Maggie’s First Dance, final borders & giveaway

It’s finally here!  The last piece of instructions for Maggie’s First Dance block of the month is now available.  This month we’re putting our blocks together and adding the borders.  Plus we have another amazing giveaway.

Maggie's First Dance BOM @ Jacquelynne Steves

Maggie’s First Dance BOM, final instructions

If you’re just now joining in, you still have time to sign up and get the instructions for the previous month’s blocks hereJacquelynne Steves has done another amazing job at keeping us motivated and providing excellent instructions for this BOM.  A big hug and thank you to Jacquelynne!

I’m really excited to show you my completed quilt top, so here it is!

Maggie's First Dance BOM quilt made by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter


The colors remind me of salt water taffy.  I’m not normally a pink person, but  I have a little 3-year-old niece who will be receiving this quilt and she absolutely loves pink.  The fabric inspiration for this quilt was the text print from AdornIt.  Much of the fabric I used came from their Rhapsody Bop collection.

Maggie's First Dance BOM quilt made by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter


Remember, when you’re adding borders to a quilt, cut them to fit YOUR quilt top.  Measure through the center of the quilt and use that measurement to cut your border strips.  Pin well, and stitch.  This will help keep your quilt square and alleviate wavy borders.

Maggie's First Dance BOM quilt made by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter


One of my favorite things about being a part of this BOM is seeing the way the other participating bloggers are interpreting this design.  Make sure to check out their blogs and earn more chances to win this month’s giveaway.

Greg at Grey Dogwood Studio
Monique at Farm House Quilts
Julie at The Crafty Quilter (you are here!)
Beth at EvaPaige Quilt Designs
Kim at My Go-Go Life
Jacque at Lily Pad Quilting
Brenda at The Quilting Nook

November giveaway

This month’s giveaway is sponsored by New Leaf Stitches.  Kari has put together a fabulous prize package that includes a Clearly Perfect Angles Pack.  This handy tool will help you achieve quick and accurate 45° angles on any of your corner triangles or diagonal seams with NO marking!

To enter the giveaway, all you need to do is leave a comment telling me how many sewing machines you own.  (Don’t worry, I’ll never tell anyone.)  I’ll start by saying that I own 5!  Maybe I’ll elaborate on that later.  This giveaway is open to everyone, and you can visit the other participating bloggers for more opportunities to win



Here are the giveaway rules:

  • To enter, leave a comment telling me how many sewing machines you own.
  • You must comment by 11:59 pm PST on November 14, 2016.
  • Your email MUST be included in your profile information or in your comment. If I choose your name and I cannot contact you, I will choose another name.
  • Giveaway is open to all.
  • Winner will be chosen at random.

Maggie's First Dance BOM quilt made by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter

Happy Quilting!

Julie 176 x 116



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  1. In house I have 2 embroidery, sewing machines and a serger! And I love everyone of them! lol I wish I had room for my mothers machines and my dmil’s treadle but alas it is stored at my daughter’s, she is a non-sewer! lol

  2. I currently have four machines in my house and three are out all the time. I own one sewing machine but my sis is a longtime quilter only I am outdoing her these days so she lent me her megaquilter and an oldie Kenmore to do wrap bowls on. I keep busy!

  3. I have two treadles buried out the back shed somewhere plus my original singer that uses discs for patterns long forgotten plus I have three Janome embroidery machines a brother super galaxie and a pfaff creative vision. But I’m greedy with machines and at a recent craft and quilting show I bought two new Jamones the 9400 quilter and 500e embroidery. Now to find where to put them. Love your quilts.

  4. Just one! I love my little Janome! But I would like to get one with a bit bigger throat so I can start home machine quilting some small things.

  5. Wow that’s a lot of machines listed here! I have 2 sewing and one serger all Singer. Love the quilt! Trying to learn to quilt myself. Not very good so far.

  6. I have 5 sewing machines 3 Viking , 1 Janome, and a lovely feather weight, by the name of Ruby after my lovely mother-in-law. I also have a Brother embroidery machine and serger. I love your quilt.

  7. Hello
    Happy to say I have 7 total machines a Pfaff 2044, Singer straight stitch portable 1948, older Singer featherweight straight stitch, 2 sergers, then 2 of my sewing machines are (treasures) old treadle machines each in great working order White1907 and Singer 1886. Both treadles are housed in their original cabinets.

  8. I have 4 machines. (omg) One really good machine and a baby for travel. I have two older models which I intend to use to teach children to sew.

