Maggie’s First Dance, Block 2 and giveaways

We’re on to block #2 in the Maggie’s First Dance Block of the Month, hosted by Jacqueylynne Steves.  It’s not too late to sign up,  just click here for details.

It’s also Independence Day for those of you living in the United States, so it’s BOM’s and fireworks today!



There are two giveaways happening as well, so make sure to read all the way to the end of this post for details.  GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED.

This month’s block was fun to put together, and you’re going to love Jacqueylynne’s  tip for making perfect flying geese.

Maggie's First Dance, block 2 by Julie Cefalu


The combination of piecing and applique on this BOM makes my heart sing!  I’m using fusible machine applique with Heat n Bond lite by Thermoweb.  You can see in the close up that I used a zig zag stitch around all of the applique shapes, except for the stems.  These were bias stems with turned edges and I like the look of a straight stitch on those.

Maggie's First Dance, block 2 by Julie Cefalu

Maggie's First Dance, block 2 by Julie Cefalu

Maggie's First Dance, block 2 by Julie Cefalu


There are four flying geese in this block, and Jacquelynne has a great technique for getting perfectly sized units.  She over-sizes the two squares by 1/4″ which allows you to trim the top edge and get straight sides all the way around.

Maggie's First Dance, block 2 by Julie Cefalu

Maggie's First Dance, block 2 by Julie Cefalu


When you put the block together, make sure to pay careful attention to the match points.  These match points are created when diagonal seams intersect, creating a straight line.

Maggie's First Dance, block 2 by Julie Cefalu


I already like how well the first two blocks play together.

Maggie's First Dance, block 1 and 2 by Julie Cefalu

Maggie's First Dance, block 1 and 2 by Julie Cefalu


The nice thing about this BOM is the options you have.  If you don’t like applique, you can use a focus fabric instead.  Or maybe you’d like to try embroidery – that’s a wonderful way to go!

You’ll want to visit all of the featured bloggers to see their beautiful blocks:

Greg at Grey Dogwood Studio
Monique at Farm House Quilts
Julie at The Crafty Quilter (you are here!)
Beth at EvaPaige Quilt Designs
Kim at My Go-Go Life
Jacque at Lily Pad Quilting
Brenda at The Quilting Nook

Other details:


This month’s giveaway is sponsored by Thermoweb!  Their fusible web product, Heat n Bond lite is my favorite brand for fusible applique.  You can also find inspiration at the Therm O Web Blog which is full of tutorials for crafters and quilters.  Thermoweb is giving away an awesome prize package of some of their most popular products for quilters.


This giveaway is open to continental US residents only.  To enter, please tell me where you are from and how the weather is!  You have until July 11 at midnight (California time) to comment.  GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED.  You can earn more chances to win by commenting on the other participating blogs as well.  We each get to pick one winner!

Here are the giveaway rules:

  • To enter, leave a comment telling me where you live and how the weather is there.
  • You must comment by 11:59 pm PST on July 11, 2016.  GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED
  • Your email MUST be included in your profile information or in your comment. If I choose your name and I cannot contact you, I will choose another name.
  • Giveaway is open to Continental US residents only.
  • Winner will be chosen at random.

The second giveaway is open to everyone and is sponsored by Michele Foster of the Quilting Gallery.  I’m a big fan of Michele’s and you can win her Starlight Template and Table Runner pattern by visiting her at her blog.  There will be four winners chosen!


Please visit Quilting Gallery for giveaway details and entry.

Thanks for visiting today!  I hope you’re having a safe holiday and a fantastic Monday!

Julie 176 x 116


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  1. We hare having a lovely summer day today in Nassau, NY after a rather chilly and rainy weekend.

  2. An hour north of Houston, TX. The temperature is 95 but with the humidity, it feels like 105 at least!

  3. Greetings from the beautiful hills of northwest Connecticut! Today it’s only in the 70s … a relief from the recent days of 90 degree weather! We’ve had a lot of rain to get us to this temp. But the flowers & veggies are grateful for the rain!

