Maggie’s First Dance, Alternating Blocks & giveaway

Today, I get to show you my alternating blocks for Maggie’s First Dance block of the month by Jacquelynne Steves.  I’m so glad that many of you are participating!  And we have another generous giveaway this month, so keep reading!



The alternating blocks for this quilt are quick to make.  I chose to use a feature fabric in the center of mine.  I fussy cut my center squares to take advantage of the words in this print of Rhapsody Bop by AdornIt.


Maggie's First Dance Alternate Block made by Julie Cefalu


I changed the cutting instructions just a little bit for this block.  I strip-pieced the yellow and white fabric and then cut them into the correct size rectangle units, as opposed to cutting all of the rectangles individually and then sewing them together.  Fast and efficient!



For the corner units, I pressed one of the corner seams to the center in order to create nesting seams where all of the blocks meet.


Maggie's First Dance BOM made by Julie Cefalu


It’s great to see all of the blocks together on my design wall.  I think I might change the dark fuchsia triangles in the two “east and west” blocks and replace them with navy.  That’s the advantage of observing them on the wall for a few days.

Maggie's First Dance BOM blocks on design wall at The Crafty Quilter


I love seeing the different versions of the other participating bloggers.  Make sure to visit them to see what they’ve done:

Greg at Grey Dogwood Studio
Monique at Farm House Quilts
Julie at The Crafty Quilter (you are here!)
Beth at EvaPaige Quilt Designs
Kim at My Go-Go Life
Jacque at Lily Pad Quilting
Brenda at The Quilting Nook

Christa at Christa Quilts (guest blogger!)

Giveaway Information:

This month’s giveaway is generously sponsored by Christa Watson of Christa Quilts.  Christa is a fabulous quilter, teacher and author of two quilt books.  For this giveaway, one winner will be chosen to receive a pack of beautiful patterns from Christa Quilts!  All you need to do is leave a comment telling me what your favorite season or holiday is.  This giveaway is open to everyone, and you can visit the other participating bloggers for more opportunities to win, including Christa.  Update:  Giveaway is now closed.


Here are the giveaway rules:

  • To enter, leave a comment telling me your favorite season or holiday.
  • You must comment by 11:59 pm PST on October 10, 2016Giveaway is now closed.
  • Your email MUST be included in your profile information or in your comment. If I choose your name and I cannot contact you, I will choose another name.
  • Giveaway is open to all.
  • Winner will be chosen at random.


Have fun and good luck!

Julie 176 x 116





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  1. I love the Spring, the time of year when everything is coming alive again. The start of planting and the time of planning Christmas presents or quilts to be made by December.

  2. So many fun holidays, so many choices! Fall probably leads the pack but summer and Christmas are right behind!

  3. I have always loved the fall. The colors, the sound of rustling leaves, the cooler temperatures mean flannels and hoodies which are my favorite things to wear, and of COURSE FOOTBALL!!! What isn’t there to love?

  4. I love them all. I am usually ready for a change about the time a new season rolls in. To me there is beauty everywhere in each season.

  5. My favorite holiday is Christmas as children come from university and I love decorating our home for all the holidays. But Christmas decorations last the longest and that makes it fun and worth all the effort. Thanks for this opportunity. Your blocks are beautiful.

  6. I really like what you did for the setting blocks!!!! My favorite season is winter, especially at Christmas.
    I decorate the house with miniature houses I paint myself.
    Rebecca McCain [email protected]

  7. I know I 2 posted but I had to comment on the block too. I love all the holidays but I think my favorite it Christmas since it is holiday for children and family. Plus the birth of Christ.

  8. I love your blocks. I guess my favorite holiday is Christmas, because I love to celebrate the arrival of my Savior. But I also love Easter and Thanksgiving. For seasons, I like summer best, then spring. Too many choices.

  9. My favorite season is fall; I love the colors and the sweatshirt weather! My favorite holiday is St. Patty’s day! To me, St. Patty’s Day is the knowing that spring is just around the corner and who doesn’t need a shamrock and a pot of gold! Love your Maggie’s First Dance and your choice of worded fabric to fussy cut for the centers of the setting blocks!

