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January’s UFO project and a GIVEAWAY!

As you know from my previous post, I’m going to work on finish one UFO each month in 2016.  I’m going to have a link-up at the end of the month so we can see each other’s accomplishments, and there will be a prize (or two), also.  I’ll give more details next week.

January’s project was selected with the help of All People Quilt.  They’ve chosen the number 2 for this month and, on my list, that turns out to be my “heart quilt”.  If I could have hand-picked a project to work on, it would have been this quilt.  I’d like to have it finished for Valentine’s Day.  I love it when the Universe listens to me!

APQ 2016 list circled


I started this quilt last year.  It was a free tutorial for a Simple Heart Quilt from Allison at Cluck Cluck Sew.  It’s already been basted, so I just need to quilt it and bind it.  It’s so darn cute already (I hope I don’t mess it up with the quilting).  I think I’ll do wavy lines evenly spaced across the whole top.

heart quilt copy


To help you get organized for 2016, I’m giving away a Quilter’s Planner to one lucky reader!  Just leave me a comment and tell me what UFO (or new project) you’re working on this month.  You have until the end of January 12th to enter (one comment per person).  Giveaway is now closed.  (Normally, I try to respond to all comments, however, the volume during giveaways makes it difficult to do so. Please know that I read each and every one and appreciate your thoughts!)

quilters planner 2016



If you’re not familiar with The Quilter’s Planner, it’s a fantastic tool to organize your personal, work and quilting life all in one place.  It’s the “invention” of Stephanie Palmer at Late Night Quilter.  I absolutely love that this planner is made for quilters.  It includes block patterns, quilt patterns, graph paper and doodling pages, plus a quilter’s reference section and planning pages.

quilters planner inside copy



Here’s to being organized in 2016.  Thanks for joining me today and good luck!


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  1. I just loaded a quilt for my grandson, its dinosaurs. I started putting it together in December. think I will work on my ufo’s in reverse. lol.

  2. I finished the table runner and matching napkins for my 94 yr old MIL. On a retreat now and starting two new ones. Vow that these will not be ufo’s.

  3. I finished a small alzheimers quilt and I’m almost finished with hand sewing the binding on a lap size string quilt. Lots of UFO’s and WIP’s left (how many months in a year-hope its about 35)

  4. My goal is to finally finish my embroidery patchwork combo quilt designed by Meg Hawkey of Crabapplehill- I started it after purchasing embroideries on a camping trip thru Idaho ( of course a couple fabric stores were visited) made 4 of the squares of my own embroidered design to enlarge original pattern and can’t wait but am also scared to see it come together- i think i am stalled out because there was so much work done and being unsure if the outcome will be as I envision/hope–deadline is by End of November so I can finally take it to show and tell at the Christmas Sojourn she holds Every December-
    Wish me luck!!

  5. I am working on finishing up my gravity quilt. It is huge and I need it out of my sewing space. I just received my tatami mat quilt back from the quilter yesterday so I will also try to bind that while on a car trip this weekend.

  6. I would to able to finish some mug mats; I like to simple easy projects! I’m not very good so I need to tackler smaller scale projects.

  7. amen to being organized! I have a wall hanging that is waiting to be quilted. It is from over 15 years ago when I participated in a Round Robin! I think it’s about time that I finished it! I would love the planner! Seems that I need to get things going!

  8. I’ve got three projects in the works this month, but the one that most fits the UFO description is a granny square blanket I started about 10 years ago. I’m finally making progress putting the silly squares together. 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. I am hoping to complete the top for my Midnight Mystery quilt sponsored by Meadow Mist Designs. I had kept up but got a little behind in December and the top should be completed by the end of this month. The Quilter’s Planner looks like a fabulous tool. I keep notes and ideas in a little notebook but I am not all that organized.

  10. I ordered and received my quilters planner and I’m very happy with it. Its not just for quilting, but for life (which is about quilting isn’t it?) I am going on a retreat soon and love that I was able to plan my project with the graph papers in the planner.
    I am finishing binding on a table runner for my very active 94 year old MIL and well as some mitered napkins to go with it. I have to hand sew binding on a Alzheimers “doll” quilt and a string quilt. I also have a “comfort quilt” which I need to quilt but at least it is already sandwiched and its lap size. Another quilt which is going to Ronald McDonald House needs binding made and sewn on-that quilt is 88x 92. Not looking forward to doing that. But I will.

  11. I’m working on a 4 paneled picnic blanket. Four different landscaping scenes that I’ll quilt to water resistant duck cloth, which I’ve never used before.

  12. This is perfect timing. I’ve been organizing my quilt room with two “cubby hole” cabinets my hubby made. I have a few cubbies dedicated to UFO projects. I was already planning to get. Them finished up and then this evening I ran across your blog.

  13. I have so many projects in the works, but on the front burner would be quilt for my oldest son (9 years) who has been wanting a quilt for his bed and then to get started on Christmas gifts for next year. I am making lap quilts for my sisters and have the first designed, just to need to get a jump on it so I am not crunched for time later. The organizer would be wonderful!

  14. I am working on my Christmas Tree Quilt, started over a year ago. Its going to be queen size, for our bed next Christmas 🙂 Hope to get the top pieced in January. Have my ufo challenge printed and filled up, just need to start a second one.

  15. I am working on Bonnie Hunter’s latest mystery. I waited to see the reveal to see if I like it . I love it- but now I am way behind. Just found out Dec 12 I have breast cancer so I am getting quilting projects ready to work on between chemo treatments.
    Have many UFO’s to choose from including Mama’s Little Shortcuts by Terrie Atkinson. That was started as a BOM at a local quilt shop several years ago- probably over 10 years!
    Would love to win a quilter’s Planner!

    1. Wishing you good luck and a full and speedy recovery. I will be keeping your name in my mind as I follow these comments.

  16. I am working on a stocking for my grandson. I would love to get this finished this month. I have two more to make for my twin grandchildren who will be 8 soon. This will be a start. I have so many UFO’s to finish. This planner would be a big help! Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  17. I’m working on a bug jar quilt for Project Linus. Thanks for a chance to win the quilter’s planner. I really need to get organized.

  18. i have a table topper gift that has been languishing in the pile since spring…finally got around to picking up the polyfleece and now to baste, quilt and bind for a january finish…

  19. I’d like to finish “Flowers in Spring” or its common name “Two Lips”. It’s simple hand applique flowers, the sashings are cut and it needs put together and quilted

  20. I have six tops ready for quilting and five projects in varying stages of piecing. I will work on my Red and White Snowball Stars to get it quilted, bound and Finally Finished!!
    Great incentive to get started on the final stage!