  4. Here in Idaho the weather is rather nice today, 68 at 11:00am. Overcast some what with a small chance of rain this weekend. But we have had some really hot days this month.

  5. I live in SW Ohio and it is supposed to be 80 today and with lower humidity expected it should be a beautiful day.

    Thank you for all of the information and inspiration you give us!

  6. I live in Charlotte, NC and right now we are in very high heat. Outside it feels like an oven with no air moving. So now is the time to be inside with a sewing machine.

  7. Loved your blocks. Great colors! I am from idaho, and it is hot. About 90 degrees or more in the afternoon.

  8. Hi, I live in Kenner, Louisiana (just outside of New Orleans) and the weather has been very humid and hot. I feel like it’s been 110!! Love your blog and thanks for the chance to win a nice prize.

  9. Great blocks! I live in Michigan and it is sunny and a very warm & humid 88 degrees. We need some rain, my flowers are unhappy.

  10. I live just outside of Denver, CO and it is hot! We’ve been having lots of days in the 90’s.

  11. Loving the color scheme in your block. Very nice! I’m in Louisiana and it’s gotten hot and humid here. Thanks for the chance to win.

  12. I am from northern Florida, and we are already having a very HOT summer! Today (Thursday) was 100 degrees; Wednesday was 100 degrees, and Tuesday was 104!

  13. I am in Colorado Springs. It has been hot (upper 80’s and lower 90’s) with occasional thunderstorms to cool us off.

  14. I loved your blocks! I’m from West Jordan, Utah and it’s been pretty hot but on Sunday it won’t even it hit 80 and that just seems crazy to me.

  15. Southern Oregon has been experiencing warm weather in the 70’s and sunny skies’ but right now it is overcast with possible rain by this weekend. Fantastic weather to sew and garden.

  16. I live in Port Saint Lucie Florida and the temps are in the mid 90s with feel like temps up to 105!!!! Really hot and soupy and don’t want to go anywhere. Mostly staying inside to keep cool and working on a few sewing projects!☀️

  17. I live in Oakland Co. Michigan where it has been dry and in the 90s. We sure could use some rain.

  18. From Indiana and it’s been a mixed bag of weather. Going from hot and humid, then rainy, throw in a cloudy day. Changes by the hour!

  19. Hi Julie, I live in Springfield, VA and it is hot (upper 90’s) and very humid. Summer has arrived!

  20. Grove City, Ohio and today was a bit warm, upper 80’s, and more humid than I prefer – feels like upper 90’s!

  21. i love these blocks, especially the pink one. I live in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois and today the temps where nice. started out at 65 and by two pm it was 85. Partly cloudy

  22. I live your blocks. I am in central Florida and it is sunny with a chance of afternoon rain.
    Thank You

  23. I live in Indiana, Pennsylvania and today it is hot and humid with a chance of thunderstorms.

  24. I live in the Pacific Northwest. June was a wonderful month with beautiful sunny days. July on the other hand has come in rather chilly and very windy. I sure hope it improves soon! I really love your blocks! Thanks for sharing!!

  25. Live in Southern California and we have had beautiful weather for the last few weeks, especially for July but I’m sure that will change. It was 77 today.

  26. Dear Julie, I don’t know if you remember me but ,although I want to participate this time , the leg I broke will not allow me to put pressure on my right foot, my sewing foot. I will be having a new surgery in August, and possibly a return to a rehab facility. I will keep in touch. Becky.

  27. I live in West Virginia! Rainy but still Wild & Wonderful! Have a wonderful California Day!

  28. Hello, I live in Yorkville, Illinois and the weather forecast for today is warm and humid, a nice day to stay in the air conditioning and sew!