  10. Hello Julie. Thanks for the chance to win the lovely patterns. I really have no favourite season as each season is full of inspiration for me. But if I had to choose it would have to be Spring. We live in Toowoomba in Queensland, Australia and this beautiful regional town is known as the Garden City. In springtime we have the Carnival of Flowers and all the gardens and parks come alive with such splendid colours. We were married in the gardens here in Spring and so each Spring is a renewal for us as well as for the gardens.

  11. My favorite season is Fall. Beautiful colorful leaf changes, crisp fresh air with scent of fallen leaves…and the little children all excited in their cute Halloween costumes!

  12. My favorite weather is SNOW. Play in it for a while, then come back inside to the fireplace and have hot chocolate!

  13. Your blocks are beautiful Julie! I really like fall, nice to have slightly cooler temperatures and still enjoy being outside!

  14. I <3 fall and Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday. Getting the family together to just gather around the table and enjoy each other's company… what could be better?!

  15. Fall is my favorite season. Christmas used to be my favorite holiday before losing our daughter to cancer. Christmas was her favorite but now we just can’t seem to get in the spirit of it.

  16. My favorite season is here right now – fall. What great temperatures and colors. Love the center fabric of your setting blocks.

  17. My favourite season is spring, new life and now, the beautifull colours! Mijn favourite holiday is Christmas!

  18. I love the cooler months, I can stitch for longer during these times. I love Autumn, the changing colours and the hint of cooler times in the air =)

  19. My favorite holiday is Christmas. Love your fussy-cut centers. Thanks for the chance to win the patterns.

  20. Thanks for the pressing tip! Your quilt is very pretty.

    My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. Great time to share memories, make new ones, with family and friends! Have even been stretching it out and having a pre- or fake-Thanksgiving so we can try out new recipes before the real day.

    Thanks for the chance.

  21. Love fall. Was on a six hour drive today, and love all the colours. Also the fact that all the fresh garden products available.

  22. Love your fabrics and your fussy cutting makes darling blocks. I see that you’ve given us a preview of the border? Looks super! My favorite season is fall. Lots of great holidays and family celebrations.

    Thanks for a chance to win.


  23. May Day, from the Maypole dance I learned in Kindergarten to the dew in the early morning as we snuck out to pick the first violets in the woods, to the surprised smiles of neighbors when we ring the doorbell and run and hide after leaving the homemade May baskets, and seeing these memories repeat as I watch my children doing the same things . . .

  24. My favorite season is Spring. I love the colors and rebirth of spring. I am fascinated by the buds as plants leaf and flowers bloom.

  25. My favorite season is fall. I love the warm rich colors it brings to us and I love to decorate my house in those warm colors. I love the cool crisp air and the smell of apples.Thank you for the chance to win.

  26. My favorite season – FALL!!!!!!! Love everything about it. Wonderful harvest of veggies and fruits and cooler weather. The only part I DON’T like is Halloween. I like to skip it now that I am retired.

  27. Changing the setting block creates a totally different look! Like it, I love Autumn. Seeing the colors change reminds me how artistic God is…

  28. Loooove Autumn!!! Plus our Anniversary is in October!! 🙂

    Love the Fabric in your Alternate Blocks!! Thank you for chance to win the Give-a-way too!

  29. I love what you did with your corners. I prefer to have seams that nest also. Blocks just seem to go together better that way. Your colors look a lot like what I would choose. My favorite season is Fall, although I usually have to travel to find changing leaves. My favorite holiday is Christmas because I love all the baking, Christmas carols, and writing cards to all my friends and family.

  30. Love your blocks. will be a beautiful quilt. I love spring………….winter leaves and it’s time for new beginnings. we get to start again.

  31. Autumn, the firewood is all dry and stacked in the sheds, outside work slows down, and not too cold, and not too hot. Your blocks, I ,too,would like to see navy in East and West, the arrangement is so lovely.

  32. Definitely AUTUMN, and not just because my birthday is in October. I’m living in T for 22 years now but I miss the crisp weather and beautiful colors from my youth in Minn.THAT’s the best time of the year.

  33. I like summer because then I can get vegetables from our garden rather than the store. Thanks for the chance to win the pattern bundle.

