January UFO giveaway winner

Hey everyone!  Just a quick announcement of the giveaway winner of January’s UFO challenge.  Out of 58 entries, the True Random Number Generator chose #55.  Congratulations to Karla at My Sewful Retirement who finished her Paper Hearts quilt plus a few pillows, too.

Paper Hearts by Karla
Paper Hearts Quilt by Karla @ My Sewful Retirement


I’ll be sending you a Moda Frivols very soon!  Thanks to everyone who participated in January.  It looks like it was a productive month!

Moda Frivols prize for giveaway winner


Have you started on your UFO project for February?  I haven’t touched mine yet, but I still have 20 days left in the month.  I hope your week is off to a good start!


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  1. I;n busy sorting out my cupboards and keep finding more and more UFO’s They are breeding like rabbits. How do I get them to stop??????

  2. I have started on my February ufo, started last year. Red and white quilt that I want for next Valentine. My original idea was having it for 2016, but ovarian cancer halted that plan. I am making great progress. Hope to have the top finished by end of the month and quilted by end of March..

  3. I had blocks for a very scrappy quilt done and put away for quite a while. I have now put the blocks together with setting triangles. Not sure I’ll get to quilting it this month but sure glad it got moved up another stage.

  4. I’m so excited I finally got my list created and on my bulletin board. I’m working primarily on a quilt that I started over a year ago and the end looks to be in sight. I think this focus will help me get 12 old project finished or close. Thank you for this great idea.

    1. A Moda Frivols is a selection of precut 7″ squares from a single line of Moda fabrics and a pattern that comes in a collectible tin case. It also includes a block pattern and another keepsake item.

  5. I have started my project and at the moment taking a rest by checking my e-mails. I was informed by my sewing group that I was actually working on a PIG…project in a bag. ( fabric and pattern set aside but not started).. ..rather than a UFO which was something started but then abandoned. That definition might apply to other items on my challenge list so I may need to re-evaluate, or not.

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