Meanwhile, an Amish mini quilt

I know I promised a post today on using stencils for quilting.  The post is ready, but I’m waiting for verification of a few facts that I mention in the article.  In the meantime, I’m working on an Amish mini quilt tutorial.

I made this little quilt specifically for working with stencils.  It’s a quick and easy project and I thought you might like to make one too!  I’m still working on the tutorial, but here’s a preview of my Amish Mini Quilt.  It’s 24″ square and you could make the top in an afternoon.

Amish Mini Quilt by Julie Cefalu
Amish Mini Quilt by Julie Cefalu




I used solid fabrics to show off the quilting better, and I went with a fall color palette.  Things got a little cuter and more holiday”ish” when I busted out a mini charm pack and fat eighths of Mistletoe Lane by Bunny Hill Designs for Moda.




And even cuter still with a little applique added to the corner triangles.  Isn’t everything better with some applique (or is that just me?)




So that’s what I’m working on for now.  I hope you’re having an amazing weekend!

Julie 176 x 116



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  1. Julie,
    I agree that a little applique does make things better; it actually popped your block. I also have a mini Christmas charm pack, and will do this block as pillows for my couch this holiday season.

  2. A solid color project is always great when wanting to practice using stencils for quilting. That’s always my go-to so that I can more easily see what I’m quilting. In the past, I’ve always just used a solid colored fat quarter and high contrast thread but I like the idea of making a large block and then practicing.

  3. thank you Julie for all your hard work in giving us such great ideas and tutorials. I will be waiting for your stencil tutorial. I have used stencils but then I hand quilted the pattern. I just love your Amish quilt and the 2 different views of it. I agree, the applique adds so much more interest and the fabric is soft and adorable. I just might have to buy some of that fabric. When I read your blog I feel as though we are sitting in my living room talking about our passion of quilting. Thanks again Julie.

  4. Love the appliqué on the holiday block! I will try this, as I have lots of kit fabric remaining as I near the end of my Mistletoe Lane quilt.

  5. Love the little mini holiday and Amish quilts. Looking forward to the tutorials! And yes, your applique is a perfect addition to the Christmas quilt!

  6. Question on the stencils do you use a regular foot when stitching stenciled patterns or do you adjust your machine to free motion quilt on the stencil. I’m sure all this will be in your tute. 🙂

  7. Oh how cute!! and a thought to use fall fabrics and applique leaves and/or pumpkins in place of the holly would be so cute. Wheels in motion…look forward to your tutorial. :):

  8. dont know what happened to my comment, Oh well just said that I love both of the little quilts and the Amish one definitely lends itself to quilting, I havent really done much of that. Im waiting for your tutorial on Stenciling think I will give it a try.
    Julie thanks for all you do for us out here in quilt land. I really enjoy reading all your stuff and I learn something every time.
    Happy Days to you and yours
    Gayle Z

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