    1. For this month I absolutely must complete a granddaughters graduation quilt, overdue since May 2015! This is the first time this has happened. She is #10 of 20 grandchildren who all get the same quilt pattern done in different colors. I’m horrified that I’ve been so negligent!

  21. I am working to finish up Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt for this year, Allietare. Even though the quilt has been revealed, I enjoy working on it at my pace. Thank you for introducing me to the Quilters Planner, I had not seen it before and would love to win.

  22. Hi Julie, I’m working on quilting a BOM I started at a LQS a Few years ago. It’s Christmas themed, and this way it’ll be done for next Christmas!. What held me back was not knowing what quilt motif to use, but I ‘m jumping in! I hope to win.

  23. Love the planner, I am working on my sister-in-laws quilt, finished the top in 2008 just need to finish quilting it!

  24. So many UFO’s! Yet I keep starting new projects! But, I have been making Fancy Fox blocks for a quilt for my daughter for about 8 months, and I have 22 to go! Hoping to finish it for her birthday in March.

  25. Love your heart quilt! My UFO for this month is a Project Linus circus-themed quilt. Some brightly colored clown fabric was donated to my local chapter, so I went through my stash of I Spys for circus themed charms. Some are a bit of a stretch! The top is completed and it has been layered with fleece, so I now to need to quilt it and bind it.

  26. Love your heart quilt! My UFO for this month is a Project Linus circus themed quilt. My chapter had some fabric donated with bright colored clowns, so I looked through my I Spy stash for circus themed charms. Some are a bit of a stretch! The top is finished and it is layered with a fleece back, I just need to quilt and bind.

  27. What a great planner! My UFO for January is to finish a tote bag made from a burlap coffee sack.
    Thanks for all your great inspiration.

  28. I need to finish two small baby quilts, I really wish I had a quilty friend to toss ideas off of. I also have a lot of quilts that I want to make in 2016, this might keep me organized! Thanks!

  29. I would love a planner like this. My current project I am trying to finish up is Bonnie Hunters mystery quilt

  30. Hi! Love the heart quilt- it’s adorable!! I’m working on a Nantucket quilt (thimble blossoms pattern) as a baby gift. Hoping to finish it this month and deliver it for quilting. The quilt is being done in civil war reproduction style fabrics, which will be perfect for the little man’s cowboy theme nursery!! The UFO challenges this year are awesome!

  31. Thank you Julie for the opportunity to have an organizing tool. Love your blog and thanks for sharing your tips and projects.

  32. Final stages of my Jinny Beyer BOM. Two days spent marking because I ran out of ink in my Clover white marking pen 🙁 Ready to load on the longarm. Once it’s loaded I go back and forth between piecing current/newer project (Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt) and quilting. Gives my back/neck a bit of variety. Thanks for the opportunity to win this organizer as I can’t seem to think past two quilts.
    I have to say the Janet Stone A to Z BOM you taught on The Quilt Show was amazing. Your lessons were so helpful. I love this quilt.

  33. I’m making a queen size quilt using some Patchwork City blocks by Elizabeth Hartman as the focal point. I started it two years ago, put it aside for a year and a half, and now I’m making progress again. I’ll be very happy to cross it off my list!

  34. I am in the planning stages for a dr. Who themed quilt. I have some thoughts, but need to sketch it out and run some of my ideas by my aunt who is a wonderful lady and invaluable resource.

  35. Hello. My daughter and I are beginners. We’re 800 miles apart but have both started on the same project. Hers will be a baby quilt bowtie. Mine will be a crazy mixed up bow tie design. Just working on our cutting and making blocks for now. Will be anxious to share when we’re done. We are finding quilting very stress busting! Oh all except for poking fingers and ripping out seams. Lol

  36. I will be finishing a baby quilt for my granddaughter. Still have not decided if I will quilt it, or if I will send it to the Granary. Eager to work on my ufos!

  37. I have a heart quilt that needs to be finished. It’s one of my earlier days of quilting. Obviously, I didn’t know what I was doing because the pieced border didn’t match. It’s been in the ufo bin ever since. I think it’s time to conquer my fear and get it done. Thanks for the push.

    If I happen to win, please select another winner because I already had the planner. My block is in it. It’s the last block of the year!

  38. I’m completing a quilt-as-you-go project that I started probably 5 years ago. It’s about time that I get it done! I think I have 10 more blocks to finish. Thanks for offering the giveaway. I’ve heard the planner was awesome.

  39. I love this idea. It is like starting a “new” project each month. I am working on a Christmas sampler quilt I started in 2009! Thanks for keeping me on track!! Louise

  40. I am in the planning stages of a project. I finished (whew) all my gifts for the holidays, but haven’t decided on a new project yet.

  41. I’m working on a Christmas table topper. It needs the border added and then quilted and bound. Thank you for your giveaway. The Quilter’s Planner looks wonderful!

  42. I currently don’t have any UFO’s. I just learned how to quilt, so all my projects have been small and fast. My goal is to do Jacquelynne Steven’s Simplicity BOM from 2 years ago and hopefully finish that by spring!

  43. A cool giveaway. I am working on finishing a JoAnn’s Block of the Month from 2010. I have the last border to put on, binding and backing to make. Because of the size, it will be sent to a longarm quilter.

  44. I am going to finish quilting the throw for my son’s spare room bed… and I could sure use that planner! (Next year I should ask for one for Christmas!)

  45. Im looking for the Paris in Fall pattern. Do you know where you can purchase one. I’ve looked on the internet, but can’t find one. Thanks

  46. Hi there Julie,
    I will have to check out APQ to print one of those UFO sheets…a super idea!!!
    I really want to finish the extra-long king sized EPP hexie quilt I started last year. It is for my son who will be graduating high school in June. I am so close to getting the top put together(this is my second giant hexie quilt. I already finished piecing the first one…both of them have over 4,000 1″ hexies…all scrappy and made from fabrics sent to me by pen pals and various online swaps!). I kind of stalled on my son’s quilt…need to get motivated!!!
    Quilty Huggs,

  47. I am going to finish my crazy quilt jacket that I have been working on since January of 1990. It is time to get it done and this is the perfect opportunity to do it. The lining is cut and sewn and am ready to cut out the crazy quilt pieces to size.

  48. I am involved in several projects here. However the one I’m zeroing in on this month is a large throw I designed myself using components from Judy Niemeyer’s Geese Migrations book. It’s fun making it your own, and incorporating a part of myself into it using a little bit of raw edge applique.

