Splendid sampler blocks, Crossroads progress and March UFO

So far I’m keeping up with the Splendid Sampler Quilt Along.  I’ve just finished blocks 4 and 5.

Splendid Sampler Block 4 and 5 by Julie Cefalu


I think I’m happiest when I’m piecing blocks.  I love the process – everything from picking out my fabrics to cutting and piecing.  Throw a little applique in there and I’m on the moon!  I added some machine embroidery to the appliqued flowers to give them a little extra punch.  And isn’t that heart on the vase so cute?  I got that idea from Amanda, The Patchsmith.  If you want to see some gorgeous blocks, check out her blog.  She’s been busy keeping up with the Splendid Sampler AND the Farmer’s Wife 1930’s Sew Along so there is lots to see there.  If you want more detail on the machine embroidery and applique technique that I used, leave a comment and let me know.  I’ll put together a separate post just for that.

Splendid Sampler Block 4 by Julie Cefalu


Splendid Sampler Block 4 by Julie Cefalu



Splendid Sampler Block 5 by Julie Cefalu


I’m joining the Crossroads Quilt Along, sponsored by Fat Quarter Shop.  This QAL benefits the March of Dimes and I’m so happy to participate.  I finished the four house blocks, and now I’m itching for the next set of instructions.

Crossroads Quilt Along House blocks @ The Crafty Quilter



My UFO project for March is to complete a section of the TQS BOM, A-Z for Ewe and Me.  You might remember that I was the BOM “specialist” for The Quilt Show in 2014 and I presented videos for each month’s lesson.  I was given a fabric kit of all the material used in the original quilt and each month I made a sample to demonstrate the lesson.  Unfortunately, I didn’t put all of the sample pieces together after the taping was done.  It’s a big project with a lot of applique, so I’ve broken it down into 4 sections. Here’s what it looks like right now:

A to Z for Ewe and Me, my UFO project @ The Crafty Quilter


The applique still needs to be stitched down in the borders and the last section of the alphabet needs to be sewn together.  This month, I want to get the letters finished.  If I’m ambitious enough, I’ll move on to the borders.  This is such a beautiful quilt, and I’m glad that it’s “out of the box”.   Here’s the original quilt, designed and made by Janet Stone.  It’s a show stopper (and winner of many).

A to Z for Ewe And Me, Designed and made by Janet Stone
A to Z for Ewe and Me, designed and made by Janet Stone


I hope you’re having a good week so far!


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  1. Since I have mine fused and not completed, I would love to see how you finished yours. I think it makes the block look super sweet!!

  2. I love your Splendid Sampler blocks. I am a little behind on mine but hope to get to it soon. Your March project is fabulous! I plan to visit The Patchsmiths blog to see her blocks for more inspiration to get mine done.

  3. I bought all of the BOM kits and watched and loved all of your videos on the A to Z for Ewe and Me quilt. I haven’t even started it, but one of these days, I will get to it. I love it and am glad that one day I, too, will have this beautiful quilt!

  4. Love your blocks. I will be doing my blocks 4 and 5 in a few days. I would also like to see the way you did the embroidery and applique. Thanks for all you share with us.

  5. Your work is beautiful, as always! I continue to be amazed at how much you accomplish, that’s why I’m not surprised you’ve selected such an ambitious project for your March UFO project. I’ve always loved that quilt! Can’t wait to see it completed! XO

  6. Beautiful quilt Julie. Love the idea of adding the heart to the vase. It ties it together with block One.

  7. your latest two blocks look so good I like the crossroads and will be making more of these, want to work out what size to cut the squares to make a 12″ block.
    Re applique a tutorial would be great have not none block 4 yet as applique is new to me and want to do needle turned if possible so will be getting the books out later today

  8. Yes, please Julie. Please let us know how you did the machine embroidery around the flowers. Don’t know how you manoeuvre around those tiny little shapes. I need to make another one.

  9. Could you please tell me how to get the pattern for the top center block in the Crafty Quilters area? I’m just getting back into quilting and that block caught my eye. Thank you Cheryl

  10. Loved seeing your blocks 4 and 5. Will you show us your blocks 1,2, and 3??? I really like your fabric choices…that seems to be the hardest part for me. Decisions, decisions, decisions. I also would like to know more about the stitches around your posies. I have a Bernina 200/730. Super
    idea! Like so many, I love everything you do.

  11. Oh my!!! I love both blocks. I especially like the vase with flowers and the embroidery is just exquisite. Do your do the embroidery machine or does your sewing machine have all those stitches? I have a sewing machine that has quite a few embroidery stitches built in it. I don’t use it all that often but once in a while I get the urge. This block has given me the urge. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I enjoy your blocks. I am participating in the Sampler group. I am way behind, and was coming out of the gate.Please share your details of your machine embroidery and applique techniques.

  13. I enjoy your blocks. I am participating in the Sampler group. I am way behind, and was coming out of the gate. I would like to understand the details of your machine embroidery and applique techniques.

  14. I would love to see a tutorial for appliqué techniques. I am inspired to try this myself. I have just finished your Nordic mini quilt and using the fusible interface was genius!

  15. Hi, i would ondeed like the directions for the machine embroidery on the flower for tbe Splendid Sampler block. Thank you and really do appreciate all that i learn from you.

  16. I would love to know more about the machine embroidery stitches too! If you have the stitch numbers on Bernina 440QE (although you have have a more advanced model), that will be very helpful too, Thank you in advance – You do a great job!

  17. You’ve got mad skills girl! I love each and everything you’ve done!
    I too have the patterns for the A to Z for ewe and me quilt. I joined the Quilt Show site to be able to get this sweet quilt. I am so happy I did too! They have so much to offer!
    Your little flowers are beautifully done. I love how you varied the applique stitches.
    Blessings to You! Pamela

  18. I would love to know more about your machine applique and applique technique on your block. I also would like to know the name of the fabric you used on your crossroads block.

  19. Now Julie, you KNOW we are all going to want to do that embroidery around the flowers….lol. You should have just gone ahead and done the tutorial…8-)

    Your blocks look great, and I’m lusting after that Alphabet Quilt. I wish I had gotten in on it when it was active…..so gorgeous!

    xo Linda

  20. Count me in my n learning your technique for machine embroidery and applique. Your blocks look wonderful!

  21. Please share the details for the machine embroidery, I would love to see how you did it. Love your site!

  22. I too have the the A to Z quilt to finish. I used a quilt as you go on each block. I got all the blocks done but had to stop to sew a double wedding quilt for my brother and sister in law’s 50th anniversary. I stopped in November 2014 and finished the gift in July 2015. It was a quilt as you go also. So I need to get the borders going. It is a fun fun quilt to do. Once this is done I am trying to decide how to resize the quilt down to 50% size. Your quilt is wonderful!

  23. I would love to see the details on machine embroidery and appliqué techniques! Also can you remind me how to link up for February? I think I did it last time via Instagram? Thanks!!!
    P. S. I love your blocks, and The Patchsmiths, I want to add the heart to mine also!
    Your March “ABC” quilt looks amazing!!!

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