Sew Thankful Sunday – Mother’s Day

Sew Thankful Sunday at The Crafty QuilterHey everyone!  Today’s Sew Thankful Sunday edition is very simple.  I am sew thankful for my mom, and for the fact that I get to attempt to be the best mom possible to my own children.  It is my favorite job so far!

I wish you all a Happy Mother’s Day!

mother's day card

Julie Siggy-1

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  1. Happy Belated Mother’s Day, Julie. You are fortunate to still have your mother. I grew up about 30 miles from the home of Mother’s Day – Grafton, WV. That’s where one of my brother’s now lives and has since he graduated from college many, many moons ago. His sons went to Anna Jarvis Grade School – named for Anna Jarvis – the founder of Mother’s Day – cool, eh? I talked to that brother last night and he was taking a Mother’s Day gift to his daughter-in-law who lives in that community. The other one lives in MD. His wife is a pastor and lives about 175 mi from him most of the time. She comes home every other weekend and he goes to see her every other weekend. He is retired and still works part-time. She is retired from her first job as a university professor in speech path. Not long ago I went to my mailbox and there was a package from him. I opened it and there was a seam ripper. It was made from wood from my sister-in-law’s dad’s farm. He has used all the wood he had from our farm. So, it is very special to me. I have a history of our community that was written by our great grandfather that he printed on the computer and the cover is a wooden cover from wood from a tree from our farm. That is really special. It was a Christmas present one year. I made my sister-in-law a quilt when she was ordained. He made a bed and a chest for the parsonage. I guess they are quite a hit. I guess that was about 3 years ago. I have a “matching” quilt that I have to scallop and bind, yet. I have had it to that stage for quite some time and I been trying to decide if I want to scallop it or just leave it straight. I think I want to scallop it, too.
    Again, Happy Mother’s Day to you and your mother, too! You are a blessing to many, many folks with your blog!

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