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The magic of a soft, flannel blankie

I love making baby quilts for many reasons, but I’m beginning to think there is more magic in a soft flannel blankie.  This is the kind of blanket made from two layers of flannel with a satin trim (or binding) around it, and it’s very soft and snuggly.

The magic of a soft flannel blankie with satin trim. They are the best gift for a baby!


I’m seeing this with my own eyes as I watch my granddaughter, Amelia, with her own soft blankie.  My sister made Amelia’s blanket and gave it to her after she was born.  As Amelia has grown, it has become beloved above all things, and she can’t go to sleep or leave home without it.


Amelia and her soft flannel blankie at age 2.

Amelia and her soft flannel blankie - almost 3 years old.


My daughter has to find a time when Amelia is distracted so she can throw her blankie in the washing machine without a major meltdown.  That is the magic and the reality of a soft flannel blankie.

Of course, baby Clara (granddaughter #2) has been gifted (by my sister) with her very own soft flannel blanket.  And my sister made Amelia another blanket just in case something happens to her first one.  Everyone is quite happy.

Baby Clara and her soft flannel blankie.



Have you ever made a soft, flannel blanket with satin trim?  I think it’s going on my list of quick gifts to make for babies.  Or maybe I’ll make a matching flannel blanket to go with the baby quilt that I spent hours upon hours making.  I know, baby quilts are treasures and can be passed down to generations while the soft flannel blankie will be loved to extinction.  And that’s OK, too.

Personally, I’ve never made a flannel blanket with satin trim.  But if you’re looking for a tutorial, check out this DIY Satin Blanket Binding Tutorial by Shelly at Coral and Co.  She has great photos of the binding process.

How to Sew a satin binding to a flannel blanket @ Coral & Co.

You should also check out How to Sew a Double Minky & Satin Bound Baby Blanket by Christina at The DIY Mommy for the ultimate in soft and cuddly blankets.

How to sew a double minky & satin bound baby blanket @ The DIY Mommy


Since we’re talking about baby blankets and quilts, I’ll show you the Ombre heart quilt I made for Clara.  I finished stitching the binding on the day before they arrived last week.  I don’t have any great pictures of the quilt, but it did turn out cute.

Ombre Hearts baby quilt by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter

Ombre Hearts baby quilt by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter

Ombre Hearts baby quilt by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter


I used a charm pack of Hazelwood by One Canoe Two for Moda and a variety of white background fabrics from my stash.  The pattern is a modified version of my Ombre Heart tutorial.  I added the embroidery on the front which took me just as long as the entire quilt to complete!

I also made a doll quilt for Amelia using a mini charm pack of the same fabric and one of the heart blocks from Clara’s quilt went in the center.

Doll quilt made and designed by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter


Baby Clara and Amelia visited for a whole week recently, and it takes me a few days to adjust to the empty nest when they leave.  I can never get enough, and my gosh, they grow fast!


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Thanks for visiting today and I hope your weekend is off to a good start.  It’s Memorial Day weekend in the states – our kickoff weekend to the summer!  Enjoy!

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  1. Hi Julie, those grand babies are just precious. You are so blessed. Is Clara going to be a redhead ? My siblings and I were redheads so I have a special fondness for redheads. Regardless, they are darling! I havent been doing any sewing this spring, Im too busy with my gardening. But I’ll get back into quilting this fall. Thanks for sharing all your ideas, patterns and pics with us !

  2. I make flannel blankets for the little ones in my life, but for summer I also make a lightweight cotton blanket with one layer of a crinkley cotton fabric, bound with bias binding.

  3. Thanks for reminding me of soft, flannel blankies and their magic. When my daughter was born (now 27 years ago–yikes!) I worked in a School of Public Health and we had many students from overseas. One such student (I still remember his name: Pakisa) was from The Congo and he gifted my daughter a purchased satin-edged blankie. Although it was too large for her to ever carry around (we’re talking more like a blanket), she still loved that softness and satin edge, but I remember it, too, because it was such a precious gesture from someone who would eventually return to myriad hardships at home. It just goes to show how these kinds of things (quilts included) cross cultures–that human connection.

  4. Hi Julie,
    Adorable blankets, AND grandchildren! Thanks for posting the link to tutorial for flannel blanket and satin binding. I’ve tried to apply satin binding in the past and it was a disaster. Maybe with a few hundred more pins I will have success. It’s worth a try. I love your hearts quilt and the little person posed on it! That blanket will be such a treasure for her as she grows up. When he was a little boy, our Jason was very attached to his “blankie”. We left it in Tahoe once and he had the worst time getting to sleep without it. Fortunately my in-laws found it and mailed it to us. We have a picture of him opening that package and his smile and entire face beamed with happiness!

  5. You are so blessed to have 2 beautiful little ones to sew for and to LIVE for, glad that you got to have them visit! I have “several………” pieces of flannel in my “collection” but I have never thought about using the satin binding! OK, Jo-Ann’s and Hobby Lobby here I come to load up on the pre-finished packaged satin binding!!!!! (With coupons in hand, of course!!!! ) ; )

  6. Thanks for sharing the love of your grandkids. They are precious. Don’t have any of my own so I love others vicariously. Enjoy your great ideas.
    Carolyn Schwartz

  7. I just love the heart baby quilt.Its so sad that the babies DO prefer the flannel and minky quilts. I guess our cotton ones will become heirlooms or hung on the wall. My 30 yo baby likes a fleecy back on his quilts even now! Yes, I do say 30….LOL

  8. Julie, your granddaughters are precious, and your daughter is adorable!!!!
    I have 3 sons and when my middle son was small he had, not a blankie, but one of those rubber sheets you put on babies beds! He loved that thing and wouldn’t go anywhere without it. I bought him a pretty one with little animals etc on it but he only liked the white, plain one! haha When he got a little older it was tattered and he ripped it in half to give his little brother but little brother didn’t want it!!!
    Still chuckle when I think of that.

  9. I have made flannel blankies and smaller flannel feelies with the satin binding and other textured trims attached. A little more portable than blankie. Babies really like them.

  10. Such sweet pictures. I never thought about making a flannel quilt that way, but I do sometimes do receiving blankets, with no binding. It is a great idea and a quickie when you need one! Love the matching doll quilts for the big sis.

  11. I have found the minkie/cuddle blankets are used and cherished more than the baby quilts I make. My granddaughter LOVES hers. It was the only thing that settled her when she had colic. It worked so well my son asked if I had “any more of those lying around the house.” LOL Needless to say I made a few more. I love the flannel blanket idea too and will try it for our newest grandchild due October.

  12. Another wonderful idea. I always back my quilts with flannel, but love this idea of using ONLY flannel for a baby quilt. I’m going to try it and see if I can handle the slippery satin binding. The photo of you holding Clara with her looking up at you is a treasure.

  13. I love your baby blanket and the coordinating doll blankets you made.. I will have to try those flannel blankie with satin on the outside… seems fun too! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Precious grands you have too! Kathi

  14. I did make a flannel blankie for my granddaughter and she still has a piece of it after 17 years. I made her a new new flannel blanket(twin size) for her 16th BIRTHDAY. She loves it!

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