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I recently made some pouches, Popcorn Pouches to be specific. These cute little projects were super fast and easy to make. I saw them on Instagram one day last week, bought the pattern, and made two of them the very next day (in two hours). And one more since then! The pattern is by Amista Baker at Hilltop Custom Designs and comes as a pdf download.

Popcorn Pouches made by Julie Cefalu.  Pattern by Amista Baker at Hilltop Custom Designs.
Popcorn Pouches made by Julie Cefalu
Pattern by Hilltop Custom Designs

The pattern gives you four size options. I made the small and medium pouches. The medium size would be perfect to hold a rotary cutter and more. If you look at them from the side, they really do look like microwaveable popcorn pouches.

Popcorn Pouches made by Julie Cefalu.  Pattern by Amista Baker at Hilltop Custom Designs.
Popcorn Pouches made by Julie Cefalu.  Pattern by Amista Baker at Hilltop Custom Designs.
Popcorn Pouches made by Julie Cefalu.  Pattern by Amista Baker at Hilltop Custom Designs.

The binding strips at both ends of the pouch can be stitched all by machine or finished by hand. I used the machine method on the medium sized pouch and the hand method on the smaller pouch. On the front side, I like the look of the machine stitching, but on the back side, I like the look of hand stitching. Sorry, no pics of the back side.

Popcorn Pouches made by Julie Cefalu.  Pattern by Amista Baker at Hilltop Custom Designs.

I used some fat quarters from a collection called Wonder by Carrie Bloomston for Windham Fabrics. They’ve been in my stash for a while and I’ve been waiting for the perfect project to come along. These pouches are great for using up fat quarters.

The other thing I’ve been working on is a ‘random color placement version’ of the Disappearing 9-patch quilt. I need to work ahead of the quilt-along schedule (which starts on Saturday, June 15!) for a variety of reasons, but mostly because I’ll be making two quilts while most of you will be making one.

I have three projects going on right now, and the disappearing 9-patch is so simple that I can work on it in between the other projects and still get quite a bit done. This is what my work space looked like on Monday (freakishly clean, too).

My sewing machine set up for the Disappearing 9-patch quilt along @ The Crafty Quilter

I’ve made some progress on this month’s UFO project which is my Save The Bees quilt from last year. How are you guys doing on your unfinished project? It’s still the first half of the month and there’s plenty of time to get something crossed off your UFO & WIP list.

The temperature where I live (the bay area of California) has been hovering around 100 degrees and upward for the past three days which is kind of rare for us. It was 93 degrees at 7:30 pm last night! We just don’t know what to do with such heat; I feel like everything is going to melt (including me). Fortunately, we had air conditioning installed during our recent remodel. For the first time, I have a cool space to hang out in during a heat wave. Cooper stays chill inside, too!

Cooper is chillin inside while the temps are hot outside.  Photo from The Crafty Quilter.

I hope you guys are enjoying each day no matter what the temperature is. Happy quilting!

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  1. Hi Julie, thanks for the info on the pouches. They are so cute!!!
    Love your D9P. That’s such a fun and pretty pattern.

  2. Hi Julie, I have tried to purchase the popcorn pouch 2x and can’t seem to get it to go through. I do not want to use pay pal. Can you help

  3. Super pouches, love that they lay flat and can expand to hold more than expected. I have purchased your pattern and will try them .

  4. I really enjoy your blog and can’t want to start the Disappearing 9 Patch quilt. Cooper looks so relaxed. I have a Cooper too. He’s a shepherd/retriever mix and also thinks the sofa was put in the room just for him. Hope you get a cool spell soon!

  5. What fun looking pouches. Your mention of the minimal time it took to make them decided for me. I ordered the pattern and look forward to using the variety of different materials and zippers I have to make a slew of these for gifts, etc.

  6. Thanks for the inspiration, Julie! I love hearing from you. Can’t wait for the Disappearing 9 patch to start.

  7. I love that pouch! I’ll be putting some material together for the quilt a long!!! It looks like fun. And Cooper looks like he is very comfortable in the air conditioning! My poor Indy (Great Pyrenees) melts when it gets above 65! hahaha

  8. Your Cooper is like mine, sleeps a lot. Mine is a tri colored Welsh Corgie that barks a lot. She is getting old also.I love these bags, was looking for an exchange gift for our bowling team at Nationals and think these will be great.
    Thanks for the hints.

  9. Those popcorn pouches are way too cute! I’m definitely going to have to check them out. I love making bags and pouches and always like to try something different. Thanks for sharing. The disappearing nine patch is such fun to make. Several years ago I coupled the pattern with some UFO 6.5” blocks (obviously enlargening the pattern to accommodate the blocks), and produced a beautiful quilt. Everyone who participates in your QAL will enjoy themselves. It’s cold and windy day here too today, but we had a couple of nice days in a row, so no complaints.

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