  49. I have a lattice quilt all cut out and pieced, ready to sew blocks together. I am going to get it finished this month. I already have 2 other quilts ready to put together. I’ve only been quilting for 4 months but have finished quite a few. Of course, I have quite a few UFOs also!!

  50. I’m going to be really busy this month! I have 14 blocks made, and want to have all 100 blocks made by the end of the month, from Tula’s block book. Yikes! Thanks for the reminder, I think.

  51. I am currently trying to finish a large hand appliqué project that I started in 2011. My word for this year is finish. A planner would be a big help.

  52. I could really use that planner. I have to finish two UFOs as I entered them in my guild’s quilt show. One is an angel quilt top given to me by a friend several years ago and the other one is a new UFO. The pattern is based on one in a Block magazine but I want a scalloped border.

  53. I’m working on a paper pieced quilt ,I also have a baby quilt that needs binding. Thank you for the chance to win the planner.

  54. I’m working on two quilts that I had hoped to finish last year, Ricky Tim’s Sir Lancelot and the backing for El’s Kitchen. When those two are completed, THEN I get to start my new projects! That lovely planner would be so pleasantly useful!

  55. You are inspiring me to get ufo’s out of here. I haven’t counted them yet, last year i started the year with 65. I did complete and donate 35 quilts last year, thanks to a friend who bought a Longarm and needed to practice. It’s just so much fun to start something new! I actually have no idea how many ufo’s I added last year so I’d better start digging! Thanks for the nudge! I did make lots of Christmas gifts and finished each one on time!

  56. I’m currently finishing up a quilt for my husband! The quilt planner could certainly keep a person on track!

  57. My ufo is a x ruler quilt that I started in October but had to put it away while I made three quilts for Christmas gifts. I purchased the fabric on a trip to Oregon.

  58. I knit, sew, punch needle, wool applique, rug hook and you can imagine all the wips and ufos I have stashed! Having a place to keep track of everything would be super!

  59. My goal last year was to complete unfinished projects. I did not finish all of them but am continuing to work on them this year!

  60. I have never used a quilter planner. At our last guild meeting, the featured speaker talked about the importance of having one. Maybe I will be that lucky person.

  61. I am working on putting together the squares that are done for my daughter’s memory quilt. I gave her the completed squares as a Christmas present LAST Christmas (2014), so I really think I need to get it done. And, I firmly believe you can’t have too many planners!

  62. Wow. The Quilter’s Planner is also spiral-bound. That is a true bonus. I just finished 21 quilts for my older grandchildren for Christmas and a king-size for my brother and his wife, which took me 2 years. Now I am finishing 3 baby quilts for the 3 youngest that will be here by April. Yes, we are a big family. Some of those grandchildren are adopted but you can’t tell which ones. We love them to the moon and back, several times over. What an awesome giveaway. Thank you for your inspiration. We all need some from time to time!

  63. I just finished my Big Impact Quilt top from the American Patchwork Quilting February 2016 issue now I have to quilt it. I also have 12 blocks for a Semi Improv Patchwork Quilt that I need to put together into a quilt top. Plus I have lots of other ideas for quilts I want to work on. Winning a Quilt planner would be a big help since I really need to get organized. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  64. I am working on a table runner that I purchased and started three years ago plus I just purchased a new machine and am having fun with the new Janome skyline S5 so I have plans for many more projects this years the planner would be very helpful

  65. I would love the quilters planner, I need to get organized! This months UFO project will be to help a fellow quilter finish two quilts to donate to our local hospital.

  66. Hi, Julie…the quilter’s calendar/planner sounds like something I would really use. I am working on the backing for a cherries picnic quilt that is a UFO. One more UFO to finish then I can start a new project for 2016, yeah! Bobbi

  67. I’ll be hand-stitching binding on two projects (surely that’s doable) and getting through the next row of an ongoing project that I MUST finish by the end of April! It shall be done.

    That planner looks SO cool – I’m sure I could use it. I’d even share it with my dear mother. We live (and quilt) together!

  68. I would love to have a planner. Perhaps it might even get me a little organized! I’ve just moved so things are all over still. I’ve found ufo’s from 5 years ago! Sigh…. Thanks for the giveaway! I’m sure whoever wins it will enjoy it!

  69. I have a box and a bin of old jeans that need to be cut down into strips and squares to make the jeans quilt I have had on my list for several years.

  70. Julie, I’m following along with you on finishing my UFO’s. It’s so nice to have a quilting buddy for getting them done! I have some tiny pink half square triangles that will make a cute mini heart quilt. I’m going to go get started on them now! Thanks so much for your wonderful blog.

  71. I too am trying to get many UFOs completed. it seems that something new comes along or I get involved in another project, not necessarily quilting, and am distracted. I suppose it is because of my abstract random personality. Your site always has interesting ideas and projects. I also appreciate the disclaimers that you post; it shows the integrity you possess.

  72. The planner is great. I am finishing up some appliqué blocks for a wall hanging. I plan to finish the blocks and put them together.

  73. I am going to finish a Halloween wall hanging. I got this pattern in 1997 but it just sat there until I cut it out last year. I need to applique bats on the border and then I will try machine quilting to finish it. I have the perfect place to hang it in October!!!!!

  74. I am working on piecing a jewel quilt that has been cut for some time. I also have 2 single bed sized quilt tops that I am determined to get quilt and bound by the end of the month. When I tire of those 3 projects and want something more quick and creative to do, I am working on clearing out some of my stash quilt blocks for pot holders! The planner will come in handy as I keep finding unfinished objects in my sewing room.

  75. I started a Dresden made with two purple fabrics with frogs and dots. In the center I plan on putting a lily pad with a small frog on it. I made the first block as an experiment and now it is calling to me to finish it.

  76. I love your heart quilt. I think I need to make one. Just love it. I too have a lot of UFO’s and I love this idea of commenting about them so that I’ll stop procrastinating. I need the push. I have some purses that I want to finish and crazy quilt. I’m also working on a handbag for myself, and If I like it, I’ll make some more. So much quilting, so little time.

  77. I’ve got many UFOs, but I decided to a baby quilt, with some crossed stitched squares, that needs to be finished.

  78. Your heart quilt is really sweet; I wish I needed a baby quilt for someone.

    Currently I am working on a block swap that must be mailed by the end of the month. My next start (want to finish by end of month) is an applique wall hanging for my grandson of a dragon. I need to start from scratch and draft the pattern…

    I’m going to download the All People Quilt Challenge page and get to work!