  34. My favorite season is fall. I love to decorate and make our house feel cozy. I have done none of that so far this year but hope to get to it soon.

  35. I love Valentines! Love the hearts, love the loving, love the chocolate….okay alot of loving on the chocolate part!!!

  36. My favorite holiday is Christmas followed closely by Halloween. I love to decorate my house with my quilts, wreaths and other crafty things that I have made over the years. I really need 2 trees to hold over 300 ornaments that I have made. Maybe this year 1 tree will have all my needlepoint ornaments. I have 2 passions– quilting and needlepoint and it is hard to find time for both. Julie, I love all your blocks for this BOM and I am using the same Adornit fabric. I am just finishing up the 4th block but I am caught up with the Splendid sampler blocks! Instead of the fuschia color I used the pink fabric but the navy would look good also. I just love this Adornit fabric and I am going to use the feature fabric just the way you did. Looks great as always! LOVE your blog.

  37. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. The warm colors, fragrances, foliage, friends…… and family are what make it a blessed memorable holiday. Its not a commercial day. It allows one to be drawn in by the idea of togetherness and a sense of place.

    Quilting is much the same – wonderful colors, designs, feels and a chance to create a warm and safe surrounding for self and others.

    Love Maggie’s First Dance patterns. You are a true artist! Keep it going!

    And thank you Julie…you are my favorite blogger!

  38. I love spring the best. I live where winter is long and dark and am always cheered when I finally see some bright green on the trees.

  39. My favorite season is summer. Living in the frozen north, I appreciate every short day we have of summer. My favorite holiday though is Halloween. I love the way your quilt looks, especially the fussy cutting. Jadahlgr at Yahoo dot Com

  40. I love the month of October. It’s cooling off and the colors of fall are my favorite. The heat is usually behind us and I can walk my dogs, and breath in the fresh air most of all the colors of orange, green, brown, yellow in the trees is breath taking

  41. I’m loving fall right now as it’s finally arrived in my corner of Colorado. I love the cooler temps and colored leaves. Perfect time to get motivated on those Christmas projects!

  42. My favorite season is FALL. I love all the colors and brisk weather. I good time to cuddle up with your latest quilt.

  43. My favorite season is fall as we usually have hot and humid summers so it is refreshing to have cooler weather and I get more in the mood for quilting.

  44. My birthday is the first day of fall so naturally I love the fall. The soothing colors, the cooler temps, and being able to spend time in the quilting room instead of weeding. Love the outside but quilting soothes the soul.

  45. Of course Autumn is my favorite season of all with the earthy smells, the gorgeous colors nature provides and blankets, quilts, flannel and snuggles!

  46. My favorite holiday is Christmas – I LOVE Christmas! I love making and giving gifts to everyone. Thanks for the chance to win 🙂
    Debby E
    samtaylorcjsmimi at yahoo dot com

  47. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. What’s more beautiful than being surrounded by family and friends, enjoying good food and laughter, remembering those who are no longer with us, making new memories with those present, and being thankful for all we have!

  48. My favourite season is spring. I love watching the last of the snow melt, and all of the trees and flowers come back to life.

  49. My favorite season is fall which leads up to my favorite holiday, Christmas.
    Thank-you for your beautiful ideas, and very detailed instructions.

  50. Your blocks are like a splash of splendor! They are absolutely gorgeous, Julie! I wouldn’t change a thing! Just like always, every time I see your finished BOM blocks, I wish I’d participated, too! But I don’t have your eye for color, try as I might! My favorite season is usually spring! Especially when I am in my normal travel mode and experience it three times as I make my way up the coast! No spring up here this year, though! I’ll have to have a talk with Mother Nature! Enjoy your day! XO

  51. My favorite Season is summer as I love to sit out on my balcony with my lunch and relax, But my favorite holiday is Christmas.

  52. I love what you have done with block 5 have been thinking I would use a patterened fabric or else add embroidery to them. I love the ssring for all the fresh colours but prefer it to be warmer also the colours in autumn yes autumn gets my vote

  53. I really love Spring the best. It comes after a cold miserable Winter and I truly like bright colors. That said when I had children at home Halloween was wonderful.

  54. My favorite is Thanksgiving because our youngest daughter in CA flies over for a four day holiday. We go to my sister’s for a GREAT dinner and family time.

