2019 UFO & WIP frequently asked questions

I thought it would be a good idea to do a separate blog post on some frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) about the 2019 UFO & WIP Challenge.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s this challenge about? It’s about motivating you and each other to finish a UFO or WIP each month.  Most quilters have a long list of unfinished projects, and we want to shorten that list!  On the last Sunday of each month, I’ll host a link-up where you can add a photo of your finished project.  This will enter you into a monthly giveaway.  One winner each month will be picked to win a prize.  Each month will have a different prize and sponsor.

What does UFO & WIP mean?  Ha!  That’s a good one.  In the craft world, UFO is an unfinished object.  WIP is a work in process.  Sometimes they are the same thing.  Usually I start off with a WIP and then it morphs into a UFO.

What type of project can I link up?  Good question!  It can be one of the following categories:  sewing, quilting, or needlework.

What qualifies as a finish?  I’m so glad you asked!  Optimally, it should be a project that is completely finished.  That means quilted and bound for a quilt.  If you finished piecing a quilt top that has been in the UFO pile for 5 years and now you want to hand quilt it, I would consider that pieced quilt top a finish.

How many projects can I link up?  I think two is a good number, don’t you?  But one is just fine if that’s all you have.  I mean that would be awesome if you had one, and even more amazing if you had two!

When is the link up and how long will it last?  On the last Sunday of each month, I will post a link-up (linky) party.  It will remain active for one week.

Do I need a blog or website to enter the link up?  Heavens no!  You will need to have an email address so you can be contacted, if necessary.

Do I need to tell you ahead of time what my project will be?  Can I switch projects?  I want this to be fun and motivating.  So, the short answer is no and yes.  You do not have to tell me what project you will be finishing and you can switch projects during the month if you need to.  This challenge is based on the honor system.  I trust that you’re linking up a project that you’ve been meaning to finish and not something you’ve had completed for a long time.

How do I join the link up?  Hopefully this will be an easy process for you.

  • Look for the blue “Add link” button at the end of the link up blog post (last Sunday of each month).  If you’re reading the blog post in an email, you will need to go to my website to see the blue link up button.
  • If you DO have a blog, you can enter the web address to the specific blog post that contains your photo (not your homepage).  The title of your link will automatically be generated and it will automatically populate photos to choose from.  Choose the photo and crop if necessary.  Enter your email address.
  • If you do NOT have a blog, you can upload an image directly from your computer.  Click on the blue “enter without link” button. This will activate the upload tab and then you’ll see “drop an image or click here”.
  • Give the image a caption such as Grandma’s Blue Quilt; you can include your name if desired.
  • Enter your email address.
  • If you have any problems adding your link or photo, you can always email me and I will add it for you.

Do I have to be a US resident to participate?  No, anyone can enter the challenge.  But there is a caveat.  Depending on the sponsor for each month, you may need to be a US resident to win a prize.  I’ll add that information to each month’s link up.

If there’s any questions that I haven’t answered, please leave a comment below.  I’ll add it to this page.  You can find any posts pertaining to the challenge at the 2019 UFO & WIP Challenge tab at the top of my blog or in the Menu tab.

I hope you’ve made a list of your UFO’s or WIP’s – use my downloadable list here:  2019 UFO & WIP List.  This is a great way to prioritize and keep track of your projects.  You might need to print out several copies if your list is long!  Pick whichever project you want to work on each month.  It doesn’t matter if it’s #2 or #25.  Most of all, have fun and get it done!

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  1. Your list is much prettier than some I’ve been using. Saving it for when I get my first list all scratched over while I’m getting those finishes and beautiful projects completed!

  2. Where do we tell you what project we plan to finish each month? I’m finishing up my Nesting Stars Quilt this month!

  3. I love your print out & am filling it out right! Just having a mental deadline is making a huge difference in tackling my list! I look forward to the challenge & seeing how much I can finish up by the end of the year!

  4. Hi Julie, great tips, I was just coming to see about the link up thing, i had remembered seeing it somewhere and youv’e touched on it here, so thanks, though I’m a day early, but will note for future and pop back tomorrow (mon for me) I will make a note, so glad I actually got a small finish done, but a finish is a finish! 🙂 happy WIPping people 🙂

  5. and I take it that the project we link up is the same project every month and we are to finish it by the end of the year? showing progress every month?

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