size for anybody. Not overly big and not a lap, just right.

  194. Love your colour choices. Thanks for the handy tips. I Like to make wall hangings and table runners that I can change around for each season.

  195. I seem to make baby quilts the most; there’s always someone my daughter knows who needs another quilt!!

  196. This is the second bee themed quilt I’ve seen this week. The bees are coming back on quilts! I love the ease of quilting wall hangings, but since queen size quilts are more useful, i usually end up making the larger size. Thanks for your cheerful blog!

  197. I generally make queen sized quilts/ However, as I get older I will probably make more lap size quilts and wall hangings. They will be easier to handle.

  198. I don’t have a preference for quilt size, I just make the size that I need! Of course smaller projects take less time so you can start another project sooner.

  199. I love making larger quilts, Queen or King. But sometimes I need a break and will make a Baby quilt. Thank you Julie for this opportunity to win the Splendid Sampler Book.

  200. I am IN LOVE with this block and your colors! I can’t wait to make mine! My favorite quilt size to make is a lap quilt. A close second is full/queen bed size.

  201. Lap quilts are my favorite . They don’t take so long to make and I can manage the bulk and quilt it on my DSM without too much problem.

  202. I really like your colors! I am still thinking what I want to do. I may try your scribbly style of free motion quilting 😀 My FMQ isn’t that great, so it look scribbly anyway. LOL

    My favorite size of quilt is a lap quilt or a bit larger.

  203. I love playing with mini quilts. I can use up my scraps, be as creative as I want to be and they can be used for so many things.

  204. My favorite size quilt is small! Table runners and mug rugs are my favirites because I like to Finnish projects and I never get around to quilting full size quilts☹️

  205. I am fairly new to this “sport” and am totally smitten! My favorite size is going to be the new queen size I make for myself! Have the material but need a pattern that hits me the way the material did! Can’t wait!

  206. I love the grey with the yellow. I havent chosen my fabrics yet, and I might choose grey now. Your vlock is beautiful!

  207. I love making lap quilts! They are quicker to quilt (hand quilter) and the grandchildren love to cuddle under them!

  208. Hello Julie; Your block is magnificent in every aspect! Using the grey and white fabrics with the bits of yellow just makes every part of your block stand out! Yet, at the same time, your yellow fabrics are great attention grabbers making each section of the block important. Your applique is fabulous with using the free motion stitching and also using the new permanent pen. Applique is such a wonderful part of quilting in that there is no right or wrong and it is perfect for trying out anything new. I appreciate your sharing all of your information and techniques with us today, I once again learned something new plus just enjoyed looking and reading your post!!
    My answer to your question a few months ago would have been queen sized, but I am now hooked on making Baby Quilts up to Lap Quilts in size! It would be amazing if I would win this great book. Thank you again for sharing! Have a splendid day!

  209. I love your Block One, it’s so cute! I like making almost any size quilt, but do lap size more because I can move on to other projects quicker!

  210. I wish I had considered the B/W and yellow – love it – maybe next time 🙂 My favorite thus far are lap to twin size..

  211. Love your block! My favorite quilt size is a table topper. They are quick to piece and easy to quilt.

  212. I love making baby quilts & lap quilts. I have made queen size in the past but don’t always get a chance to complete them. Love your fabric choices. Your block is adorable Julie.

  213. Wall Quilts or minis have to be my favorite. I can quilt them myself without sending them to a longarm quilter. Love your color combination!!!

  214. I enjoy receiving your email information. Love the bee block and thanks for tips on new tools. My favorite size quilts to make are anything suitable for wall hangings. They are so much fun to do and easy to change for holidays or seasons.

  215. My favorite size quilt to make be a large lap size and I having started really liking small wall hangings for seasonal decor. Love your block!

  216. love making small wall hangings and mug rugs, great for small gifts to keep on hand. Love your colours.

  217. My favorite quilt size to make is the Queen Size quilt. It takes longer but gets better use out here in the desert where I live. This bee-themed quilt looks fun to make.

  218. My favorite size when I am looking for a quick sense of accomplishment is a lap/throw size. If I truly want to test my abilities, I make a queen size. I love the colors that you have chosen.

  219. I like to make lap quilts mostly. Easier to handle and to quilt. Now, I am so happy to see as my first block to view – one that is made with greys – great inspiration, thanks.

  220. Truth be told, I haven’t completed a single quilt yet. But I do have several projects going. I would say lap and baby quilts are my current favorite size

  221. I like making twin size quilts. The can be used for a child’s bed, a dorm room bed or as a throw or picnic quilt m

  222. I have made larger quilts, but I tend to make throw or twin size ones since my mom hand quilts them for me and they are manageable for her. Thanks for the chance to win an amazing prize.

  223. Thank you for your appliqué tips! I’ve done machine appliqué before, but I’ve never used this method. My favorite size quilts are wall hangings and lap quilts because they are quick to do so I can get on to my next project!

  224. My favorite size quilt is lap or just a little bit bigger. Thanks for the appliqué tips. I think I’m going to actually give it a try on this quilt.

  225. I have mostly made king/queen size quilts but lately love making lap quilts as they are quicker to complete. I love your colour combination and have never tried raw edge appliqué but you have inspired me to try it. Thank you

  226. I love making wall hangings or throw size quilts. I certainly like your choice of fabrics for the sew along!

  227. I love your fabric choices! My favorite size is probably queen size, even though it takes forever to hand quilt!

  228. I like to make twin sized quilts for my girls’ beds. I like the bee block, that would make a fun quilt for summer.

  229. I really like your color choices for your block. And I am going to try the scribbly stitch for my applique. I have been using the blanket stitch but since this project will be a wall hanging, I can get away with a different stitch. I am also going to look for that pen you used. I enjoy embroidery but I am also all for saving time (as well as honey bees.) Thank you for your tips.

    lodgepolequilting at gmail dot com

  230. I love your block and the colors you chose!! They are right up my alley!
    I have made quilts of all sizes, but most of them end up being throw size. I work in a quilt shop and that is the perfect size for display. Thanks!

