May UFO project: Hot Air Balloon Mini Quilt

The UFO project that I’ll be working on for May is my Hot Air Balloon Mini Quilt.  This will be my fifth finish for the year as part of my Hello 2016, Goodbye UFO’s challenge.   If you remember, last year I did a quilt along with free instructions to make this cute little mini quilt.  Here it is as I left it in October:

Hot Air Balloon Mini Quilt by Julie Cefalu


I had been thinking about making this into a wall hanging for my granddaughter, Amelia.  That idea has stuck, so I’ve personalized it with her name and I switched out the black/gray flying geese for a couple of friendship stars.  It looks much more like Amelia!

Hot Air Balloon Mini Quilt by Julie Cefalu


Now I need to baste it and play with some quilting designs before I add the binding.  Hopefully all of this will get done before we see her in 10 days!  Oh, the pressure we put on ourselves!

So far, there are 30 finished projects that have been added to the link up for April.  You still have 3 more days to enter, so don’t delay!  Two winners will be chosen at random on May 8.

Have you decided what your UFO project will be for May?  I was so glad to see this mini quilt was the number that was picked for me by All People Quilt for their UFO Challenge.  They randomly choose a number between 1 and 12 each month and whatever corresponds to that number on my list is my project for the month.  That’s how I determine what I’ll be working on.  It makes it a little bit mysterious and fun.

APQ 2016 Maycopy


Well I’d better get busy quilting!  Have a great day!

Julie 176 x 116

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6 thoughts on “May UFO project: Hot Air Balloon Mini Quilt

  1. I love the cheerful colours you chose for this .. a very ‘happy’ quilt for a lovely smiley Amelia … this is something she will treasure … and be able to think of you every time she cuddles up in it.
    Just a thought, how about spraying it with your perfume as an added dimension for her?

  2. I think the friendship stars look so much better than the flying geese. I think it is the lighter color that suits the quilt better. It is just charming and I am sure Amelia will love it.

  3. I remember your Hot Air balloon quilt; I love the change you made in it. It may look more like Amelia now but I really think I like the quilt better this way, too.
    I just finished my April UFO quilt. I’ll be adding it to my May link-up cuz I didn’t finish until May. I’m working on my “HoHoHo” Christmas runner and think it should be easy to finish in May. Once that runner is done I will begin work on a hand-embroidered piece that I intend to add a scalloped border mat to and then have framed professionally.
    Thanks, Julie, you have really inspired me to get cracking with my UFOs. What an exciting feeling it is to COMPLETE them!

  4. Hi Julie,
    Even though I’m not a part of the UFO Challenge, I just wanted to tell you how beautiful your Hot Air Baloon Mini Quilt is! I agree! Taking out the black/grey flying geese & replacing it with the two friendship stars really made your mini quilt pop!! Then, adding your granddaughters name is the icing on the cake!!! How beautiful! I think using it as a wall hanging in her room is an adorable idea!! It’s really nice! It really does seem that we as quilters really do add a lot of stress for ourselves! But! I love it anyways! Haha! That’s just part of our journey as quilters!! Hope little Amelia loves her new Hot Air Ballon Mini Quilt!! Although I’m sure she will!! Enjoy your visit with your family! I’ll be excited to hear how much little Amelia loves her new quilt!! Have fun!!

  5. I am going to finish my Blue and white quilt made with Blueberry Crumbcake fabric. It’s been hanging around for at least three years and I am tired of looking at it all folded up on a shelf.

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