WIP for Wednesday and Craftsy becomes Bluprint

I’m so happy that I actually have a WIP (work in process) for Wednesday to show you!  I finished this quilt top from a 2013 block of the month (Fat Quarter Shop Mystery BOM).  I only needed to add the final border and piece the backing for it.  Now it’s off to the longarm quilter!

WIP Wednesday:  my 2013 Fat Quarter Shop Mystery BOM quilt top is finished @ The Crafty Quilter


This quilt came as a kit each month and each row has a different theme.  You’ll find baskets, stars, houses and flowers.  Such a happy quilt!

WIP Wednesday:  my 2013 Fat Quarter Shop Mystery BOM quilt top is finished @ The Crafty Quilter


This project is part of my 2019 UFO & WIP challenge.  Last week I announced that I would be finishing my A-Z for Ewe and Me Quilt this month.  That plan got changed when my Bernina 770 ended up in the repair shop.  It needs a new CPU unit (under warranty) and I’m without a machine that can do applique for a week (I have one but it’s buried in our POD).  So, plan B was this quilt.  An easy check off of the list, but I’ll still need to add the binding when I get it back.

Have you guys made a list of your UFO’s and WIP’s yet?  Remember you can download and print my blank list here:  2019 UFO & WIP List

UFO & WIP List @ The Crafty Quilter


You’ve probably heard the news that Craftsy has been acquired by NBCUniversal and is now rebranded as Bluprint.  I have mixed feelings about this, but I’m trying to be optimistic.  Change is not always easy.  Part of this change affects me directly in that I used Craftsy as a selling platform for my pdf patterns.  Bluprint has decided that it will only provide space to a limited number of patterns and designers, so it has “erased” some of my patterns (both paid and free) based on some algorithm that they deemed reasonable.  I still have 7 patterns available through Blueprint – four free patterns and three paid patterns.  I’ve heard complaints from other designers who relied upon Craftsy to sell patterns and have lost their shop entirely.

I’m currently working on setting up an Etsy account which is long overdue.  The cost to me will be more, but I’m hoping it will be an easier experience for my customers.  If you have purchased a pattern from me through Craftsy, it should still be available in your pattern library on the new Bluprint website.  If you’re having a problem, please email me and let me know.

Current Craftsy members will keep the same user name and password, and can continue to purchase individual classes at Bluprint as well as access fabric, supplies and free content without purchasing the Bluprint subscription. I have a yearly subscription that allows me access to all classes which is really amazing.  It’s like Netflix for crafters.  One thing I’m looking forward to with Bluprint is an expanded class offering that includes health and wellness.

I’m still a Craftsy/Bluprint affiliate which means I get a small compensation when you purchase through my Bluprint link (at no additional cost to you).  And on that note, I will shamelessly mention that this is the last day to purchase a Bluprint subscription at their lowest price of $7.99 per month or $79.99 per year.  My current subscription was $120 annually and it was set to renew in March.  I was able to take advantage of the $79.99 price for my renewal.

Enjoy Our Lowest Bluprint Prices Of The Year - $7.99 monthly or $79.99 annual! Pick your plan at myBluprint.com and get limitless inspiration, classes, supplies, and more through 1/9/19!

What do you think of the Craftsy/Bluprint change?  Are you a satisfied customer?  I hope that once the dust has settled, we’ll find that change is good; that their content and products have more value and quality.  I’m being optimistic for sure!

I hope you’re having an amazing week!  Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. RE: Craftsy vs Blueprint. Guess I ‘d like to see a side by side print out of what will remain the same with Craftsy and what will change with Blueprint. I am a visual person (as many of we quilters are) so give me a comparison Mr. Blueprint please! Kind of a check off of pluses and minuses.

  2. As others have commented above, I am disappointed that Craftsy has changed to Blueprint. I have recommended Craftsy to anyone who I encounter who wants to learn how to sew, quilt, cook, etc. because of their on-line presence, classes in perpetuity and their wide selection of topics. Unfortunately now it will compete with Creative Bug which is pushed by Joann’s. I haven’t tried Creative Bug-I would be interested if anyone else has. I also have noticed from some of my emails that other crafters have made their own class available, such as Indigo Junction and Annies. I haven’t yet tried any of these either.

  3. Hi, Julie ….I made this Fig Tree monthly block quilt and loved the fabrics so much, I actually got it done in a reasonable length of time. I still have each pattern and there was an excess all the fabric choices, which I hoard like crazy lady. Will remain one of my very favorites. I found Fat Quarter Shop quilt kits to be very generous with fabric. Thanks for sharing these ideas for getting things done.

  4. Sorry about your machine, Julie. But I do like your WIP!! I’m going to have to find that list of yours and add a few things to it.

    I was so sorry that Bluprint/Craftsy treated their designers like dirt. Fortunately, I had not begun selling anything there yet but was considering it. I just sell from my website now and may keep it that way, or open up an Etsy shop for more publicity. We’ll see. I was glad that I was able to change my annual subscription also and not get charged $120 in March! We must have joined about the same time!

    Have fun working on your WIP List!!

