I Love Home BOM month 3 and giveaway

It’s always exciting to unveil the latest block for Jacquelynne Steves’ I Love Home BOM.  This is month three, and there is another great giveaway (now closed) at the end of this blog post.  Also, make sure to visit Jacquelynne Steves’ blog for this month’s latest information.

Jacquelynne Steve's I Love Home BOM Month 3, block made by Julie Cefalu


If you’ve been keeping up with me, you’ll know I have chosen a season to represent each block for this BOM.  Each block will become a mini quilt.  This month I’m going with Winter!  I substituted a Christmas tree for the flower and used colors that give it a holiday feel.

Jacquelynne Steve's I Love Home BOM Month 3, block made by Julie Cefalu


This is such a charming block!  I found a silver fabric with glittery accents for the ground.  It looks like sparkling snow in the right light.  I love the gingham windows and the hearts (which could have been Christmas wreaths, but mine looked like donuts, so….no).

Jacquelynne Steve's I Love Home BOM Month 3, block made by Julie Cefalu

Jacquelynne Steve's I Love Home BOM Month 3, block made by Julie Cefalu


I used matching Aurifil cotton thread for the applique stitching and a zig zag stitch.  It took me an hour to complete the machine applique.  I also used a stabilizer underneath to keep things, well you know, stable!

Here are the three seasons that I’ve completed so far:

Jacquelynne Steve's I Love Home BOM Month 3, block made by Julie Cefalu


This month’s block has a unique component which is the half-rectangle unit that makes up the star portion of the block.  It’s a little tricky, so make sure to read the instructions (I did not get it on the first try).  Jacquelynne has done a great half-rectangle triangle tutorial on this unit which includes a video.  It’s very helpful, so make sure to watch it.

Jacquelynne Steve's I Love Home BOM Month 3, block made by Julie Cefalu

Jacquelynne Steve's I Love Home BOM Month 3, block made by Julie Cefalu

Jacquelynne Steve's I Love Home BOM Month 3, block made by Julie Cefalu


A few points to remember:  The HRT’s need to be 4″ x 5″ finished and half of them need to mirror image the other half.

Jacquelynne Steve's I Love Home BOM Month 3, block made by Julie Cefalu


Your units will be oversized, so you’ll make a template from freezer paper to trim them down to 4 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ unfinished.  The corners will be slightly offset – which is what it takes to make the 1/4″ seam allowance just right.

Jacquelynne Steve's I Love Home BOM Month 3, block made by Julie Cefalu

Jacquelynne Steve's I Love Home BOM Month 3, block made by Julie Cefalu


It’s a lot easier than it looks, so don’t be put off by this one.  I really like this technique!

Jacquelynne Steve's I Love Home BOM Month 3, block made by Julie Cefalu


This month’s giveaway is sponsored by I Love Buttons, Etc., and includes a beautiful collection of buttons, charms and gifts.  Update:  This giveaway is now closed.

Jacquelynne Steve's I Love Home BOM Month 3, block made by Julie Cefalu

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment telling me your favorite size quilt to make – mini, king, tablerunner, etc.   I love small projects that I can get done quickly such as table runners, mug rugs and mini quilts.  You have until October 8, 2017 to enter! CLOSED

Here are the giveaway rules:

  • To enter, leave a comment telling me your favorite size quilt to make
  • You must comment by 11:59 pm PST on October 8, 2017.  (Closed)
  • Your email MUST be included in your profile information or in your comment. If I choose your name and I cannot contact you, I will choose another name.
  • Giveaway is open to all.
  • Winner will be chosen at random.

Make sure to be inspired by visiting all of the other featured bloggers and enter their giveaways too.

Make sure to use the hashtag #ILoveHomeQuilt on social media.  Also, check out Jacquelynne’s Facebook group page to see the blocks that everyone else is making.


Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful day!




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  1. I enjoy all sizes of quilts. I have made up to queen size on my domestic machine. I like the lap quilts the most.

  2. HI I love your block…the colors are perfect together…….I love to make queen size quilts and wall hangings…. 🙂 thanks for the entry!!

  3. I make all sizes but only nake bed sizes as special gifts ie: I’m making a king size bargello quilt for my daughter for Christmas, I mush prefer wall size quilts and make a lot of place-mats and quilted scrap book covers as gifts.

  4. Most of the quilts I make are lap size so I would have to say that is my favorite. I love your block and your idea for making each of your blocks a different season.

  5. My favorite size quilt to make is either wall hangings or table runners. I do make larger ones, but enjoy the smaller quilts much more.

