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Hello friends. You know how I like the idea of paying it forward. A quilt donation is a great opportunity to do that. Often the question is asked, where can I donate a quilt? Today I am honored to introduce you to a family that has come up with a plan to raise money for charity one quilt at a time.

The Arnold family created The Sandpiper Project, an online silent auction via Facebook to raise money for Make-A-Wish Oregon. After their daughter, Elizabeth (Liz), was declared cancer-free, the Arnolds were so full of gratitude that they wanted to find a way to give back to their community and to bring comfort to children diagnosed with critical diseases. Liz is now a Make-A-Wish Ambassador and The Sandpiper Project has raised over $5,000 so far!

January 2022 UPDATE: The Sandpiper Project is growing and still in need of donations. They are asking for quilts, fabric, notions and even your UFO’s. In Monique’s own words:

“Since we last communicated via email we have a grand total of raising $31,000!!! Since we last communicated we have partnered with new organizations, serving so many children diagnosed with critical diseases-we are now serving MakeAWish OregonChapter, MakeAWish Alaska & Washington Chapter, MakeAWish Idaho Chapter, the Ronald McDonald House, Children’s Cancer Association, and Camp UKANDU. In all we are raising awareness and allowing much healing, one quilt at a time.”

Quilt donation opportunity at THe Sandpiper Project.  Read all about it at The Crafty Quilter.

You can feel their excitement and joy by reading their own words below:

With the excitement of celebrating Liz’s two years being cancer free and reaching her goal of raising $2500, we decided to go further and raise money for Make-A-Wish Oregon by starting the silent auctions.

We couldn’t have done it without all of you!!! With your donations of fabrics, supplies, and the love of the project, children across Oregon will have wishes granted and dreams come true – giving families a break from the present stresses and current and future new normals. We know the importance of this program; because Liz was granted a wish, our hearts are full each and every day! Thank you for bringing joy well after the wish was granted!!!

We will be making more items in the coming days, weeks, months to raise even more for Make-A-Wish Oregon. Please join us… Stay tuned… AND thank you for everything!!! Thank you all for your contributions (Fabric, supplies, bidding, and winning!!) You all made a difference in the life of a child.”

Monique (Liz’s mom) reached out to me with details of how it works…. you send a finished quilt (along with a story about your quilt) and a little information about you. They will take pictures of your quilt and put them up for silent auction for 2 to 5 days. They send the quilt to the winner (free of charge because they have a partnership with FedEx.) The winner donates directly to Make-A-Wish Oregon; the money never touches the Arnold’s hands.

If you would like more information or have questions, please contact Monique Arnold at moakey2 at icloud dot com. You can also see an interview with Elizabeth Arnold here.

If you are interested in contributing a quilt, you can send it to: Sandpiper Project, 3650 NW Witham Hill Drive, Corvallis, OR 97330

I have only one quilt left in my “inventory” that is suitable for donation, but it’s perfect for this charity. I made a super cute version of my Ombre Love pattern using a layer cake of Olive’s Flower Market by Lella Boutique for Moda Fabrics. I decided to take out the sashing which makes it a little smaller and gives it a whole different look. Hearts are perfect for this time of year and for this type of charity.

Ombre Love Quilt made and designed by Julie Cefalu of The Crafty Quilter.  Quilt Donation for the Sandpiper Project.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about The Sandpiper Project. It’s another great way for quilters to spread love and make a difference in someone’s life. Thanks for being a part of that!

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  1. A whole lot of joy came to our door yesterday. We received 30 wonderful quilting books for our Sandpiper Project, serving children diagnosed with critical diseases. I want to thank the beautiful person who gifted us these books full of joy and inspiration, but unfortunately there was no return address (only ours posted as return address) or note inside. I have been trying to be a super sleuth, but have been unsuccessful.
    If you are a part of this wonderful community and donated to help us help children feel joy and kindness, start the healing with their new normal and lift their spirits, thank you so very much. The gratitude we feel is overwhelming and wonderful.
    The Sandpiper Project

  2. Dear Julie,
    I am taking a much needed break to share with you the great news! As we are closing in on one year (August 28, 2021) since we began our project to raise money for MakeAWish I want to let you know, with your amazing help and beautiful donation, we have raised $20,435 for MakeAWish and Ukrainian refugees. We have also expanded our efforts and are partnering with MakeAWish Oregon, Washington & Alaska. Another fun part of the project is still getting to serve the children in hospital and The Ronald McDonald House, both of which took amazing care of Lizzie during her treatment.
    All of this could not have happened without your kindness, support and generosity for our project. Thank you for believing in us and helping us grow as quilters and just plain wonderful humans. I love this life with you in it!!
    With so much appreciation felt because of you,
    Monique Arnold
    The Sandpiper Project

  3. I still really enjoy your posts. It is calming, enjoyable, not overwhelming and I learn things. I am wondering if you have an account of what your followers buy? This is a crazy question, but I am interested in the Heart Quilt pattern, Ombre Hearts(?) and I am wondering if I ever ordered it before? I move 1 1/2 year ago and I am not as organized as I would like, (the sewing area is too close to some house projects, and it is no organized yet. ) Kathy

  4. I love your quilt here Cindy! Whatever you did to it, it looks great! ha I just copied and printed off the address to label my package to send a quilt. I wonder if they prefer certain size quilts? Thanks!!!

    1. Hello Diane! I’m sorry for the delay in response to your question. Thank you so much for interest in our project. AND! In advance for your gift of heart. We do not have any size requirements. Just as your quilt will be giving JOY to children and their families, we want you to have complete JOY in making them. That has been our goal from the beginning and success for all has shined through.
      With a happy heart,

      The Sandpiper Project

    2. Dear Diane❣️ We received your beautiful quilt and it is amazing. We love your story and your wonderful heart. Thank you for choosing us as your Charity Quilt Giving. We will update you when we auction off your love. We appreciate this so much. -Monique (The Sandpiper Project)

  5. What a wonderful idea. This is a perfect way to pay it forward. I will plan on making one for the program. Thank You for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much!!! We are excited to receive your gift of heart! If you have any questions please contact us. We are so blessed by your response and by Julie’s beautiful post. Tears while I am writing this.
      Monique- The Sandpiper Project

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