Happy New Year! And a giveaway…

Image by Chanpipat and  courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net
Image by Chanpipat and courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Happy New Year!  2013 is finally here and this month also celebrates my blog’s one year anniversary!

I now have over 300 followers – I thought I would never see that number!  I am so grateful to have this online community to share my creativity with.  To thank you all for keeping up with me, I’m giving away three 6-month subscriptions to The Quilt Show!



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If you’d like a chance to win, just leave a comment telling me what one of your quilting or crafting goals is for the new year.  I’ll pick three winners on Saturday, January 5th.

My own goal for this year is to finish one UFO per month!  Then maybe in three years I’ll be caught up! lol!

Good luck and Happy New Year!



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  1. I discovered your blog, and LOVE it! Thank you so much for publishing your work and ideas!
    My goal for this year is to perfect my wonky seams. Never sure what I do wrong, but I think my ruler slips while cutting. I have tendonitis, and cannot apply as much pressure
    as I think the ruler needs to keep from slipping. I bought new green rulers, and have the nonslip backing on my yellow ones. So I’ll be working on it.

    1. Hi Kathy, I see that often in my quilt classes. Many people have trouble with the ruler slipping a little (or a lot) as they’re cutting fabric. I’ll make it a point to address that issue in one of my posts. Keep trying, though!

  2. 2012 was a most difficult year for me to find any time to quilt or be crafty. It was so enjoyable for me to live vicariously through your creativeness.
    THIS year I vow to craft, sew and quilt more.

  3. I will finish the second quilt I have ever done. I need to learn to free motion quilt the edge and put on the binding and the quilt will be done! I did my first quilt 25 years ago and started the second one last year.

    I look forward to being more prolific. I even have the material and pattern for my third quilt.

  4. Hi Julie 🙂
    Good times were had by all at Christmas!
    I hope to finish the remaining 8 blocks on the project I’m currently working one. I’m a “newbie” to the quilting world so cross your fingers.

    Happy New Year.


  5. Goals for 2013? Oh boy, I have several! First, use up that bag of scraps I’ve been saving! I am always saving links on how to make a string quilt. It looks so easy, but takes me out of my very regimented element of cutting exact pieces and stitching them together in a well thought out color scheme and pattern. I need to loosen up a bit and just go with the flow 🙂

    Second, I save everyone scrap except the selvage (I’m still not sure why I didn’t save the selvage? hmmm). Well, I hate waste and have seen many cool quilted projects with just the selvage edges. This year, create a separate selvage bag of scraps and use them!

    Third, learn and improve on free-motion quilting. I love what people do but am terrified on messing up my quilts! I will conquer my fear this year and just do it.

    Finally, this past year I made 9 quilts and numerous other projects in the months of Nov and Dec for Christmas. I have plans in the works and will finish all my projects by Oct so I can enjoy all the holiday season has to offer!

    Whew, that’s it, but if I set goals and deadlines, I am very apt at sticking to it. I’m looking forward to 2013, lots of cool projects on the books.

  6. same old thing for my quilting resolutions – FINISH: 3 Block of Month quilts, hand-sewing the binding on all the quilts I had quilted over a year ago, practice/learn how to use the mid-arm quilting machine/frame and finish some more quilt tops.

    And force myself to do smaller projects for a bit.

  7. The ladies in my quilt guild at church know that I am a sucker for fabrics so when a local quilter died and left two rooms full, stash and UFO’s, I got half of it. I’m still working on whittling it down even though the colors are surely dated. I have a goal to make at least 12 charity quilts for my guild and to finish the many UFO’s and PPP’s (previously purchased projects) this year instead of buying new ones. I would also like to learn to keep my sewing room clean, which is darn difficult for me.

  8. I could clean less and sew more but that would be unhygienic! I will finish a primitive primer BOM I am in the middle of. It’s going to be hand quilted so I’m looking forward to learning that from a pro. I will use up more of my literally ever mounting stash. I signed up for several classes. I want to advance in my English Paper Piecing skills and the biggie is learning to FMQ. Maybe another class is in order. Finish one UFO before buying anymore fabric. That will be hard. My fabric is my precious! (Just saw The Hobbit!)

  9. I’m working on learning paper piecing and have decided to also try applique too. I would eventually like to try landscape quilting and a whole lot of different things.

    Happy New Year to all!
    Marj in Mexico

  10. Quilting about 10 finished tops while learning & practicing new designs with my longarm. Then I can make more tops & repeat!

  11. My goal this year is to use up the collection of fabrics in my stssh. I have really taken an interest in modern quilting and would like to start a few projects.

  12. My 2013 New Year goal is to clean up my sewing room AND THEN keep it that way for a minimum of one month. A month that I am not at home does not count.

  13. I’d love to win because I am going to start the process to make two twin size quilts for my grandchildren. I need the information to get going. Thanks.

  14. I offered my friend to help restore a yo-yo quilt made by her grandma when she was a child. I have never restored a well used quilt but I am so excited for the opportunity! So my goal is to finish this project by June 2013!!

  15. I have two goals, one is to find the time to complete started projects. The other is to take classes to learn new techniques, or improve those that I already know. Happy New Year!