  6. Hi, my favorite size quilts to make are twin and the row by row and mug rugs. You feel like you get something done and can make for everyone in your family. I purchased a new sewing machine this summer and trying to get used to all the great bells and whistles. I have had a few quilted by a professional, but would like to do more of the quilts myself. The quilt as you go method allows me to do it all, so I am also learning a few new ways to do QAYG.

  7. I have so many that I like, such as baby quilts, lap, table runners, mug rugs, table toppers, pot holders, queen size quilts, as well as block of the months. I love making quilts & such, it is so relaxing. My mom (rest her soul) taught me how to make quilts.

  8. I always think “wall/door hanging” when I see a new pattern. Love to take an individual square and create borders that make it my very own and gift friends throughout the year…not just for Christmas or birthdays. Second choice is mug rug/candle mats! Cute, inexpensive gifts and always appreciated. Love your seasonal designs!

  9. I don’t have a favorite size of quilt. It depends on what I’m making it for. I make lots of pillows and throw size, because those quilts I can be sure will be used.

  10. I’ve made all sizes. Mostly twin size as I have 3 grandsons with twin beds. Have yet to finish the queen size for our bed. Next projects will be smaller.

  11. I’ve actually gotten really addicted to making wall hangings, I just love them! I make quilts of all sizes though, my second favorite is probably lap quilts.

  12. I’m new to quilting but I’ve made 1 king, 1 queen, & 1 full size quilt. I make the quilt tops and then send them off to be quilted. I’m working on a Bear Paw/Claw now that I think I’m going to try to quilt myself. Please pray for me!

  13. I’m fairly new to quilting and have yet to finish an entire quilt. I’ve gotten several blocks done and I’ve made a few mug rugs, but I haven’t done a quilt yet… So, I guess that, for now, mug rugs are my favorite. 😉

  14. I have yet to finish anything bigger small wall hangings but I can’t wait to finish a queen size bed spread for my bed

  15. I love making table runners, toppers, lap size! I love all quilting, stitching and sewing. I. Love making queen size for my bed as well. Quilting is my therapy. ❤

  16. I guess my favorite is a lap quilt. They come together quickly so I can get started on something else.

  17. Hi. I mostly make queen/full size quilts but love minis and mug rugs too! Thanks for a chance to win!

  18. I like making smaller wall hangings, table runners, lap quilts – have enough of the larger quilts for now. I love changing out the decorations in my home for the seasons.

  19. I love making King and Queen sized quilts. I love the idea that someone will be all snuggled up under something that I made with love. I wish that I did not have to sleep (or clean the house) so that I could quilt around the clock. I have only made one wall quilt so far, but that was a blast!

  20. My favorite size quilt to make is lap sized. They take longer than a mini or table runner but I can see more of a design in this size without feeling overwhelmed by a task that will take me years to complete (not that I have even completed many of these). There is still hope, though!

  21. I like making small – to – medium wallhangings, because I get them done! I really like to finish large-ish nap quilts because they give the owners hugs from me!

  22. I make mostly queen size quilts since everyone I make them for has queen size beds. If I am not msking those, then I am making baby blankets or I am doing a charity or custom quilt. But mostly Queens. I am looking at long arm machines right now because, though my quilting skills are very good and my quilts are lovely if i do say so myself, it us killing my arthritis to get those big quilts done on a domestic machine. Eeeek.

  23. I like making small art quilts maybe the largest at 20 x 20. Quilted postcards are my very favorite…4 x 6. You know, instant gratification!!!

  24. My favorite quilt size to make is a lap quilt. Mainly because I dont have a longarm and so I can do lap quilts easily on my regular machine.

  25. I love to make baby quilts! And table runners. I’m recovering from a foot surgery so anything small to make is really helping as I am stuck home. Love your blog

  26. right now I am into making wall hangings so I can have enough to change out each month of the year. I just had my husband mount a second hanging unit on my dining room wall so I can hang more than one at at time. I need to get a new baby quilt made for another great grand Child who is due about Christmas so will stop on the wall hangings for a while.

  27. I love making lap quilts; quicker to finish and not get set aside and forgotten. I really love your idea of making a season quilt, that has to go on my list!

  28. I love making quilts queen size is a good size, because I want them to fit a bed anc it isn’t too big and not really small. of course I love all size quilting items. Thank you for giveaway. my email is [email protected] just incase..