  5. I tried out Bluprint, but found that the wider range of classes offered just didn’t suit me- other than a few cooking ones. I just cancelled my enrollment. I had enrolled in quite a few Craftsy classes, but have not been to the site to ensure I still have access to them all. Will do that this week. Good luck to you. Love the sampler.

  6. Sorry to hear what they did to you Julie. What would the world do without our designers and teachers! On another note, your quilt is just beautiful!! And your enthusiasm has me remembering the quilts I need to work on. I need to print your list! Thank you Julie.

  7. I am a book binder and sell my books on Amazon Handmade. They are only taking about 26 per cent which is the lowest fee I have paid in 16 years of selling my work. The highest I’ve paid is 50 percent. (A local gallery is taking 60 per cent for craftwork, my work isn’t there.) Have you considered Amazon Handmade?

  8. I loved Craftsy until NBC Universal got involved. I’m so tired of the daily emails trying to get me to purchase a yearly subscription, but I don’t unsubscribe from their emails for fear that I’ll miss some critical info that would cause me to lose access to classes I purchased in the past. I miss the wide range of choices that were available for online quilt shopping. Much more limited now. So many of my favorite designers gone too. And the Bluprint app is a disaster.

    Julie, I hope they treat you and their other designers with more consideration in the future. Letting designers know right between Christmas and New Years that they were being dropped (and thus had so little time to scramble and make other selling arrangements) was really shabby on their part.

  9. I don’t care for the name Blueprint, I prefer Craftsy, it makes more sense. And I am very upset that it has taken so many patterns from designers that I follow and that you all have to re-invent your blogs/shops. I feel it is wrong. Change is not always a good thing. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. It was fine just the way it was.

  10. Thanks for the heads up and info about renewing my blueprint subscription. It doesn’t renew until March, but I was able to get the lower price. I think it stinks what has been done to the designers and so sorry some are now gone. I will, however, keep my subscription because of the classes. Really enjoy your blog.

  11. Your quilt is beautiful, Julie! And thank you for your list. I am working on an Amish quilt that has languished for almost 2 years. I cannot utilize Craftsy, as I haven’t much internet time. (I only have a phone to do anything and everything online.) I will say, I do not appreciate companies telling people how wonderful they are, as they cut services that we enjoy. It happens more and more. Great good luck with your Etsy store.

  12. I got a refund for the last 2 classes I purchased at craftsy because I could not view them…..I tried and they tried helping me for a good 2 months if not longer and to no avail….I still could not view my purchased classes nor any of the classes that I had in my library. ever sew frustrating…..the team just could not make it work for me….waste of money for sure.

  13. I’m moving forward with my January UFO – my Farmer’s Wife Sampler. Working on the sashing between rows and hope to have it ready to quilt by the end of the month.

  14. Thanks for clearing that up, I tried on Monday for a while to get one of your patterns and it would not add it to my cart. Very flustering as the other 2 loaded ok. Sigh……I will wait for your Etsy store.

  15. I’m not happy with the way Craftsy is treating it’s designers. They are trying to put a positive spin on it but it’s not good for the designers. Fewer patterns for sale and not even given the chance to say which ones they wanted left on the platform. Some designers gone. Fewer patterns for the consumer too. How is that good for us? They have their reasons. I just get irked when they try to tell me it’s good for me and I will like it. I don’t!

  16. For some reason (Craftsy now Bluprint) dropped me from their mailing list so I missed out on your end of year sale plus any other weekly e-mails.

  17. I did make a list using your form and after thirteen projects stopped, but there are more I could list. My first WIP is on my sewing machine being quilted, ever so slowly. Hopefully it will be a finish this month. I am ambivalent about Bluprint; I liked Craftsy and took advantage of the classes.

  18. Hello Julie, What a bummer about your machine, but it does happen to us all. Both of my machines need their yearly checkups….yet here they sit working their little engines off. LOL. I have not printed out your list yet, either. I will be doing that later today. I took all of my project pictures yesterday and posted them on my blog. Later on this evening, I will begin writing the details and getting it posted and make sure that you are notified. I should have my first project done within a day or two, if all goes well. I love the colors in your quilt! It is beautiful! I am not sure about Craftsy/Bluprint yet. Have a great day!

  19. Yes, thanks for the info on the Bluprint pricing. I was paying $14.99 a month!! It just so happens my current plan expires this month so I was able to reduce my subscription cost immensely! Thank you!

  20. Hi Julie, That is on my list also….it’s still in a bag and on my list to at least start before years end….haha! Nice to see what mine will look like when I finish. Last year I used your list and got the 2009 BOM done so there is hope for me. Thanks for the inspiration

  21. Thanks for the ‘heads up’ on Bluprint. Even though my plan didn’t renew until October, I changed mine to the lower fee.
    I am also making some headway on projects!
    Have a great day.

    1. Re your Bluprint subscription: Mine expires in March as well but it boots me to my current subscription when I try to take advantage of the $79.99/year. Are you cancelling your current subscription before signing up again? Thanks

      1. Just figured out that all I had to do was change “my plan” to the one with the lower cost for the renewal date.

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