  29. I’m always amazed how a give away can generate so many comments! Julie, I don’t know if it’s the fabrics you choose or your winning personality when you compose a post, but you make every BOM look so inviting. Next time I travel to CA, I want you to take me shopping and pick out all my fabrics for me! Just for the record, it’s finally summer here on the northern northeast coast! Yay! XO

  30. I live in MN. Summer is usually short here so we are enjoying our 80+ degree days while we can. This year snow disappeared early so it makes our summer seem a bit longer.

  31. Hi. I live on Long Island (east of Manhattan aka NYC) and the weather today was pretty warm, close to 90, and a little steamy. We did have a rainstorm last night, so I expected today to be a little cooler and dryer, but I was wrong. Good thing I decided on a ponytail this morning, or else my hair would be crazy frizzy by now. lol

  32. I live in Tacoma WA and today the weather was a few sprinkles of rain and a high of 61. Cold and would not think it was July 5th!

  33. It has been raining here in West Virginia Saturday, Sunday, Monday and an hour today,Tuesday. Sun finally came out. Very humid.

  34. Greers Ferry Arkansas and it is VERY hot and VERY humid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the chance to win your giveaway.

  35. Olympia WA & it is Overcast & 59, but that’s ok, cause I am drinking a cup of tea and am looking at our lake. Life is good, thanks to our Lord.!

  36. I live in Evansville, Indiana and it is very hot and humid today and mostly all summer.

  37. I live in N. Louisiana where it is HOT and MUGGY! I literally sweat off 2 lbs yesterday at the fireworks display in our small town. I am not a summer girl, but I love spring and fall temperatures!

  38. Hello from the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. We are enjoying mid 80’s with a light breeze today, very comfortable for a July day.

  39. Living in N Illinois now is a lot different than the deserts of NV and AZ–getting used to humidity again like today–the sun is shining after an overcast start–and a gentle breeze….

  40. It is extremely hot & muggy here today in southern Alabama, 97 degrees, over 100 with the heat index.

  41. Ozark, Alabama
    It is extremely hot and muggy here today! 97 degrees, will be over 100 with the heat index!

  42. Hi – I love your blocks! I live in South Jersey – just across the river from Philadelphia. We had a wet 4th of July but we’re expecting some nice hot weather the rest of this week – in the 90’s! Thanks so much for the chance to win. 🙂
    Debby E
    samtaylorcjsmimi at yahoo dot com

  43. I live in North Carolina, in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains! It is quite hot today—over 90 degrees!

  44. Hi Julie! I live in Heath, Texas which is about 25 miles northeast of Dallas. It’s hotter than a fire cracker on the Fourth of July! It’s going to reach 97 degrees today, but the heat index is well over 100 degrees! We had some heavy thunderstorms last night which left us not only hot, but extremely muggy too. Yay Texas!

  45. I live in Birmingham, AL and today we have rain, rain, rain, but are delighted by it. Brings down the steamy temps and I can sew without anything else to do!

  46. I live in Northwest Indiana and the weather here is warm and muggy. Perfect day to be indoors with air conditioning on and quilting!!

  47. Fun to see that I’m your fourth quilter from Montana. I live in Kalispell, in beautiful northwest Montana. Beautiful summer weather here. 70s and sunny, with cool evenings.

  48. Hi Julie—–I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The weather is beautiful–83 for the 4th and should be 88 today. I love the block—so many possibilities !

  49. I am from Iowa and we have had beautiful weather. Now it is starting to get lots of humidity in the air. Thanks for the generous giveaway.

  50. I live in KY. Yesterday we drove back from Pittsburgh (where I grew up) through lots of rain. Not sure what this week holds for us in KY but probably hot and humid. That’s summer here.

  51. I’m from Wilmington DE and the weather is cool and overcast with showers through the night!

  52. Hi Julie,

    I’m from Graham, WA and we’re having a beautiful summer so far. Set record highs the first week of June then backed off to a most pleasant and normal temperature.

  53. I live in Baraboo, WI and the weather this weekend was fantastic – in the 70’s. But, the heat is coming and is suppose to get hot and muggy by Wednesday.

