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More color options and inspiration

How are you all doing on your fabric shopping for the Spring Petals QAL?  I thought I would show you a few more color options to inspire you.

I recently purchased some Cirrus Solids from Cloud 9 Fabrics and they are dreamy to work with!  I love the colors and they translate well into a spring palette.  Take a look:

modern pallette


This version has a more modern feel to it with the solids throughout.  I used just two fabrics for the background squares and I added that little pop of mustard in the center circle.  I’m auditioning fabrics for the corner triangles.

corner triangle audition


You might want to leave your options open for the corners until you’ve got the petals in place (which won’t happen until week 3).  I changed mine on the sample that I made using Paradiso because I needed better contrast.  It’s still a little crazy looking and I might change it again to a solid white or gray.  It’s easy enough to “unsew” those corners and switch it out (although I hate to unsew anything).

spring petals paradisio version


Since this table topper was originally a tutorial that I did on my blog in 2013, there were a number of people that made them under the “Winter Seeds” label.  Some people were kind enough to send me a picture of their finished work, (Others I had to track down).

Recently, Marion sent me her finished table topper.  It turned out beautiful and it reminds me of strawberries and cream:

Winter Seeds table topper by Marion


Maureen’s table topper has a nautical theme.  Using themed fabric is a great idea!

Winter Seeds table topper by Maureen


Carolyn from Carolyn’s Quilts made her table topper with a soft color palette that shows off the center “flower” really well and is very striking:

Winter Seeds Table Topper by Carolyn @ Carolyn's Quilts


Here is the original Winter Seeds table topper that I made:

Winter Seeds Table Topper by Julie Cefalu


My first try with this pattern was very experimental with the shape of the petals.  I didn’t get them fat enough the first time around, but I love the colors that I used.  You can’t go wrong with red and aqua for a vintage feel.

finished top


It’s hard for me to narrow down my fabric choices on a project like this.  There are so many options!  You might have to make more than just one of these, don’t you think?

Play with the coloring page provided in the pattern.  Your petals could be arranged in so many different ways.  Remember, this is supposed to be the fun part!


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  1. When you ‘jump’ over the center to go to the next petal do you do another few lock stitches (straight stitches) just BEFORE and AFTER the ‘jump’?

  2. I am so enjoying this QAL! Couldn’t decide on fabric, so I am making two — one spring themed and one kitchen themed. Any ideas for how to embellish the kitchen themed one?

  3. Darn, just when I think I have my fabrics figured out, I see more examples which tempt me to change my mind. I must be strong.

  4. Dear Julie,
    Love your color combos – and you’re so right playing with the colors is the part to enjoy and is also a way of making the best result in the end. Thanks for showing us to think abstract colorwise – if you get my meaning:)
    BR from Denmark

  5. Love the samples, especially the solids. I am using light greys for the background and darker yellows/oranges for the petals – will play with layout, as I really like the center flower being emphasized.

  6. The solids give this a totally different and beautiful look. I do love it. But I love all of them. Very nicely done! It would be easy to make more than one of these.

  7. Oh these are all wonderful colored options for the Petals…I am “shopping my stash” as I know I have some “spring like” fabrics in there….somewhere….

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