  231. I have made all sizes of quilts. I send out the big queen size to be quilted so the lap size is my favorite because I can do the whole thing myself. Thanks for a chance to win The Splendid Sampler.

  232. My favorite size quilt is lap size (around 50×70) because it is possible for me to quilt on my home machine. I am so excited about this quilt as I love bees!

  233. This is way out there on the “cute” scale. This is soooooooooo darn cute! Great fabrics… Very nice job Julie.. Shirley M

  234. I love this first block. My favorite size to make currently is table runner/small wall hangings. I am learning to do free motion quilting on my home machine and it is less challenging to practice than bigger quilts.

  235. I mainly like to do bed size quilts as I am new to quilting and love to give them to family members but our guild donates a lot of quilts so I do some lap quilts also. I love your colors and thanks for the blog I love it.

  236. I mostly like the baby quilt/wall hanging size. I LOVE your suggestion for the Pentel Gel Roller, perfect idea. Thank you

  237. I love making full to queen size quilts. I enjoy quilting them on my dsm. I usually give them for gifts or donate which can be used on a bed or a throw. I really love this pattern and bees are one of my favorites. I love to applique.
    Thanks for a wonderful block!

  238. I am just beginning to quilt, but I think I like to quilt twin size. There is so much to learn. I love your colors and style for this quilt. The tracer light block looks great.

  239. Hi Julie, your bee block is adorable, and I love your choice of colors! I like to make twin size quilts or larger because I like to snuggle under a big quilt!

  240. I just love making quilts. I often don’t know what size they are going to be until they are finished. Not very organised I know, but Hey! It’s supposed to be fun.
    Your bee motif is gorgeous. I have to join this.

  241. I have only made 2 wall hangings and several different blocks so far. I would like to get to where I can make larger quilts.

  242. Thanks so much for this project! My favorite size is table runner but it is also whatever my project is at the time!

  243. Throw size (60×80) seems to be what I make the most of, although I prefer to make queen size quilts. Right now I’m making twin size for my newest granddaughter! So fun!

  244. I like making small home decor projects- table runners and mats but I also like making queen size quilts. Big family x lots of beds. Your gray really pops with the yellow. Very cute.

  245. I love all sizes of quilts. I have some mini quilts that are adorable and who doesn’t love snuggling up in an oversized quilt! I love your block. The colors are wonderful and I love your scribbly stitch!

  246. I am hoping to get going on this block soon. I love the fabrics you chose to use in this quilt. I think that my favorite size quilt is a throw size, most of what I have made so far are that size.

  247. I love fabric choices for your block AND telling us about the gel roller pen for fabric. I didn’t know that pen existed. I like to make smaller (baby, lap, or throw) quilts since I quilt myself on a domestic machine. Thanks for being part of this QAL.

  248. OMG!!! I absolutely love your color choices for this block, almost makes me want to change mine:) I am a newbie quilter and have only completed a throw size quilt, so I’m gonna say that is my favorite for now. Anything bigger seems quite overwhelming, but definitely something I want to try in the future:)

  249. I love your colors. I make a lot of baby quilts for gifts. Also enjoy making doll quilts & lap quilts.

  250. Saving the bees has been a concern of mine for a long time — love this BOM and will really enjoy making it.
    I make lap quilts or wall hangings most of the time.

  251. Love you color choices! I have been quilting/piecing for several years. I mostly make throw size quilts. Some for children’s charities. Enjoying BOM’s.

  252. Your color choices are stunning! I think your applique method really enhances the pieces too. So many quilts, so little time, so I favorite smaller, lap sized quilts.

  253. Good morning from Delaware! I have made all different sizes and like all but king size! I have been thinking of using similar colors thinking it would be more bee like! Thanks for joining this BOM! this is my first time to.Visit a blog but won’t be my last!

  254. I love to make midsize quilts and have recently been learning to paper piece. I look forward to this BOM.

  255. My favorite size quilt to make is a lap or throw as I do all my quilting myself. I do tend to make other sizes but those are my favorite. Love the yellow, black and grays of your block.

  256. Love your unusual color scheme.I need instant gratification so I like small quilts and lap quilts.

  257. I love to do many different size quilts. This is my first BOM and I am very excited about it. I would also love win this book as I would like to learn more about quilting

  258. I love to make the bigger quilts, usualy queen size, but i love to quilt so am open to any size. Thanks!

  259. I LOVE LOVE your color choices on your block! It is so me! My favorite size quilt to make is baby quilts because they are easy to quilt on my domestic machine. I also love to make lap quilts. Thanks for your blogs!

  260. Absolutely beautiful block, and thank you for sharing this way of doing the appliqué , this is going to be suck a sweet block to do, love it

  261. I use to make queen size quilts, but the last few years, I am moving towards smaller quilts-wall hanging size. I love your color choices!

  262. I try to only make quilts that will fit a bed, twin to king. Occasionally I make one that is throw size but most patterns can be enlarged to make them usable on a bed.

  263. I like to make smaller size quilts/projects mainly lap size. I just bought a new quilting machine and I’m trying my best to learn how to use it. I also like to read, sew, paint and do vinyl projects with my Cricut. I am a retired school teacher and I’m loving it.

  264. Love your fabrics! I like to make lap size quilts! Not too big so I can machine quilt on my domestic machine.

  265. I am excited to make this quilt for my aunt who keeps bees! I enjoy making quilts from wall hangings to twin size but might attempt a queen size soon.