Giveaway winner and feathered star finish

It’s hard picking just one winner out of 323 entries for the Save the Bees giveaway, but the true random number generator did it for me.  Comment #256 is the lucky winner – Joni G.  She said, “I learned to quilt when I was 18-the summer after I graduated high school I spent part of it with my grandmother and she taught me. I joined the Army that fall, got married, had children, lived life , and did a little over those 30+ years. I am retired now and it is a part of what I do now every week….”  Congratulations, Joni!

Thank you for following along with this fun block of the month and for participating in the giveaways.  I loved reading your comments with the answer to the question, “How long have you been quilting?”  There is such a wide range of experience in quilters out there and I’m glad to see there are plenty of newcomers mixed in with the “old timers” (me included).

Now I get to share my completed feathered star block with you.  Even though I moaned and groaned about the process, I’m really happy with the results!

Feathered Star Quilt Block made by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter.  Pattern from the Vintage Star Sampler BOM


This feathered star is part of the Vintage Sampler block of the month that I’m co-teaching at The Granary Quilt Shop.  I had a hard time with the instructions (was it me or was it the instructions?) but I made some changes that gave me a larger block with perfect points and intersections.

Feathered Star Quilt Block made by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter.  Pattern from the Vintage Star Sampler BOM

Vintage Sampler BOM designed by Barbara Eickmeier
Vintage Sampler BOM designed by Barbara Eickmeier


I’m ready to get back up on that horse and tackle another feathered star block, but this time I’m thinking of using Marsha McCloskey’s Feathered Star Quilt blocks with EQ8.   Thanks to one of my blog followers, Becky, for suggesting this!  I am also waiting on a pattern developed by another blog follower, Lois, which might be the answer to my perfect feathered star.  I’m so thankful for this wonderful quilting community and how supportive we are of each other.  You guys are awesome!

I’ll be sharing another quilt soon – my Summer Fun quilt is finally finished!  I’m taking photos today and then I’ll give you the quilting details.  For now, I’ll leave you with this cute photo of my constant helper, Cooper.

Feathered Star Quilt Block made by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter.  Pattern from the Vintage Star Sampler BOM

Have a great day!

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16 thoughts on “Giveaway winner and feathered star finish

  1. The block is really neat BUT Cooper is sooooo cute. Nice looking dog and I am sure he is a good dog too. I know it is supposed to be about quilting but I couldn’t resist commenting on Cooper.

  2. Hard decision–which is cuter–Cooper or your red toes ? Oh yah, it’s suppose to be about quilting, so I guess the feathered star wins-it’s beautiful

  3. Julie, Your completed Feathered Star is simply beautiful; however, the block cannot begin to compare to Cooper, The Springer Spaniel. He is a beauty & I can only imagine what a “good mentor” he is with the accompanying treats. We’ve 3 English Golden Retrievers & they practically live in the quilt studio.
    Love your work & humble attitude.
    Thank you ever so much for the shared enthusiasm which inspires us!

  4. Beautiful block…well worth the time to make it, and the block of the month quilt is simply amazing. Wish I could take your class!

  5. Julie, that is such a gorgeous block!
    I love your blog. You have such a friendly and serene face and your posts reflect what I see! 🙂
    I’m always happy when I visit.

  6. Hello Julie, Your Feathered Star Block has turned out so beautifully. I am sorry that you had such problems with the pattern, yet am glad that you found a solution and that other quilters are helping with introducing new patterns. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us plus, I think all of your photos are wonderful, especially your helper! Have a great day!

  7. Julie it was the instructions! I signed up for the same BOM but it was not a taught class. I ended up so frustrated I gave up after just a few blocks. I ended up taking all the fabric and combining it and will eventually use it in another project. I have run across several other quilters who had trouble with the instructions.

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