A Finish and A Sweet Story

The baby quilt is finished along with a coordinating diaper basket and some burp cloths.

baby blanket ensemble

I used the Divided Basket Pattern by Noodlehead which was much easier than I first thought.  I love how it came out and the size is perfect for holding diapers and some burp cloths.

burp cloth close copy

I made up my own version for burp cloths based on what I had in my stash.  It’s two pieces of flannel with a strip of coordinating fabric in the middle on one side and sewn together with another piece of flannel for the back.  Turn right side out and topstitch all the way around.

A heart seemed like the perfect way to make a label for the back.

baby label

And I had to make a card to go with it…

baby card copy

Sounds like the book, “If you give a mouse a cookie….” one thing led to the next.

baby blanket folded copy

This ensemble was given to the daughter of one of my best friends from high school.  The sweet story involves my friend’s daughter, her great grandmother and this crocheted blanket:

baby crocheted blanket

When I was pregnant  with my first child, my  high school friend gave me a baby shower and her grandmother made me this crocheted baby blanket.  I have saved it for 27 years and I just “gifted” it to her daughter, Aly. So now she has a baby blanket made by her great grandmother. I’m sure her great grandmother would love knowing that her great great grandson will be wrapped in the blanket she made a long time ago.

baby noteExcept for a few small stains, the blanket is in great condition. And, hopefully, it will last another 27 years at least.

I’m going to be on vacation for the next week. I’ll check back in when I get back!


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  1. Such a beautiful & special gift! It would be so awesome if this blogger would join Facebook & share there as well! !!!
    Lorraine u know who.

  2. Jules – This was by far and away the best gift Aly got at her shower! And, I somehow missed the basket, which is super adorable. Thank you so much for such a personal and special gift to help welcome Robbie into the world! I cherish our friendship, which is somewhere around the 40-year mark!

    Love, Nene

  3. Love the colors in the baby blanket and basket. Very cute
    Oh wow what an awesome thing for you to pass on. I would have had a hard time letting go of that crocheted blanket.

  4. The whole ensemble is just wonderful, but I especially love the crocheted baby blanket being gifted back into the family. What a sweet thing!

  5. I love your new ensemble and love the story about the crocheted quilt. I can only hope that someone in the future will pass on one of my quilts to a great grandchild of mine! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi Julie,
    I really enjoy reading your blog and I just love the crocheted blanket story! What a gift to give! You certainly have a wonderful spirit and a beautiful heart. 🙂 I also love everything that you create too! You are so talented and creative. Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us.

  7. Hi Julie,
    What a lovely gift set for the baby, and so thoughtful to include the “vintage” blanket. It will be so meaningful and moving for the new Mum to get. I cherished the shetland shawl my Mum had knitted for me as a baby and the one she knitted for my firstborn. I have knitted one so far and am on the second, for my baby grandchildren.
    What type of batting did you use in the basket? it looks so nice and stiff.
    Have a great vacation.

  8. As the recipient of that blanket 27 years ago, I am glad to know the full story and to see it being given, along with a few new and beautiful additions, to a new little one. What a great story!

  9. I love how the quilt “ensemble” came together, Julie. You’re always full of great ideas! Also enjoyed reading the sweet story about the crocheted blanket. What a perfect gift! Have a great vacation.

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