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Now that we’re empty nesters (again) I kind of like Mondays. It’s the start of a new week and I get myself organized for the next five days. For me, organized is a very loose term. It means I make a meal plan, a grocery list and a “to do” list for the next five days. It doesn’t matter which fancy planner I use, it always falls to the wayside after the third or fourth month. I like a piece of paper that I can write my list on and my menu for the week, and then I need a master calendar.

I did find a weekly planning pad at The Lamare that I like. I’ve been using it consistently for about three months. It has a general “to do” section and each day of the week has it’s own area for accomplishing items from your “to do” list. There’s also a habit tracker which I was using for a while, but I think I might repurpose it into a meal planner. I need a space where I can write down the dinner/menu that I’m planning for each night of the week (well, at least four of them anyways). I don’t use the “Top 3” section hardly at all. So, it’s not the perfect planner for me, but it’s close.

I am picky about my writing pens, and I finally found one that I love: Uni-ball Jetstream retractable ballpoint pen. It’s pictured below along with the weekly planning pad. The ink flows beautifully and I like that it’s retractable. I hate having to stop to take a cap off before I write.

I also have The Quilter’s Planner which I use sometimes, but it’s more like my master calendar. It works great for my quilting needs, but it doesn’t really hit the mark for my household management needs. I want something simple but effective for me. It might be an impossible quest. Do you have a good planner or system that works for you? Leave a comment and share!


I just finished Month 3 of the Strawberry Garden Mystery BOM from Fig Tree Quilts. Now I’m just two months behind. These blocks are so darn cute! This month included one 12″ block, one 9″ block and four small basket blocks. Each month I receive the instructions and fabric to make the blocks. This BOM is closed so I don’t have any links for it, but I’ll keep you updated on my progress. Fig Tree always has great BOM’s going on throughout the year.

WIP's include this Strawberry Garden Mystery BOM from Fig Tree Quilts.

I am still working on the Nordic Star quilt block and table runner tutorial that I mentioned last week. I just finished piecing the table runner together and it turned out better than I hoped! It’s basted and now I’m machine quilting it. The block size is 12 1/2″ (unfinished) and the table runner measures 14 1/2″ x 53 1/2″. I’ll have the free instructions for you this weekend. If you want to start looking at your fabric stash, you’ll need 1/4 yard each of two complimentary colors and 1/2 yard of background fabric.

Nordic Star Table Runner - a free tutorial coming soon at The Crafty Quilter

That’s all for now. I hope you have a wonderful week. Happy Monday!

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  1. See excited for the tablerunner tutorial… I have my fabrics picked and honey approved for our decor! Thanks for being so generous!
    You little basket blocks are precious! Hope your week is going swell :). Kathi

  2. The table-runner is gorgeous. I like the idea of a weekly planner. I tried the quilter’s planner and found it (even in its smallest size) too cumbersome. My planner ends, this year, and I am going back to the weekly lists, so much better, and some weeks there are no lists, so the pad feels perfect.

  3. I have repeatedly tried to use a planner and the habit just doesn’t stick. I last a couple of months and then it falls aside never to be used again. My best bet is something similar to what you are using . . . a simple week by week to do list. More often than not I just make lists on yellow pads and sticky notes. I like the concept though. Maybe someday I’ll find a way to make it work.

  4. You sure are organized Julie! I fly by the seat of my pants and some times it works. Ha: Ha Since Jim died, I have not done much sewing. I love your table runner. You always picked the prettiest color combinations! And the Nordic star is so pretty. Can’t wait for the tutorial.

  5. Your Fig Tree Quilt blocks and Nordic Star table runner are beautiful. Do you starch your fabrics before piecing, especially ones that come in a kit as you are usually given just what you need to piece the block? I always think I should start making lists as I would be more organized and get more done! Any hints on getting started and especially being consistent?!

  6. Planner ? Menu plans for the week ? To do list ? lol I’m lucky if I remember to put the grocery list in my purse before I go out. And dinner is whatever my hand reaches first in the freezer. (unless there’s enough left over from yesterday.)

    I did finish my crumb quilt binding this morning at precisely 8:00 am. Hand quilted, couch size. Feeling pretty productive till I read your blog just now. Not likely to change though.

    Thank you for posting about your life and quilts – Tis good to know there are organized people out there – society needs them.
    Old Quilter

  7. I always look forward to reading your posts! You have such great information and ideas. I am so anxious for the tablerunner pattern…thank you in advance❤️

  8. That table runner is gorgeous.
    I use a planner called The Time Keeper that ticks some of your boxes and it can be purchased from wellkeptlife.com. I live in an area where there is a Mennonite grocery and that’s where I found it some years back. I wish she showed the book OPEN on her website but I’ll try to describe. Each month has a tab and a calendar of the month with small blocks for writing. The real usefulness to me are the weekly pages. Each week has 2 pages facing one another. The left page has blocks for the days of that week; the right page has a daily menu column and a to do list column. Included in material at the back are detachable grocery lists. Sometimes I’ve wished it was a bit larger but most of the time I admire its simplicity.

  9. You do beautiful work! Your piecing looks so wonderful in the photos that you post and your fabric choices are wonderful. I wondered if you wash your fabrics before cutting and stitching? I am looking forward to seeing your Nordic Star pattern. I think I would like to do that in blues because for some reason the word “Nordic” makes me think cold/snow. I’ll be watching for that pattern. And thanks for giving your readers free patterns for them to work on. Quilters can be so generous!

  10. I love the table runner and cannot wait for the tutorial. Have you thought of designing your own planner. It would give you what you want and might be helpful to others.

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