Scrappy leaf block and other things

Fall is here and I love it so much! Cozy quilts, hot chocolate, sitting by a warm fire, soups and all things pumpkin are some of the things I think of when the days grow shorter. And then there’s this scrappy leaf block that had to happen!

Scrappy Leaf Block by Julie @ The Crafty Quilter.  Tutorial coming in October 2022!
Scrappy Leaf Block @ The Crafty Quilter

I went down a long rabbit hole when coming up with this project. Here’s the progression:

  • What should I write about on the blog this week?
  • I could share pictures of baby Delaney (yes, those are here).
  • It’s about time for a WIP post.
  • What about a Fall quilt project round-up? That’s takes a lot of time. Let me do some research first.
  • Check out these ideas on Pinterest!
  • Oh, look at that cute leaf block! I should make my own leaf block – a scrappy one.
  • I’ll just open up EQ8 (software) and see what I can come up with. Maybe I’ll even do a tutorial.

And here we are two days later with two scrappy leaf blocks complete and a tutorial forthcoming! Aren’t those rabbit holes fun?

Scrappy leaf block

This scrappy leaf block measures 7 1/2″ (finished) and it’s so pretty! There are a lot of pieces, but I wanted something scrappy and I wanted it to be fairly easy – just squares, rectangles and hst’s. Fall leaves naturally have lots of colors in them so the more colorful scraps the better! Most of these fabrics are from Art Gallery Fabrics with Moda’s Grunge for the background.

Scrappy Leaf Block by Julie @ The Crafty Quilter.  Tutorial coming soon!
Scrappy Leaf Block

The tutorial is not quite finished, but will be ready later this week. I may include different block sizes if I’m feeling really ambitious!

I’m going to make five scrappy leaf blocks and turn them into a fall table runner. I’ve just started decorating for fall, and I need a runner for the console table in my entry way. That’s the plan anyway!

Other things

September has been a busy month for me. I spent five days in Texas and had a fantastic time with my grandkids. Baby Delaney was just ten days old when I first arrived. I love holding new babies and watching them sleep. They make the cutest faces and noises! It was a busy week, but I was able to spend quality time with each grandchild and I loved every minute of it.

After I returned from Texas, we (Mr. Crafty Quilter and two of our daughters) drove to my parent’s ranch to celebrate their 90th birthdays. I come from a very large family – my mom is the second to the youngest of 13 children! There were lots of cousins, nieces and nephews to help blow out the candles. It was a beautiful day!

Next, I’m preparing for a trip to the East coast with five of my high school girlfriends. We all turned 60 this year, so we’re treating ourselves to the beautiful Fall colors of New England. I’m really excited; I’ve never been to the East coast! Being a California girl, I have no idea what to pack other than comfy shoes and lots of warm layers. I’ll be gone the first week of October, so things will be quiet here on the blog. When I return, I have a post planned on the different sizes of rotary cutters and which to use for various tasks in quilting. So many choices, right? But first, a scrappy leaf block tutorial!

Thanks for reading and happy quilting!

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  1. A lovely block and lovely family time! Where are you going on the East Coast? I’m in Portland ME and have lived in Boston MA too. I am sure you have it all planned and it will be a blast. Hope you are here for some perfect NE fall weather, cool & crisp with a little warmth. Layers are the key (fleece with an over jacket works really well.

  2. I am looking for a pattern for walker tote bags. I was thinking of Velcro straps and the main part of the bag big enough for a small purse. I wanted it to have pockets on the front for a cell phone and/or keys etc. Any ideas? Our church is having a bazaar and I thought they might be something useful to sell.

  3. Such precious family photo’s! … and I love the patchwork maple leaf … you have such an eye for colour combination – and an ever ready stack of fabric in every colour ??? 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing your lovely family photos. Enjoy your girls trip. And please be ambitious with the different leaf block sizes. Your block is beautiful.

  5. Julie, lovely post as always. 4 grandkids IN TEXAS. So glad you got to visit with them. I grew up near Boston, a lovely town called Marblehead, it’s a very pretty town. I’m happy to give suggestions for places to see. Happy Travels!

  6. Such wonderful family photos. How lovely to have such a large family and mom and dad still with you! I am envious of your upcoming trip. I look forward to some colourful pictures from your east coast. Also loving your scrappy leaf block!! Travel safe!

  7. Julie,
    Happy Birthday to your mom and dad! Today we leave for Sacramento and on Friday my father will be celebrating his 94th birthday! Your grandchildren are just so precious! And a girl’s trip! – Have a blast.

  8. oh you are gonna love New England…no better place to be in the Fall! Massachusetts here…we have seacoast, and mountains and fall festivals/fairs galore! Got to get to Salem Mass in October…it’s bewitching 🙂 Beautiful family…happy birthday and safe travels!

  9. Thank you so much – absolutely love the scrappy leave block. We are going to be in Montana for the 1st 2 week of October – our favorite time of year to be there as the color are beautiful!!
    I get to take my sewing machine as the golf clubs will be staying home this trip and I needed a fun project. I will just throw in my fall “scrap box” and be set. If I forget something there are 3 wonderful quilt shops with lots of inspiration, fabric so I will be all set for great creating!
    Enjoy time with your girl friends – so important to keep up. My group consists of 12 and over half of us have known each other since grade one – some went from kindergarten all the way through school. We are a lucky generation to have so many long time connections.
    Enjoy those beautiful little ones – they grow up so fast!! By youngest is now 12!!
    In quilting & creating friendship;
    Carol Anne

  10. Oh! Julie, what a wonderful family. The kids a growing so fast, the baby is gorgeous, I can see what a proud Grand you are. That pic with the rusted car is so unique. But….. your parents are the winners, they look amazing for their age, God Bless them all.

  11. Happy Birthday, young person!!!! I love the scrappy autumn leaf pattern — since autumn is my favorite time of year! It’s wonderful that you’re going to New England to experience the autumn colors — really gorgeous! All of New England is amazing, but I especially loved going to Vermont and New Hampshire! I’m sure you’ll find it inspiring! Enjoy!!!

  12. You’ll love the North East Coast. Have a safe and fun trip. Make beautiful memories.
    Love your site.
    Happy sewing.

  13. Delaney is delightful. She looks like such a peaceful baby. Her siblings are precious. Darling little family! East coast yes you are in for a treat! Beautiful time of year for all the colors and history!
    Comfy shoes and layers will cover it. Have a fabulous time and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Looking forward to leaf block instructions….my table is ready for Fall. Blessings, Dawn

  14. Thx for the scrappy leaf idea. What a beautiful family you have from the youngest to the oldest! Happy birthday and enjoy your trip!

  15. Julie,
    You have a beautiful family, It’s always so special to spend time with them. I am lucky to have my two daughters here in San Jose and Los Gatos. My three grandchildren are the light of my life.
    I am originally from the east coast so I know you will love the fall colors and crisp fall air. This is the time of year I miss being back there. Enjoy.
    Looking forward to the scrappy leaf instruction.
    Linda Brennan

  16. Hi Julie,
    You will love the east coast……originally from Connecticut but have lived in Ohio for thousands of years I love the colors, the seasons, the hills of Connecticut…..the history of Boston……the Atlantic…..and if you get to Maine, the lobster….miss it all!
    Enjoy the time with your friends.

  17. That’s a really cute block – at 7.5″ those must be tiny squares! I love when simple techniques yield beautiful results, so I’m looking forward to the Scrappy Leaf tutorial.

  18. You have a beautiful family Julie. Wonderful to have parents the age of yours. All the best on your trip to the East Coast. Enjoy the time with friends. East Coast in Canada or US.

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