  79. Your heart quilt is really sweet!
    I’m inspired by your posts to finish the Christmas quilt I started two years ago. Every thing seemed to get in the way of my working on it, and it has lots of little pieces, which are really hard for me to match, hence the delay. Thanks for your blog, and the chance to win the planner!

  80. There are many UFO’s in my sewing room, so thanks for the inspiration to tackle at least some of them. I clearly need a planner LOL. I am starting with a heart quilt too!! thanks for the opportunity to win.

  81. I love the heart quilt! My main goals for 2016 are to finish two BOM’s I started … a while ago 😉 Thanks

  82. I am working on finishing up Quilters ABC that I started over 5 years ago–all it needs is to be quilted and bias put on. Love this–I have picked out 12 of my ufo’s and placed in separate pile from all the others–don’t feel quite as overwhelmed when I see such a small pile and I can still start something new without feeling guilty–I would love that planner.

  83. Oh so many choices! If I must pick one for January, it will be the sampler quilt I made early last year. For heavens sake, it is already sandwiched and ready for quilting. I’m sure I can finish that one, right? This is a great challenge, Julie…thanks for giving your followers a swift kick to ride along with you! Love it!

  84. I am currently cutting all my “scraps” into 2, 3, 4, or 5 inch blocks. Trying to organize and get ready to do some major remodeling of my sewing space. While getting ready for the remodel, I want to straighten, fold, cut and overall organize. Bigger job than I had thought it would be. In the end, it will be fantastic. Thanks for the inspiration to finish up/clean up some things that have been hanging over my shoulder. 🙂

  85. I’m going to go to All People Quilt to download their UFO list. Just doing that will help me get organized in my head. I am going to work on a ruffle binding for a baby quilt that I’ve had made for several years. The original pattern called for a ruffle on the binding and I’ve been too scared to try it. Isn’t that silly! The baby (my granddaughter) died before I finished the quilt, but I still want to give the quilt to my daughter and she is coming to visit in the latter part of January. If you have any experience sewing on a ruffle binding, I would love any tips you have.

  86. I had originally planned to finish quilting a project from 2011, but then volunteered to test a new pattern and that has become my priority for the month. My machine has to go in for some routine maintenance, so I may need to do some hand work on my EPP GFG first.

  87. My many UFOs include a Dear Jane quilt…ready to be put together, a just plain nuts quit, patchwork of the crosses table runner, and others. The planner sounds great and I could really use it!

  88. I am finishing a table runner and working on a small paper pieced Christmas tree wall hanging that I wanted to do for Christmas. Good luck with finishing your UFOs.

  89. Julie, I need a planner!!!! It sounds really helpful. January 1 I set out to finish Mysterious by Doug Leko. We had him here at our guild for a class. Well, last night I got the last of the blocks done. Now for the placement planning, as that was a big part of this quilt. This is going to be my UFO year.

  90. What an ambitious goal. A friend and I are setting goals this year. Mine includes a finish per quarter. This month I am starting a games board quilt-along and want to finish a cat quilt. ‘Call Me Thomas’ has been waiting patiently for about a year now. As of last week he was sandwiched and ready to quilt so my goal may actually be achievable. 🙂
    Thanks for the chance to win a great prize.

  91. I found a 2008 Quilt shop hop that I would love to finally get done. It would be a great quilt to use during the christmas season in 2016! Thank you for doing this give away! I work 40 plus hours a week, maybe with this I can get some more UFO’s done this year!

  92. Thanks for posting the UFO challenge again this year. I made some good progress last year, and plan to organize my list again (as soon as I take down Christmas!). Now, I am working on finishing a long Christmas tree quilt I had hoped to finish by Christmas! Happy Epiphany!

  93. I have three unfinished bad quilts in the waiting, never mind an assortment of ‘can’t wait to start’ Projects!
    First and foremost though is the bed quilt for my daughter in law that I HAD planned to give to her for Christmas……focusing on finishing it!! ( This planner is perfect for those of us with our quilting addiction)

  94. I love the idea of finishing a UFO once a month. I have my list of 12 projects and have already finished one. Every week I look forward to your e-mail. Love your web-site and your beautiful quilts.

  95. Happy New Year ! I have a new grandaughter arriving at the end of March so this weekend I am going to start a quilt for her arrival. I do hope I get it finished it has a bit of applique. Oh the midnight oil may be burning on this one Lol. I always like to see what you’re working on.

  96. Oh that is such a cute quilt. Great to have it done in time for Valentine’s day. I saw that planner and it is great. I wish they had one for Cross Stitch since that is my main hobby these days. I am going to finish up an ornament that is way overdue for an exchange on a online group I belong to. Best of luck to everyone on completing their projects.

  97. I, too, am participating in apqresolution this year! My “#2” is to finish piecing the top for my Ruby string quilt-the pattern is from Film in the Frig…..started it in 2012!
    Love your sweet heart quilt-perfect for Valentines Day!

  98. Awesome prize! I made a resolution this year to get organized and to work one project at a time. My first project is to finish a Christmas wall hanging that I kept putting aside.

  99. My goal is to finish Sue Garman’s Ladies of the Sea quilt. It was designed as BOM and if I stay on schedule I could have the top appliqued in a year.

  100. I am starting work on my Happy Campers Quilt! I would love to have the planner to organize my various projects and keep track of my accomplishments!

  101. I am working to finish a Eleanor Burns “Appliqué in a Day” pattern started in the ’90s! My step-daughter is getting married and it will be the perfect wedding quilt. Borders and binding is all that’s left.

  102. Good Morning Julie, I’m going to be finishing a quilt that is a birthday gift for a great grandson. Since I didn’t get it done for Christmas, I have to finish it for his birthday. Just sew the blocks together and then quilt.
    I definitely need to get organized and finish some of my projects.

  103. My daughter would really like this one. She is a single mom with 3 active boys. I am retired and just promised myself I would finish one UFO every month and use up as much old fabric as I could.

  104. I have a Thanksgiving embroidery wall hanging that I have redone 3 times over the past 3 years. It is small but would be a big relief to have completed and off my to do list. Good luck to all on this New Year journey

  105. i just finished 6 memory pillows for the children of a friend that passed last year. i wanted to have them ready on the anniversary of her passing.

  106. I am finishing up the quilting on a star quilt. It is one of the many UFOs that I have. It will be complete in the next few days! I also have the binding to sew down on a UFO wall hanging. That will be 2 done for January.

  107. I have a quilt top from years ago from when I first learned to paper piece. I think I only need to get the back done and then to The Granary to quilt! This one’s for me! Love the planner. Love your blog!