  29. I find that I’m making a lot of lap size quilts now (for my church charity group). I’m ready for a bigger project! Btw, I love how you’ve made these blocks into each season. Very clever and adorable!

  30. Love your blocks. My favorite items to make are table runners, wall hangings and mini quilts. I need to do a project I know I will finish. Haven’t done a bed quilt yet.

  31. I love making table runners, wall hangings, totes and queen size quilts are my favorite. Love your seasonal blocks.

  32. Your blocks are so cute! I love that there is one for each season 🙂 My favorite things to make are smaller projects, table runners, minis, and wall hanging so I can get them done quickly and move onto another project.

  33. you are so clever. I love to make large throw quilts. Almost a single but not quite. Unfortunately they take me too long. I’m struggling to get them finished.

  34. I love your seasonal houses. I just decided I need to make a second quilt. It is hard to pick just one favorite size quilt. If I don’t want to spend an enormous amount of time, I will make table runners, mug rugs, and placemats. These are also great for a quick gift and can usually be made without a trip to the fabric store or waiting for an order to arrive. When making a bed quilt, I usually make a queen size even though it does require a big investment of time and fabric. I am hoping that in the not too distant future I can begin making baby quilts. Still looking forward to becoming a grandmother (in the next few years?)!

    jedevers (at) comcast (dot) net

  35. I love making any size quilt.
    Quilting is so much fun…I usually create my own patterns but also enjoy trying others as well

  36. Hi, my favorite is a lap size but one can have too many of them. I ususally make twin size but I need to make king size. BTW I really like your idea of the 4 seasons. I am going to “share” that idea with you. 🙂 Robin

  37. I love making all sizes but like to have a few small items like table runners & placemats on the go when I am working on large quilts so I can have something quick to do as a pick me up on time poor days.

  38. I love making mini quilts. I’ve been doing a lot of swaps on IG and many include a mini quilt. I think you have a perfect solution of making seasonal mini’s with the BOM rather than a big quilt. Maybe I’ll go back and catch up with that idea. Love your giveaway but especially your seasonal idea for the blocks.
    Marsha ([email protected])

  39. I love making small wall hangings, quilts, mug rugs because they are quick, you can try out new techniques without investing in a large project and I GET THEM FINISHED! Bonus!

  40. I love mini quilts, because they never end up in the closet as a UFO waiting to be quilted. They’re fast, and I feel great when I finish more that one in a week!

  41. Hello :-). I love receiving your e-mails. Gosh, my favourite type of quilt to make, hmmm. Wellll, I have PLANS to make all kinds, and so far have only made minis to use for bags or cushion covers. I have plans to make placemats, full size twin and queen quilts for my immediate family, and mugrugs for Christmas gifts. I am most excited to make my wall hangings though, haha. I think I have 12 or more lined up. I love creating, haha.

  42. I think that most of my quilts are lap size or a little larger. I have started making larger quilts so that they can cover more of a bed. I like the smaller quilts to give to friends and I can complete them quicker.

  43. Love your block!!!! I enjoy making small quilts best from mini to table runners. Get them done! Big quilts are a pain to wrestle with now.

  44. I love small projects so wall-hangings have been my go-to quilt project for years. Now, I am running out of wall space but he fabric stash remains so I have been making more practical items like table runners and potholders.

  45. Hi and thank you for the tips. I too am doing each block as a different season. I love to make mini quilts for quick satisfaction and lap size quilts

  46. I love your four seasons idea for this BOM. My favorite quilt size is about 36 by 36 for wall hangings.

  47. I love making wall hangings because they are easier to handle. I just finished an (almost) king-sized row by row quilt with 10 rows and some extra pieced rows to complete it. Stitching it together wasn’t so bad, but adding the borders was a little more challenging – but fun!!

  48. Hi Julie, I get so inspired by seeing various designers and then seeing different interpretations of the same blocks. I enjoy making mini quilts and often hanging them so I can add interesting buttons etc, just love buttons, I often buy the buttons then hunt for the correct pattern to compliment my chosen buttons. Thanks for sharing with us and for your generosity.

  49. I’m not a great quilter, only been doing it for a year for something to do instead of cooking (cos then I’ll eat what I make), but I prefer small projects like placemats and tablerunners. That way I can pride myself on having done lots and lots of work!! and they are quick to put together if I want to gift something.

  50. I like making table runners best, because they are quicker to make and you can start using them sooner than a large project. They are for the dining room table, and I change them with the season. I like having a variety of choices.

  51. I love your block! My favorite size quilt to make is a baby quilt. Easy to manage since I can’t don’t have a long arm.

