Quilt donations for Lake County, CA

Hi everyone. Many fires are still burning in California. So many of you have already donated quilts to various groups including WE CARE. I have recently been contacted by another group, Bike Angels United, who are looking for quilt donations for fire survivors in Lake County, California. In August, the Cache fire burned 56 homes to the ground, the majority of which were located at two mobile home parks. This displaced many who are low income and/or older folks, all of whom lost everything in the fire.

In 2015, Candy Alcott started Bike Angels United by giving away 30 bikes to kids whose bikes were lost in the Valley Fire. Unfortunately, not every child walked away with a bike that day. After a push on social media, Candy and her friends, family and local bike organizations (all bike angels) were able to return with 300 bikes! And their work has continued each year as fires continue to pop up in nearby areas. The most recent of those is the Cache fire.

So, what does this have to do with quilts? Candy has seen a need to provide the warmth of a quilt to displaced senior citizens and children of Lake County. She will be in that area in mid-October to give away bikes and would also like to have quilts to hand out to those in need.

Quilt Donation Information

  • Quilt size: Lap or bed-size
  • Quilt type: Finished quilts suitable for adults or children
  • Total quantity needed: 50 adult and 25 children
  • Donation deadline: October 10, 2021
  • Contact person: Candy Alcott, [email protected] Phone number available upon request.
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Bikeangelsunited
  • Mailing address for quilt donations: Sandy & David Hall, 21190 Santa Clara Road, Middletown, CA 95461

I’m running low on kid’s quilts to donate, but I do have some that are perfect for adults. I’m glad to know they will be going to a good home and bringing someone comfort. Thank you in advance for being quilt angels for this great organization!

Julie Cefalu surrounded by her quilt donations for Bike Angels United.

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  1. I will donate! I have too many finished quilts that are just sitting around collecting dust. Or is it lint? LOL! Thanks Julie!

  2. Thanks for this information. I’m sure there are many quilters like me who have already made quilts for all their family members and friends BUT still have many quilt patterns they want to make! Knowing of groups like this one inspires us to keep on quilting. I especially enjoy making lap size–quick to piece and easy to quilt on my own sewing machine!

  3. Hi Julie,
    I had not heard of Bike Angels United. What another wonderful organization helping communities in need in special ways. There are so many ways one can help out our neighbors. Thank you for the information.

  4. I’m sure the quilt community in Lake county has already picked up on this, because they could collect the quilts at their quilt show the first weekend of October in LAKEPORT. I will have our quilt group, Prayers and Squares from Venture and Bernal Churches in San Jose bring some donation quilts when we attend the quilt show in October
    Joanne radonich

  5. Hi, Julie, I appreciate your information about the bike Angels and the need for quilts. I know that you are not in charge, but I do have a full size quilt, that is made by some wool squares and suiting squares as the top. It is well pieced. I am wondering though if this would be appreciated, since it is not cotton. I think at this point, it could be washed, gently, as needed. I wouldn’t want to send it if it won’t be helpful. It is in more masquline colors, navy, gray, some browns, etc. Please advise.
    I sure enjoyed your last post with the different references-pins(?)
    Kathy Robinson

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