  108. I love that heart quilt!
    I am currently working on a chef table runner for my parents.
    I am going to follow your lead and try to do one UFO a month also. Thank you for the idea!

  109. My January challenge is to complete the “Winter Celebration” strip quilt by Moda. It is for my daughter’s 45th birthday which is a few days past. Love your heart quilt. It will be another project for me. Thank you!

  110. I plan to finish a block of the month was red work, etc, that I started 4 yrs ago when my hubby had surgery in NYC. Do you think I need organizational improvement?.

  111. I am just trying to clean my sewing room and I found several smaller quilts that I had totally forgotten about! I need to get organized, and if manage to list my projects, I know that I could work my way through the backlog. Tat planner sounds like the perfect answer to staying on track! Thanks for a chance to win it. 🙂

  112. Wow, I could use a planner because I am so behind on my projects I don’t know where to begin. The most important project needing to be finished is my hexagon wall hanging. It is a gift for my sister-in-law and her birthday is coming up fast.

    Thanks for thinking of all us.

  113. I am finishing a double sided table runner and starting a quilt. Those are the big things I am working on. I also have a few smaller bags and other clothing items to work on as well… and then there is whatever else I come up with as I go and get inspired. 🙂

  114. I currently have a small wall hanging that only needs the binding and backing! It’s already quilted so I just want to finish it. 🙂 I love planners!

  115. My project for January is “Duo Fang”. It’s a baby quilt with baby twin jungle animals on it in squares – so cute. It’s one of the first quilt tops I made when I started quilting, but I didn’t want to ruin it being a beginner quilter. I’m more confident now, so it’s time to get this one done.

  116. I am starting a “yellow brick road” quilt for my grandkids caregiver. She treats my grandchildren like they are her own! She is a wonderful lady. Her birthday is at the end of January so I need to get sewing! Thanks for a chance to win a great planner!

  117. My #2 project is sewing together a “Rollie Pollie” travel beg (from Cozy Nest Designs). I made seven of these for Christmas gifts and this o n e is cut and ready to finish.

  118. Where do I begin? I have several starts but not finished and a few projects begging to come to life. I need a plan to spend more time in my sewing room. I’m determined.

  119. I have to finish two table runners. My machine has been at the “spa” being refreshed and, while I had a loaner machine, my walking foot was also being serviced. One of the table runners was started for Christmas 2014, so I really want to get it done. I picked up my machine and walking foot today, so there’s no excuse now. Thanks for the giveaway and for all you do. You always have great ideas.

  120. Where do I begin? I have several starts but not finished and a few projects begging to come to life. I need a plan to spend more time in my sewing room. I’m determined to make this the year to finish and use.

  121. As I mentioned in my comment on your previous post, I am digging out my blocks I made for Laura Nowns’ Crafty BOM which aired in 2013. Now that the blocks are on my design wall I am unsatisfied with some of the color choices I made three years ago. So, today was spent in making yet again some log cabin blocks. I am finding that I may not have enough background fabric and today went to two LQSs where I struck out. Who knew that three years later I couldn’t find what I wanted. At any rate, after a few new flying geese which I hope to make tomorrow, I should be able to start sewing the blocks together. This is the only task on my table for now until the end of the month so I am still hopeful that I can end up with a completed quilt by Jan 31st.

  122. I put the binding on a quilt on Sunday that had been a UFO for awhile. Now I’m tackling the binding on another one. Plus I have two more that need quilting and binding. I’m hoping to get them all done soon sew I can move on to something new. Thank you for the giveaway! The calendar looks awesome!!

  123. Hi Julie! What a wonderful give-away! Thank you for the chance at this. I’m going to finish my “Peace on Earth” mystery quilt by Jen Daly. This is definitely the year for me to finish UFO’s & this planner will be helpful.

  124. I’m going on a road trip in a few weeks so I’m cutting out 2-1/2″ squares to make into hexagons. Also am cutting out a courthouse steps quilt, knitting a pair of mittens and crocheting a bedspread! Oh my, over-extended myself again, didn’t I?!!!

  125. I NEED to finish a couple of Christmas gifts for 2015 – a denim quilt (queen) for my granddaughter and the mantle scarf for my daughter and son-in-law – just ran out of time before hand!

  126. I’m working on a quilt for my daughter while she is away at college to keep her snuggly warm in her dorm room.
    Love reading all your posts and seeing what your working on, helps keep me motivated. Thanks for all the giveaways.

  127. My UFO for January is a wedding quilt for a dear friend. My daughter gave her a bridal shower where all the guests made a quilt block. They have been married for three years and it’s time to get it done. Still waiting for my daughters block. She was pregnant with her first child and now has three (twin boys).Will proceed with the quilt and help with her block.

  128. I’m working on a charity quilt. I’ve used fabrics from my “charity drawer” – fabrics that I no longer like, fabrics that have been given to me for this purpose, scraps from completed quilts, etc. etc. The quilts turn out to be kind of crazy-looking, but only I know that I don’t like those fabrics! I’m sure the quilt will be appreciated by whomever receives it and I have the feeling of accomplishment of sewing a quilt, giving a quilt and using up fabrics. This is my current UFO. Thanks for the chance to win a prize.

  129. I love the UFO Challenge. I’m working on a patriotic charity quilt that needs to be turned in to my Guild on this coming Saturday. Had chosen the fabrics, and this week have appliqued stars on it. It’s almost a “whole cloth” quilt except for the appliqued stars. I layered and quilted it today, so have to bind it before Saturday.

  130. I would sew love to finish my daughter’s 20th wedding anniversary quilt! It’s traditional piecing, paper piecing and applique (traced and hand cut, then satin stitched, no GO! Cutters here!!!). I started it about a year ago, and I have only one more section to piece, then I can put it all together! I even purchased machine embroidery patterns to do the quilting, since I wanted fancy but affordable!

    I think a planner just might help me get and STSY on track!

  131. I am digging out a Country Charmer, Swoon and 2013 Designer Mystery Quilt that are all in various stages. I decided that this is the year to finish all my unfinished projects and in between work on a couple of new ones. Can you say quilters ADD? Thanks for the giveaway and your wonderful posts.

  132. I have my list of UFO’s filled In but having just read your blog about the Hearts quilt(which is very lovely), it remind d me that I have. Table runner tucked away then has hearts to be appliqués and flowers on the border so that is my project for January.
    My word is “gratitude”. I am so thankful for all the friends I have made since I began involved in quilting and all the support from my local shops and Internet inspiration.