  54. I live in Washington state (the dry and hot farmland in the east, not the cool, rainy west side of the state where Seattle is). It’s been in the 90s all week, but only in the mid-80s today and breezy.

  55. Just got back from our lake cabin for the 4th weekend. I’m from Alexandria, MN and it’s starting to get hot and muggy. So… on goes the AC and ready to work on the Maggie block tomorrow!

  56. I’m from Jasper, Alabama and the weather here is HOT, 100 degrees with humidity level over 90. I am staying inside under the air conditioning.

  57. I love your 2 blocks together! Thanks for all the little tips to get everything to line up! I’m in metro Atlanta, Georgia. I think it got up to 100 degrees today! It was HOT, but That beats cold any day.

  58. Greetings from Chapman, Nebraska! It’s been a lovely day here with the high temperature in the 70’s. Usually it’s in the 90’s this time of year.

  59. I live in south Mississippi, an hours drive to the beautiful beaches on the Gulf Coast, and an hour from New Orleans, Louisiana. High today of 94 degrees (has been that hot about a month now) also, muggy & humid, so even the mid 70’s at night doesn’ t give much relief. Good days to stay inside and quilt!

  60. Today we had 70’s and a pretty good thunderstorm with hail and wind of 60mph and several inches of rain, in ND.

  61. It has been hot and dry in Florence, Alabama with temperatures in the mid 90’s and heat index up to 105 degrees.

  62. I am from Beaverton, Oregon and the weather was overcast this morning and I even felt some light sprinkles while I was out walking this morning. It is now clearing up and I am seeing lots of blue sky and it will eventually get to the mid 70’s. Perfect weather for the 4th of July.

  63. Hello from Southeast Michigan – Where it is 90 today , which is too hot for us Michiganders! I love the fabric you used for your blocks – very pretty!

  64. I am in wonderful, very warm Phoenix, AZ. Where we have cooled down to under 110 degrees for a couple of days. But it is mostly a dry heat….like an oven.

  65. I’m in Jamison in Bucks County, PA and right now it is 79 degrees and cloudy. No complaints, the weekend weather was perfect!

  66. I live in Olympia, Washington and right now it is overcast and looks like it will start raining any minute. Pretty typical weather for us.

  67. Hi from the Cascade Mountains in Washington. We are a little cool 58 this morning but that sun is coming out to warm us up but not to hot 70’s. Happy 4th of July!

  68. I live in Hackleburg, AL and it is hot and humid – summer in the south! Gotta love it! Nice days to stay indoors under the air condition and quilt!

  69. I’m in Indiana – a very overcast and cool day – not at all what July 4th is usually around here.

  70. Hi Julie. Happy Fourth of July.
    I love your blocks. It was also so fun to see what others did. It is amazing how creative you all are. Robin

  71. Hi! I’m in Danville, California, part of the San Francisco East Bay area. It’s sunny and 70 degrees this morning with a projected high of 79; considerably cooler than last week when we reached 102!

  72. I am a farmers wife in Syracuse, Kansas and it is sunny and humid here. That is very unusual because it is usually dry and hot at this time of year. We are trying to harvest our wheat crop and have been stopped by wet weather for 5 days.

  73. I agree the blocks are cute and look nice together. I’m from southeastern Massachusetts where today is sunny and in the higher 80’s. It’s a bit too warm.

  74. It’s about 82 sunny degrees here in Canandaigua NY and very dry. We’ve had less than a half inch of rain the entire month of June!

  75. Hi- I am from Farmington, New Mexico….Beautiful sunny day- high around 92. Great day to celebrate the 4th

  76. Hello, I’m from Kamloops, BC Canada! It is cloudy and rainy…boo. Sounds like a good day to sew!

  77. San diego..great weather..generally in the 70s..todAY A BIT HUMID AND WARMER BUT IT IS SUMMER!!

  78. i LOVE SEEING ALL THE DIFFERENT VERSIONS OF THESE BLOCKS. Whoops, sorry about the caps. We’ve had close to 100 degrees for the last week in Northern CA, but today is my birthday, so it’s a bit cooler…high 80’s by this afternoon. Thanks to whoever arranged the cooler weather for me. Best birthday present ever.

