Cozy Afternoon BOM, Finale

It’s the final month of the Cozy Afternoon BOM, hosted by Jacquelynne Steves!  I’ve really enjoyed sharing my progress with you all.  Check out Jacquelynne’s blog to get all of the latest information, read her final thoughts and see her finished quilt(s).


This month we’re putting all of the blocks together with sashing, setting blocks and borders.  I haven’t gotten to the borders yet, but I love how it looks so far!

quilt in sun 2 copy


I definitely picked colors that go along with the fall season.  I’m ready for the cold weather and this nice quilt to cozy up with.

quilt on bed copy


My border will most likely be this print from Dear Stella’s Floral Daze collection (as is the orange and green print for the squares).  I changed the color of my sashing to contrast with the orange in the applique blocks, and that allowed me to use orange as my setting triangles.

border audition 1


The applique blocks in the center are so sweet and add a nice touch of charm to the whole quilt.

center blocks copy


I have a few tips for sewing on the sashing.  I like to mark the sashing where my seams need to match up.  It’s easy to extend the seam line using a ruler and marking it with a pencil or pen.

matching seams line drawn


When I add the next row, I can easily see where my seams need to be and then pin them.  It’s important to make sure they’re lined up so your sashings are straight.

matching seams diagram


The instructions for trimming the quilt edges (before adding the borders) are really good.  I think it’s so important to maintain a “square” quilt top and this trimming process will get you there.  I used a square ruler when trimming the corners to make sure it was square (of course).  This is what it looks like below.  Notice the diagonal line of the ruler is parallel to the sashing seam.  Also, the 1/4″ line of the ruler falls at the corner seam formed by the sashing and setting triangles.

corner trim diagram

There were a few edges that didn’t have distinct seams to line up my ruler’s 1/4 mark with.  I hope the following photo helps you.  Now that I’ve finished the process, I can’t remember where this edge lies on the quilt.  Hopefully, it will make sense to you when you do it yourself.

marking corners


Once I have my borders attached, I’ll show pictures of the completed quilt.  I’m not sure if I’m going to quilt it myself, but there’s a good chance that I’m going to have it longarm quilted.  That leaves me more time to start working on holiday projects!

Of course there’s a giveaway this month, too!  One winner will receive Jacquelynne’s Hugs & Kisses Quilt Pattern and a pattern for a Wool Flower Pin.  How cool is that?  All you need to do is leave a comment here by October 19.  Maybe you could tell me if you’ve ever participated in a block of the month before.  {Note:  I usually respond to comments left on my blog, but due to the high volume of comments during giveaways, I’m not able to do so.  Please know that I enjoy reading each and every one of them!}

Giveaway for October- Cozy Afternoon Free BOM


Make sure to visit the other participating bloggers to see how their quilt turned out!

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A big thank you to Jacquelynne Steves for this awesome block of the month and for making this Cozy Afternoon BOM so much fun!


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  1. I was initially surprised at the vibrant orange color you chose – but WOW! What impact all the prints had together! I have just begun collecting information on the BOM quilt and am excited to try to pick out colors myself. Your blog has added more info also. Thank you

  2. I have not actually participated in a BOM, but I have several marked to give the old try! I really, really like this one and it may be my first. 🙂 Thanks!

  3. The orange in your quilt is so striking and the border will be the icing on the cake. I have all the patterns and instructions to do in my spare time. LOL

  4. I love the colors in your Cozy Afternoon quilt! I have done two block of the month (actually, block of the week) that turned out beautifully. I have the patterns for this one and will get to it soon–love those tea cups! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Crazy Afternoon BOM colors this is really beautiful, and this is my 2nd BOM I am also working on Another one as I work on this one! I have really loved this one as I collect Tea sets! Looking forward to the next JAQUELYNNE STEVES BOM 2016

  6. Your quilt turned out beautiful. I have paticipated in several block of the month prorams and find them to be a lot of fun.

  7. I love your bright version of the Cozy Afternoon quilt! And thanks for the tips… I am sure I will be referring to them when ready to put mine together.

  8. I have never tried a block a month yet. On my bucket list. Love that you used the bird as the spout on the one teapot. Sooo cool. Also wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your tour of facilities at MSQC in video, a week or so ago. Thanks for all you do for us.

  9. Love your quilt and thanks for the great tips! I’ve never participated in a sew along or quilt block of the month. Perhaps some day!

  10. I love your quilt, the dark blue sashing really makes the whole quilt just pop. I have run mystery quilts but never done a traditional block of the month.

  11. I love your quilt top, especially your choice of fabric. I have done BOMs and I have accumulated patterns for some and not gotten to them.

  12. love your autumn look in this quilt, thanks too for the extra tips, will have to wait to finish mine as Bernina is sick and will not be repaired till late next week.

  13. I love your version of the Cozy Afternoon BOM. I have participated in just one BOM. It was Jacquelynne’s Sew Sweet Simplicity. I was slow, but I love the result.