  9. I own three machines, one belonged to my husband’s nana a gorgeous treadle machine, one belonged to my late mother who sewed all her life but never discovered quilting and, my machine which is greeted every day as I put my foot to the pedal!

  10. I have one Lovely Janome 2160DC (Aloria) and a Janome Overlocker (Fred) a new member of the family will soon be added, an embroidery machine. I’ll have to wait and see what she wants to be called lols 😉

  11. I once owned three sewing machines..donated two to a local shelter and bought an embroidery/sewing machine. I now own two. When I embroider, I can also sew…it’s is like having 4 hands at once-HA!

  12. I love your quilt and enjoyed following along with you and appreciate your hints. Thanks for a great giveaway! I own three (old) machines, one a 1939 Singer 15-90, a real work horse!

  13. Everything printed – will sew this winter!! I have a serger and 3 machines – 1 for fleece, 1 for taking to class, and one that’s set up all the time at home!!

  14. LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOVE your Quilt!! the fabrics are PERFECT for this pattern!! AWESOME job!!

    I have two sewing machines 🙂 Thanks for chance to win your Give-a-way too!! 😀

  15. Hi Julie,
    I have 7 sewing/embroidery machines and one serger. I have a business ,so I do use them pretty regularly . I have Babylock, Viking, and Berninia. They are all great
    Your quilt is beautiful- I’m sure your niece will love it!

  16. I own 5 sewing machines, a serger and a long arm quilter: a 1980s Kenmore; a singer featherweight – love this one; a Janome – this one is a big disappointment; an old Bernia my daughter-in-law loves this one; a vintage singer made in 1941 in a table not a featherweight – love this one. I keep the table model at my son’s because I often watch my granddaughter and it makes it easier not to drag a machine back and forth. Not sure if this counts or not but I also have a long arm quilting machine. It makes it so much easier to quilt than doing by hand or with normal sewing machine.

    Sadly, I still want an embroidery machine but just can’t justify the money for it at this time.

    [email protected]

  17. I have not started the Maggie’s BOM yet, because I have been working on another quilting BOM and a crochet BOM. I have enjoyed see the work that has been posted on your blog each month and am looking forwards to starting my quilt in a few months.

  18. Hi, I own two sewing machines, I love to quilt and sew all kinds of projects, such as purses, totes, and more.

  19. I have one machine for piecing, a long arm for quilting, a feather weight for travel, my Mom’s two sewing machines, and a serger. Whew

  20. I have one sewing machine for piecing my quilts, a long arm for quilting, my newest addition is a feather weight for travel, and then my Mother’s two sewing machines. Whew. I love Maggie’s First Dance.

  21. The one I sew on most frequently is over seventy years old! I have two others, and am searching for a Featherweight to love. (Grin) Don’t include me in the giveaway, I just hopped over to tell you how beautiful your finish is! I know that young lady will love it!

  22. I own 3 sewing machines, an antique pedal machine that belonged to my precious grandmother-in-law, my Singer Genie,and my Quilters Dream Elna. Love em all!

  23. I have not even started my quilt yet. I love the fabrics you chose, perfect for a little girl. Now how many sewing machines do I admit to having? I have 4 electric machines. One I use regularly, one I take to classes and one I am saving for my daughter to use one day (she is 25 and has shown no interest yet). The other one I cannot part with, along with various feet and accessories of machines now gone. My favourite is my mothers treadle which I learned to sew on.

  24. And here I thought I had a lot of machines! I have 6 sewing machines, but I only use I of those regularly to sew, and one of them primarily to embroider, although it can be used to sew also.

  25. I have seven that are working and one of those is out on loan. Sewing machines are a bad habit aren’t they. Thanks!!

  26. I have two machines that I use daily-but antiques one, well let’s see- 5 (mostly just decoration) and 12 antique children’s ones.

  27. loving the quilt have yet to find a border fabric I like for mine. I have 3 ordinary machines, an overlocker and an embellishing machine, now think I need a 11.5″ throat machine to make quilting a bit easier

  28. I have one machine the Bernina QE 440 that my husband bought for me, this is the 4th Bernina in our family. My Mum had the first one, when I was about 11 or 12, then she gave that to me, I traded it in when it was about 29 years old, they had a 30 year guarantee way back then, then the next one, I had for 30 years, gave to our younger daughter. I truly love the Berninas. Your borders, and the wording on your blocks, lovely all over.