  55. My favorite season is spring when everything starts to green & “comes alive”. Which, is probably why I like Easter – Jesus rose!!!

  56. I love fall – great colors, cooler temperatures, smell & crunch of falling leaves, super outings to get firewood in the mountains. Can’t think of a better time of year.

  57. I love your strip piecing idea! My favorite season is definitely summer! When you live in MN, those few, short warm days spent at the lake are priceless!

  58. Halloween is my fav holiday. No food expectations, just lots of pretending and imagining while wearing colorful costumes.

  59. I adore springtime! After a long Midwestern winter, the warming temps and melting snow are so welcome! It’s time to plant gardens and freshen up the lawns and enjoy the outdoors again!

  60. Christmas is my favourite holiday and will be made even more special this year as we are due our first baby on December 6 x

  61. I Love Thanksgiving the most since most of our family gather at our home for the day. Many family members have passed away so each year now is so special to remember those that are gone.

  62. You know, every season has something to recommend it, even deep winter (January thru March, here in MN). At that time, we all have a perfect reason to be quilting — too cold to do anything else!! Spring is always lovely, holds such promise, planting seeds and veggies and flowers. And who can argue with the beauty of summer, with everything in full bloom. Autumn is all about gorgeous color – oranges, and rusts and deep chocolate browns and golds. Fabulous! And Christmas -whether you decorate in traditional red and green, or the turquoise and pink or silver and gold — or celebrate Hanukkah with it’s deep glorious blue and gold — It’s always about color!!! What is my favorite – all of them!!!

  63. I love Thanksgiving! Fall is always beautiful in the Pacific Northwest. We get together with family and friends and just enjoy! I am thankful for that special time!

  64. I love spring and fall…and winter and summer. I guess I love them all. Spring growing season, fall the leaves and colors, summer green grass and winter snow and frost.

  65. My favorite holiday is Christmas and my favorite season is Spring. Your quilt is lovely. Just in case – howland no space quilt no space at gmail dot com. Thanks!

  66. I love Spring until Winter is here and then I love it … It’s a TIE!! Thanksgiving is special and more so as I age.. Do I really have to make a choice for season? LOL I do know for sure that I want to get some of the Rhapsody Bop fabric. PERFECT for what I have in mind. Need to do a search and find!! Love what you do, love your sharing, and who you are.

  67. My favorite season is summer! Here in mid-Michigan I savor the sunny warm weather and the chance to get outside more.

  68. Most people probably know right off what their favorite season or holiday is. I have to think about it. I love fall every time it comes around. The crisp air and the changing leaves. I love the spring too, with all of the blooming flowers and green everywhere.
    I love the fussy cut words in these blocks. Very cute! Thanks for the giveaway.

  69. Christmas is my most favorite holiday. I was born on Christmas Eve many yrs ago. When I got older I was sad my name wasn’t Holly ,Merry or Joy.
    At that time of year the hustle and bustle in preparation for that special holiday leaves little time for little birthdays. So I’ve decided that I can enjoy all the beautiful things that appear. As a quilter I can enjoy all the colors and patterns my friends create.
    Enjoying the beauty of the Season.

  70. Thank you for the giveaway. My favorite holiday is the Fourth of July, I love making red, white and blue quilts!!!

  71. My favorite season is Spring. I love the days getting longer, warmer and seeing the world come slowly to life again. My favorite holiday is Halloween. It’s a no pressure holiday and I like carving jack-o-lanterns and passing out candy to the kids.

  72. I like your blocks. Thanks for the tip on strip piecing the two fabrics and then cutting the rectangle units.

    My favorite season is Fall. My favorite holiday is Easter.

  73. Your blocks are wonderful! My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. We usually go to my son’s for his “Thanksgiving Extravaganza”. Family travels from all around & stays the week. Between the food, family & games, lots of memories are made.

  74. I love summer….love the long days and the relaxed feel of the entire season. (I also love the heat, but most people think I am crazy!).

  75. My favorite season has to be Fall, leading up to the ultimate holiday–Thanksgiving. Fall means the weather is cooling to less than sizzling, and Thanksgiving is full of family, friends, and FOOD. I love to cook for others and share time with others over food. It is wonderful.
    I love fall colors, and the way everyone seems to be reviving after the hot, desert summer.

