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A new holiday mug rug pattern

I have a new holiday mug rug pattern available and it’s my first pattern EVER that I’m selling on Craftsy11/2020 Edit:  This is now available at my Etsy shop here.  I named it the Christmas Pocket Mug Rug and it makes the perfect gift for the holidays.  The cost is $3.00, so it’s (hopefully) something you can afford and use again and again.

Christmas Pocket Mug Rug pattern by Julie Cefalu, The Crafty Quilter

I’m a little crazy about mug rugs and I use them all the time.  This mug rug is a little different because of the pocket that you can fill with a tea bag, a napkin, candy or a gift card.  Add a mug and some pretty packaging and you’ve got the perfect gift!

Christmas Pocket Mug Rug Pattern by Julie Cefalu

It makes a really cute project in any of your favorite fabrics and it’s perfect for using up those extra scraps and bits of batting.  I made one from Daysail fabric by Bonnie & Camille for Moda and another one from leftover scraps from my Cozy Afternoon BOM.

Christmas Pocket Mug Rug by Julie Cefalu
Christmas Pocket Mug Rug by Julie Cefalu
Christmas Pocket Mug Rug by Julie Cefalu
Christmas Pocket Mug Rug by Julie Cefalu

Christmas Pocket Mug Rug by Julie Cefalu

The piecing is simple and something a beginner could do.  I really like using Thermolam in place of batting for mug rugs, table runners and placemats.  It’s a denser and more stable fill that doesn’t shrink and is slightly heat resistant.

I’ve gotta tell ya’ that it feels a little odd putting a price tag on one of my designs.  I know it’s normal, but it’s new to me.  Every little bit helps when it comes to offsetting the cost of running a blog.  I appreciate all of your support over the years and the kind words of encouragement.  Eventually (as in should have done this years ago) I’d like to create more patterns to sell.  This mug rug is an easy way to test the waters without getting too wet.

I have also added some free patterns to Craftsy that are from my earlier tutorials.  You can find the Snow Birds Mug Rug and the Christmas Holly Table Runner as pdf’s that you can download for free.

Snow Birds Mug Rug, Free Pattern by Julie Cefalu


I also have a travel-size pillow case pattern on Craftsy that is really easy to make and great for gifts, too.  Do you know anyone that likes to go camping or has little ones that go to sleepovers?  Maybe you’d like to have a travel pillow for the car handy?  This is the pattern for you.  (You see my salesman like tendencies are already starting to surface).  But this one is free – so I’m just sayin’.

Travel-size Pillow Case Pattern by Julie Cefalu
Travel-size Pillow Case Pattern by Julie Cefalu

I still have plenty of tips and tutorials on the schedule that won’t cost a penny, and I’ll be making more videos for The Quilt Show in January.  It seems like there is a never ending flow of ideas and inspiration swirling around in my head.  I just need to make time to get them all out!

Christmas Pocket Mug Rug pattern by Julie Cefalu, The Crafty Quilter

Thanks for reading, and I hope you’re having a great day!


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  1. Hi. This is exactly what I was looking for! I can’t seem to link to purchase the pattern. Is it still available anywhere?
    Thank you!

  2. I would like to make this but the crafty link won’t work and I can’t seem to find it there by searching. Is there a way to get the pattern?

  3. Your mug rug design is so cute! I love seeing it in so many colorways. If you would ever like someone to review your patterns, I would be happy to 🙂

  4. I have no problem paying for your patterns. I am also crazy about Mug Rugs and have purchased several of your patterns and love them. I also have several of your free patterns and know you spend lots of time on them. Go Girl!

  5. Hi Julie!
    Congratulations on taking the plunge and selling on Crafsy! I’m sure you will have fun designing new patterns for sale. A mug rug was a great way to start, I often look on Crafsy myself for quick small patterns. So easy to download for just a few $. Good Luck!

  6. Your mug rugs are adorable. Love the pocket. Congrats on your new venture, I hope it will be a successful one. Off to buy the pattern. 😉

  7. I love your Snow Birds Mug Rug pattern and would also like ideas on how to enlarge it to a place mat size.

  8. It’s just darling! I miss making mug rugs. I have a foundation paper pieced mug pattern, but this looks easier ; )
    Thanks for the cute freebie too!

  9. Julie, you have always been kind enough to share your ideas and patterns for free along with your expertise on quilting topics. I will definitely buy this mug rug pattern – a)because I really love the design and b) because your deserve to have some reward for all your hard work. Thank you and Merry Christmas

  10. Thank you Julie. I’ve just purchased the mug rug pattern. So nice to have a meaningful way to say thank you for all the creativity you share with us. Merry Christmas to you and your family from Australia. xxx

  11. It is adorable and so versatile. You can use novelty fabrics or something pretty for Mum or Nan and it would make a great gift for a student. It is sure to do well. As you know I am a mug rug addict and as such – this will hit the spot perfectly. xxx

  12. I love the mug rug and have already purchased the pattern. I have a couple of people this would make the perfect gift for. I hope I have time to get them done before Christmas. You have been great sharing your talents with all of us and I don’t mind at all purchasing your fabulous patterns.

  13. Awww Julie, so, so adorable and Thank you. I have already gone over to Craftsy and made my purchase; among the others freebies you’ve listed. I needed a teacher gift and the mug rug is perfect. I need a travel pillow too as a road trip will be coming up soon. The other mug rug, which could be a small quilt is adorable too and love the simple table runner . I so enjoy your work and all that you do, I just wish I had more time to do them all. Thank you very much for your generosity…

  14. Love your new mug rug Julie. You are just so creative and willing to share. Merry Christmas and enjoy that new grandbaby!!!!

  15. What a lovely Christmas gift! You have blessed me with the Snow Bird pdf. and I can’t wait for the other things I’ve ordered to arrive. Have several sick friends that will find these on their bedside tables this year. Know they will delight everyone as well. Have a blessed Christmas.

  16. Julie!
    I couldn’t be happier for you! I think it’s official you are a celebrity in the quilting world!! I love the blog and hearing about all your progress and success! It is well deserved !
    Going to craftsy to buy my pattern!!!

  17. Hey, Thank you Julie, I’ve one last “something home made” for an older friend in Texas & she will adore this. I just might make several for some “alone” neighbors.

    Keep your beautiful brain in good care for these great ideas that you so generously share.

    Merry Christmas!

  18. Love the new mug rug and will be buying it. I also feel that artists have every right to charge for their creations :))

  19. Congratulations, Julie! I love the pattern and will go to Craftsy next to purchase it. I echo a previous comment — you are so talented and very generous to share your knowledge, tips and designs with all of us. Thank you and happy holidays to you and to your family!

  20. What a good idea. Everything you do is beautiful and I think you will be very successful selling your patterns on Craftsy.
    Joann Head

  21. Love the pocket mug rug! Can’t wait to make it for a quick Christmas presents! Thanks. Merry Christmas! Enjoy that baby!!

  22. I love mug rugs … There is just something about them. I did just buy your pattern. Thank you for sharing so much of your talent with us. You are so generous. Happy Holidays!!

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