  29. I have 2 sewing Machine’s Unfortunately 1 is on the way to thre repair shop tomorrow (*Memo “do not lend your machine to someone who doesn’t know IT ) At 75 I am finally making a quilt for my OWN bed lol,

  30. I only have one sewing machine. If I can ever get all the papercrafting supplies out of my craft room, I’m hoping to get another newer machine, with a bigger throat space, so I can machine quilt at home.

  31. I have two sewing machines but just gave my daughter my mother’s old
    Singer machine. Would love to have a light weight Bernina (since we travel so much-in a MH) but think I better wait on it.

  32. Oh my! I have 2 sergers, 2 Bernina’s ( Nova and non electronic 830), 3 Pfaff’s – old 130 industrial that is so heavy I can not lift it, a Creative Vision Emb machine that I piece and quilt on and my mid arm frame with PFAFF (!no idea which one it is). Also have industrial machine in garage – I can’t count that one cause it belongs to my brother. Am looking for treadle lol. Believe it or not – I use ALL of these machines. Love your site. Thanks for your inspiration.

  33. I think I own 3-one for piecing, a second with a bigger harp space that I use for quilting my big quilts and sometimes piecing and I think I still have a third somewhere that I used before I started quilting. I have to look around and see where that one is. Thanks for a fun quilt along and I love how your quilt came out!

  34. Julie, you’ve created another beauty! What a great finish!
    I have 3 sewing machines, but only 2 of them are in working order. The 3rd one is an old treadle machine and I use the cabinet to hold my laptop and other “piles” in my sewing room.

  35. In my sewing room, there are 2 sewing machines and one serger. The one I use most of the time is my Janome. I have a a Bernina that is about 38 years old, which I use only when the Janome is in need of some TLC, and the serger isn’t used that often. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  36. I also have five sewing machines and one serger. I only use two of them. The others are my grandmother’s, my mother’s and my first machine that I bought myself. I love them all. Your quilt top is beautiful.

  37. I do have two machines but only use one of them…the Babylock. I absolutely love it. I have a wonderful Bernina I love also. It’t the standby! I would love win the angle templates. Look like they would really help with straight lines!! Thanks! Helen

  38. I own two sewing machines but only use my wonderful Janome! My 40 year old Singer still works but is sidelined for now.

  39. I own my mom’s old Kenmore–1970s era. It is in a cabinet. I had a portable one my hubby had given me when I graduated from college. My sister needed one as her machine did not work any more and could not be fixed and so I gave her the portable one since she doesn’t have room for the cabinet one. I have her old broken machine which I will use as a trade in hopefully some day.

  40. I currently own three sewing machines and a longarm. When we combined households upon retirement three years ago, i had five machines; two went to the local 4-H group.

  41. I have seven machines: my original Singer, my favorite Bernina and its twin for parts, and 4 machines for teaching sewing.

  42. Love seeing your progress on this! I currently have three – all vintage. I primarily use my Bernina 930 Record. I also have a Singer featherweight and a Bernina 117L. My mom is a true collector. She has a turquoise 1958 Brother that I hope to “acquire” from her soon! I have several toy machines too that I display. Thanks for the chance!

  43. I currently own four sewing machines. I’ve given away 3 others though. For awhile I was fascinated with older machines because they had ‘character’ and were designed to last forever. I still use a Featherweight strictly for paper piecing, but my go-to machines are my two Berninas, which I love.

  44. I own 4 sewing machines plus one serger. Machines varied in prince from less than $1,000.00 – $3,000.00. When summer comes and I teach sewing to 4-H kids (children), all machines come in handy.

  45. I own 2 sergers, two sewing machines, and a longarm. Two other sewing machines were recently gifted to granddaughters.

  46. I have one Bernina I bought in the early 70s, one Singer from my mother who bought it in the 40s and two Singer featherweights Not a modern machine in the bunch..

  47. If sergers and embellisher are counted, I have 8. My to do list today includes completing the pumpkin table runner you linked to last month. Thanks for your enthusiasm and inspiration!

  48. I have Five machines, one is an older Sears that sews beautiful,others are a bit newer, cept for the treadle that still sits idle….just havnt gotten around to learning that one,..but I will one day, as each one has a place and time. And oh forgot the serger that keeps me from straying too far from sewing.

  49. I have ten! Treadles, a hand crank Singer bought in London more years ago than I care to admit, two Featherweights that I use, and a 20 year old Pfaff that I use almost all the time, and a beautiful quite new Bernina QE that I also use. I also have my great grandmother’s hand machine that just sews a chain stitch.