  133. My enthusiasm exceeds my time and skills. Right now I am looking forward to retiring (last working day on Feb. 26, 2016). The UFO to tackle first is a signature quilt for my husband. Intended for sometime in 2015 to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary and his 60th birthday…it includes 24 signature blocks with hand drawn pictures and poems decorated by our adult children and their families, our siblings, nieces and nephews on both sides. The white blocks are alternating with a dozen each of solid blue and green blocks. Working on the border now. Have a ways to go yet. What fun it would be to explore and plan using a Quilter’s Planner. Wish me luck.

  134. Love your heart quilt! My UFO for January is an old stack ‘n whack. I have about half the blocks made. Just need to make the rest, join them, and add the border. I won’t be quilting this one, as I’ll send it out to be quilted.

  135. Hi Julie,
    First of all, I wanted to let you know how much I reallllly appreciate all the help that you give me and I am sure a lot of other people. I’ve been sewing for 40+ years but just started making quilts about 9 months ago. Right now I am trying to finish up a quilt for my oldest son’s 40th birthday. Which was almost a month ago, ugggg. I really do need a planner. I have currently 3 other UFO’s I’ve been working on & this planner maybe my lifesaver. lol No really Thank You for the contest & also all the great help you and the other online gals do that help the rest of us figure out how to make things work.
    God Bless and keep up the great work.

  136. I made my list of projects after your challenge, and this month I am finishing two Christmas pillows (meant for 2015!) And working on a black, red, and white quilt I love. I would really enjoy the calendar and planner. Crossing my fingers!

  137. My current UFO is the Baltimore Hallowe’en quilt ( Pearl Pereira applique pattern) which needs to be blocked, bound and made ready for our local Quilt Show later this year. Due to hip surgery in October, I haven’t been able to get down on my hands and knees to do the blocking but that is about to change. I could certainly use that planner and I assure you I have lots of plans to fill it up!

  138. I have a small “happy” house quilt that I will be finishing this month. All that is left to do is some accent hand quilting with Perl Cotton.

  139. I just move so for now working in my sewing room, the first UFO will be one started in 2014 for Christmas but for sure will be ready for Christmas 2016!!!

  140. I am going to start a quilt for my new Great Grandson to be! He is due in March. I will try and do most of this quilt this month. I love the quilt that you made for your Granddaughter that is red with flowers. I am going to try and do something similar to that. Looks so cozy! The next month I have a quilt to make for a Great Granddaughter to be born in June. What fun. This will make 6 Great Grandsons and 2 Great Granddaughters. Keeps me busy just doing a quilt for each. 😉 Love your heart quilt. Know you will do a beautiful job quilting it. Thanks for all you do for all of us! Would love to win the planner.

  141. Need a planner and this one looks terrific. My word for this year is Finish, as in finish all the UFO’s that have accumulated over the last few years…

  142. Hi – This is the first time I’m commenting on your blog; but I’ve been following you for a while and enjoy your inspiration. I am inspired by your 2016 Resolution. I have been so busy in life, and with my own small business, that my quilting hobby has certainly gotten laid aside. I’d like to tackle and finish the simple denim quilt I have planned for my brother this month. That’s my plan!

  143. I am working on my great nephew, Gate’s, quilt. His first quilt has went missing. He would like a quilt like his siblings have.

  144. I am going to work on a few valentine pillows just as soon as I get over this bronchitis! Going on 4 weeks being sick. Not fun. I have been drooling over the quilter’s planner. Hope I win. Thanks so much for your great inspiration.

    1. Had bronchitis myself for the first time two years ago. Not fun is right. Coughed so much threw out my back so recovery was long. Drink water. Lots ans lots of water. Hope you feel better soon.

  145. I am working on finishing the quilting on the Farmer’s Wife. Perfect for Valentines Day! It is red and turquoise! Love your heart quilt.

  146. I love the heart quilt, good choice for Jan. Little ones are my favorite to quilt. I just finished the appliqué on two blocks that were samples that I used teaching hand appliqué techniques years ago. Need to find a little go-with fabric, will do some hand quilting and turn them into a two-sided little pillow for Amy’s second birthday in Feb.
    Susan in Dublin

  147. Love your heart project—About time you got around to it !! :):):)

    I’m working on finishing a top with 30’s and 40’s fabric that I’ve collected for years. My goal: to finish by the end of Jan. Thanks for the “nudge” 00’s Libby

  148. I am trying to finish “Fantasy Flowers”, by Sarah Vedeler, table runner. It is suppose to be a Christmas present for my sister-in-law. Hopefully I will get it finished it up before the end of the month. I love your heart quilt, good luck finishing it.

  149. Right now I am working on the farmers wife 1930 quilt, a table runner that I can’t remember when I started, and I want to make a valentines gift for my daughter. I need a push as I am a newbie and I have gotten myself overwhelmed!
    I love your heart quilt and great that it will be done for Valentines Day.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win a planner. God knows I need to get organized. Happy 2016

  150. I’ll be finishing up a quilt using hoarded scraps of Denyse Schmidt’s Hope Valley. The quilt is a housewarming gift for a dear friend, who moved into her new home in November. I clearly need help with project follow-through, and would love to win the planner. Thanks!

  151. I have started working on a baby quilt for a someday way in the future great grandchild. It is sort of a ufo and a new project. The fabric has been cut out for a couple of months.

  152. I have a jelly roll race quilt from a few years ago that just needs the binding finished. A friend asked last year if she could have it, so I really want to finish it. It is my goal for January.

  153. Finishing a UFO a month is perfect for me! I have a Fig Tree Little Lollies quilt that I had partially quilted and then go distracted. It is my #2 on the list and i’m very happy to be working on it to finish it.

  154. I’m going to finish the pinwheel table runner I started a few years ago. Just like your heart quilt, it’s ready for quilting and binding but the poor thing keeps getting put on the bottom of the pile.

  155. I am working on The Women of the Bible quilt have the blocks put together but have to make 3 borders for it yet. Also for 2016 am trying to use up my scraps. making the 365 circle blocks and 6 1/2 square strip quilting Thanks
    for the chance to win the book Quilt planner.

  156. how cute is that heart quilt, just love it so going to make one for Age Concern here in Auckland New Zealand! I am sure it will be treasured and many thanks for the pattern as I really scratch my head at times to think of something ne!

  157. Hi Julie: I love this UFO challenge. I feel sew motivated to finish mine. This month I’ll be finishing a mesh tote. I made one for a Christmas gift and cut out the extra material to make a tote for myself.

