Basted but not quilted…


This is my stack of quilts that have been basted, but not quilted (yet). Oh how the backlog keeps growing! What’s a girl to do when a new project comes along and you just have to start it. That’s right, your stack of unquilted quilts gets bigger!

The one on top has been basted for at least two years now! It’s actually half-way quilted, but I can’t seem to get it finished! This is an adaptation of an Alex Anderson quilt that was published in American Patchwork & Quilting years ago.



As I peel back the layers of this pile, you’ll see a quilt that has been stitched in the ditch, but now it’s time for free motion quilting. This one is from a pattern called “Snowflower” from Bread & Butter Quilts (sorry, but I can’t find the pattern anywhere!).



Here’s the detail of the proposed quilting. I love the blue water soluble pens for marking! They go on easy and come off easy, plus you can see them easy. I like easy!



This next one is a table runner that I’m hoping to submit to the Moda Bakeshop – so you’re only getting a sneak peek!



I had some left over 5″ charm squares from Urban Cowgirls, by Urban Chiks for Moda so I made a little runner out of them:



And this one is going to have to wait until next Valentine’s day:



This is a panel by Moda from a few years back and I’ve started the quilting already. Here’s a detail picture of the pumpkin seed quilting (as I call it):



Do you notice that none of my quilts have safety pins in them? That’s because they have all been spray-basted! This is my absolute favorite way of basting quilts and I’ll be doing a future post on that method can now be found at How To Spray Baste Your Quilt.

In the meantime, I’m hoping to shrink this pile of quilts!

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  1. Do you have any yardage or scraps left in the Urban Cowgirl collection? Particularly looking for some of the blue floral, but would be interested in any. Thanks.

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