  52. I am still very new to quilting so I like smaller projects so I can feel I accomplished something and not get discouraged.

  53. My favorite size quilt to make us queen size. All of my spare beds are queen size so I like to make seasonal quilts for each bed.

  54. I like to make mini quilts for the same reason you do. I really like to finish quickly, instant gratification as they say.

  55. Like many of us I love to expand my horizons and try different sizes and styles. My last finished quilt was a mini 20″ x 17″ . What a wonderful little project which I could hand quilt. Now I have two more planned. [email protected]

  56. My favorite size is lap size..so many great patterns to make one for curling up on the couch this fall!

  57. Lately I’ve been making table runners as are relatively fast to complete. I do have some lap sized quilts in progress. Will save my pennies to have them quilted by cheque.

  58. I just downloaded the block. I love how yours really looks like winter. Lately ,I have been making table toppers and smaller wall hangings like 36×36

  59. Thanks for the tips on the BOM. I love to make baby quilts, because well babies:) and generous sized throw quilts for snuggling up and switching out with seasons.

  60. I love making lap throws or twin ouilts. I did tackle a queen size for myself . I had to do it in 5 sections, as it would not otherwise fit in my machine. Love your designs. Have a great day

  61. So far, I’ve made from mini to a king size and I have loved them all. I’ve only been quilting for three years so I don’t think I have a favorite size yet but the mini was quick to finish.

  62. My favourite size quilt to make is queen size! However I have not completed anything that I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed making!

  63. We call them ” nap quilts” at our house.
    We are a family of after lunch snappers on weekends.
    They have the length customized for the 6′ 4 ” men and 5’4″ women. Width is usually 45″.

  64. I love a lap quilt. I’m new to quilting and feel it gives me more immediate gratification right now! I adore the idea of a seasonal mini!

  65. They have to be useful, functional and cuddly. I prefer twin or oversized lap. The size works for the charity I donate to.

  66. I tend to make queen sized, but for wedding gifts, I think I’ll change to lap size.
    I love your Christmas trees!

  67. I make full size bed quilts mostly but I love making any size quilt I am getting a late start on the block of the month as I just moved and don’t have my craft and quilting room set up yet. Happy quilting all

  68. Julie, I am just like you and prefer smaller projects like table runners, mug rugs and mini quilt to hang on the wall. Baby quilts are fun, too! duchick at gmail dot com

  69. Hi Julie. I prefer smaller quilts such as lap size and below. First of all I don’t get bored with it and secondly it usually gets finished faster as there is less to do. I have been making wall hangings,table toppers and placements as well as children’s quilts for charity.

  70. I love to make small lap quilts and mug rugs, as I have broken both arms in the past and hard for me to handle large quilts. I love to try though. Thanks for chance to win.

  71. Last quilt was an oversize queen as a wedding gift for our daughter. This one I completed myself from start to finish. Now working on smaller, more manageable, easily doable projects – a Halloween wall hanging, some minis/mug rugs for Xmas gifts & a twin for our grandson. Love your seasons idea for I Love Home blocks!
    dixie dot mcadam at gmail dot com

  72. I love to do mini quilts and use them as gifts. Love your block – reminds me I need to get busy with some Christmas gifts!

  73. I love making mini quilts –to give a away- and to hang on my mini quilt stand (my daughter and I both have one) I’ve even made my daughter and I seasonal ones and some in between as I’m able to quilt them myself using stencils that I had read about on a blog (yours of course ) If I had known this would be mini seasonal quilts -what you had planned -I would of have copied your idea! I think it’s great– and all your blocks are beautiful as always. Esp the glitter fabric — I love glitter fabric. And always pick some up as I find it in shops !

  74. I LOVE to make mini quilts and table runners as they are quick and easy. Just finished a series of said items for fall with a sunflower theme (mini quilt and table runner). To make them more festive, I sewed buttons and bees on the petals of the sunflowers. Soooooooooo adorable.!!! Today I start my Halloween themed items (mini quilts will be a witches hat and spider; table runner will be a series of pumpkins. All will be accented with Halloween themed buttons purchased at my local sewing store). Can’t wait to get them completed and on display.

  75. Big or small – I love them all. Right now, I’m intrigued by mug rugs and lap/twin size quilts and using up ,y precuts stash.

  76. I love the new blog and the new blocks. Thanks so much for sharing. Traditionally I usually make queen size quilts but am enjoying lap size now.