  79. Northern New Jersey! Right now, sunny, dry and 83, but that’s not supposed to last for long! Happy 4th of July!

  80. I reside in Gig Harbor, WA and the weather here is overcast, grey, and cool….however, when that burns off, it will be a beautiful day for sewing!

  81. I am from Texas—hot, hot, hot but vacationing in Colorado and enjoying some cooler temps~

  82. I live outside Los Angeles. Weather is beautiful, slightly below normal.
    Love your color choices on First dance. Hadn’t planned to do it, but after seeing yours, I am going to start.

  83. Chesterton, IN It has been very hot and dry but this holiday weekend has been unusually cool!

  84. I’m from Cedar Bluffs, Nebraska, and it’s only up to 67 so far this morning. But that’s great weather for wandering around the Seward, Nebraska, Fourth celebration, so that’s okay. Your blocks are adorable!

  85. Hi Julie! I live in Fayetteville, NC, and this weekend has been like living in a sauna — hot, hot, hot and HUMID! My windows are all fogged over in the morning. But this morning the temperature is down to 78 —Yay! — but it is supposed to rain all afternoon.

  86. I live in Las Cruces, N.M. and it’s a bit hot….103 today! Sunny, sunny, sunny! I’m in the mood for a wonderful thunderstorm…..

  87. Hi, I’m from Missoula, MT and this morning it is already 70 degrees and a little breezy. It is suppose to get up to 76 degrees today, perfect temperature.

  88. I am falling in love with these blocks…your color and fabric choices are so sweet! Super job on the stitching too…that’s the tricky part for me. Here in NE Iowa it has been very cool for the past week. No AC needed and today, it’s only 66* with a light drizzle. It’s supposed to dry up and be a lovely day! Happy 4th to you!

  89. I live in Fayetteville, NC and it is gray and rainy….perfect day to get some quilting done!

  90. Hi, I live in Parsons, Kansas. We are having monsoon season for the last few days. I really would like to have some sunshine . I do have plenty of projects to work on I still want sunshine. PLEASE!! Temps are gonna go back up to the 90’s this week. Yea!!!!!

  91. I live in southern Michigan. A small town of about 600. We have had beautiful weather this Fourth of July week-end. Temp about 70 to 75. We love the weather but need rain for crops and gardens. Hopefully in a couple of days.

  92. Happy 4th Julie, we celebrated on Sat. and glad we did, it was beautiful all day. Today in Louisville Ky it is raining and calling for thunderstorms later today, very humid. Very pretty block this month.

  93. Hi there, I live in Kent Wa which is about 20 minutes (because of traffic lol) south of Seattle WA true to our reputation it is now 68* and will be raining by fireworks time!

  94. Greetings from Oklahoma where we are recovering from record rainfalls and flooding with temperatures in the high 90s. crystalbluern at tds dot net

  95. Hi I’m from Villa Ridge, Mo and we are having a rainy Fiurth of July but it’s not stopping us from enjoying it! 🙂

  96. I live in the sunshine state of Florida. It’s been in the low 90’s recently. The humidity is what makes it feel hotter. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  97. I am from Long Island NY and the weather is beautiful and low 80’s but we are getting rain tonight and tomorrow and then 90’s for the rest of the week. We have not hit 90 yet this year and I am not looking forward to it so I will just have to stay in the AC and sew!

  98. Beautiful blocks Julie! I’m in Indianapolis, IN, and it is cloudy and cool, only 66 right now, and rained all day yesterday. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  99. Hi Julie!
    I live in McMinnville, OR. The weather this morning is a bit overcast and 54 deg. We’re supposed to reach a high of 75 today. This is a cool down from the warm sunny weather we have had in the last week or so.
    Happy 4th!

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