  158. I am working on 2 baby quilts. One for a niece who will be here in April and the other one for my new grandson!

  159. I just finished a heart baby quilt. This is for our nephew and his wife who have been on an adoption list for several years. They got the call a few weeks ago and brought home baby Sami. It just seemed like a heart quilt was the right thing to make for this sweet little girl.

  160. I am definitely finishing my feathered stars( yes, stars, plural) with the feathered border! I also want to finish an old Thimbleberries Club top! Yes, they will be quilted on a longarm. I will do the Thimbleberries one, but I will send out the other one!

  161. I am trying to finish my first Downton Abbey quilt. It seemed appropriate with the start of the final season.

  162. Like many, my plan is to work on some of my neglected projects this year. I have 21 projects that are in progress in some fashion, and many more that are ideas, patterns, sorted fabric, etc. In January, I’ll be working on a Round Robin (for February’s Guild meeting), a Jacqueline DeJonge paper pieced quilt, placemats for my sister (Part Two of a Christmas gift), and some pillows to donate for Breast Cancer patients. I’m off to a quilt retreat this weekend, so I’m hopeful that I’ll make a big dent is that list!

  163. In January, I am making a princess theme wall hanging for a friend’s granddaughter for her 6th birthday at the end of March. Love that this project is time-bound, with a hard stop, as the gift has to be shipped to Hong Kong! Great motivation to get going on it.

  164. I have a million UFO’s to complete this year. And I’m determined to do just that. Right now I’m trying to finish joining the Bento Box blocks I made in 2015. The quilt is for a dear friend and I want her to have it as soon as possible. I have admired the planner several times, but decided its just a little too costly at this time. Winning it would be lovely. Thanks for the great blog, I love all you do.

  165. I love your heart qui,t I have a heart pattern I have not made yet ( along with way more I can’t even count) anyway, I hope to sew a little each day to ” catch up and some new stuff too to keep my sanity. I would love to get a planner to if its possible to oranize better. Love your blog. How’s your word working for you?


  166. I want to finish putting binding on two quilts as well as finish a quilt for my grandson with trucks on it.

  167. I am not eligible for the prize, I am in Australia, Lovely quilt top by the way, Thank you for the planner Idea, I will look out for one myself! I make quilts for charity, I am working on a coffee request at the moment.

  168. I’m working on a bear paw quilt. The top is over 10 years old (yikes). I make the back 2 years ago and quilted it last year. This year I resolve to finish binding it!

  169. Hi Julie,
    I’m not from Canada or US , but I still like to let you know what I’m working on . Trying to finish some cute pretty liberty drawstring pouches that need some hexagon applications from a spoonful of sugar . I love all your things and have been making a couple of each . I made tons of Christmas tree mug rugs from your tutorial, made them into coasters and cards and everybody loved them so much ! I love your heart quilt you gonna finish . I hope to find some time to try make one ! Thank you for everything with all my heart !

  170. I need to finish up a baby quilt. I always get stalled after the piecing is done. Can’t tell you how many I have in this condition! I love your little heart quilt, & I’m perfectly confident that you won’t mess it up with the quilting! Thanks for the chance to win the planner:)

  171. I am also hoping to get my heart quilt finished. It is different than yours though. The top is finished. I just need to sandwich it/ quilt it/ bind it. I would love to win the planner. Good luck to you (and me) to get our Quilts completed

  172. I have partially quilted my Sue Spargo birds wool quilt. I enlarged the birds. I have uilt d around the birds and the main background elements, but have to uilt in the open areas. I finished the top months ago

  173. I love your heart quilt! I need to work on my hand pieced hexagon quilt and a wall quilt that says Let It Snow which shouldn’t take too long to finish, if I can find the time to sit down at my machine.

  174. Doing the Moda Sampler Shuffle and a jelly roll quilt. Also finishing up a mystery QAL from last year.

  175. I am currently working on quilting three quilts – 1 for my son, 1 for my daughter, and 1 for a friend. They are sandwiched but need to be quilted and bound.

  176. Hello, Julie! UFO for January: my Hawaiian Spring Petals Table Topper needs quilting and binding 😉 BTW: I loved that QAL. I learned about monofilament thread for appliqué, thermolan plus for batting in projects like these (I’ve already been through almost a whole bolt!), and how to bind an “inside corner” on a quilt as in the Spring Petals Table Topper. I’m already a winner by following you and learning so much from your posts!! 🙂 Thank you!

  177. I’m working on Bonnie Hunters Allietare. Thank you for the opportunity to win a planner. I really need one…

  178. I’m currently finishing an e-reader cover for my son who is leaving shortly. I’ve got the fabrics picked and some pieces selected to make an Outlined Plus quilt. Also have some small plus blocks sewn to make into a table topper. Lots and lots of fun. Know I won’t get as far as quilting.

  179. I sure could use a little planning for this new year! My hubby had spinal surgery and now hip replacement. All this got me all mixed up and confused. My sewing room became a mess and project stacked up.Now I’ve got to plan how to get me out of the mess of the last months. I dread what I face every time I pass the door! This is going to take planning to get back to my life and my quilt projects I can’t wait to do!

  180. Hi Julie,
    I eagerly look forward to your postings and the inspiration they bring. I have plenty of UFO’s, and the first one on my list is a sewing machine mat and cover for my daughter’s birthday. I truly appreciate this challenge as it might keep me on track.

  181. I am inspired by just reading your post… one UFO/one project a month seem doable and challenging for a new quilter, I am still learning to sew a straight lines. This month I am trying to finish my 4 patch scrappy block & make it into a quilt. I do like The Quilter’s Planner … it would be a big deal to win one for myself but any quilter will be happy to get one it would be a big help to organize. Thank you

  182. Happy 2016 Julie! I am working on a Christmas quilt I started last June and didn’t get finished before this past Christmas. I am bound and determined to have it done before Christmas 2016!! I think a planner would be so helpful for me to see on a monthly basis project goals. Thanks for the opportunity.

  183. I have a BOM, it’s a Christmas quilt, that is 4 or 5 years old. It’s really nice. I have finally finished putting it together and my goal is to quilt it. I really need that planner! Thanks for the giveaway, Julie.

  184. Great giveaway. Thanks so much for sharing. I’ve got 4-5 options that I could work on – most are final borders and final quilting.

  185. Aloha Julie, My UFO is a darling Ann Sutton’s Bunny Hill Design “Snow Bound”. It has twelve blocks with snow people and thirteen Irish chain blocks which are intimidating!!! Plan to have it finished by the end of January. I think I will try to quilt it myself. There are lots of embellishments and other sweet things – this is far more complicated than most of the quilts I make. Your heart quilt is darling. Love your blog and the projects you are sharing with the group. Mahalo for the opportunity to win the quilter’s planner. I have never seen one before!