  50. Hi Julie. I own 3 sewing machines and I use 1 all the time, another for classes or guild and the third unfortunately sits alone and unused. 🙁

    Enjoy your posts. Will another BOM be starting now that this one is over?

  51. I own 2 machines, a Janome which is too heavy to take to retreats and a newer modle singer. I am on the lookout for one of the antique machines everyone is using and loving. My mother probable gave hers away, too bad I wasn’t smart back then!!

  52. I have 2 sewing machines, one for general sewing and one set up for quilting, a serger, and my Mother-in-laws treadle sewing machine in a cabinet. I would love a lightweight one for classes.
    I love your quilt, it is so pretty.

  53. I have all the patterns ready to start. I’ve been getting ready for our church Craft Fair which was this past weekend. Now I can start catching up on other things.

  54. I own 3 sewing machines & 1 serger. I use one machine for my general sewing, piecing & quilting, and one for embroidery. The 3rd is an antique machine that was my husbands grandmother’s, that I just admire.

  55. I own 4, 2 Husqvarna machines, 1 very old pedal Singer (belonged to my mother) and one light weight one that I used to take when I went on a retreat.

  56. I own three machines – two that I use and one that my hubby bought me for my birthday 2 years ago that I have not had a chance to learn about yet.

  57. I have 8. I still have my Sears Kenmore from 7th grade; a Husqvarna Designer One, a Janome 11000, my mother-in-law’s 1950s White in a table, and my husband’s aunt’s 1950s White in a table; an industrial Juki, an early 1900s The Free treadle, and a Babylock Tiara II. I swear I am not buying any more.

  58. I have 2 machines. One is a Bernina that I use everyday. The other one is an American that I got on my 20th birthday. I could never get rid of that.

  59. I have 8! 2 are treadles (1 was Grandma’s and 1 a rescue), 2 are from the 50’s (a Singer and a Pfaff), an old serger, a somewhat elderly Viking embroidery machine (a workhorse!), a fairly new Bernina (love it!) and a Brother that I won a couple years ago. It’s like the United Nations of Sewing Machines at my house! 🙂

  60. I just Love the way the quilt turned out ! It’s Beautiful,
    Well thought out and perfectly executed. You continue to inspire !

  61. I have 2 sewing machines and an embroidery machine. I have an old Singer back in England where I’m originally from but left it with my sister for safe keeping

  62. Well, apparently I’m in the minority, as I only have 2! 3 if you count the serger! Love that inspirational fabric in the center!

  63. 4 – an ancient machine that is locked with no key, and then a basic sewing machine, serger and embroidery machine……

  64. I have 4 machines…. one of them is the first one I got — a refurbished Riccar that was 10 years old when I got it — about 40 years ago!

  65. I own three working machines. One of those is my mothers’ Singer from a long time ago – it still works. Plus I have my grandmothers’ treadle machine from an even longer time ago. Plan is to refinish the cabinet to have a show piece. Love your quilt top!

  66. I have 5 machines. One is for day to day sewing, one is for quilting, one is my 40 year old machine given to me by my MIL, one is my mother’s machine that I learned to sew on, and one is a brand new Janome Derby that I hope to give to a future grandchild.

  67. Hi, I have 7 sewing machines (2 with embroidery units), 2 sergers and an 18″ long arm machine. A couple of them are needing work, one is probably worn out completely (parts no longer available for it, but I love the machine……….sigh) and regularly use 3 of them.

  68. I have 3 sewing machines. 1 is a embroidery machine 1 is not working. 1 is old faithful straight and zig Zag only.

  69. This is embarrassing. I currently have 4. One older Babylock embroidery machine at my daughter’s. One old Babylock serger that I rarely use. One Babylock Natalie that I take to class. Finally, a newer Babylock Ellissimo that I purchased used just recently. It weighs a ton! I love my light weight Natalie and am jut learning to use the Ellissimo.
    Anyone want a serger?!?

  70. I have three working sewing machines a few antiques that I’m not sure about. hehehe.
    Your quilt is so you. I really enjoyed seeing the other interpretations. I have come to realize there are no quilt patterns I don’t like. It really all depends on the colours.

  71. I only have one. A little singer that my children bought me for Christmas two years ago. I started quilting again after that. Learned something new about measuring your top for borders today! Thank you!

  72. Hi Julie- I have only two sewing machines, a mechanical Viking workhorse and a Viking electronic that I use as a portable to take to classes. Since I’m going to be a grandmother next year, I can’t decide which would be more useful, a serger or an embroidery machine. I only have saved for one, any thoughts?