  14. Love, love your color scheme! So great for fall! Beautiful fabrics, and your tips for lining up the sashing are great. (I’m not in the drawing, just stopped by to say “Howdy!”)

  15. I participated in a BOM as far as buying all the monthly kits , but it is (they are)still waiting for me! I’d be more than willing to take your quilt off your hands if it’s taking up too much room on that bed. It’s like you read my mind when you picked the colors – especially the orange……droooool. My favorite color EV.ER.

    xo Linda

  16. I have taken part in a couple BMO’s as a new quilter but I have to say that this one was especially good cause I found your blog which I enjoy very much. I have learned a lot from you and I especially like the personal touch you have. Thanks I will definitely continue to follow you.


  18. This is the first time I’ve participated in a BOM and I just found it about 2 weeks ago. So have been busy doing all of my squares in the last 2 weeks. The one thing I didn’t think about when I chose my center was that it needed to be cut to look like a diamond. I think it will still work though since I am using a Dr. Suess theme and he’s always a little wonky anyway.

  19. This is the first online BOM that I have participated in in real time. It’s been a lot of fun doing the blocks and seeing what others have done on Pinterest.

  20. I love BOMs, esp. free ones, and do as many as I can find time for. I find it a way to always learn things even after 40+ years of quilting. Yours is my favourite quilting site. thanks

  21. This was a FANTASTIC BOM…Jacquelynne’s patterns are so much fun and are so well-written and easy to understand. I’m making 3 versions of Cozy Afternoon…a Thimbleberries with applique, a 30’s with embroidery, and a Laurel Burch with fussy cut cats!

  22. I participated in a Craftsy free BOM with Amy Gibson and thoroughly enjoyed it (although it took me much longer to finish the whole quilt!). I haven’t started this one yet but it is on my ‘to do’ list. I love your choice of colors and how the sashing compliments the rest of the quilt top. Looking forward to seeing the completed quilt. Thank you for the chance to win.

  23. This is my 1st BOM I have ever done!! And it has been great fun..love your quilt top and the colors..thank you for showing how to get these blocks to match up, you make it look simple!!

  24. I haven’t had the fun of working on a block of the month club. I’d like to do one soon though. I think I’m at the point with my quilting that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to show it. Right now I’m loving learning free motion quilting from Leah Day, and appliqué and quilt as you go from Wendi Gratz, 2 classes through Craftsy. The sashing on this quilt made me too nervous to attempt it, and then you showed how really easy it is to match up things where they need to go. Thank you

  25. I’ve been doing a block of the month with my quilt guild for two years. We donate them and have a drawing. I enjoy reading your blog. I follow you on Bloglovin! You are so creative!!!

  26. That is one gorgeous fall quilt. I do love the orange! I am doing a BOM now on craftsy. Some things I like about it and some I don’t, but I will have a beautiful quilt when I’m done. THanks for the chance to win that lovely fabric. Helen G.

  27. I’ve done several blocks of the month — through online quilting stores, my LQS, my quilt guild and even as a challenge to myself. I like the idea of being able to eat the elephant one bite at a time. 😉

  28. I have done a BOM from local quilt store. It was fun to do. I haven’t started this one yet but I love your color selection. Thank you so much for the tips on squaring the quilt up. I am not very good with on point blocks, but you make it sound really easy. I will definitely have to try this. Thanks again.

  29. STUNNER!! That orange is the perfect drama.
    I am so glad one of us took the time to photograph the on-point process, haha! Great post & great quilt – congrats!

  30. I have loved the Cozy Afternoon BOM and meeting other designers such as Julie!

    Thank you and I look forward to future posts and projects!


  31. I’ve never done a bom before but definitely plan to do one next year. Love the colours of your quilt. Perfect for Autumn.

    1. Here’s a great opportunity then to plan on joining in on Jacquelynne’s 2016 BOM. She does a really good one. And, if you wish, could still get in on the 2015 one and work on it on your own.

  32. I’ve never participated in a BOM yet but I’ve saved all the steps for this one and plan to make it someday soon I hope!

  33. love your version of the quilt. I have done a couple of BOM before and they are so much fun. I actually made one of Jacquelynne Steves BOM before. (Well, it is almost finished.)

  34. Have thoroughly enjoyed Jacquelynne Steves BOM’s. This is my second one of hers. I have done others from different sourced. I like Ms. Steve’s BOM’s because I can make the choice to do machine applique or hand embroidery. Either way I love projects with texture and dimension.

  35. I have done several BOMs. They are a good way to learn me techniques and try out block colors and construction. Cozy Afternoon did both for me and I am anxious to finish.

  36. I have never done a BOM before – I am a relatively new quilter. I love embroidery, so I plan to do an embroidered and an appliqued Cozy Afternoon – just to broaden my horizons!

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