Fall tablerunner & Texas memories

First off, I want to welcome all of the new followers to my blog!  Thanks to The Quilt Show’s Blog and the Quilting Board featuring my Cookie Plate Crumb Catcher, I have made some new friends!  That is a huge compliment to me and I am so grateful to have you.

Let me show you my latest project.  I finished a fall table runner that I just sent off in the mail as a thank you for some great southern hospitality.

Fall Table Runner by Julie Cefalu, The Crafty QuilterAll I had to do was stitch the binding down and it only took me two years!  Because of that time lapse, I don’t have any of the fabric details.  The center squares were from a panel and they look like they were appliqued, but they’re printed on.

Fall Table Runner by Julie Cefalu, The Crafty QuilterI love the rich color palette; so much so that I made two runners.  One for me and one to give away.

Fall Table Runner by Julie Cefalu, The Crafty QuilterWe recently returned from a trip to Texas to visit my oldest daughter and her husband.  We spent some time with her husband’s family and they arranged for us all to stay at a beautiful ranch house.  (Thus the table runner-thank you in the mail.)

plaing catch a

with beautiful pastures:

horses a

and amazing sunsets:

sunset aMy oldest and youngest daughters enjoyed spending some time together:

sisters aAnd the guys found an old pick up truck to play with (boys will be boys):

pick upawhile the girls got their toes done (and girls will be girls!):

pretty toes aAnd then a little quiet time for me and Mr. Crafty Quilter:

back of two on a swing AWe had such a great time and it was sad to leave, but it’s always nice to be home!

cooper sleepingHave a great weekend!

Julie Siggy-1

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  1. Julie that runner is a stunner, very nicely done, panels or not and your girls are lovely. Family time in such a lovely place, good for you!!

  2. This is the prettiest table runner! Perfect colors for my home! I have searched online without success for the fabric….if anyone has a clue, please share! 😉
    Love your blog-you are so talented!

  3. What a delightful post to read with my morning coffee. I head to TX in one month to wpend the winter with my daughter. I love everything TX (escept the development)!

  4. Very, very pretty! If you ever find out what the squares are, I would love to know. I have never seen squares like that, but then I live in a very rural area of Kansas and do not get to shops very often. I do shop online, but I am not sure what to search for.

  5. I love Texas! I was born there and will always be a Texan. I visit San Antonio often as my sister is there. You looked like you had a great time! Love those family reunions! Lovely table runners! Just love your blog and the great projects you have. Thanks so much for sharing with everyone!

  6. We live in Western Texas and have traveled & Lived all over the United States and always come back to Texas and it’s spaces. Your family has a very nice place. Glad you enjoyed Texas. Texas has a bit of everything the U.S.A. has. Many thanks for the great pattern. I plan to make some for the Children’s families for Christmas.

  7. Great photos – must have been a wonderful trip!!! I laughed out loud at the pickup truck gang…reminds me of some of my family members at our reunions. I love the table runners, too.

  8. What a lovely gift to send your hosts! Thanks for sharing your photos from Texas too, it looked beautiful there.
    I am enjoying an autumn break in Scotland, essentially for a school reunion, such fun to meet friends I hadn’t seen for 40 years!

  9. This is a beautiful gift! I love your colors!
    Congratulations for the features on Quilting Gallery and Quilting Board!!
    I love that pattern…. I used it for my latest Across The Pond Sew Along project.

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