  186. Hi, Julie! I am working on finishing a baby quilt top for my quilt guild’s challenge. The finished quilts will all go to Project Linus.

  187. I want to finish my EPP Rose Star this week as I have other EPP’s projects in the wings and want to keep up. I know friends who ordered the Planner but I didn’t. With swaps and quilt-alongs it seems it would be very useful. Maybe I’ll get lucky!

  188. I am working on a wedding quilt for my daughter and son-in-law. I hope I get it finished sometime before their anniversary! (their wedding is 1/16/16)

    xo Linda

  189. I am working on 2 things -getting my sewing room back to some semblance of order and a disappearing hour glass for my bedroom.

  190. I’m sure I have enough UFO’s, to have at least one per month or more! I love the idea of using 2016 as a start to “Get those Darn UFO’s done”!! I would love to win your prize, I live in Kamloops, BC, Canada. Thanks for the great idea of one per month.
    First off, on my list, is my Heron Quilt that I am half way through machine quilting!

  191. I am working on a wall hanging with a pieced background and birch trees and leaves appliqué on top. It has been a lot of fun. Thanks for the chance to win a planner!

  192. My UFO for January is a bed runner. I am making it from BOM kits that I have had forever. (Anyone remember Fabrics And Fun that was in Milpitas). I decided not to do a full quilt, but just making 4 blocks for a bed runner. Kind of like killing two birds with one project!

  193. If I was really good, I’d pick up last year’s ufo challenge list and finish the 4 I didn’t quite get done. But….First, I’m going to reorder my projects on the list I made (I just cannot start the year with assembling cotton Club). And perhaps spread some projects over 2 months like you did (If Julie did it, it must be legit.)

    But what I really am going to work on this month is finishing up the hedgehog pillow that my daughter pieced while she was here for the holiday. Needs quilting and assembling into a pillow. She saw it last summer while we were visiting in Saratoga Springs NY and wanted to do it with me for a friend of hers who loves hedgehogs. And she did a good job; it’s adorable – so I should follow through and finish it.

  194. I am going to finish the Bailey dog quilt I started in Mary Kay’s class! See you Friday! So far we have the mama hen, the farmhouse, and the kettle for BOM votes. Not too many have come in yet.

  195. That is a fantastic giveaway! I looked at the planner several times, but opted not to buy it. So, fingers crossed! I’m working on finishing up piecing a UFO top, Dot-to-Dot pattern by Sew Kind of Wonderful.

  196. This is the best plan for me! I have a sampler quilt that I started 17+ years ago and I am nearing the last block needed for completion! Still have to do the quilt backing, borders, etc. I know I will have it done by the end of the month.

  197. I want to quilt a Christmas tree quilt that is for me. i made it two years ago but I keep pushing it aside for other projects that are for other people. Hoping I start working on it this week.

  198. I am also participating in the UFO challenge. For January, the second item on my list is the Mondo Bag….so, that is what I am working on.

  199. Your heart quilt is so pretty! What a great idea to finish something for Valentine’s Day. I will finish a heart pillow top that is all quilted and ready to be made into a pillow/wall hanging.

  200. I am planning to finish my Mexican Star quilt that was started in a quilting class I took last fall. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  201. Julie, I love your quilt top! I am working on a set of mug mats this month with chocolate embroidery designs, of course for a chocolate lover, and finishing quilting a girl donation quilt.

  202. One unfinished Christmas wall quilt is almost done—just needs
    the binding sewn down. will do this Thursday when my quilt group
    meets. Thanks for getting me moving.

  203. The heart quilt is adorable. I downloaded the All People Quilt UFO challenge for 2016 and am still working on about 6 of the projects from my 2015 UFO challenge, so I just transferred them…. Still that leaves me with 6 open spaces for other UFO’s… Trouble is that now I’ve started a new quilt for a baby due this month – oh well

  204. I am working on a signature quilt, have been working on it for close to a year and a half. Got the top together, now need the borders and to pick a backing for it. Would like to get it done within the month so I can get going on other UFO’s I have. Oldest is from the mid 1970’s—it is a EPP Grandmothers flower garden, need to get the final row of flowers on and then outside pieces.

  205. I have two completed quilt tops. 2016 will be my year to learn the steps for completing them. Since I am new to quilting this is not something I have ever done yet. Fingers crossed. kathleendotlutzatcomcastdotnet

  206. Right now, I’m working on a Christmas quilt that I started before LAST Christmas. I had thought I’d finish for this Christmas, but I’m using a new technique for quilting it. I’m using “rulers” with my regular sewing machine, and it is taking longer than I had expected. I am going to keep at it until it is finished, and not work on anything else until it is done!

  207. I will be finishing a jelly roll tree skirt. I have it pieced and have it ready to quilt; just need to quilt it! I have been practicing the all-over holly quilting I plan to use on it. Now, I just need to get’er done. Then, I’ll be all set for NEXT Christmas, haha. I’m not behind, I’m ahead!

  208. I’m so glad you posted the All People Quilt Challenge. I’m ready for a push this year, with too many UFO’s to consider. I’ll be gone for much of January, but hope to begin in earnest when I return. Today’s task is the list! With luck I’ll fit in a few hours of work of one of them before I leave!

  209. I’m finishing a large colorful quilt for Shamika, a woman who lives in substandard housing with her 2 kids. Her husband is in prison. One in 4 women in the US have a loved one in jail. My daughter directs Essie Justice Group, that helps these women. Shamika, bravely ,is a public face of Essie. She has even testified before Congress. The quilt is taking forever! I do not enjoy making the same block over and over again. But I want to present it in Feb when I visit Essie, and my amazing daughter!

  210. Your heart quilt is very cute and nice that it will be finished by Valentine’s day. I haven’t picked my UFO yet since I’m finishing binding on two quilts. When done I’ll go into the “deep storage” and pick one-hopefully before the 12th. Don’t know if I’ll get one a month done but I certainly want to do at least one every two months. And I ordered the Quilters Planner -thanks for that, it should help keep me on track. Good luck to you and all the other UFOers.

  211. Love the hearts quilt! I finished a binding I had been dragging my feet on and now am working on a Riley Blake quilt I started in October, for a sweet granddaughter.

  212. I’m currently working on a quilt I found in my needs to be quilted pile. It wasn’t ready to be quilted. The applique was fused but not stitched in place. There’s also a new Valentine project scattered about the studio. Hopefully the cutting will begin soon. Thanks for a chance to win a planner that I obviously need.

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