  77. I love small projects, wall hangings and table runners. I mostly do them to take a break from a big, time-consuming project–need the immediate gratification of a quick finish now and then.

  78. I prefer lap size or smaller. Twin is the biggest I’ve done, and that was difficult to quilt on my sewing machine.

  79. I have made quilts up to king size, but I prefer the smaller ones so I can see what they look like quicker.

  80. Being a beginner quilter I like to make 60 inch quilts. I have a Janome machine with an 11 inch harp that helps with this.

  81. #ILoveHomeQuilts – I like making crib quilts, table runners, single bed size quilts and landscape quilts.

  82. I’m with you about small, quick to finish projects. That said, the last 2 quilts I completed were king size and queen size. . . go figure?! I’m finding that my favorite part of a quilt is the quilting.

  83. I love making table runner and table toppers. Otherwise they sit in my need to be quilted bin because I hate the sandwich process:)

  84. I am new to quilting and learning all I can. Right now I am just doing one block at a time. That way my mind is not overloaded with so much to sew. I can handle just one block right now.

  85. Twin quilts seem to be the size I make the most, although we just changed our 3 kids’ rooms into guest rooms and now I need Queen size quilts to go on the new beds.

  86. My favorite are mini’s. I just finished three for my granddaughter’s triple bunk bed for her 18 inch dolls!

  87. My favorite size of quilt to make is mini and small wall hanging sizes. They are small enough for me to quilt easily

  88. Julie, as usual your interpretation of the BOM is gorgeous. You have a great eye for color and placement. I really love making baby quilts – they are so fun.

  89. I have a few larger quilts for our beds but I love to change out decorations through out the year, so I am now making minis and table toppers when I can. Not sure my husband really “notices” my constant changes, but he says the house looks “homey”!

  90. i have made queen sized all the way down to 8 by 10 size. Now that I am getting older, I really enjoy making the smaller lap-size and wall-hanging size. Can’t handle the larger ones as well. Your block is beautiful and your points are amazing!! Not sure I want to try that technique but you nailed it. Thanks for the giveaway.

  91. I always enjoy lap sized quilts but lately it seems I’m all about table runners. I’ve been making them like mad!

  92. I enjoy making small machine appliquéd wall quilts. Usually I add just a little bit of bling to give them extra sparkle — really makes them pop!

  93. Since I have a new granddaughter(5 mo old), I enjoy making things for her. I made her a The Teddy Bears Picnic quilt, which I made into a wall hanging. These blocks would make her a cute quilt. I have made a variety of size of quilts from small one block up to king size quilts.

  94. I already have too many bed-size quilts. I am into minis and table toppers or table runners now. Guess I’ll go to potholders next.

  95. My favorite size is a lap quilt because then I am able to do the quilting on my little machine myself. 🙂

  96. I like to make full to queen size quilts with variety of small projects thrown in between for variety–and quicker finishes!

  97. Hi Julie: Mostly, I have made full or lap size quilts but I am thinking that tabletoppers might be more manageable and more likely to be finished. Thank you for showing me a very quick photo essay about fabric placement.

  98. I like to make large quilts. I actually do not mind spending all the time involved in creating them. It is my relaxation!!

  99. My favorite size right now is baby quilt – I think for the creativity and the destination! Love when I see a baby on the new quilt.

  100. I don’t have a favorite size yet as I am still a beginner. I would like to make a king size quilt someday.

  101. I can’t really say I have a favorite size, I have made 6 or 7 baby quilts, and 4 queen size quilts. I am always thinking of throws I want to make.

  102. this is such a sweet block. I love to make baby quilts, table runners, placemats, pillows, etc. I will be trying applique for the first time. I made a flimsy baby quilt that was all 2 1/2 squares bunny from Patch Palls. And I want to put an applique smile on the bunny. What stabilizer works well for you?
    quilting dash lady at Comcast dot net

  103. I love them all but I absolutely love making minis … they are on the wall, on tables, my bookshelf … wherever there is a flat surface. Minis are Me … lol Thanks, Julie …

    1. My favorite quilts to make lately are table runners, wall hangings and mug rugs and place mats and pot holders. They are so quick to finish and fun. I like simple patterns, nothing crazy. I’m trying to get lots of practice free motion quilting on my Bernina, and what better way to practice then doodle on small projects? I’m getting real good at it and having so much fun trying the different quilting patterns. I have made 5 queen size quilts for my 5 granddaughters, and send out for the quilting, and that was so expensive. I think I will try a laptop quilt for Christmas.

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