  16. My goal is to continue to learn new techniques by taking courses at my favorite local quilt shop, The Granary while balancing my free time so I can finish some UFOs….can you say, Advanced Beginning Project? 🙂

  17. I rarely ever have more than one project going at a time because UFO’s haunt me, but due to an order canceled in progress, a BOM and Christmas I now have several in the works. First up, incising touches on my daughter’s Cheiatmas quilt, theb finish a quilt for my husband, my daughter’s birthday present, then the BOM and unfinished order for a charity auction. Should keep me busy for 2-3 months.

  18. My goal is to spend at least one hour a week sewing. I love to sew but find little time for it due to work, family, etc…

  19. make a quilt for our daughter, a wedding quilt. make quilts for my 2 brothers and their wives. 🙂 all by may 2013. i start TODAY!!

  20. Plan to continue quilting for charity project including wounded warriors, the Christian Adoption Agency, and our local hospitals. Also want to do more quilting for my greatgrandson,CJ.

  21. I hope to continue making charity quilts including the wounded warriors. They are so appreciative which makes it all worthwhile. Also, want to quilt for my greatgrandson, CJ.

  22. I have 6 unfinished garments from the last two Smocking Arts Guild of America Conventions. I need to finish those. I also need to finish my Betsy’s Closet- in stitches quilt!

  23. I have a new granddaughter expected in May that I would like to make a quilt for, but not pink! I would love to learn applique and get a new machine that I could embroider with. I have some UFOs as well! Happy New Year!

  24. My goal is to finish a quilt that is hand quilted before the end of my double delight class in June. This is the first quilt I got the bug with. I started this in the 1980’s. so wish me luck!

  25. Julie,

    My goal is to make 1 to 2 baby quilts per month for charity. In 2012, I only made, I think 10. So it’s a doable goal, I think!

  26. What generous gift to give for the new year. I am an avid craftswoman and love to give away my “babies” to those in my family and in nursing homes and newborns.

  27. Happy New Year Julie. I would like to finish a Hawaiian quilt that my mother started and was never able finish.

  28. My goal is to get some of my unfinished tops quilted so that we can use them. I also want to get my craft room organized and out of my dining room.

  29. i am going to learn how to use my handyquilter 16 which i have had for a couple of years and have yet to learn to use it.

  30. My goal is to chip away at my retro fabric paper piecing quilt. Allow my myself new fabric if I already have a pattern to match it.
    Hugs to you Julie,
    Joanie HNY

    1. I love this goal. I think I might modify it to do one project for Christmas purposes every other month. Thanks for such a good idea!!

  31. Julie,
    I have a good number of goals for this year, but I would like to improve my skills in cutting, matching and sewing straighter seams. I am sure it just takes practice. Thanks so much for your blog, such fun.

  32. My main goal is to finish several Christmas quilting projects – a quilt that I started this year as well as several wall hangings – instead of waiting until after Thanksgiving to get in the mood for Christmas! Would love to win this subscription! Thank you! Happy Anniversary and Happy New Year!

  33. I have several ideas on how to organize my scrapes and keep them organized. I want to figure out which of my ideas will work best for me and make it happen. Big plastic bags full of material pieces is taking up room and isn’t getting used. I want to do better. I also want to get more creative with the backs of quilts. I’m thinking about putting together a guilting glossery. I just finally figured out that WOF means width of fabric. :-)) I have so much to learn and I’m looking forward to the journey. Shirley PS…What does UFO mean? Thanks

      1. Thanks Julie. I would have never figured that one out. Yes, I have several “UFO”s”. I guess when you do you have become a real quilter. :-))

  34. My quilting goal for 2013 is to use the fabric that I bought in 2012!
    Thanks for your blog, Julie. You teach me something new and exciting every time

  35. My goal is to just get back into quilting. After several months of medical issues with my eyes, I’m so thankful that, with limitations, I can start quilting again. My first project will be a quilt for my first grandbaby due in May. I’m thankful for a new year, new beginnings and great inspirations from your blogs. Happy New Year!

  36. As with so many in the quilting world, I want to finish at least one UFO per month. My biggest challenge is to practice practice practice so I can be comfortable with FMQ!

  37. This new year I am concentrating on learning piecing and only making lap size quilts/throws……I get frustrated if it isn’t applique as that is my passion but need to get better at piecing…..
    Happy New Year to you..

  38. WHAT!!?? You only have 36 UFO’s? 🙂 Just kidding. I’m sure I have at least that many. My goal for 2013 is to learn FM quilting which I struggle with. I love the look of stippling and really, really want to master it. Thanks for the chance to win! Love your blog.

  39. Hi Julie! I look forward to reading each of your new blog entries as they are published. Thank you for a great year of creative ideas and useful techniques. This year my goal is to engage more younger quilters and mentor them in sharing our wonderful creative outlet. I also plan to get two of my friends interested in quilting as they have great creative minds. Having someone to show them the ropes can jump start anyone into this engaging and worthwhile passion for quilting. Thank you again for all the inspiration and helping us build up our tool chest of techniques so we can continue to learn and further share the treasured art of quilting.

  40. Well, I need to finish my ufo quilts I have many thing I need to get done, but sometimes I just don’t have enough time. I would also like to learn more free motion quilting this year.

  41. I would like to finish up 2 really special baby quilts, so that they can enjoy their “blankies” while it is still cold outside!
    I also will be finishing up a flannel raggie quilt for a special small cousin who just had “heart repair” surgery.
    Happy New Year to you too! Love your newsletter, it is really inspiring to me.

  42. I want to COMPLETELY finish at least 3 projects! I’m a great shopper-for-fabric, planner-for-things, but a lousy finisher-upper.

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