  76. I love FALL! I love the cooler temperatures, the warm colors, and the comfort food of the season. I enjoy decorating my house for fall even better than for Christmas.

  77. I enjoy all the holidays and decorations, but my very favorite of all is Autumn. The first crisp feeling in the air, the changing colors…it’s all a feast for the senses.

  78. Love Thanksgiving, there is just something about having the whole family together around our dining room table with a big turkey in the middle. I am always thankful for family, friends and the beautiful fall weather.

  79. Every season and holiday has its special charm. I must say I really enjoy the Fall. It is an escape from the hot summer heat in Texas. The vibrant colors of the changing leaves are beautiful to see. The crisp cool air in the evenings are a delight. And there always seems to be an expectancy in the air in autumn.

  80. My favorite season is summer…love wearing sandals, going to the beach and the sun staying out till almost 9pm.

  81. I live an hour north of Houston and fall is the best time of year when the heat/humidity start to come down!

  82. It’s hard to decide, all seasons are special. I guess if I can only choose one, it would be fall. I love the autumn leaves, the cooler temps, jeans and sweatshirts and, of course, snuggling under quilts.

  83. My favorite season is fall because I love the fall colors and decorating with oranges, browns, greens. But my favorite holiday is Christmas, again, because I love decorating every room in our home with reds and greens! And, I do like getting gifts, too!

  84. I have always loved Halloween and even more so now. My youngest granddaughter is so excited to decorate with me, well it is just so endearing.

  85. For me it’s spring! The cold wet dreary winter here in the North slowly fades, it’s light later and warmer and I get back in the garden. Hopefully I have spent the winter sewing, hooking rugs, knitting making big pots of soup!

  86. My favorite season used to be summer, but it’s been way too hot. I’m really liking fall although it means the humming birds have left the area and flown south.

  87. Christmas is my favorite time of year because it lasts so long. I begin prepping in November right after Halloween and my tree goes up immediately following the US Thanksgiving and it doesn’t come down until Jan 6 or later. I love all the decorations, the lights, the Christmas shows on TV, baking goodies and having guests to feed on Christmas Day. I also like to make Christmas-themed lap quilts, table runners, mug rugs (for gifts), etc.

  88. Fall is always my favorite season. The nights are cooler, days still warm and the colors are incredible.

  89. My favorite season is fall. October is the most gorgeous month of the year to me! Very little rain, pleasant temperatures, and the stunning fall foliage!

  90. My favorite season is fall— Driving around the countryside to see all of the beautiful changing colors. Or just to sit on the front porch and enjoy the cooler evenings. My favorite holiday—4th of July—celebrating our wonderful country/

  91. My favorite season is spring. I love the fresh green colors and watching the earth spring to life again. I love each season but spring makes me the happiest.

  92. Fall has always been my favorite season. I love the colors, the temperatures, and all that comes with it

  93. This BOM has some sweet designs, great choice on your colors. Only because you mentioned it, I agree with going with all for blocks being the same dk. color. But I like the dk. fuchsia too.
    That being said, your design board really caught my attention. I looked to see if you had a tutorial and did not find one. Would love to see how you did this, I really like the finished look of it rather than just a piece of batting or flannel hanging there. What did you use for the actual clinging piece please? Could we be seeing a tut in the future maybe?

  94. Halloween-love to see the little ones having fun in their dress-ups!-even my big “kids” come by for help with their costumes & make-up!

  95. Your quilt blocks are amazing. I think my favorite holiday is Halloween. I like all the seasons, it is to hard to choose just one, although winter is sometimes to long.

  96. My most favorite season is Fall. The colors, the smells, the crunching leaves….and Thanksgiving with all its bounty.

  97. Thanks for the instructions for the alternate blocks. Yours are beautiful! I love Christmas and the holiday time surrounding it. I also enjoy birthdays even though they aren’t a season. It nice to have celebrations through the year and just make one someone special at a time. Thanks for your blog.

  98. My favorite holiday is Easter. Very fond memories of the birds singing, flowers, family, love, and of coarse, chocolate bunnies.

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