  73. I own only one sewing machine, so if it’s a contest, I lose!
    But that’s OK, I’m happy with my machine, which I inherited from a dear sister-in-law, and which could not have been more timely, as my 40 year old Husqvarna died.

  74. Oh my…I started counting and thought what am I going to do with all of these….2 Bernina’s (mostly use these);1 Janome; 1 Viking (emb and sew); 1 featherweight; 2 treadle machines (grandma”s); 1 from year I was born..don’t remember the name but it is in a beautiful wooden case with the curved top; 2 toy machines that both sew and 1 serger! That’s 11! Wonder if any of the grand daughters will want them someday!

  75. I currently have four machines and I’m looking to purchase a serger. I have a Baby Lock Melody which does everything I ever need it to from beginning to finish. I have a Singer Simple, my first machine, that is loud as heck but produces the straightest quilting lines with a walking foot. I have a Kenmore that has the most dependable 1/4″ stitch and it makes piecing a breeze. I have a Janome Derby that I literally carry everywhere and can sew at a moment’s notice plus I use it for crafts and paper. I hope to get a serger so I can dip my toes in apparel sewing. 🙂

  76. Your quilt is lovely and I like the fabric that you chose for the borders the pink really makes it stand out. I have 5 sewing machines from the first one I bought as a teenager to my latest I bought 3 years ago. The number also includes a serger and a treadle machine.

  77. 4 Sewing machines are at my house. One of them was lovingly used by my mother-in-law and is stored in a beautiful cabinet. Thanks for the interpretation of the design for Maggie’s First Dance.

  78. Julie,

    I presently only own 2 sewing machines, a 40 year old Elna and a brand new Bernina. Your blog on machine quilting with stencils inspired me and I am now hooked not only on piecing but the quilting as well.

    Patti Gramling

  79. I have 6 machines. My grandmother’s treadle, my mom’s 1948 Singer, a Bernina, a Janome, a serger and my Gammill long arm.

  80. I own 9 machines including 2 that I currently use, my grandmother’s, my mothers, a featherlite, my old Kenmore, an antique treadle and a couple of antique Singer machines that I couldn’t pass up at auction.

  81. I own two Babylock sewing machines. One machine was actually my mother’s that I inherited and hope that eventually one of my twenty-something daughters will want it someday.

  82. Your quilt is so pretty Julie. I really love it.
    Thank you for the giveaway. I have 3 sewing machines, one serger, and one embroidery machine.

  83. If I count the ones which may or may not be running I own 3 plus an embroidery only machine and a serger. I’m in the market for a sit down long arm so I hope to jump that number to 4 really soon.

  84. I have 4 sewing machines- 2 that I use all the time, an old one down the shore at my home away from home and a featherweight that I don’t really use. Thanks so much for the chance to win 🙂
    Debby E
    samtaylorcjsmimi at yahoo dot com

  85. I own 2 machines and my mom owns 5 -including a long arm- so that makes a total of 7 sewing machines in our house…

  86. I own 3 machines, my take along wiz bang Lily, my Pfaff for quilting and my Viking for embroidery. The 3 help me make cute things for my grandkids.

  87. I have 7, 2 featherweight, 2 janome, 2 husquavarna, 1 serger (boat anchor) use 4 regularly. Plus 1 treadle. Oh my, this is bad….

  88. Oh my-5 machines! You sew lots of things so that is probably necessary. I am a beginner and only have one. I love following you and your teaching is great. It seems you really care about how well we do and the instructions are very clear. Thank you.

  89. I love sewing machines! I have 1 old Singer treadle, 2 Singer featherweights, 1 Bernina QE, 1 Carona workhorse, 2 others in a state of disrepair and 1 serger that I have never used! So I guess I have 8.

  90. I have a sewing machine with embroidery unit that I’m just learning to use, a travel machine that is basic and light weight and a serger. I love all three.

  91. Hi Julie,
    First let me say I love the quilt you made for your niece! So pretty and I’m sure she’s going to love it.

    As for the sewing machines, I own 6. I have 2 Berninas (a big one and one for classes), my Mom’s old Singer (in a cabinet), a Featherweight, an old, semi-fucntioning Necchi, and an antique, hand-crank style, which I can’t remember the name of right now.

  92. Do I really have to reveal this number? I have six machines that I actually use, honest I do! I have three that I would like to sell. And I have three featherweights that I savor!! I hope that this info is confidential!!

  93. I currently have 4 sewing machines and a serger. Usually have two set up; one for straight
    sewing and one for quilting.

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