I Spy Summer

This may not be true for everyone, but I spy summer all around me!  I love the beginning of this season.  The days are long and there’s so much summer left in front of you. Plus my flowers are blooming, my vegetables are ripening and baby birds are leaving their nest. Just yesterday, I took some pictures of how it looks from my perspective.

Here is a shot of my front yard.  Can you spy Cooper in the shade and the empty (not for long) hammock?

front of house


I love all of the blooming flowers.  This Double Delight rose is one of my favorites:

double delight


Along the side yard, you’ll find hydrangea and fuschia:

side walkway


It’s always nice to bring some of those blooms inside:

hydrangea inside vase


The pomegranate tree is flowering and fruiting.  This is a great tree for ornamental value and the fruit is amazing and healthy for you!  I love making pomegranate scones in the fall.



The morning glory fence is blooming like crazy.  I love the intensity of the purple color:

morning glory


The milkweed is taking over one corner of the yard.  I don’t have the heart to pull any of it out when it’s this  pretty:



The nasturtiums are really starting to show off their beautiful orange and yellow colors.  If you look closely, you can spy a bee doing its work.

bee nasturtium


And how about those toes!  I was treated to a pedicure for my birthday and I love this nail color.  It can go with pink or red, depending on the outfit.  And those shoes are actually a pair of Crocs.  I love all of their new styles and they are so comfortable!

pretty shoe


I have three vegetable beds in my front yard.  I planted early this year.  I can already spy some red tomatoes.  Love those Early Girls!

tomatoes vegie garden


Now that we’re empty nesters, you won’t find much human activity in the swimming pool these days.  But you’ll find Cooper going for a swim several times a day!

cooper steps

cooper swim

cooper shake


We’ve got lots of hummingbirds in our yard.  We keep two feeders full all year long.  We were able to watch a baby hummingbird take flight just a week ago.  Here is the mom sitting on her nest .  There’s barely enough room for her!

hummer in nest


And here is baby’s first flight which landed him on this cable line:

hummer out of nest


And here’s just a hint of something I’ll be showing you on Monday.  I’ll be sharing my blocks for the Cozy Afternoon BOM.

flowers and blocks


That’s just a tiny glimpse of summer through the lens of my camera. How does it look in your neck of the woods?

If you have children in college, you might find them coming home for the summer.  My youngest daughter comes home today!  Yep, I love having my kids around.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Your photos are lovely. Everything is beautiful and you have a wide variety and contrast. Its nice to get ideas from others. I have always wanted to plant morning glory’s and have noted on my calendar for next March. Thank you. 🙂

  2. That photo of the baby hummingbird is really something, you might want to share that with the local Audubon society, etc.

  3. HI Julie,
    Love all your beautiful pictures of your welcoming, colorful yard. Hydrangeas are one of my favorites. I love those little hummingbirds, too, so sweet! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to a bigger picture of the Cozy Afternoon BOM!

  4. What a beautiful garden you have! I just cut some hydrangeas for our kitchen too (mine are the blue color). I love pomegranates and always look forward to when they are in my grocery store (I am not sure if we could grow them here).

  5. Thank you for sharing your lovely flowers and veggies. We have been getting veggies already. Cooper is smart taking full advantage of having the pool to himself.

  6. Beautiful pictures. The colors and things you have captured in pictures are wonderful. Yay for your youngest coming home. Always good to have our littles back home.
    Happy Summer

  7. Your yard looks so pretty with all of the flowers blooming and vegetables growing. We have not paid much attention to our yard this year so far, that is pretty unusual for us. Your pool looks so inviting. I am looking forward to seeing your Cozy Afternoon BOM blocks, I plan to join in but have many things going on it will take some focusing to keep up.

  8. I love your flower photos, but the hummingbird: that is the best!! How lucky you are to see one on it’s nest, and to see the little chick fledge!! Thanks for sharing!! Hugs, H in Healdsburg

  9. Love that nail color! Got my toes done today and that’s my color too. Fun, yes? I also love all the color in your yard. Cooper sure like he is having fun.

  10. Love that nail color! Got my toes done today and that’s my color too. Fun, yes? I also love all the color in your yard.

  11. BEAUTIFUL – Thank you Julie for sharing, those beautiful pics were just what I needed tonight as we have had a cloudy, cool day in High River, Alberta Canada! Also thank you for the link to Cranberry Morning definitely a blog spot I want to visit more often!

  12. Love the view through your camera… looks like a great place… and Cooper looks to have lots of personality too! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I live on the east coast of Florida only 10 minute drive to the beach of Daytona. I love my own version of shangrila as much as you love yours though! Have a wonderful weekend! Kathi

  13. Such beautiful and colorful gardens you have around your house. We start out like that here in TN but when the weather gets hot, it’s hard to keep the flowers blooming. You are very blessed.

  14. Hola Julie,
    Aprovechando que tienes en casa “traductora” de español:
    Tienes una casa y un jardín preciosos. Ahora entiendo tu buen gusto para combinar las telas de patchwork, vives rodeada de belleza.
    Nosotros en casa echamos los granos de granada en las ensaladas, pruebalo.
    Un saludo muy cordial,

  15. HiJulie!
    You have a very pretty garden and your photographs are really beautifuls.
    You are a very lucky woman.

  16. Your yard is beautiful, Julie with so many pretty colors! It’s definitely summer here along the SC coast with the heat index in the triple digits; thank goodness for ocean breezes! By the way, does your milkweed attract many monarch butterflies?

  17. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful gardens and birds.
    I can’t believe you have a pomegranate tree, I have
    never seen one. Thanks.

  18. Beautiful photos Julie! I love all the colour and the hummingbird photos are great! My flowers and garden are at least a month behind yours, I’ll just have to wait it out!

  19. Everything looks beautiful. So bright and colorful. Here in CA we don’t have enough water to take care of what you show. I’m getting ready to make a couple of baby quilts so all that color really took my eyes.


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