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May UFO & WIP Challenge winner

This is a quick hello and an announcement of the May UFO & WIP challenge winner. You guys had a productive month in May – there were 45 entries! The winning entry (chosen randomly) is number 29, Kathi Clower. Kathi made this beautiful Elephant-themed Oriole Bag (pattern by Sew Sweetness). You can read more about Kathi and her bag at her blog, Design Originals by KC.

May UFO & WIP challenge winner @ The Crafty Quilter is Kathi C.  She made this beautiful Oriole Bag with an Elephant theme.
Elephant-themed Oriole Bag by Kathi C.

Congratulations, Kathi! You will be receiving your prize package soon!

May UFO & WIP Challenge Prize

Thanks to everyone who participated in May. I saw quite a few patriotic projects last month as well as lots of quilts, table runners, and various other sewing projects. Well done and beautiful – all of them!

I just returned from Austin yesterday. I got to wear my “grandma hat” for three days, and it was a blast! The heat wasn’t too bad, but those darn mosquitoes are vicious! Coming from the bay area of California, I forget that mosquitoes are part of the atmosphere in most parts. Ha! But I love the warm evenings and those lightening bugs are way cool.

Grandma with Clara and Amelia

Clara on the drums

I’ll announce this month’s giveaway prize and my project tomorrow. I hope your week is off to a good start!

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  1. Gorgeous bag Kathi! Congratulations to you!
    Grandma, congratulations to you too for those adorable babies. It’s wonderful that you get to travel and enjoy those little ones. Creating memories is so important. Happy for you!

  2. Beautiful photo, the three of you are picture perfect. How adorable are those girls, god Bless yous all

  3. Congratulations Kathy! Your bag is gorgeous! You are a very talented lady!

    Julie, wearing your “grandma hat” is the greatest. Being a grandma is truly one of God’s greatest blessings. Your girls are adorable!

  4. Having grown up with lightning bugs, I certainly agree they are way cool. Mosquitos were also part of my childhood, can do without them. Glad you had a good time as Grandma. Always the best.

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