Book Review: Quilting Happiness

I received a surprise in my mailbox the other day.  A new quilting book, appropriately named Quilting Happiness by Christina Lane and Diane Gilleland.  Yes, a beautiful book that I’m still absorbing – each page like the bite of a delicious dessert that you don’t want to end!


Quilting Happiness is much more than a quilting book full of patterns.  It includes tips and creative exercises to make your quilting journey more rich and meaningful.

Quilting Happiness - creative exercises

You’ll want to sit down with a cup of coffee or tea (and perhaps a cookie, too) and enjoy every last bite, I mean page.

Quilting Happiness - Zig Zag Zig QuiltInside you’ll find patterns for large quilts, small projects and lots of inspiration!

inspiredpocket caddyScattered throughout the pages are “Quilting Tips”, “Tools for Happiness”, and “Creative Exercises”.  And if you’re new to quilting, you’ll appreciate the chapter on Tools and Techniques.  This is a fairly comprehensive section and I appreciated some of the more detailed instructions such as curved piecing and binding.

Quilting Happiness - tools and techniquesThe co-author of Quilting Happiness, Christina Lane, blogs at The Sometimes Crafter.  This is great resource for quilting and crafting enthusiasts.  Christina loves to share what she creates along with patterns and techniques for others to follow.

The Sometimes Crafter

When I first started blogging, I took an online workshop with Diane Gilleland, the other co-author of this book.  I learned so much about blogging and it was worth every penny!  Currently Diane has several eBooks available, a webinar and lots of great craft ideas; you can find more information at her blog, CraftyPod.

Reverse Applique Webinar

I was fortunate to have a very small part in this book.  Diane asked me to contribute a quote describing my quilting style.  Ummm, yes, I would love to!  And if you’re dying to know, I quoted:

My style of quilting is more traditional, with a touch of whimsy thrown in.  I love to incorporate applique into my quilting as often as possible, which is where the whimsical element comes in…..

I’m leaving for a vacation today and I’ll be taking this book along with me.  I love to have a few good reads for a road trip!

quilters tote bag

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  1. I just preordered this book on amazon, based on the wonderful reviews. Looking forward to the release on 8/27

  2. Julie, that was an excellent review of the book. Makes me want to pick one up as soon as possible. Have a great time on your vacation!

  3. Love the book, was it a gift??? of did you buy it…where did you find it and how much…. if you don’t mind my asking.

    I finished a Christmas table topper from your tutorial… would love to show you… tell me how to send a photo to you…..


  4. Ooooh! This book is new to me, and it looks wonderful. I bet you were an A+ student in the blogging course, because your blog is one of the most beautiful and informative on my list.

  5. WOW that looks like an amazing book. I am heading over to check out their blogs. I love that you take a quilting book on vacation. That is exactly what I would do too!

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